BROAD CITY: Episode 2 “Twaining Day”

The second episode of Broad City’s season four brought us some more laughs. Let’s break down the funniest moments from the episode.

Abbi’s New Job/Boss

BC-wanda sykes.png

If you thought Abbi working at Soulstice was funny, well get ready because Abbi’s got a new job at GRAPHIX. The best part though is her new boss played by the Queen of comedy Wanda Sykes. Did you know there was such a thing as organic cat litter? Neither did Abbi. Good luck on the new job girl!

Ilana’s New Job


Since the girls are back on their grind, Ilana is also down for the hustle and stumbles into Sex and the City famed hotspot SushiSamba. The manager is played by another Qwayn – RuPaul. The on screen dialogue between these two will have you on the floor – dead. When Ilana (accidentally) causes her coworker to trip, Ru takes it as Ilana being her rude ass self and loves her for it. He then titles her after Tonya Harding (the figureskater that was accused of attacking another figureskater). Thus Ilana was named ‘Other Tonya’

The Mysterious Tin Foil

BC-tin foil

Just when you thought Ilana couldn’t get any crazier, she finishes her lunch/dinner and goes to toss out the tin foil in a nearby garbage can. But as she walks away, she stops dead in her tracks and turns around to look at the pile of dump as if the tin foil was calling out to her. She retrieves the little piece of garbage and continues using it for the remainder of the episode. She sneaks away during her shift at SushiSamba to unravel the aluminum and gives herself a pep talk by talking to this piece of trash. She takes advice from this piece of tinfoil which apparently is reminding her that she isn’t really a mean person. This is obviously a big inside joke and I hope find out what’s really going on as the season unfolds. No pun intended.

The Mysterious Package


When a package Abby ordered online gets delivered to the Soulstice gym, she shows up trying to hide from her ex Trey, but a Twain sighting soon has her losing her marbles. Also this cutout killed me.

The Pretty Little Liar


Like all good friends should do, calling out your friend when she is acting like a complete loony tune is very necessary. When Abbi calls Ilana freaking out that she is literally looking at Shania Twain at the gym, (the person she claimed she had been ‘twaining’ since season one episode one), Ilana doesn’t believe a word she’s saying. But the funniest part is, this is coming from the craziest of them all. Ilana calls Abbi crazy!? What universe are we living in??

Twaining Twain

BC-twaining twain

Little did Ilana know, Abbi was telling the truth. Shania Twain was legitimately training with Trey! So what does Abbi do? She begs Trey to let her train Shania Twain with him, and we all know how bad Trey wants Abbi’s booty so he cannot deny her of this. Also, Shania is not down to even exercise for a second, she’s trying to get out of every single position, until Trey and Abbi offer to show her the movements. Then it gets pretty dirty between the two exes, and Shania’s just sitting there like enjoying the views. Can we just mention here that Shania was freakin’ hilarious!

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