Vampire Diaries: Klaus Is Baaaack!

Just when you thought Klaus was gone for good he returns to Mystic Falls to break the link spell, and apparently use his phone for live video streaming and sending messages in what looked like the Draw Something app.

So he’s back to find Bonnie and hold her hostage (like he usually does) until she agrees to unlink the originals. While that’s happening…Stefan and the gang use the old bridge’s sign to carve out the white oak stakes that can kill Klaus and his siblings. Their plan is to isolate Rebecca, since she’s the easiest target…and kill her…which would inevitably kill Klaus and the rest.

Rebecca, who is heartbroken at the fact that Damon used her in his master plan, kidnaps him and puts him in these spike bear trap things. While he’s held captive, Elena begs Stefan to postpone ‘the plan’ until they rescue Damon. Stefan doesn’t agree, he refuses to put ‘the plan’ on hold…so Damon will just have to wait.

Insert dream sequence here…while Damon’s held up in the bloody chains, he has this weird dream about Elena coming and rescuing him…then giving her blood to him to make him stronger. It’s clear it’s just a dream sequence…Damon returns to reality, and Rebecca is standing behind him. She’s somehow used Sage’s mind reading powers to read Damon’s dreams/thoughts. It’s hard to tell whether Rebecca has real feelings for Damon, in the end it’s more obvious that she actually might be in love with Damon- if so, that would be an amazing story line.

Anyways, Klaus forces his brother Finn to return to Mystic Falls, Finn is the one sibling who wants them all dead, he’s sided with their mother and doesn’t see a reason for their existence. Once Finn’s back in Mystic Falls, because really who can withstand Klaus’ demanding tone, Finn reunites with his old time lover- Sage. While they’re enjoying tequila shots at the Mystic Falls Pub…Stefan decides to implement ‘the plan’ and kill Finn instead.

They basically end up killing Finn, he burns to ashes, Sage lies over his body weeping. During that time, Klaus forces Bonnie to resume the magical link spell, unfortunately it’s right before they kill Finn, which basically means Klaus is still alive. Stefan and Elena not knowing where Bonnie is, think Klaus is dead. Bonnie calls Elena afterwards telling her Damon is in trouble, Elena thinks she’s crazy because they just killed Klaus, and then Bonnie tells her the link spell has been broken, and Stefan is royally pissed off.

It’s getting good right? This episode was awesome. Long story short, Sage returns to Stefan while he’s about to go off and ‘kill’ Klaus. She’s obviously angry that he killed her lover Finn. Once she enters the living room, she becomes weak and literally topples over and dies. Her accomplice, tries to help her but then he falls over and dies to.

**Side Note: I totally thought it was the fumes of the white oak dagger Damon had hidden in the fireplace that killed Sage and her boy toy. Unless he didn’t hide it in the fireplace and I was just seeing things**

What they realize is, if one of the originals die, or all of them, it basically kills every vampire they have created. Since they’re the originals, that would basically mean all vampires, which would mean Stefan and Damon as well. Basically, they’re screwed.

So, Stefan gives up some of the white oak daggers in exchange for his brother Damon. Only problem is Klaus doesn’t believe those are the only daggers left. Stefan’s lying, everyone knows, and Klaus forces him to bring the other 2 back to him, or everyone dies. Damon is free, Rebecca decides to let him go (she’s getting soft)…and in the end, she tells Klaus she might stay in Mystic Falls.

Elena and Stefan have another moment, he asks her to tell him if she’s in love with Damon, she can’t not admit that, so Stefan is left heartbroken, but then again this is all his fault anyways.

Finally, Damon pays a visit to Alaric’s where the last white oak dagger was hidden. When Alaric goes to grab it from behind the bookshelf it’s not there- obviously his murderous alter ego took it and who knows what’s going to happen.

New episodes returns April 19th.

Vampire Diaries: Alaric The Killer

Last night on Vampire Diaries a lot was explained with most of the cast trying to figure out what in God’s name is wrong with Alaric. Obviously, the ring that he wears, the same ring that has saved his life numerous times is causing him to act out in violence. Basically, the ring makes him do all these killer things including fulfilling a hit list that has all the Mystic Falls council members.

Bonnie’s mom is having a hard transition becoming a vampire, and at the end of the episode Caroline convinces her to stay in Mystic Falls, but unfortunately she decides to leave Bonnie and her fake brother anyways.

Damon uses his secret sexy powers to find out what Rebecca is really up to. His old friend from back in the day ‘Sage’ returns to Mystic Falls to find her soulmate Finn- Klaus’ original vampire brother. After Damon gets Rebecca into bed, Sage does some weird mind reading thing and finds out the real reason Rebecca wants to know more about the history of Mystic Falls. It’s because of the White Oak Tree which is the only thing that can kill an original vampire. After finding this out, Damon does some research of his own and sifts through old history books. He actually finds out that the entire white oak tree was used to create a main bridge in the town. Basically, Damon and Stefan have an unlimited amount of white oak tree to kill the originals.

Stefan and Elena have another moment, when Alaric accidentally (well not really an accident) attempts to kill his girlfriend, Elena comes to the rescue, Stefan can barely get close because he’s afraid he’s going to suck all her blood. Once he sees Elena’s face, he believes in himself and it’s such a beautiful moment for the two. Nonetheless, Stefan can only stand the smell of blood for a few seconds, and then he’s gone. Elena gets Bonnie to cast a weird spell on Alaric so he doesn’t try to kill anymore council members. It’ll be interesting to see how Alaric will end this season, a lot of people are debating whether or not he’s going to die, because really, we all know he’s landed a pilot for September on the CW.



Vampire Diaries: Bros Before Hos

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries wasn’t crazy like usual, however we did uncover some important information about the person that’s been killing the council members of Mystic Falls. Alaric is put in jail since he’s really the only suspect in the case, obviously he pleads innocent, he was the one stabbed a few weeks ago, why would he stab himself?

His new girlfriend, which is now probably his ex, looks to be the guilty one, after all we knew how shady she’s been since the beginning, and last episode does end with her pointing a gun at Alaric. Anyways, Damon and Stefan try to figure out the serial killer mystery as well, however they play Sherlock Holmes by delving into their deep past…which includes terrible hairstyles (circa 1912), an Elena Gilbert ancestor, and a female boxer.

They decide to put their heads together over a few drinks, and Damon’s one night fling Rebecca (also an original vampire- sister to Klaus)…hears that the Salvatore family had owned the land that the White Oak tree lived on. If you don’t know, the White Oak tree is really the only thing that can kill an original vampire. Although, they keep bringing in new objects and deeming them as ‘the only thing that can kill an original’ so I’m beginning to think there’s more than one way of killing that damn family. Anyways, Rebecca buds into their conversation because she wants to know more about their ancestors and the land that they owned back when in Mystic Falls. Except she doesn’t tell them the real reason as to why she’s hanging out with them. She just keep asking them random questions about their past.

While that’s happening Elena and her new boy toy Matt break into Alaric’s ex-girlfriends apartment, looking for some incriminating evidence. They obviously find a box hidden in some secret compartment in her closet. Long story short, she returns home and finds the two hiding. They get sent to Mystic Falls prison, which basically means Caroline’s mother the chief of police just gives them a slap on the wrist and they’re free to go. We also learn that crazy ex-girlfriend actually changes the time of medical examiner’s death to basically clear Alaric and let him free. So, she’s not as evil as we thought she was.

The episode gets a little confusing near the end, or maybe that was just me. Basically, the Gilbert family has 2 rings that make them immune from supernatural deaths. The one ring Jeremy has…and he’s god knows where. The other one belongs to Alaric, well it doesn’t really belong to him, he just wears it all the time because it was given to him by Elena’s real mother…that’s a whole other story.

So what the Salvatore brothers figured out, the ring that Alaric is wearing is basically forcing him to kill all these people. Trust me, it’s better if you watch the episode. He has no recollection of killing anyone, or even stabbing himself. But somehow the spirit of the original ring wearer (Elena’s ancestor) is making him do all these things. Hopefully, they’ll explain more next week.

Stay tuned to see more from our favourite original Klaus, because Ian Somerhalder was tweeting this week about working with the badass original on set.


Vampire Diaries: Klaus The Romantic!

Wow, is all I can really say about the Vampire Diaries episode last night. I actually ended up watching twice, back-to-back…it was that good!

Right away the episode gets into the drama…from the previews we knew there was so some sort of evening ball Klaus’ mother was throwing. Elena gets an invite from mama witch herself-Esther…explaining how she wants to have a chat with her that evening. Damon is afraid she might hurt Elena- he doesn’t want her to meet with Esther…and Stefan could care less.

Caroline…whose apparently waiting for Tyler to fix himself, also gets a letter. From Klaus!…Yep, and he totally asks her to save a dance for him…and leaves a wrapped gift at her doorstep. Obviously, he picked out a gorgeous dress for her, and she can’t help but to give into his devilish charm.

Everyone arrives at the Klaus Mansion (for the ball)…Elena makes her special entrance as she shows up wearing this stunning black dress…the two brothers in shock at her beauty. Once everyone is over how beautiful Elena looks…they break into the dance sequence. I  love how all the young people of Mystic Falls know how to dance like they’re in the 1600s. Really, it’s amazing. Damon dances with Elena…Stefan sees and gets jealous!! Just the type of drama we were waiting for!

They switch partners..and Stefan has a chat with Elena. She tells him she needs his help getting upstairs with Esther- since Damon won’t allow it. Stefan says he’ll help her any way he can…since he really wants to kill Klaus. Caroline and Klaus have a romantic moment…well actually they have a few. Klaus admits to Caroline that he truly likes her…obviously she doesn’t believe him since he has this huge evil master plan.

Elena finally gets upstairs to chat with Esther. Esther basically tells her she’s going to cast a spell that links all of her children together. Therefore, if one of them dies…they all die. So they could basically kill Rebecca and it would kill Klaus. Elena is shocked to hear a mother actually want to kill her children.

Esther blames herself for creating them (into vampires)…she says they don’t belong in the world…and it’s her job to fix things. Elena agrees to give a drop of her blood into this weird drink thing. When they toast with their champagne…it’s supposed to be the thing that links them together. Once they’re back downstairs, Esther proposes a toast…they all drink from their glasses…and Elena feels terrible for letting Elijah think his mother has no evil motives.

OMG, and Rebecca totally has the hots for Matt. She decides she wants to kill him…but after she realizes her feelings for him…calls it off. However, her weird brother doesn’t get the hint…and tries to kill Matt anyways.I feel bad for Matt, he’s always the one trying to be killed. They should give him some sort of superpower strength.

Damon is furious with Elena for seeing Esther behind his back. He tells her he loves her…although he didn’t mean for it to slip. She tells him ‘maybe that’s the problem’…Damon is hurt and totally pissed off at the world.

Caroline finds another gift on her bed. She knows it’s from Klaus..she opens it and it’s a drawing of her and a horse. (So cute!)…he writes at the bottom “Thank you for your honesty” because she basically told him off. Wow, I can’t wait for these two to become a couple. She’s definitely going to change him and make him less evil.

Damon saves Matt just in time because the brother was breaking Matt’s hand. And then Damon runs off. Stefan takes Elena home…makes sure she’s safe. They have their moment…she tells him to just give her something, let her know that he still cares. He says he can’t let himself feel anything…because when he does all he feels is pain (Cute!).

Rebecca finds Matt at the pub. His hand in a cast. He tells her to leave him alone, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Poor Rebecca.

Damon finds Rebecca sulking at the pub. They chat for a while, until we see them at Damon’s hooking up. Didn’t see that coming.

Crazy, right?

Can’t wait until next week!


Vampire Diaries: Mid-Season Finale!

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries left me extremely confused. I almost wished they had called and asked me to write the final episode…(the new ones start back January 5th)…I felt like there was way too much going on…yet something was missing.

In the midst of all this Michael/Klaus business…they could’ve had Elena and Stephen talk it out…or I don’t know at least have a romantical moment! Give us something!! But no, there was no awkward-silent, looking into each others eyes’ moment for them! Truly dissapointing. I think I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode, I caught on when Damon/Michael were about to go meet Klaus…because Klaus wanted Stefan to bring his body to him.

Tyler sedates Caroline in hopes of protecting her from the ‘battle’. Damon almost kills Tyler but Bonnie comes to the rescue when she puts a spell on both of them to back away from each other. Michael shows us the only object that can actually kill an original- not just put them to sleep.

Damon’s plan is basically fool proof…nothing can go wrong. Oh, but it will. There’s a huge party at Tyler’s…Michael can’t get in because he obviously needs to be invited first. Damon has the weapon that can kill Klaus…Michael appears at the door…and he has a quick chat with Klaus. Except Michael can’t get in…but Klaus can get out.

Michael pulls Elena and stabs her…Klaus freaks out because if she dies he won’t be able to create anymore hybrids. At the same time he can’t save her because the second he exits the house Michael will kill him. Right then Damon comes from behind Klaus and stabs him with the only weapon that can kill an original- but of course Stefan breaks it all up. Right before Klaus gets killed…Stefan throws Damon off of Klaus…Michael shocked just stands there…Klaus grabs the weapon and leaps for Michael…he stabs him and Michael’s dead.

Oh, and Elena wasn’t really Elena it was really Katherine. So, basically she’s a dead girl now because Klaus is going to want to kill her. Anyways, here’s where I’m confused. Klaus thanks Stefan…Stefan asks for his freedom back…which means Klaus can’t control him anymore. Klaus grants him his wish and thanks Stefan for saving his life. Damon’s back at the mansion with real Elena..and they talk it out…Damon is frusturated that Stefan would break it all up after he had such a fool proof plan.

Caroline breaks up with Tyler after she can’t accept the fact that he’s still being controlled by Klaus. Tyler admits that he’s okay with being a hybrid because it allows him to control his werewolf transformation. He doesn’t have to become a werewolf at every full moon anymore, saving himself the pain. Caroline can’t deal- so they’re over.

In the end we see Katherine driving with Stefan…who unravels another side to the entire episode. I don’t know how this worked, but if he were to let Michael kill Klaus, Damon would’ve died. I’m lost here. Why would Damon die if Klaus died? Was there some sort of link between them? Anyways, Damon doesn’t know this, so he’s mad at Stefan. Stefan has no desire to tell him the truth. But it seems like Stefan is becoming his old self again, but he’s afraid to return to the people who love him the most.

The last scene, we see Stefan in a room full of coffins…he calls Klaus right when Klaus realizes his truck full off coffins is missing. I’m assuming those coffins are full of hybrids? I’m confused here as well. Like I said, I wish they would’ve ended off with Elena/Stefan or even Elena/Damon!

It wasn’t the mid-season finale ending I was hoping for! But some people disagreed so watch and find out for yourself!