Snooki and JWOWW:I’m Bored

I could barely get myself to watch the entire 25 minutes of this week’s Snooki and JWOWW. The pair head to Cancun with their two best friends for Spring Break, but Snooki realizes her priorities are all ‘messed up’ and just wants to go home. Snooki doesn’t enjoy herself- obviously because she can’t drink and take shots like the other girls. I hate to say it but Snooki isn’t that funny when she’s not intoxicated, and now that she’s pregnant she’s even more moody and freaks out on Jenni all the time!

Jenni has another explosive fight with Roger on their last day in Cancun. She had told him they were returning Sunday, so he made plans-with Jionni on Saturday night. Now that their flight plans changed, she would be coming back Saturday and was furious with him for making plans. She sounded completely insane, Roger kept calling her insecure, and she refused to listen to him. She’s got some serious control issues, and it’s so annoying to watch her have the same argument every week. She constantly blames everything on Roger, meanwhile he hasn’t done anything wrong.

When they get home Snooki calls Jionni and finds out where they’re going- I guess some club down at the Shore. It’s just like they are pulling at anything to create drama or create an issue, and it’s just really boring at this point. They go to a cooking class which was sort of funny, but Snooki just isn’t the same anymore. The next morning Snooki checks Twitter to find out Jionni was seen taking pictures with random girls. This apparently gets Snooki jealous, which she hasn’t been up to this point, she’s always been okay with Jionni going out without her- because she trusts him. Instead she freaks out, calls him and tells him he’s not ready to be a father or a husband. It was the most ridiculous fight ever- he yells back at her and tells her maybe she’s not ready to be a mom, and she starts crying and hands up on him. Like really?

I’m actually dreading the new season of Jersey Shore- then again there are 7 other crazies who can keep us entertained.



Snooki & JWOWW: Chocolate Nuts

After another brutal fight with Roger for apparently lying to him, Jenni decides to give their relationship another chance by letting/begging Roger to come by for the weekend so the cast can do the double date thing. It seems like most of the show is Snooki and Jwoww with their better halves- Jionni and Roger! Not that we’re complaining, the foursome make for an entertaining crew, especially when Snooki decides to take everyone to the drag show!

After all it is New York City, so why wouldn’t you want drag queens dancing around while you’re eating dinner? Snooki and Jenni take the boys to a night out on the town, but when ‘Chocolate’ asks Jionni if he likes…nuts with his chocolate…the boys realize how much trouble they’re in. Obviously, the dancers bring the boys onto the stage and end up giving them lap dances. Jionni was sweating up a storm, and Roger seemed like he was enjoying it!

Later that weekend, Jionni organizes an engagement dinner for him and Snooki, inviting her family as well as Roger and Jenni. Seriously, Jionni is the cutest thing ever, his family seems normal and amazing, Snooki is SO lucky to have found this diamond in the rough…and by rough I mean the Jersey Shore. Who knew they would end up pregnant, engaged…and meeting each other’s family for a normal dinner!

The gang head back to their crib, Jenni passes out from a food coma, Roger doesn’t get laid…and Snooki and Jionni end up cuddling! We went from watching a bunch of crazies down at the Shore, to literally watching a family sitcom. Merp! Loves it.


Couple Alert: Vinny G & Melanie Iglesias

If you aren’t Twitter creepin’ like some of us, you’ll be surprised to know that Vinny G from the Jersey Shore has a new gal pal. Unfortunately, for Jersey Shore romantic hopefuls, he didn’t find his new love down on the boardwalk.

Vinny appears to have found a romance with his Guy Code co-star Melanie Iglesias. Who is she? We don’t know either but they seem to make a cute couple! Vinny tweeted a few days ago…”You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”…she replied “Vinny Guadagnino stop subtweeting me!” Oh la la…

Snooki and Jwoww: A Pregnant B****

Snooki and Jwow have clearly ran out of fun things to do since Snooki knocked herself up and can no longer drink. Jwow and her pups head over to K9dergarten or whatever it’s called- basically her dogs need training because they’re s******** everywhere! Snooki decides to become a volunteer because she went to school to become a vet-tech…but evidentally did nothing with it.

She signs up to be a volunteer, which obviously has no requirements…and Snooki quickly learns Bella is not really the b**** she thought she was. Bella and Noelle are Jwoww’s dogs, you might remember them from the Jersey Shore when she had to bring them back to the house after her ex-boyfriend left them alone in their home. Snooki shows up for volunteer late, because she says it’s not a real job, and finds herself being attacked by a swarm of crazy dogs.It was actually an experience of a lifetime for Snooki who realized Bella was actually sticking up for her, and acting as her protector towards the other crazy pups. She appreciated the love Bella had for her and forgave her for all the times she was rude to her.(Yay!)

Unfortunately for Jenni, Snooki didn’t take lessons from Bella and was constantly being a b**** to Jenni, it’s like she uses every pregnancy excuse to have her way! As if Jenni wasn’t jealous enough, every time Snooki would complain she’d end up saying ‘You’ll know when you’re pregnant’. As if pregnancy was something Jenni was soon to encounter! Her and Roger were barely getting it in, and when I say barely I mean never. Poor Roger, his sleepovers always end up empty handed. Then Roger calls Jenni and freaks out on her that she’s a liar. Jenni admits she lies but they’re always small lies, which Roger shouldn’t be mad about. Anyways, they are so meant for each other Jenni just needs to grow up and realize Roger is amazing!

That’s all for this week. xo

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The Real World: St Thomas!

Catching up on MTV’s The Real World:St Thomas has been quite entertaining! I never expected the roomies to be so funny and wild, I’ve never laughed so hard watching any Real World- and that’s mostly because of LaToya. Since the roommates are literally stuck on an island, rather than taking the boat to the mainland everyday, they find new and exciting things to do to keep themselves entertained. Fortunately, for MTV and Bunim-Murray this makes for great tv!

Laura is the most annoying roommate I think- ever. She’s like a little puppy dog following Trey around all day and night, she wants him so bad even though he’s made it clear he has a girl back home. Finally, Trey gives in and they hook up after 2 weeks of meeting each other.

Marie and Robb are definitely my favourite couple in the house, separately they are hilarious, Robb is a ginger which explains enough, and Marie is always up to something. Together, they make an amazing pair, especially when they are up to no good and in prank mode.

LaToya is just as funny as Marie, the way she talks and the things she says are just hilarious. Also, she seems really down to earth and very confident with who she is. She ain’t takin’ no s*** from anybody! Unlike Laura who just follows Trey around and finds her fun in flirting, Toya and Marie know how to make themselves laugh without the boys. But when Toya meets Lee’s son ‘Little Lee’ she is completely head over heels, and find every excuse to use that boat! It’s the funniest thing ever.

When Marie and Toya find a huge fish lying on the shore, Marie decides this is the ultimate prank, meanwhile Toya googles possible dead fish diseases before agreeing to help Marie with the prank. Marie on her own takes the fish and drops it in the boys’ shower. It doesn’t take long for Swift and Robb to realize something is stinkin’ up in their room! Swift sees the dead fish in the shower and immediately knows it’s one of the girls. Marie doesn’t admit to it and automatically blames it on Laura who loves animals and touches anything gross. Swift believes her and begins his plot against the girls. Unfortunately for him, Marie gets the fish and throws it back into the sea before the guys can use it. The funniest part, when Laura admits she had nothing to do with the prank, Marie blames it on Brandon saying he was so drunk he doesn’t even remember doing it. Brandon gets so excited that he would think of such an amazing prank and admits he blacked out the night before and doesn’t remember doing it-but that it’s something he would totally do!

Swift jumps into the water near the dock and accidentally steps on some sea urchins! When he gets out he can barely walk, he notices a bunch of little blank things in his foot. They head over to the doctor’s office, barely walking Swift finds out there’s no cure but that they’ll slowly fall out as he walks. Him and Toya fight over the stupidest thing.

On this week’s episode, the roommates find out what their new job will be. Working at Coral World is like a dream job, they’ll be working at an aquarium and Marie,Swift and Laura get to work with sea lions. While doing their swim test, Toya barely makes it to the finish line when she starts drowning and steps on a sea urchin!! She sees the same little black things under her foot, and Swift is having the best day of his life laughing at her. Her foot isn’t as bad as Swift’s but those sea urchins sure are an annoyance! Brandon can’t stop drinking, when he drinks he gets really emotional and weird, he starts hitting himself and breaking things around the house. Worst part, he doesn’t remember any of it the next morning.

In the end, Marie and Robb know how to cheer everyone up and possibly piss of Grandpa Trey. They smear peanut butter all over the counters and have fun drawing themselves in it, when Trey sees what they’ve done he just laughs it off. Seems like the roomies are having a great time on the island- and they’re turning out to be a good group of kids!


Snooki & JWOWW: Double Date!

Can I just say how much I friggin’ love Jionni? When I first saw him on the Jersey Shore I thought he was just another meatball juicehead guido with waxed eyebrows…but he’s really none of those things (except for the eyebrows).

It seems like he’s more excited for the little meatball inside Snooki then Snooki is! It’s Jenni’s birthday, they all decide to go on a double date, which is completely different from how they do things down at the Shore. I literally feel like I’m watching a completely different show- a lot has changed, the girls definitely cannot party the night away with Snooki’s bun in the oven- but they somehow manage to make us laugh.

Roger Roger Roger, who knew he was so friggin’ hilarious? He kept picking on Jionni, jokingly until Snooki got a little offended and started protecting her man. In the end, they all got into a cab to head home and Roger started singing the “oompa loompa” song! It was the funniest moment ever.

In the end, Snooki has a OBGYN appointment to see if her baby is okay- she’s extremely nervous, but she has her Jenni and Jionni by her side so she feels loved. Everything goes down great, there’s nothing wrong with the baby, we get to see the little baby shape- and I think Snooki realizes at that moment that she’s actually preggo.

Seriously, I don’t know what she would do without Jionni, he truly is amazing.

Song Of The Week: Typ3 Vampires

This week’s Song of the Week is from the new hit season of DJ Pauly D’s MTV reality show.

Check it out. Enjoy!

The Pauly D Project

So last night was the premiere of The Pauly D Project…I wasn’t planning on watching it, the promos actually sucked for the show, but I have to say it was pretty funny.

Pauly is so entertaining, we love him, and the new show is going to be hilarious! Basically, last night’s episode just set the premise for the entire season. Pauly gets a residency at the Palms Las Vegas- so the crew is filming his entire stay there, as well as some of his closest friends.

Definitely check it out, it’s on MTV Thursday nights at 10:30pm.


I’m actually embarrassed to say I was surprised when I read this headline. I think we all knew how insane Mike was, and I even wrote about it in the blog about the season finale. He’s always been weird and crazy, but at the end of Season 5, he takes insanity to a whole new level.

TMZ broke the story last night that ‘The Sitch’ checked himself into a rehab facility for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control. We don’t know exactly what substances Mike was on, I feel like he might’ve been doing some weird drugs, because clearly his boy ‘The Unit’ was on something special. It might’ve been from the excessive alcohol he’d been drinking…they’d just filmed two seasons back to back but it’s all up in the air right now.

The entire Jersey Shore cast has been extremely busy with all their side projects, and I guess ‘The Sitch’ hit rock bottom and couldn’t move forward. At the end of the day, we hope he recovers…and decides not to do Season 6. Merp.



The Jersey Shore Finale

Seriously, Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really upset over the finale of Jersey Shore. This season was actually fun to watch, and it reminded me why we loved the crazies back in Season 1. I’ll admit, Season 4 in Italy was shameful, I think it just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and led people to believe Season 5 would suck. And some people still say Season 5 sucked, but merp not me!

The meatballs were in full effect this time around, Deena was as crazier as she’s ever been. Clearly, she wanted to lose it all at the Shore- and that she did. Although Snooki was handicapped by Jionni some nights, she still made sure to do her thang at Karma and Aztec. And although we might’ve thought we lost the V in MVP, Vinny made a quick recovery and returned to the Shore to ultimately have a threesome with 2 lesbians. Deena was right, one of them did look like Matthew Mcconaughey,

It seemed like Jenni was surrounded by ‘housewife problems’ she was always washing the dishes, or cleaning up after the roommates. It looked like she was always in the background, until she decided to take the front seat in Deena’s relationship with Joey.

Mike “The Situation” was legit crazier than ever. I actually don’t know how the roomies put up with him, especially after 5 seasons. He’s disgusting, he’s evil, and he clearly can’t take a joke. When Vinny and Pauly organize the biggest prank of all- turning the entire Shore house inside out…Mike has a hissy fit when his bed is on the upstairs deck. Finally, Pauly and Vinny agree to help him bring his things back into the house, he literally didn’t stop complaining. I mean, come on. The entire time Mike is freaking out that he doesn’t appreciate his belongings being tossed around, Pauly just stands there and looks at him in confusion. I don’t know how Pauly stays so calm.

Ronnie and Sam were pretty much a bore, but then again that’s no surprise. Even when they were fighting and throwing each other’s furniture out the window they managed to bore us all.

Discussing the end of the Jersey Shore is like discussing the end of time. You just don’t want it to ever happen. However, with Snooki’s pregnancy, I don’t see how the show will ever be the same. Deena and Vinny were on HLN the other night, and they were asked if they think MTV would do another season, considering Snooki has a meatball in the oven. Deena got a little defensive saying that the show doesn’t rely on one person, and that they could still shoot the Shore without the Snooks. I can’t see that happening, I love Deena, I was literally on the floor dying of laughter when she was running away from the Tornado. Somehow she thought driving away was a better idea than staying in the house.

But, I doubt the house will be the same without our tanned meatball. I mean, without Snooki, I would’ve never stolen the phrase “Parties heeeeeeeere!”. Vinny was confident that the show wouldn’t be the same either, in answering that same question, he said how the house sort of fell a part when he left, and he was only gone for a week. He said he didn’t think the house would function normally if one person was missing, it’s the dynamic they have as one that makes them so entertaining.

So, I guess we’ll see, hopefully MTV will think of something soon and develop another Jersey Shore season. Wah!

See you all at Karma! xo