MOB WIVES: I’m Bored.

I actually never thought I’d admit this, but dang Mob Wives was so boring this week! I could barely make it through the episode…which looked like it took place in 3 different restaurants.

They don’t talk about anything else other than Karen fighting with Carla…Carla fighting with Ramona…and everyone else hating on Drita. Drita is in the process of divorcing her cheating husband Lee (still in prison).

Karen decides to throw a spa day at Renee’s house…and invites Carla even though there is still some tension because Carla is best friend’s with Drita.

Nothing else happens, they should really create some other drama that doesn’t involve Karen and Drita hating each other. Also, why is Ramona still on the show??

MOB WIVES: Staten Island Crazies

This show is just too much, with all it’s crazy Italian Mob drama…it’s no surprise why Mob Wives is a smash reality hit! This week, it’s the aftermath of the Karen/Drita/Ramona fight out at Renee’s party. Everyone is apologetic to Renee for ruining her party…and Ramona admits in others states…people are actually normal and don’t cause scene’s at parties.

Ramona who is officially introduced in this episode- is Karen’s actual cousin. She is also connected, and has known Renee since they were guidette teenagers. So, Ramona was married once upon a time- to an Arab who she believed wasn’t connected to the mob. She said she never wanted to marry into the Italian lifestyle, since she grew up with it her entire life. She got divorced to the Arab once she found out he was involving himself with the mob. Nowadays, she cruises around with her boyfriend and in this episode we find out that he gets arrested! After Karen worries about Ramona all day, she finally gets a call from her saying she was in jail and has been released. Apparently, cops pulled her and her boyfriend over and took her man away- she has no idea why.

Renee and Carla have a sit down meeting with the other wives…and decide to let go of their beef since they’ve been friends for over 25 years. Drita is legitimately getting a divorce from her mob husband Lee. She decides to sell her jewelery…and goes to find out how much her engagement ring costs. Lucky for Dre…her ring is worth about $120,000. Cha-Ching! She’s going to need now that she’ll be a single mom.


Song Of The Week

My song of the week comes from my reality series of the week- Mob Wives. The intro song by Rock Mafia “The Big Bang” is hella catchy! Check it out.