Battle Of The Exes:Meet Me At The Altar!

This season of Battle Of The Exes has been flyin’ by…most likely because we lost 4 teams in 2 weeks…and now the episodes are being dragged on…but meh we’re not complaining!

The season is just getting interesting, with only the best of teams leftover…and it’s really hard to choose a couple that goes into the Dome. This week’s episode had the cutest challenge ever…teams had to basically race to the altar…stopping off at different checkpoints before the big moment.

Obviously, CT and Diem won the challenge making them power couple, the best part was seeing them together at the altar…being the wonderful couple that they are. They were even trending on Twitter during the episode last night. Paula and Dunbar weren’t too far behind, but Dunbar couldn’t run fast enough while carrying Paula in his arms.

Johnny and Camilla were eliminated second to last, they couldn’t finish the two top tiers of the wedding cake…and had to sit out for the rest of the game alongside Ty and Emily.

Ty and Emily were automatically forced into the Dome…and later on CT and Diem debated on who to vote into the Dome with them. While they were deciding, Emily and Camilla decided to play a practical joke on Ty and Paula. Emily put chocolate on her face (disguising as Ty)…and Camilla painted herself white to play Paula. They were mimicking all the things Ty and Paula would say to one another, however nobody found it funny. Ty was instantly upset, Paula didn’t really care for it, and the rest of the house was a little confused. Right away everyone attacked Emily, which was ridiculous because she was just making a joke. It’s clear that she didn’t do it out of ill will, but Ty is clearly over emotional and took it the wrong way. Some people were saying it was extremely ‘racist’ which is crazy because you could tell they just wanted to make everyone laugh.

Ty ran to his room and started packing, saying he wanted to leave that night. The boys try to calm him down, and make him stay one more night. Emily is freaking out because she’s so close to the finals, she doesn’t want to see her partner go…which would probably send her home as well.

In the morning, Ty sees clearly, and he talks it out with Emily, they’re fine and still in the game. In the end, CT and Diem finally make their decision, however the episode finishes…and we have to wait until next week to find out who they vote in. My guess is Paula and Dunbar.

Here’s a look at whose left.