Song of the Week: BANKS

HernameisbanksThe Song of the Week goes to an upcoming artist named BANKS. Her sound has a mellow, laid back, summer night feel. Check it out and be sure to check out her other songs.

This song is called Warm Water (Snakehips Remix), listen and let me know what you guys think!

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MUSIC: Song of the Summer

Everyone has their fav summer song…most people this season are going with the Robin Thicke/Pharrell mix…maybe a little Drake…or Daft Punk’s return with ‘Get Lucky’. This song by Disclosure has me good…it is definitely my song of the summer!

The rest of their album has a similar sound, almost a techno/pop feel. Not a big fan of the entire album, but this track is hot! Check it out.


VIDEO: 90,000 Degree!

If you’re dealing with the extreme temperatures on the East Coast and have nothing better to do than sit in your air conditioned living room…at least watch this video. Somebody get this girl a power ranger A/C !

Game of Thrones: RECAP

WhiteWalkerThese past 8 weeks have been extremely difficult for me….dealing with the new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I finished the 3rd book last summer and have been waiting patiently, sometimes impatiently for the show to catch up to my readings. It’s been a great challenge keeping what might be the best book out of the entire series in secrecy…until the season 3 finale. The third book is definitely the one that will change everything for everyone, I almost considered quitting the show because of what happens in the book, but then I thought Who am I kidding? Anyways, now that we have found a new love for Jamie Lannister…we can move on to his smaller sibling- Tyrion.

TyrionSansaIt almost seemed like Sansa was free of King’s Landing when Littlefinger offered to save her…but evidently the God’s have decided to continue making Sansa’s life a living hell. At this point, Arya is having a better time than her red headed sibling. Isn’t it so weird to think of them as siblings? They literally shared 2 or 3 scenes together in the first season and haven’t been together since. It seems like Arya is getting closer to a reunion with her family…….(we hope). So Sansa and Tyrion get married, nobody really gives a hoot. In the book it’s more apparent that the kingdom could give a rat’s ass about Tyrion’s wedding because they are too busy planning the wedding of King Joffrey. Tyrion gets hammered at his wedding, why wouldn’t he? His own wife can barely look at him, she doesn’t even bother kneeling to help Tyrion when he has to cloak her and make it oh-fish-yal. And by cloaking I mean literally cloaking her in an expensive looking blanket.

JoffreyThen comes the bedding, after Joffrey makes a mockery out of his uncle’s wedding, Tyrion in an attempt to make the night end sooner takes Sansa by the hand and walks her to their chambers. He tells her he won’t sleep with her until she is ready, Sansa asks him what if she’s never ready? Tyrion makes a mental note to never give up his secret time with Shay.

It’s obvious by now that Khaleesi’s story this season hasn’t been as interesting as the last 2. She’s building her army and in the meantime avoiding juicy drama like paying attention to Ser Jorah Mormont. I know he’s so old but who doesn’t wish something would happened between him and Khaleesi! The new guy is totally sexy and has his heart set on Khaleesi, but will Jorah Mormont let that fly?


It was a good episode overall, especially for Arya Stark who finds a new friend in The Hound aka the nicest ugliest knight in the realm. The Hound has the smart idea of returning Arya safely to Robb and his mother for a big lump of moolah. It’s not just about the money, The Hound genuinely seems to care about Arya, just as he did her sister. There are two very important relationships that form within this third season, one being Jamie Lannister and Brienne and the second being Arya and The Hound. If the show follows the book word for word, The Hound will get a chance to prove how good he really is once more. I’ve been waiting for that moment for way too long.


With only two episodes remaining I’m super excited to see how this season will end, so many questions remain- how much of book 3 will they show in season 3?…how many people will die?…and will we see the end of Joffrey…the ending we’ve dreamt of since the first episode?!

Leave me some comments, I want to know what everyone is thinking.

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Song of the Summer: Karina Es!

You need to listen to THE song of the summer by my girl Karina Es titled ‘Dancing In The Stars’. The video is amazing and the song fits perfectly with the laid back and fun feel of the video. Director Lenny Len does an amazing job creating a magical look and still making it feel like a summer backyard jam.

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LA: The Trip Of a Lifetime

I was lucky enough to visit Los Angeles last week, during my stay I met some amazing people, saw some beautiful places and realized I truly belong on the West Coast. Check out some of the pictures I took.

1. The Arrival.

2. The view from The Observatory

3. The Observatory

4. It almost happened! (Steve Jobs movie)

5. The Wardrobe Truck

6. Sitting on Sunset

7. Lunch near the Pier

8. The Ferris Wheel

9. Typical LA Sign

10. Our beautiful Armenian Church in Burbank,CA


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Song Of the Week: Chris Breezy

My song of the week goes out to Chris Brown ft David Guetta “Don’t Wake Me Up” it will definitely be one of the hottest summer songs this season.

Check it out!

Song Of The Week: Karina ES

Check out the new single titled ‘Little Mercy’ from my girl Karina ES. The hot new song has been playing on Toronto’s Hit Music Station 104.5.

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KONY 2012

If you haven’t seen the video that’s gone viral on YouTube about Joseph Kony you need to do that right now.

I won’t say anything else, let the video explain it all.



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Christmas Wish List…

Christmas is just around the corner…I can’t believe how fast it came. I’ve wanted a lot of things this year…but this is what I want the most!

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xoxo Merry Christmas.