Vampires & Witches: The CW Blood Line

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This season, The CW has brought us a coffin full of Vampire/Witch/Supernatural TV shows that have taken over the prime time spots. Theres The Vampire Diaries which started it’s fifth season this fall, and the first season of it’s sister show- The Originals.

I have to say, both shows started off slow, The Originals was highly anticipated but it hasn’t lived up to my expectations…until now. Even with The Vampire Diaries season opener, I was left questioning the outcome of this season. The first few episodes weren’t up to par, characters seemed like they had lost their ‘spunk’…we lost major characters who seemed promising…and I think overall the story was just stuck.

With last week’s episode…that all changed.  “For Whom the Bells Toll” was the best episode of the season- hands down. It had that authentic/original feel The Vampire Diaries had for so many seasons. They took us back to high school- all the way back to where Stefan and Elena met…it was so entertaining.


Here’s the thing, I think everyone was so excited for a Damon and Elena moment. Last season, she was going through a lot of trauma in her life and I think Damon was right for her, at that time. But now that the skies have figuratively  ‘cleared’ she’s seeing the truth…and the truth is that Stefan is her soulmate. And I’m totally fine with that.


Since the ancient witch fried his brains out, Stefan doesn’t remember who he was and has no idea who everyone is. Which means Elena’s job is to bring his memory back…even if that means going back to when they first fell in love. But what I really loved, was when Stefan has this new mindset. He discovers that he used to be with Elena, but now she’s with his brother…he realizes how f***** up it is and decides to leave! He’s ready to move on, to move out of the house…and I’m totally loving this new brain fried Stefan. It’s funny he never ssaid it before, how messed up this situation is that the love of his life is now sleeping with his brother! In fact nobody every came out and said it, but now that he’s a different guy…he’s not taking it.

Also, now that Tyler’s back, will there be a Stefan and Caroline romance? Because I totally want that to happen? What do you guys think?

Last night’s episode of The Originals proved how devoted Klaus is to his baby mama. I love him as a daddy! It was such an interesting episode, it took us back in time to when the witches had their ‘harvest’ ritual…basically a way to slaughter young witches so the older ones could keep their witch powers. Davina explains all of this to Elijah, she was the only young witch who made it out alive because of Marcel. It explains why she’s so devoted to him…and why she hates the witches so much. Her goal in life is to lose her powers and become a normal 16-year old. Elijah’s mission is to keep his family together and protect his unborn neice/nephew.


Elijah charms Davina to the point where she decides to trust him with her life. Marcel tries to whisk her away from the church but she plays it up and demands he take her back to her room.

What does Elijah have planned? Is there something romantical happening between Hayley and Elijah?

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90210 Season Finale

So in the midst of one of the craziest weeks of my life, I managed to watch the season finale of 90210, and I have to say folks- it sucked! Okay, well it didn’t completely suck and if you haven’t seen the episode yet beware because there are spoilers in this post.

The only storyline I actually appreciated was the final scene with Silver talking to someone, who we finally get to see is Teddy (yay)…and she’s asking him to have a baby with her since she really doesn’t want Liam or Navid to be her baby daddy.

The story connection between Annie and her priest- I was just not feeling it, every time they would show him in church almost crying because he wouldn’t know what to do with his life- choose Annie or choose priesthood…like really WTF? Who comes up with this ish? It just wasn’t believable, it was more funny to me than sad. In the end, he admits he misses praying more than sex (well he didn’t really say it like that but it does come down to that)…and Annie let’s him go with a long make out session in church…and that’s the end of that. I actually liked priest guy except for when he ruined Ivy’s life by deporting her man.

Which leads me to my next point, Ivy and her man- Juan/Javier have to say goodbye after there petition to keep him in America fails. He gives up and just says he’s willing to turn himself over and live in Mexico City because apparently the art scene is happenin’ down there. In the end, while having a serious discussion with Liam at Max’s wedding, Ivy finally realizes what she’s supposed to do- which is I guess drive herself to the airport (she had been drinking champagne) and book the next flight out to Mexico City…right after she explained her life story to the lady at the airport counter. Why would it take Ivy talking to Liam to realize she was supposed to do that? Ugh, it just all seems so cheesy and predictable. Seriously, s*** like this would never go down like that in The O.C.

So then, we have the weird love triangle with Adrianna and Dickson and Austin who’s Adrianna’s manager. Austin lands Adrianna a gig in Vegas to open up for his father (he’s a big time country singer and Miley Cirus’ dad). In the end, Austin lets Adrianna follow her heart…and open up her ears because she listens to a whole lot of voicemails from her ex Dickson (who left her to go on a tour with some American Idol contestant) it’s all very confusing. Anyways, Dickson says he’ll be in town at the Santa Monica Pier around 2pm…if she’s there he’ll know she loves him back…and then who knows what will happen. They probably won’t end up together so there really wasn’t a point to end his career as an on tour DJ to return home and reunite with the girl that will probably leave him for Miley Cirus’ dad’s son next season. She’s there- he’s not…the usual story..she decides to leave and get on the plane with Austin.

Dickson calls Navid to let him know he’s running late and they had a flat tire, he asks him to tell Adrianna bla bla bla you get the point. I can’t even write it, it sounds so cheesy! Anyways, while he’s on the phone a huge 18 wheeler comes slamming into the side of their car (don’t worry he wasn’t the one driving)…and Dickson’s probably not dead but injured. Also, the music they chose to play did not fit the mood at all, those last final scenes were the most awkward scenes I’ve ever watched, something was missing.

To top it all off, Naomi interrupts Max’s wedding, they end up together, he admits he never stopped loving her- wasn’t surprised there either. Everything was kind of predictable, except for the Teddy becoming a dad bit, and Dickson dying. They could have built up the Dickson car accident to be more of a cliffhanger, it all happened so fast that it leaves you confused, you don’t get to grasp the severity of the scene.

I was enjoying the final episodes of this season, but definitely let down with the season finale. I just remember watching finales from The O.C and they would be spine chilling good. They would leave you in tears, the music would build up (thank you Imogen Heap)…I mean really Marissa shoots someone!! The stories they have on 90210 aren’t intense enough, there’s something missing, season’s should come to this huge cliffhanger towards the end of the season and it definitely didn’t feel like that. Dickson’s been missing for so many episodes, I almost forgot what he looks like, now that he’s injured, I could care less if he comes back next season.


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VIDEO: Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Mix

The Vampire Diaries is over for this season, but don’t worry I’ll be putting together videos with all the best moments from the last season. Here’s my first video I did for the epic Season Finale…Hope you enjoy!

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Vampire Diaries Season Finale

So, I couldn’t resist and I ended up watching The Vampire Diaries finale at work- and trust me I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly, the best episode ever, I don’t even know how to explain how amazing the episode was in this post…really you need to watch the episode for yourself.


I mean really, I’m not going to hold back about tonight’s events, we just need to discuss what happened, why it happened and more importantly what the heck is going to happen come next season?

First off, I want to thank the CW for renewing the Vampire Diaries for a fourth season, because without it we wouldn’t know what will become of Elena now that she’s a VAMPIRE! Yes, she’s a vampire folks! Breaking news- this just in- Elena is officially a vampire, well not officially but the ending scene which resembled the ending of Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part I pretty much hints to a very vampire-ish Elena next season.

So I’ll try starting off at the beginning, which oddly enough wasn’t the ‘beginning’ we had always thought was the beginning. We as the audience and even Elena always thought Stefan was the first of the Salvatore brothers she had met. Damon is a few hours away from Mystic Falls at the storage unit he was hiding Klaus’ body. Stefan was home…and I hate to admit but he was kind of useless in tonight’s finale but we’ll get to that later. Matt date rapes Elena by putting something into her tea, when she wakes up they’re already a few miles out of Mystic Falls. Matt wants to save Elena and take her as far away from the Vampire life (don’t worry he doesn’t try sleeping with her). Thank the lawd for cell phones because halfway through their ride Elena gets a phone call telling her Klaus is dead…Alaric got to him…which means Stefan and Damon could be dead in a very short while.

Klaus claimed he had turned Stefan and Damon into vampires…which would mean if Klaus die they die…also Tyler would die as well. Also, if you’re lost at this point and haven’t been watching the episodes just stop reading now because there’s really no hope for you. It’s just a really complicated but amazing storyline.

So Elena gets all teary-eyed on the phone with Damon, Matt tells her she better make a choice return home or drive out to the storage unit to say goodbye to Damon, Matt clearly can’t drive fast enough for Elena to say bye to both brothers. Obviously, Elena tells Matt to turn back because she wants to be with Stefan. Damon still on the phone with her, asks her if she would ever choose him…she tells him it’ll always be Stefan, but really if she had met Damon before she had met Stefan- maybe things would have worked out differently. Which doesn’t really make sense, just because you meet someone first doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with them, right?

Anyways, let’s REWIND a little, to the beginning of the episode. Bonnie decides she wants a few minutes alone with Klaus’ dead body. Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline are forced by their loving mothers to leave Mystic Falls since everyone in town knows they’re vampires and werewolves. Before leaving, Caroline finds out that Klaus is dead- which means Tyler is about to die as well. In what looks to be their final moment together, they say goodbye, Tyler falls to the ground, Caroline leaves, and we assume Tyler is dying. Of course, in this show assumptions will leave you feeling like a complete idiot. So don’t assume- just watch.

When Bonnie was alone with Klaus, she put a spell on him that somehow transferred his spirit/body into Tyler’s, and when Alaric killed Klaus it wasn’t really Klaus who he was killing. (We don’t know if Tyler is dead or Klaus is just borrowing his body, it’ll be interesting next season Klaus might play as Tyler just so he can be with Caroline) Also, remember Stefan and Damon didn’t die, it’s because Klaus wasn’t really dead, if he had really died they would’ve died as well.

Damon and Rebecca are at the storage unit attempting to escape with Klaus’ body, Alaric shows up, he gets to Klaus and before Damon or Rebecca can do anything he stabs Klaus and he goes up in flames. Rebecca manages to get away, Damon stays at the storage unit in hopes of finding valuable treasures in some of the other units (kidding).

Back to Mystic Falls, Rebecca shows up to tell Stefan (since she saw Klaus go up in flames and didn’t know about Bonnie’s spell she thinks her brother is dead) that Alaric is still alive, the only way he can be killed is if she kills Elena.

Alaric is busy beating the crap out of Damon, while he’s in this weird dying faze, Damon remembers the first time he met Elena. It was the night her parents died, which would also mean she met Damon before she met Stefan!!!!! He recalls meeting her on the bridge, but compells her to forget ever meeting him because the Salvatore brothers hadn’t officially returned to Mystic Falls yet. Which explains why Elena never remembered meeting Damon first. Also, now that she’s a vampire and vampires remember everything that happened in their human life, she might remember her meeting with Damon on the bridge, and that might lead to something- just saying.

Suddenly, he gets this urge to fight Alaric, I guess his motivation was to survive and win Elena back. While they’re fighting Alaric starts getting weak.

While Matt and Elena are driving back to Mystic Falls, on the same bridge that her parents died on, Rebecca jumps in front of Matt’s car forcing him to swerve and literally drive off the bridge into the water. Stuck in the car, Matt is so useless he’s already unconscious, somehow Stefan shows up and he goes to pull Elena out. She refuses and tells him (well she cant talk they’re underwater) to take Matt out first. While Stefan’s dragging Matt’s useless body out of the water, Damon starts really hurting Alaric. Alaric falls down and asks what’s happening to him, we see Elena stuck in the car, she starts losing herself until she’s somewhat dead. Alaric turns to stone and basically falls to the floor. Damon realizes that something must have happened to Elena if Alaric is dead.

After that, I know it’s really amazing huh? Jeremy is home, he sees Alaric, for a second you wonder how Alaric is still alive, then you realize Jeremy sees ghosts and he’s totally seeing the ghost of nice Alaric. It was really sad, that scene broke me into pieces.

Elena is dead, she’s at the hospital, Stefan sitting over her dead body. Damon finally arrives, Meredith tells him that Elena had suffered from a brain hemmorage earlier in the day (the bloody nose)…and that she had to give vampire blood to heal Elena. She didn’t want to worry everyone so she didn’t tell them that it was a huge injury. Obviously, vampire blood + death= vampire transformation, so just like the Twilight people did in Breaking Dawn, so did the Vampire Diaries crew.


With a beautiful aerial shot of Elena lying on the table, the camera stays still on her, and all of a sudden she opens her eyes and gasps for air. THE END!

SO AMAZING!!, I loved it, I really don’t know what else to say! I’m sad we have to wait 5 months for the next episode but wow is it going to be worth it! We all knew this day would come, Elena turning into a vampire…it just made sense and I’m so happy the writers wrote it into the finale episode. It was just amazing, well done!

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Preview

Seriously, whose excited for tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries? This show has never let us down, and frankly I don’t expect tonight’s finale to be anything short of ah-mazing! The only bad part…I’ll be missing it! Clearly someone who hates me decided to put me on tonight’s shift at work which means I won’t be able to watch the finale until tomorrow…maybe at work but it just won’t be the same!

I feel like last week’s episode wasn’t enough drama as a second last episode of the season should be- so be ready for a jam packed episode that hopefully doesn’t leave us with a huge cliffhanger. I hate waiting 5 months to find out what happens! And really, Elena has never been one with the cocaine addiction…so that bloody nose definitely means there’s something seriously wrong with her.

Check out the Trailer and a Sneak Peek below!

Sneak Peek:


So, I posted our TVD Future Intern video a few days ago and it has received so much love and support I cannot thank you guys enough.

Our idea for making this video came up when both my classmate and I were thinking of ways to apply to the Vampire Diaries production as interns. Unfortunately, we only found links to the production offices which really wasn’t what we wanted to do. (I want to intern in post-production she wants to be an on set PA)

So, since we are film students and we know how to use a camera we decided to make a short video- put it on YouTube and hopefully get the attention of the Vampire Diaries Showrunner Julie Plec and the rest of the crew.

Here’s the best part- she literally watched the video within 10 hours of us posting it on YouTube!!!! It was awesome- I almost passed out at work when I found out. It was definitely something to be proud of.

Now that she’s seen the video- we really need her to take us seriously and really consider us as TVD Future Interns!! So, what I need from all you readers is to check out our video below…LIKE it…TWEET it…RETWEET it…whatever your heart desires!

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Thanks guys!

Vampire Diaries: The Kiss

One of the best episode’s of this season- Vampire Diaries did NOT disappoint with the return of last night’s brand new episode. I didn’t have time to watch it last night, but I did see a Tweet that hinted an Elena and Damon kiss. I’ve never been pro Damon/Elena but damn that kiss was hot!

Now that Damon and Stefan need to find out which vampires were in their bloodline, Damon and Elena travel to Denver to visit Jeremy and ask him to find an old friend of Damon’s.

While in Denver, Stefan is stuck babysitting Alaric trying to turn him into his alter ego and reveal the location of the last white oak dagger. Caroline reunites with her man Tyler- and Rebecca and Matt have a moment in a blue pick-up truck.

So, where do I began? SO much happened in this episode, you just need to watch it for yourself. Rebecca is planning the huge 1920s dance at their school, since she has no car (which is ironic because her family is 1000 years old and have loads of money) she gets a ride from her crush Matt. They have a little cute moment in the truck, Rebecca is so crushing over Matt because he’s the normal guy that every original vampire wants. I actually hope something happens between the two. When Rebecca gets inside, she sees her mother Esther who basically tried killing all her children a few episodes back. Rebecca tries to kill her, and Esther says she’s already dying. Then a few minutes later they hold hands, and Esther just falls and ‘dies’.

Caroline visits Tyler in what looks to be the Lockwood cellars so I don’t know how far he actually went on his self-discovery journey. Anyways, she tells him Damon and Stefan are looking to see if they’re in anyway connected to Klaus through their bloodline, and if they’re not then they’re going to kill Klaus- which would mean they would kill Tyler.

Stefan beats the evil alter ego out of Alaric who finally tells Stefan where he’s hid the white oak dagger. Only problem, Klaus and Rebecca were nearby listening to the entire conversation. Rebecca grabs Alaric and escorts him to the caves to retrieve the dagger.

Damon and Elena run into Jeremy’s friend…aka Cole who is brother’s with Klaus. Jeremy not knowing this almost gets himself killed- but Damon to the rescue and he buys enough time for them to hide in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere. Damon asks Jeremy to contact an old friend Rose, since Jeremy has the ability to see dead people…he was their first choice. So Jeremy sees Rose and she basically tells him all this information, but they’re missing one vampire Mary so Rose gives them the location of where Mary was seen last- Kansas.

During the night, Damon feels the need to walk aimlessly through their motel room which his shirt open, his glorious 6-pack glowing in the moonlit shadows. Elena sneaks a peak, and watches Damon as he enjoys a glass of scotch. He notices her looking at him and moves closer to her, until they’re basically sharing a bed and holding hands. (BTW, this scene was a tiny bit on the awkward side) Jeremy was in the bed next to them!

Elena can’t stand sleeping beside Damon she gets too hot and steps out of the room to get some air, Damon obviously follows her…and then they end up making out. Damon and Elena get hot and heavy in the motel hallway until Jeremy walks in on them! They finally get to Kansas- find Mary except she’s dead hanging on the wall. Original vampire Cole got to her first, and now Damon has no way of finding out their bloodline.

Elena and Damon have another moment minus the making out- Damon realizes this trip was just so Elena could figure out her feelings about him. She says that everytime they get close Damon does something, and it completely turns her off. This time, Damon says he’s going to be himself and not mess anything up-making it harder for her to choose between him and his brother Stefan. In the car ride home- Jeremy sees Rose again in the backseat and she tells him not to tell the others about her presence. She has a really good narration about the relationship between Elena and Damon..while we see Damon and Elena in the front seat awkwardly looking at each other.

Tyler has a sleepover at Caroline’s house…until he finds the drawing Klaus drew for Caroline- Tyler gets super jealous and storms off…clearly Caroline still has feelings for Klaus.

So far so good right? The ending is the best.

When Rebecca takes Alaric to the caves, as a vampire she can’t go in all the way- Alaric steps in and grabs the dagger…and tries to negotiate his life with Rebecca. Just then, she sticks her foot out and enters the cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At which point, she tells him she wants all the originals to die…because she’s really Esther!!!!!!!!!! I guess when Rebecca and Esther held hands…she actually became Rebecca! Crazy!!

*Sidenote: Last season Klaus had the ability to enter Alaric’s body so I guess this is another superpower they have as originals*

Tune in next week- this season is getting better and better!!

Song of the Week: Florence and the Machine

From last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries…Florence and the Machine ‘Never Let Me Go’.

I haven’t stopped listening to it. Check it out.

Vampire Diaries: Klaus Is Baaaack!

Just when you thought Klaus was gone for good he returns to Mystic Falls to break the link spell, and apparently use his phone for live video streaming and sending messages in what looked like the Draw Something app.

So he’s back to find Bonnie and hold her hostage (like he usually does) until she agrees to unlink the originals. While that’s happening…Stefan and the gang use the old bridge’s sign to carve out the white oak stakes that can kill Klaus and his siblings. Their plan is to isolate Rebecca, since she’s the easiest target…and kill her…which would inevitably kill Klaus and the rest.

Rebecca, who is heartbroken at the fact that Damon used her in his master plan, kidnaps him and puts him in these spike bear trap things. While he’s held captive, Elena begs Stefan to postpone ‘the plan’ until they rescue Damon. Stefan doesn’t agree, he refuses to put ‘the plan’ on hold…so Damon will just have to wait.

Insert dream sequence here…while Damon’s held up in the bloody chains, he has this weird dream about Elena coming and rescuing him…then giving her blood to him to make him stronger. It’s clear it’s just a dream sequence…Damon returns to reality, and Rebecca is standing behind him. She’s somehow used Sage’s mind reading powers to read Damon’s dreams/thoughts. It’s hard to tell whether Rebecca has real feelings for Damon, in the end it’s more obvious that she actually might be in love with Damon- if so, that would be an amazing story line.

Anyways, Klaus forces his brother Finn to return to Mystic Falls, Finn is the one sibling who wants them all dead, he’s sided with their mother and doesn’t see a reason for their existence. Once Finn’s back in Mystic Falls, because really who can withstand Klaus’ demanding tone, Finn reunites with his old time lover- Sage. While they’re enjoying tequila shots at the Mystic Falls Pub…Stefan decides to implement ‘the plan’ and kill Finn instead.

They basically end up killing Finn, he burns to ashes, Sage lies over his body weeping. During that time, Klaus forces Bonnie to resume the magical link spell, unfortunately it’s right before they kill Finn, which basically means Klaus is still alive. Stefan and Elena not knowing where Bonnie is, think Klaus is dead. Bonnie calls Elena afterwards telling her Damon is in trouble, Elena thinks she’s crazy because they just killed Klaus, and then Bonnie tells her the link spell has been broken, and Stefan is royally pissed off.

It’s getting good right? This episode was awesome. Long story short, Sage returns to Stefan while he’s about to go off and ‘kill’ Klaus. She’s obviously angry that he killed her lover Finn. Once she enters the living room, she becomes weak and literally topples over and dies. Her accomplice, tries to help her but then he falls over and dies to.

**Side Note: I totally thought it was the fumes of the white oak dagger Damon had hidden in the fireplace that killed Sage and her boy toy. Unless he didn’t hide it in the fireplace and I was just seeing things**

What they realize is, if one of the originals die, or all of them, it basically kills every vampire they have created. Since they’re the originals, that would basically mean all vampires, which would mean Stefan and Damon as well. Basically, they’re screwed.

So, Stefan gives up some of the white oak daggers in exchange for his brother Damon. Only problem is Klaus doesn’t believe those are the only daggers left. Stefan’s lying, everyone knows, and Klaus forces him to bring the other 2 back to him, or everyone dies. Damon is free, Rebecca decides to let him go (she’s getting soft)…and in the end, she tells Klaus she might stay in Mystic Falls.

Elena and Stefan have another moment, he asks her to tell him if she’s in love with Damon, she can’t not admit that, so Stefan is left heartbroken, but then again this is all his fault anyways.

Finally, Damon pays a visit to Alaric’s where the last white oak dagger was hidden. When Alaric goes to grab it from behind the bookshelf it’s not there- obviously his murderous alter ego took it and who knows what’s going to happen.

New episodes returns April 19th.