TVD: The Sire Curse RECAP

So we’re back with an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Finally, the episode of the season Delena fans have been waiting for- Elena comes to terms with her feelings for Damon…and they get it on. It’s been a slow season so far, the last 3 episodes have been lamer than lame, but Julie Plec has once again redeemed herself with this amazing new episode.

A lot happens in 46 minutes…so let’s start from the beginning.

What would a great episode be without a typical Mystic Falls event? The Miss Mystic Falls pageant is always a good episode in TVD history…and this one didn’t disappoint. Matt played the charming white knight to April who was confused as to why her real date Jeremy didn’t show up.


Jeremy is officially a vampire hunter and is having urges to kill other vampires, including his sister Elena. Luckily for him, April doesn’t see him seductively starring at his sister or she would’ve thought it was another kind of obsession…awkward. Stefan and Elena are no longer together since she told him her vampire alter ego has feelings for Damon. Stefan is determined to find a cure for ‘Vampireism’ and ultimately get his human Elena back. He forces Jeremy to kill another vampire so that the hunter tattoos on his arm reveal the answer to where the cure is ‘hidden’. What they don’t know is that the more Jeremy kills, the more he loses himself and becomes the vampire hunter. He attacks Elena at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, but thankfully Stefan shows up to save the day.

Jeremy and Elena

Caroline and Klaus, they’re relationship just puts a smile on my face because they are so cute together. Plus, if Caroline can change the most evil man in the world…then there’s definitely a story there to tell. Klaus asks Caroline to the pageant since he thinks her and Tyler are broken up. They’re not really, they’re just faking it, so Caroline has no choice but to agree. Tyler shows up with weird Werewolf girl who it turns out is secretly working with the hot new professor to gather a bunch of hybrids who have broken the sire bond from Klaus. Tyler is mucho jealous when he sees this: See Below.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.58.05 AM

They look so cute together! Caroline asks Klaus if he ever wishes he could be human again. He answers the questions 23 minutes later with a story about a Hummingbird’s heart beating as fast as a machine gun…all the while Tyler listens in on their conversation with his vampire creepin’ skills. He’s not buying any of it.

Stefan and Elena talk it out, but there’s not much to talk about since Elena refuses to find a cure for ‘Vampireism’ if it means Jeremy has to give up his humanity. She understands that Stefan wants the old Elena back, the Elena that was in love with him. But, she’s a vampire now…and she’s in love with Damon..and there’s really nothing Stefan can do about it. It was literally the saddest scene- ever.

Elena moves out of the home she shares with Jeremy. Really who pays the mortgage and utility bills? Matt moves in…and Elena moves into the Salvatore residence. Stefan offers to spend the night somewhere else since most likely Damon and Elena will be getting it on. That’s way too fast BTW.


Stefan goes over to Caroline’s to take a few shots. There’s this cute/weird relationship forming between C and S over the last few episodes, it’s almost as if something is going to happen between the two, and I would totally want that to happen- except I want C and K to happen more. While they’re chatting, Elena and Damon are busy getting it on and listening to Ed Sheeran. Caroline and Stefan are listening to the same song, but Caroline freaks out when she discovers something. It’s not everyday a vampire can sire another vampire…but it definitely isn’t impossible. Caroline wonders if Elena is sired to Damon…since they’ve been acting like the same person since she’s become a vampire. Once Caroline says it, Stefan realizes it might be true…and that there might be a way to get Elena back without finding a cure for ‘Vampireism’. Sounds good to me!

**Bonnie is still missing. She is presumed to be off somewhere trying to get her magic back up and running.**


Vampire Diaries: Klaus Is Baaaack!

Just when you thought Klaus was gone for good he returns to Mystic Falls to break the link spell, and apparently use his phone for live video streaming and sending messages in what looked like the Draw Something app.

So he’s back to find Bonnie and hold her hostage (like he usually does) until she agrees to unlink the originals. While that’s happening…Stefan and the gang use the old bridge’s sign to carve out the white oak stakes that can kill Klaus and his siblings. Their plan is to isolate Rebecca, since she’s the easiest target…and kill her…which would inevitably kill Klaus and the rest.

Rebecca, who is heartbroken at the fact that Damon used her in his master plan, kidnaps him and puts him in these spike bear trap things. While he’s held captive, Elena begs Stefan to postpone ‘the plan’ until they rescue Damon. Stefan doesn’t agree, he refuses to put ‘the plan’ on hold…so Damon will just have to wait.

Insert dream sequence here…while Damon’s held up in the bloody chains, he has this weird dream about Elena coming and rescuing him…then giving her blood to him to make him stronger. It’s clear it’s just a dream sequence…Damon returns to reality, and Rebecca is standing behind him. She’s somehow used Sage’s mind reading powers to read Damon’s dreams/thoughts. It’s hard to tell whether Rebecca has real feelings for Damon, in the end it’s more obvious that she actually might be in love with Damon- if so, that would be an amazing story line.

Anyways, Klaus forces his brother Finn to return to Mystic Falls, Finn is the one sibling who wants them all dead, he’s sided with their mother and doesn’t see a reason for their existence. Once Finn’s back in Mystic Falls, because really who can withstand Klaus’ demanding tone, Finn reunites with his old time lover- Sage. While they’re enjoying tequila shots at the Mystic Falls Pub…Stefan decides to implement ‘the plan’ and kill Finn instead.

They basically end up killing Finn, he burns to ashes, Sage lies over his body weeping. During that time, Klaus forces Bonnie to resume the magical link spell, unfortunately it’s right before they kill Finn, which basically means Klaus is still alive. Stefan and Elena not knowing where Bonnie is, think Klaus is dead. Bonnie calls Elena afterwards telling her Damon is in trouble, Elena thinks she’s crazy because they just killed Klaus, and then Bonnie tells her the link spell has been broken, and Stefan is royally pissed off.

It’s getting good right? This episode was awesome. Long story short, Sage returns to Stefan while he’s about to go off and ‘kill’ Klaus. She’s obviously angry that he killed her lover Finn. Once she enters the living room, she becomes weak and literally topples over and dies. Her accomplice, tries to help her but then he falls over and dies to.

**Side Note: I totally thought it was the fumes of the white oak dagger Damon had hidden in the fireplace that killed Sage and her boy toy. Unless he didn’t hide it in the fireplace and I was just seeing things**

What they realize is, if one of the originals die, or all of them, it basically kills every vampire they have created. Since they’re the originals, that would basically mean all vampires, which would mean Stefan and Damon as well. Basically, they’re screwed.

So, Stefan gives up some of the white oak daggers in exchange for his brother Damon. Only problem is Klaus doesn’t believe those are the only daggers left. Stefan’s lying, everyone knows, and Klaus forces him to bring the other 2 back to him, or everyone dies. Damon is free, Rebecca decides to let him go (she’s getting soft)…and in the end, she tells Klaus she might stay in Mystic Falls.

Elena and Stefan have another moment, he asks her to tell him if she’s in love with Damon, she can’t not admit that, so Stefan is left heartbroken, but then again this is all his fault anyways.

Finally, Damon pays a visit to Alaric’s where the last white oak dagger was hidden. When Alaric goes to grab it from behind the bookshelf it’s not there- obviously his murderous alter ego took it and who knows what’s going to happen.

New episodes returns April 19th.

The Vampire Diaries: Naked Pics!!!

O-M-G. If you haven’t seem the yet, here are the new cover pics from this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Who looks hotter Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena??? (Tough Call)




Vampire Diaries: Momma Drama!

Thursday nights just keep better and better as Vampire Diaries gets crazier! Last night was an insane episode! We got to meet Bonnie’s mom (finally), who left Bonnie with her grandmother when she was a youngin’, and we find out the real reason Alaric’s new girl is infatuated with vampires.

Most of the episode revolves around Bonnie/Elena taking a trip to another town to seek out Bonnie’s mother. Bonnie comes from a long line of witches (her grandmother taught her everything she knows)…and we learn her mother was also a very powerful witch. Obviously, Klaus has an evil plan already in the works and sends one of his hybrids to find Bonnie’s mom. Elena and Bonnie get in the car…which next time, Bonnie shouldn’t drive since obviously she’s a slow driver…they arrive after the hybrid has already found Bonnie’s mom. Stefan is worried about Bonnie’s whereabouts…he calls the girls and Elena lies to him telling him they’re at her family’s lake house for the weekend (obviously he doesn’t believe it).

Meanwhile, Tyler tries one more time to apologize to Caroline this time asking her father for help. Since Caroline’s dad is some crazy vampire expert…he knows a thing or two about compulsion and how to fight it. Tyler asks him for help- the dad says the only way Tyler can release himself from Klaus’ hold is to force himself into werewolf transformation. The three of them agree to help Tyler go through the horrifying and bone breaking experience.

Damon helps out homie Alaric by paying a visit to Alaric’s new girl-Meredith (the doctor). In the midst of their conversation, Meredith uses vervaine and knocks Damon out, she uses the small amount of time to extract some blood for him- and then she leaves. Later on, she confesses to Alaric that she uses vampire blood to heal patients that are almost on the verge of death. If you don’t know already, vampire blood speeds up the healing process, especially on humans. When Caroline’s father pushes Tyler to his limit, he accidentally attacks him while he’s in werewolf form. When Caroline’s father goes to the hospital, Meredith uses Damon’s blood to show Alaric how drastically it improves patients health. Alaric is happy, and he’s in love.

With that out of the way, Bonnie has an emotional moment with her mom. We also find out her mother has been taking care of her ex-boyfriend’s son (whose about Bonnie’s age I think his name was Paul, let’s just call him that). When Elena steps out of the house to give Bonnie and her mother some alone time, Elena is caught by Stefan who is extremely angry at the girls for lying to him.

Just then, Paul steps out of nowhere and tells Stefan he’s not supposed to be there, except he says it really robotically so we know he’s under compulsion. He shoots Stefan in the chest with some wooden bullets, and then ties Elena up. At the same time, Bonnie finds out her mom has no real witch powers, she exhausted them when she put a spell on Michael (Klaus’ father) also the reason she left Mystic Falls. When Bonnie gets up to find Elena, her mom chokes her with something, and brings her out to the car. Klaus’ plan was to kill Bonnie and end the Bennett line of witches. Long story short, Bonnie’s mom ends up helping them and tells Bonnie to warn Damon about Klaus knowing the whereabouts of the coffins. Elena frees herself, and saves Stefan…right before telling him she kissed Damon. Stefan was in shock!! It was the best moment of the season! He didn’t even look at her, he just got up and walked away.

In the end, Klaus is reunited with his coffins (I don’t get this part)…we see a scene with Damon and Stefan. Stefan punches Damon in the face…and Damon shows him the dagger which is used to kill the original vampires. Then we see Klaus again, talking to his hybrid, and all of a sudden the hybrid’s heart is pulled out…and we see Elijah!!! Who Klaus killed last season!!! Damon pulled out the dagger in his heart which brings him back to life…all I can say is…he’s not a happy camper!

Can’t wait for next week!

9O21O: DiX on Drugs

Here’s a quick review about what happened on this week’s 90210.

Dickson has a bloody nose…and he’s addicted to his medicine. Adrianna confronts him about his issues…and tells him she’ll help him with anything he needs. I don’t like her. Period.

Max broke up with Naomi once he realized she still has feelings for Austin.

Liam lands a modelling gig…after his photoshoot he feels really awkward…but in the end after seeing how much cash he just earned he decides this might be another career path.

Annie falls in love with an older man…when she decides to have dinner with him (since she’s an escort now)…they soon find out they have something really ‘special’. Except he’s really not creepy…he’s a good guy.

Raj finds out the chemo wasn’t helping him…and the only option they have to keep him alive is some really expensive treatment. Everyone decides to throw a fundraiser to raise money for him…in the end we find out Annie’s sugar daddy donates a ton of money for him. Yay! (Nobody knows Annie’s man is actually twice her age)


Navid tells his uncle he can’t get involved with the illegal business…his uncle threatens to hurt Silver if Navid backs out. In the end, Navid goes to the police for help…the officer tells him the only way they can bring his uncle down is if Navid works on the case from the inside. Basically, Navid would have to keep working for his uncle- which would mean no more Navid and Silver. Navid needs to stop putting his family into prison!

Don’t forget to watch Vampire Diaries tonight!!

Vampire Diaries:Stefan Never Coming Back

Last night was the second episode of Vampire Diaries. The episode was okay…it wasn’t as good as last week’s season opener. I missed the first 5 minutes…but I caught on when Alaric/Elena were in the forest fighting about something. Then Damon showed up…refused to take Elena further into the forest (the forest where they suspected Stefan to be + a pack of werewolves)

Obviously, Elena gets her way because Damon is in love with her…so all 3 of them start their trek into the forest where they come across David Gallagher AKA Simon from 7th Heaven AKA werewolf that Klaus wants to hybrid. So basically, the entire reason Klaus ‘killed’ Elena…and everyone else was so that he could make every werewolf into a hybrid…half vampire half werewolf. He tries it first with Simon- and then the rest of the werewolf clan…except something goes wrong…it doesn’t work (they all end up dying). In the end, Klaus goes over the steps he could’ve messed up on…one being kill Elena…which he obviously never did…so his ‘transformation’ or whatever never happened. Stefan knew the truth all along…but obviously he can’t say anything.

Stefan and Elena have another encounter…well not really. Stefan watches from a far as Elena and Damon leave the forest. So sad. Jeremy keeps seeing Vicky…and tells Matt. Once Matt believes Jeremy…Jeremy sees his other dead girlfriend…and she tells him don’t trust Vicky. So she could be a bad ghost or whatever.

Caroline is missing through the entire episode. We don’t know where or what happened to her once Tyler’s mom shot her. Tyler shows his mom what he is…it’s a full moon so he lets his mom watch him transform…and tells her he’s just like Caroline…they’re still good people. His mom tries telling some dude she made a mistake…to bring Caroline back…he says no…then we see Caroline tied up to a chair…the dude walks in and Caroline recognizes him..because he’s her dad.

The end.