The Real World: Ish Gets Emotional

This week on The Real World ish gets really emotional when the two couples in the house struggle to determine where they ‘stand’. I’ve given up on Laura and Trey, they legitimately annoy me and I refuse to watch them. After what seems like a perfect day without Debbie Downer Trey, Laura admits to the girls that she won’t be devastated when he breaks up with her, since she is still young and will most likely fall for someone else. Marie and Toya try to talk to her, and while they think they’ve gotten through to Laura, Trey pulls her aside later that night and tries to break up with her. Obviously, he fails, and instead of breaking up they stay together…even though he has a girl back home. He actually disgusts me, the fact that he talks to his girl back home and calls her out if she talks to other guys…meanwhile he’s literally sleeping with Laura every night. Like I don’t get how he doesn’t realize how hypocritical that sounds, and how disgusting that is. Furthermore, I don’t get how these 2 women still put up with his ish, he keeps playing the game by pulling out his ‘I care about you both so much’ card, and it’s just getting really boring to watch on TV.

Moving on to more important news, like Robb and Marie who are so much more entertaining to watch. Robb is a sweetheart, but he definitely took a wrong turn this week when he finds no other way to deal with his emotions but to hurt himself. Robb seemed like a pretty normal guy thus far, obviously after seeing him punch and burn himself, he seems to have more demons than Brandon. I love how Brandon started off as the outcast of the house, and he is now literally playing Dr.Phil to Robb. Also, Toya seems to be the voice of reason for many of the roommates, I love her advice like ‘It aint no thang if you don’t gotta rang’.

The roommates get a tour from Philipo who used to own their Real World house a few years back. It seems like Philipo’s a billionaire, and contributes a lot of his wealth to improving the islands around St.Thomas and educating people about the history. Immediately, Marie is attracted to Philipo because of his rolex…but it was obvious she was just crushing on him as a joke. Later, Robb and the other guys noticed that Marie likes ‘money’ and she’s a gold digger. Philipo was twice her age and Marie flirts with everyone- I don’t know why everyone takes every little thing so seriously. Robb just feels like he’s not good enough for her- which I don’t understand why. Marie isn’t a bombshell model that she would be so out of Robb’s league, he’s a good looking nice dude with muscles, it’s a shame he doesn’t have more confidence in himself.

Near the end of the episode, Marie/Robb/Toya/Laura and Swift head over to Senor Frogs, which is like this huge pool party/bar/volleyball venue. Laura beats Marie at a drinking contest, which leaves Marie wondering if she had a potential wing-woman this entire time! Trey shows up, obviously in his trashy muscle shirt and Debbie Downer attitude. He finds Laura and tells her she’s drunk- yes Trey she is drunk and I’m sure she knows it, there is no reason you need to point that out to her as if she’s doing something wrong. Laura is fed up with Trey’s attitude, after a quick chat with the girls, we believe she might be ready to call things off with Trey, but nope in the end he cries his way back into her heart.

Seriously, I just want this season to be over with so we can start the new season of The Challenge- ‘cuz it looks amaze balls!


Real World: Girl Power!

It seems like the drama never ends with Trey and Laura of MTV’s The Real World:St Thomas. Laura has been in love with Trey since they first met at the beginning of the season, even though Trey has admitted he has a girl back home. Time and time again, Laura confronts Trey about their relationship, if they’re really together, does Trey really want her…and she never walks away with a solid answer.

On last week’s episode, Trey gets a call from his girl Chelsea back home, she tells him that she is pregnant and that it is most likely his kid. Trey doesn’t tell any of the other housemates, and has a deep conversation with Laura. He tells her they need to take it slow, but Laura doesn’t understand that because she is needy and constantly wants his attention. During this episode, Laura/Swift/LaToya/Marie go out dancing- Laura meets a hot guy and gets his number. She doesn’t really think anything of it because he’s going to leave and she’d rather be with Trey. Marie gives her two cents and tells Laura she should just have fun and not wait around for Trey because he is playing her. Marie is completely right, Laura should be having fun and enjoying her freedom, instead she worries about the burden back home. Swift freaks out on Marie for speaking her opinion, he says Laura just has a big heart bla bla bla. I don’t understand why Swift got involved, clearly it was a girl conversation, Marie was just trying to help Laura out- it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone. Everything that Marie says is right, she says it like it is, but it’s to make Laura feel better about herself, because right now she doesn’t have a good look for herself. She looks desperate, insecure, and needy for attention. She seems like the type of girl that always needs boy drama- and all Marie is saying is- step back, enjoy your life and girl power! You don’t always need boy drama to have a good time.

Back at the house, Swift and Marie continue their argument, at the end of the episode they both realize they have to work out their issues if they want to live in a sane environment. The roommates have a great first day at their new job at Coral World.

After Robb’s kind of girlfriend from back home-Emily, calls him to tell him she’s definitely coming to visit him, he doesn’t sound too excited, especially since she admitted to hooking up with someone, and obviously because he’s in love with Marie. Marie and Robb…definitely in the top 3 of greatest Real World couples ever! Even though they’re not an official couple, they are hilarious together, they seem like really good friends, and would look even cuter as a couple. Anyways, Robb calls Emily back and tells her he definitely doesn’t want her coming, he doesn’t feel the same way about her anymore, besides he doesn’t want to hurt Marie’s feelings. He tells Marie and she is super happy (on the inside), but now Marie has to find a way to tell cutie Max not to come over anymore! Ay caramba!

As for the conclusion to Laura and Trey- seriously I’m so over these two. I feel like I’m watching the Ronnie and Sam saga all over again. It just doesn’t work, because Trey doesn’t want Laura…and Laura wants Trey…really….really bad. Laura goes out again and meets up with the guy from the bar, Trey shows up to the club, unexpected. While Laura and Trey are dancing, Laura points out to him the guy she was dancing with before (which is such a 15-yr old thing to do, what good can come of it). Trey obviously gets pissed, and before they leave, Laura goes to say goodbye to the guy (he was so much hotter than Trey). When they get back home, Trey freaks out and asks why Laura would even say bye to the dude. Um, because she wants to make you jealous? Her game is so obvious, that it isn’t even considered a game…she looks weak and desperate…and Trey is the weirdest drunk ever.

Now, can they stop showing these two people fight and show more lovin’ between Marie and Robb? Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Toya and Brandon because they make me laugh.



The Real World: St Thomas!

Catching up on MTV’s The Real World:St Thomas has been quite entertaining! I never expected the roomies to be so funny and wild, I’ve never laughed so hard watching any Real World- and that’s mostly because of LaToya. Since the roommates are literally stuck on an island, rather than taking the boat to the mainland everyday, they find new and exciting things to do to keep themselves entertained. Fortunately, for MTV and Bunim-Murray this makes for great tv!

Laura is the most annoying roommate I think- ever. She’s like a little puppy dog following Trey around all day and night, she wants him so bad even though he’s made it clear he has a girl back home. Finally, Trey gives in and they hook up after 2 weeks of meeting each other.

Marie and Robb are definitely my favourite couple in the house, separately they are hilarious, Robb is a ginger which explains enough, and Marie is always up to something. Together, they make an amazing pair, especially when they are up to no good and in prank mode.

LaToya is just as funny as Marie, the way she talks and the things she says are just hilarious. Also, she seems really down to earth and very confident with who she is. She ain’t takin’ no s*** from anybody! Unlike Laura who just follows Trey around and finds her fun in flirting, Toya and Marie know how to make themselves laugh without the boys. But when Toya meets Lee’s son ‘Little Lee’ she is completely head over heels, and find every excuse to use that boat! It’s the funniest thing ever.

When Marie and Toya find a huge fish lying on the shore, Marie decides this is the ultimate prank, meanwhile Toya googles possible dead fish diseases before agreeing to help Marie with the prank. Marie on her own takes the fish and drops it in the boys’ shower. It doesn’t take long for Swift and Robb to realize something is stinkin’ up in their room! Swift sees the dead fish in the shower and immediately knows it’s one of the girls. Marie doesn’t admit to it and automatically blames it on Laura who loves animals and touches anything gross. Swift believes her and begins his plot against the girls. Unfortunately for him, Marie gets the fish and throws it back into the sea before the guys can use it. The funniest part, when Laura admits she had nothing to do with the prank, Marie blames it on Brandon saying he was so drunk he doesn’t even remember doing it. Brandon gets so excited that he would think of such an amazing prank and admits he blacked out the night before and doesn’t remember doing it-but that it’s something he would totally do!

Swift jumps into the water near the dock and accidentally steps on some sea urchins! When he gets out he can barely walk, he notices a bunch of little blank things in his foot. They head over to the doctor’s office, barely walking Swift finds out there’s no cure but that they’ll slowly fall out as he walks. Him and Toya fight over the stupidest thing.

On this week’s episode, the roommates find out what their new job will be. Working at Coral World is like a dream job, they’ll be working at an aquarium and Marie,Swift and Laura get to work with sea lions. While doing their swim test, Toya barely makes it to the finish line when she starts drowning and steps on a sea urchin!! She sees the same little black things under her foot, and Swift is having the best day of his life laughing at her. Her foot isn’t as bad as Swift’s but those sea urchins sure are an annoyance! Brandon can’t stop drinking, when he drinks he gets really emotional and weird, he starts hitting himself and breaking things around the house. Worst part, he doesn’t remember any of it the next morning.

In the end, Marie and Robb know how to cheer everyone up and possibly piss of Grandpa Trey. They smear peanut butter all over the counters and have fun drawing themselves in it, when Trey sees what they’ve done he just laughs it off. Seems like the roomies are having a great time on the island- and they’re turning out to be a good group of kids!


The NEW Real World: St Thomas!

An all new season of MTV’s The Real World premiered last night with the 7 strangers heading to the Virgin Islands. I must say, I’m surprised at how cool these kids are, they seem like laid back crazies that are probably going to have an amazing time on their own private island! Yes, they legit have their own island that they had to ride on a boat to get to! The house is amazing as always, hammock’s, pool, hot tub, it’s like a little piece of paradise for these 7 strangers.

I still don’t get why it’s 7 strangers…when the NOLA season had 8 people…if anyone knows the reason please enlighten me.

Anyways, the first two people we see are Ginger Robb, tall kind of muscular red head, he seems cool enough.

Then there’s Marie who sometimes resembles Laguna Beach start Kristin Cav- she seems like a good time.

Trey- the all American boy who I’m already in love with.

Swift- Yes that’s his name, well his last name, Swift is trying to become a lawyer. He is confident, not cocky, apparently there’s a difference folks.

LaToya- Who is officially my favourite roommate, she cracks me up, and it seems like something might go down between her and Swift, but I feel like she can match up to his ‘confidence’ level.

Brandon is the rockstar, covered in tats, kind of the loner of the group, he feels left out right away. He’s a recovering drug addict, and right away the roommates ask him about the scars on his wrists. He definitely has some issues. I don’t know if St.Thomas was the best place for him.

Laura is kind of the girl next door, she’s adopted and apparently wants the entire world to know, because she’s brought all her official adoption papers with her- I don’t get that but okay. Anyways, she has a thing for Trey right off the start, but gives Brandon some attention and he immediately falls for her. This literally happens over the span of the first night they’ve been together.

Brandon freaks out and confesses to Rob that he’s really jealous of Trey since he’s the all American guy and he can’t really compete with him. Anyways, it’s all ridiculous because it’s their first night and who knows whats going to happen. Brandon admits to Trey that he was jealous and acted irrational, Trey forgives him and all seems to be okay.

In the end, Brandon falls asleep on one of the outdoor hammocks, he forgets his diary/journal on the table. Trey decides to open it, which is really none of his business, even if you don’t know what it is, it clearly looks like some sort of journal, so why would you open it?

Anyways, inside there’s Brandon’s writing all over saying ‘kill me’ and all that good stuff, the roommates well Trey,Laura, and Swift freak out and wonder if they should be concerned for their safety. Yeah, probably you’re on a friggin’ island with this maniac! There’s nowhere to run!

It actually looks like it’s going to be a good season, they seem like a good bunch of kids, and really who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of Americans get wasted on a beautiful island, in the middle of paradise.

The Real World:St Thomas airs Thursday nights on MTV at 10pm.