Crazy Jersey Shore Video!!

Woot!Woot! It’s Jerzzzday!! The best day of the week calls for an amazing video. Check out the funniest moments from the Joisy Shore.

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Jersey Shore: Ronnie the new Dr.Phil?

MERP!!   Was there even an episode of Jersey Shore on last night? I don’t remember much…because it was lamer then lame!! Seems like this Italy season is just a big disappointment…and it’s really upsetting that Snooki isn’t even the funniest anymore.

The episode starts off with Ronnie waking up, realizing what he had said to Sam the night before…regrets it (as usual)…and then tells Sam that he loves her. I swear that scene could’ve been picked out from any past seasons…that’s how repetitive Sam and Ron have become. The only thing that would look different…are the weird/torn up walls…which are clearly made out of concrete. Just ask Mike. Speaking of Mike…why is he acting like he just died! Dude, you’re in Italy, take off your damn sunglasses, and your neck brace, and your Abercrombie and Fitch sweatpants…and go get your GTL on!! Why is he sulking around the house…and more importantly why is he still crying!!!

It seemed like last night Ron…took on the role of Dr.Phil in the household, when he realized his problems with Sam granted him the knowledge to solve other roommate problems. Like Snooki and her man Jionni (who keeps wanting to control her)…and Mike who was being the ‘debbie-downer’ of the house. Ronnie basically told him he knows how it feels to be the household debbie, and since they’re in Italy he should put it all behind him…and just have fun. Mike was in tears, I’m assuming because nobody in the household was paying him any attention, his feelings were hurt, but Dr.Ronnie was there to make The Situation all better. Literally!

Ron and Sam work their relationship out with a civil conversation (no yelling)…and determine that because they’ve just had a mature/non violent conversation…they are fit to give their relationship one more chance. Sammie says if it doens’t work out…they’re DONE. Don’t trust them. Do not.

Later, when Snooki calls Jionni, Jionni gets mad at her about some stupid things…and Snooki feels like she has to change herself to be good enough for him. While Snooki is on talking to Jionni…Ron is listening to the conversation from the living room. When he hears how sad Snooki sounds on the phone…he can’t help but turn into Dr.Phil again! He turns to Sam…and they begin their analysis of the situation…and how to go about dealing with the Snooks. A few minutes later…Ron enters the phone area and grabs the phone from Snooki, and tells Jionni he’s making a big mistake…and that Snooki really loves him…in which Jionni replies, “F*ck you…give the phone back to Nicole”

Instead of turning into the hulk, Ronnie uses his Dr.Phil superpowers to stay calm…and walk away from the situation instead of lashing out at Jionni, and innocent Snooki.

In the club, a tiny altercation occurs when someone throws a drink at Snooki’s head. Vinny and Deena are quick to the scene to fight the girl…and then some confusion: Snooki and Deena start fighting!!

Until Snooki realizes she was fighting with Deena. Oops!

It’s sad to say..but the household can no longer function without the guidance of Dr.Ronnie. If it wasn’t for him…who knows what would have happened to Snooki and Jionni…Snooki might’ve entered a deeper depression then where she was in this episode (she slept all day), and without Ron…Mike would’ve left Italy, for good. Thanks Ron!

Dr.Ron…can you help us bring back our beloved Snooki??