I know, you’re still recovering from that empty feeling that was once filled with excitement for Game of Thrones. Well, get over it, because you’re going to be waiting a long time before you see dragons and a certain aunt/nephew duo get freaky in a boat again. Here’s our top three choices for TV watching this fall.

Riverdale (Premieres Oct 11th on The CW)

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As you can tell we are very, very excited for the return of The CW’s / Netflix’s Riverdale. I’ll go on a limb here and say I think everyone was shocked when they realized how well received the show was. Let’s be real, it could’ve been another awful teen drama that circled around a murder and then literally circled, circled, and circled some more for 6 seasons strong. But, the writers at Riverdale didn’t put us through that, in fact we learned about the main murder by the end of season 1. And it all worked out, and we really didn’t care about the murder because the main characters were on point all the time. #Bughead. Also thank you to the writers for creating a show that broke down every single stereotype that a teen drama has had. Love triangle? Why bother when the two female characters are more fun to watch as friends than as enemies.


What can we expect for their second season? It’s true, every show has the dreaded second season slump, and with Riverdale’s daring jump from 13 episodes in season 1 to 22 for season 2 – we’re really hoping they come through with some strong storytelling. Considering how big their cast list is, there are so many character arcs they can explore  (Kevin), and we already know that there will be additions to the existing cast (Jellybean + possible Sabrina).

Whatever the cast list may be (Fred we know you’re not dead), we know the writers are going to deliver on another LIT season – from the music to the jokes, to the sticky maples, okay maybe no sticky maples, but seriously who’s dressing up as Varchie for Halloween?

Editors Note: Also guys, we have a lot of fun recapping a ton of shows here, but if you enjoy podcasts then be sure to listen to the Riverdale recaps produced by Recap Rewind Podcast. They are freakin’ hilarious and on point with their recaps, half the fun of watching Riverdale is to recap with the fans afterwards!

Narcos (Premiered Sept 1 on Netflix)

If you’re a big fan of drug cartel documentaries or films, then you probably already know about Netflix’s Narcos. And if you know about Narcos, then you’ve probably already binge watched the entire third season.

Let’s talk about the Escobar seasons for a hot minute and that second season slump. In my opinion, the first season was brilliant. There was nothing else like it on TV. I don’t know if there was a plan for a second season when they did the first, because the second season felt dragged on like it was forced. I think Escobar’s story could’ve wrapped up by the end of the first season, but they continued on and somewhere in the middle of the second season I stopped watching.


Narcos came back for a third season, no Escobar this time, instead it was about the second place drug kingpins – the Cali Cartel. This was their strongest season yet and here’s why Narcos should be on your Fall watch list.


The Cali Cartel: It’s true these guys were always in second compared to Escobar, they operated under the radar, while Escobar took all the heat. Right from the start Agent Pena’s description of the Cali cartel was intriguing, because they hadn’t been in the media as much as Escobar was.  There was an air of ‘mystery’ to the cartel, they prided themselves on operating in a discreet fashion, all the while having control over 90% of the world’s cocaine market. Also they were the sworn enemy of the Medellin cartel which was all Pablo Escobar. So you know, there’s tension.


The Characters: One of the things about the third season was the huge mesh of different storylines. There were new rookie agents, brothers, sons, security guy turned inside man, and even scorned ex wife. Seasons one and two proved you could have one character as the main focus and still have an exciting show, but the third season did the complete opposite and gave us a slew of complex and rich characters.

The Clothes: So the third season does fast forward a little bit, it’s the 90s, we got Bill Clinton and HRC up in this intro video, and the clothes, they legit made 90s clothes look hot as hell. And it was hot, literally everyone was sweating their assess off, I don’t think Agent Pena was dry the entire time. But seriously, the clothes added to the allurement of this season. Everything looked like Versace, there was gold everywhere, and the first episode pops off with a party, how fitting.


Narcos season three deserves a binge watch. Vamos! All episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

American Horror Story: Cult (Premiered September 5th on FX)

When you think of Fall you think of October, when you think of October you think of Halloween and when you think of Halloween you think of haunted houses, ghosts, aliens, murderers, and disturbing cults. That’s right, AHS embodies everything that is fear in the fall and so it’s only right that the new season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story premiered right at the start of the new season. We are in a very shaky and scary political climate – The Handmaid’s Tale didn’t help with the whole ‘let’s be hopeful of this new world order’. To top that off, Murphy releases his 7th season that circles around the surprising results of the recent election and the outcomes that transpire because of it. This is perhaps the realest AHS has ever been, and in that it could very well be the scariest season yet. What can we expect from the rest of the season? Not really sure, but we do know one thing, if you’re scared of clowns this isn’t going to be a fun one to watch.


American Horror Story: Cults airs at 10pm on FX.






While we’re waiting for the two long weeks until the return of Riverdale, we decided to compile our top 10 favourite moments from the season so far. These moments had us laughing the hardest, had ours jaws droppin’ low low, and had us screaming “YAAAS Betty YAAAS!”

10. Jason’s Body


Jason is the most overrated character on the show, he’s literally never had a line or spoken a word of anything. We don’t even know what his voice sounds like but, his name is called over a hundred times in an episode, and by the end of the pilot, his body turns up at the lake. We find out he’s not only missing, he’s dead *gasp* and he has a crater sized bullet hole in his forehead. Jeez.

9. Grundy High Key Creepin’


Grundy had my jaw droppin’ low because she was a lethal creeper till the end of her four episode stint. She started off so innocent (I never believed she was) but when she’s baited out by Alice Cooper, Grundy draws a white flag and says she’ll leave town if they don’t arrest her. So you’re like okay cool, she must not be as crazy as she looks because she’s giving up Archie, she knows she could get arrested for basically being a pedophile, but instead, this biatch turns her lurk meter up as she’s packing her car, she gives one final (probably not final) look to a pair of high school jocks walking down her street. I was like I KNEW IT!! She is so shady, and we are betting that her and her creeper beetle will be back in town to stir some sh** up before end of season.

8. Homeless Jughead


Jughead is probably the saddest character in the show right now. He even beats out dead crater sized bullet hole Jason. At the end of the ‘Last Picture Show’ episode, when the town’s only drive-in theatre is being closed, we see Juggy pack his things from the film room where he’s been living for some time. How sad is that!? The saddest part was him closing up, and his dad being like ‘Yo son where you gonna go now?’ So his dad knew he was homeless and living at the drive-in the entire time! Ugh, Juggy we love you.

7. The Sticky Maple Sitch


When Veronica goes on a date with the football star of Riverdale high, she’s feeling herself, but it quickly comes crashing down when the next morning she realizes she’s been ‘sticky mapled’ What is that you ask? The show doesn’t really answer that question, all we know is that a picture of Veronica was posted on fake Instagram with a maple syrup smear on her face. I’m assuming it means she was ‘mapled’ aka she did the dirty. But when Veronica finds out she knows Chuck is lying, and is ready to go ‘full dark no stars’, and this inevitably leads to the number one spot on our list. See below.

6. Archie and Veronica in the Closet


I had to have this on my list because it really did surprise me. The entire time Veronica was playing the good girl friend role to Betty, and she was all like Betty go get your man Archie. And then out of nowhere she jumps into a closet with Archie for 7 minutes. She could’ve used that time to have an awkward conversation with her best friend’s love interest, but instead she puts the mack on Archie. Girl what? Girl bye.



5. FP for the Win with Jason’s Letterman Jacket

FP is Jughead’s father, and he’s also the leader of the Southside Serpants, Riverdale’s version of the Hell’s Angels. By the end of Chapter 7, the camera pans through the inside of FP’s trailer and we see Jason’s letterman jacket hanging in his closet. Lot’s of questions here as to why FP has his jacket? Was FP the one who torched the getaway car Jason and Polly had stashed away? Is he holding onto the jacket for safekeeping? Is he going to return it to the Blossoms? Is he planning to impersonate Jason with his dark and brooding dad hotness? So so many questions, guess we’ll find out more when Riverdale returns on March 30th.

4. Cheryl Blossom in All White Everything.


Literally, all white everything. This was definitely a moment where I was like ‘whaaaaaaat?’. When Veronica helps Cheryl Blossom pick out her outfit for her dead brother’s memorial, Veronica had no idea that Cheryl was planning the ultimate betrayal. Not choosing what your best friend picks out for you. Girl, you just don’t do that. Also, she chose the complete opposite colour, trading in her black dress, for the all white dress she had on when she saw her brother last. Just seeing her enter the room, everyone’s heads turning, her mom’s face, it was one of the best moments. I was shocked but laughing at the same time. Her reasoning for the choice made total sense, she was wearing it when she saw her brother alive last, so it has meaning. We feel you girl.

3. The Bughead Kiss


Okaaaaaay but I did not see this coming. Did you guys know this was going to be a thing? For the last few episodes Betty and Jughead have been working overtime at the paper,or just in life general to uncover the mystery that is Polly and Jason. They’ve been spending long nights and early mornings together, and I guess somewhere in the middle they were feeling each other. There weren’t too many hints at this connection before, which I guess is a good thing because I honestly didn’t see it happening right then and there. It was nice. At the end of Chapter 6 Jughead pulls a Dawson’s Creek moment and swoops into Betty’s room via the upstairs window. (In the future episodes I would like to see the exact ladder from Dawson’s Creek hanging beside Betty’s window) He swoops in and she’s all stressed out about Polly and Jason, and he’s like way-a-min and grabs her and kisses her! That’s when Twitter exploded with the #Bughead and a new couple was formed. So does Jughead make the Archie/Veronica/Betty triangle a square now? Something to consider right?

2. Pregnant Polly


Polly oh Polly. We had been hearing so much about Polly since the beginning of Chapter 1, we finally get to see her in Chapter 6 and it was amazing! I low key had a feeling she might’ve been pregnant. The idea that two high schoolers were rushing to get away and start a new life together seemed only logical if they were about to have a baby. So I was right, but when Betty strolls her way into the institution Polly had been locked up in, it was still surprising to finally see Polly was indeed preggos. And she didn’t seem all that crazy, but by end of episode she jumps out of her room window leaving a trail of blood behind, so yeah she may very well still be cray cray.

1. Betty and Her Wig

img-01-betty cooper

I mean was this even a tough choice? This scene will probably be my favourite from season one just because it was so friggin’ badass and crazy. When Veronica decides to get back at Chuck for sticky maple-ing her, Betty comes back hard and is like ‘no Veronica we need to ruin him forever’ And Veronica was all game, and so were we, and then there was the wig and we were like oh sh** this bi*** be cray. Ethel (Barb from Stranger Things) has an indoor pool, so Betty decides to lure Chuck over to the indoor pool and have a crazy sexy night with him, and she invites Veronica into the mix to because she needed a cameraman. It was just a fun scene, the music was on point, and then Betty walks out in full black on black with a black wig!! The look on Veronica’s face just said it all, that Betty was definitely not as innocent as she seemed. And then a few minutes later she legit almost drowned Chuck. So the night got a little out of hand, but it was still amazing seeing B & V run a mission together. Here’s to many more of those.

What do you guys think? Were there any other moments that stuck out to you guys? What has been your favourite scene of season one so far?

Riverdale returns with a brand new episode on The CW Thursday March 30th.