S U I T S : Season 3 Premiere!

There is a lot to talk about with last night’s SUITS premiere. As long as they got their suit & tie, Harvey and Mike are guaranteed to cause some trouble at Pearson and…Darby?

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 3.34.59 PMMike is recovering from the craziness of last season, he went behind Harvey’s back and was forced to side with Jessica. Harvey is extremely pissed off, he’s never been this mad, on top of that Mike is dealing with Rachel drama. Now that she knows the truth about him…he’s worried she might not want to be with him.

ratedBuuuuuut taking a look at this picture, it’s pretty obvious how Rachel feels. Mike focuses his attention on Harvey, he wants to make up for what he’s done but neither Harvey or Donna want to speak to him. Harvey’s biggest thing is loyalty, and when he feels like the people closest to him aren’t being loyal…he cuts them out. Donna obviously sides with Harvey, she’s disappointed Mike would agree to help Jessica. Donna admits she’s always been on Mike’s side, but in this situation she agrees with Harvey, Mike has a lot of making up to do.

mike hate club

It seems like the only person on Mike’s side is Louis. The one man he despised all along is now his copyroom companion. He tells Mike a story about him and Harvey back in the day and it inspires Mike to take on the case Harvey is working on, in hopes of winning the case and winning Harvey’s heart.

There are a few additions to the show this season, especially one that I am really excited about. For all the Game of Thrones fanatics, this season was especially grueling because we had to deal with the loss of our great mother- Catelyn Stark. The day after the Red Wedding episode aired, a few Suits actors posted pictures of Fairley on the set of Suits on Instagram. I’m sure fans everywhere were super excited to have mama Stark back!


Conleth Hill who plays Lord Varys in Game of Thrones has also taken up the role of Edward Darby in Suits. He’s now partners with Jessica Pearson, and one of his biggest cases involves Fairley’s character, he appoints Harvey to take the lead on the case. Harvey agrees to help Darby only if Darby agrees to let Harvey resign. Jessica finds out that Darby had a ‘relationship’ with Ava Hessington’s (Fairley) father…what kind of relationship they had wasn’t really explained but I think it’s safe to say Darby might be the first gay character on the show.

In the midst of all the angry Harvey, and by the way it is totally giving me anxiety…Harvey catches Scotty at the airport before she leaves for London. She’s pissed off at him because he made Darby send her to London, but on the bright side she didn’t lose her job. Even though we see crazy angry Harvey, we see a glimpse of the softer side, the side that kinda fell in love with Scotty back in their Harvard days. Harvey gets Scotty to forgive him..so sweet of Harvey…but really he needed information on Ava Hessington.

Fast forward, Mike tries to help Harvey win the case, when Mike confronts Harvey in the lobby all hell breaks loose. Mike begs Harvey to say whatever it is he’s been meaning to say, Mike just wants all of this to be over with. Before Harvey walks away he does one of his sexy spins and walks right up to Mike and gives the scariest speech I’ve ever seen Gabriel Macht act out. He tells Mike he should’ve came to him, Mike says Jessica was threatening him so he had no choice, Harvey yells back by saying it doesn’t matter what she was holding against him, he should’ve came to Harvey and they would’ve figured it out together. That’s what friends do, that’s what loyalty is. Mike is speechless, and Harvey walks away.

harvey madMeanwhile, Louis is busy dealing with the uniball massacre. With the new merger there are new pens being used in the office, which means Louis is short on his uniball pens. On top of that, British Louis has also taken away his raspberry bran treats…Louis isn’t having any of it.


It seems like this Ava Hessington case will continue on for a few more episodes, I think it’s going to be a huge element of the third season…especially when Harvey asks Darby to change the terms of their ‘arrangement’ hence the title of the episode. Darby laughs him off by reminding Harvey he might not even win. Now that there’s a new prosecutor on the case, things have gotten a little harder. Harvey assures Darby that although the case has more challenges, the outcome is still very important to Darby (aka Harvey knows everything). Darby asks Harvey what he really wants, Harvey asks Darby to back him up as Managing Partner…Harvey wants to take down Jessica.


Game of Thrones: SEASON 3 TEASER

GOTThe third season of HBO’s highly intoxicating Medieval drama Game of Thrones premieres March 31, 2013 but until then, they’ve given us the lamest trailer ever. You would think the biggest show on television would have the biggest and baddest trailer- but instead they chose to film the 3-eyed raven for 30 seconds and hope GOT fans get excitement from it. The sad truth, it is exciting even if it was a bird flying around for 30 seconds!

Forgive me father for I have sinned, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping ahead and reading the books by George R. R. Martin. Now starting the 4th book, I am so ahead of everyone else and can’t contain myself because I know too much!! There is SO much that happens in season 3 (Book 3)…that they have broken up the book into two seasons. Which doesn’t sound great for me because I will have to wait another year to confess all the secrets I know from the book. And I know, some people are quick to assume the book isn’t like the TV show, but in this case…most of it is. Head writers David Benioff and D. B Weiss have for the most part stayed true to the novel. Why wouldn’t they, it is AMAZING! I was never one for medieval times, and didn’t think I would like the show, but midway through the first episode, I realized I was hooked. The characters are rich with long and dramatic character arcs, the entire concept of Westeros is built on so many different elements that it’s easy to fall into Martin’s world and not want to leave. Having said that, I couldn’t resist reading the books, but it did help watching the show and becoming familiar with everyone’s faces- because there sure are a lot of characters to remember.

Khaleesi Problems

I actually want to start a Game of Thrones book club because there are so many things to talk about, and only a few people that have read the entire series. It’s time for GOT to return so we can find out what happens to our dear Khaleesi, if Robb is truly the King of the North…and if we get to see  the death of King Joffrey. The best part is, I already know what happens to all of them.


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American Horror Story Season Finale

Last night was the season premiere of FX’s American Horror Story Asylum. The great thing about this season is that it’s an all new plot, and mostly new characters. The old lady and ghost boy are in this season, but it revolves around the story before they moved next door to the house last season. The premiere had a star studded cast including, Adam Levin, Jenna Dewan and even Mark Consuelos.

This picture sums up everything. You need to watch this show.

90210 Season Premiere

This week was the premiere of most of CW’s primetime dramas, including one of our favourites- 90210. I completely forgot how last season ended, but thankfully for the opening refresher- I was caught up in 20 seconds. Last season was arguably the worst season for 90210, the writing seemed like it went downhill, and the stories didn’t make sense. I know it’s only the first episode of this season, but things seem to be going well, there weren’t any cheeseball moments (aside from the Annie crying her a** off part).

The one thing about 90210 that screams out crappy show…is the fact that everything is predictable. I can literally map out everything that’s going to happen in the episode, the dialogue…and sometimes even the location of the scene. But really, Dickson gets into a car accident- obviously he’s not dead…they would never kill off Dickson. For a few minutes they have you believing he is actually dead since his phone turns up at the morgue…and Annie is called in to see if her brother’s body is under one of the 3 sheets. Teddy,Silver,Navid and Liam accompany her, and she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to check herself, Silver and Teddy end up doing the deed. They don’t see Dickson’s body, so the morgue dude tells them he’s probably in the hospital. Duh.

Teddy and Silver end their conversation about having a baby together in the midst of all the Dickson drama. Silver asks him to have a baby with her (since she might have cancer)…he’s obviously hesitant and tells her he’ll think about it.

Adriana is off in Vegas for a music concert- seriously how long are they going to drag her music career story on for? Either she gets famous or put her on another career path- like social work or something. While Adriana was in Vegas for all of 1 hour she hooks up with a really hot guy…who is a club promoter. Anyways, it was just a quick hook up she obviously didn’t know about Dickson at the time. She leaves the hot dude and goes off to do her music concert. In the end, hot dude shows up at Liam’s bar…for some reason Navid feels it necessary to offer hot dude a business venture? Hot dude agrees…and he has something planned- probably to take down Adriana and Dickson. Just my guess.

Naomi and Max have the stupidest storyline, when Naomi breaks up his wedding he admits he’s still in love with her. They decide to drive the limo to Vegas and get married, on the way there Naomi pops a bottle of champagne and hits Max in the face causing him to swerve into a ditch- and now they’re stranded. Naomi gets a ride with a random, Max and her squeeze inside the car, but they soon realize he’s a gas station bandit…and they’re all arrested. Like really? I feel like they don’t know what to do with Naomi, they just keep sending her to jail..but it never matters because she somehow makes it out. This time, she has Max speak on her behalf, he confesses to the judge how they’re in love…and the judge lets Naomi go…and offers to marry them. Honessstly? Max’s business partner/college roommate/possible ex lover? shows up and tries to get Max out of jail. He has some anger towards Naomi, as he blames her for causing Max heart break in his first year of college. In the end, he opens a bottle of champagne for her (since she obviously can’t without hitting someone) and threatens to watch over her until Max realizes who she really is? Dumb.

Anyways, back at the hospital Annie starts praying, apparently something she’s never done before. But the best part of it was, she starts talking about herself and her ex boyfriend/priest Caleb. How are you going to pray about your brother…and then start talking about your love life! In a prayer!!! It was ridiculous, but Lori Loughlin came just in time to break up the nonsense. Dickson wakes up but all he’s asking for is Adriana, Annie has no choice but to call her while she’s chilling with Carly Rae Jepsen. Adriana hops on the next flight back to LA. Dickson ends up making it, but the doctors tell them he might not be able to walk only time will tell. The entire Adriana and Dickson story doesn’t fly with me, I think it’s really weird, and they look really weird together. She was Navid’s first love…and now Navid is trying to put A and D together? It’s weird!

Liam is confused about Silver, he ends up burning down his bar (by accident) and ends up getting a huge insurance pay check. The crazy ex girlfriend is somehow spying on his conversation with the insurance people…and forms a revenge plan in her head. You can tell what she’s thinking without her saying anything.

In the end, Teddy decides he’s going to have a baby with Silver and make her the happiest woman ever. Love Teddy.

At this point, most of the characters are heading in a pointless direction. Even though the writing seemed slightly better in the premiere, there is always room for this show to go off the cliff. Navid and Liam seem to be getting over their Silver phase…and begin a playboy living lifestyle- which probably could be fun to watch. Stay tuned.


American Horror Story Season 2 Promo!

If you love American Horror Story then you probably can’t wait for it to return for a second season. The spine chilling second season airs October 17th at 10pm on FX.

Watch the trailer for the new season, it shouldn’t even be called a trailer, not sure exactly what it is. Apparently, the second season revolves around a whole new cast…and I’m assuming is based in an asylum? Check it out let me know what you think.


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Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s NEW SEASON

Last night was another season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s and it was definitely a preview of what’s to come this season. Be prepared to see a lot more of Mama Kris, she seems to be in more control these days except maybe not when it comes to Bruce who doesn’t really know his purpose in life anymore- other than being Brody Jenner’s weird looking dad.

Okay definitely, something happened to Bruce’s face between last season and now, because I literally couldn’t stop laughing on the camera close ups last night. I don’t know what it is, at the end of the day you just feel so bad for this man- he’s had any ounce of manliness stripped away from him, he’s not even allowed to enjoy a snack on the 3000th sofa that’s in their home. By the way, lovin’ the house, always have always will, every season it just looks even nicer, great job Kris.

One house that definitely needs some sprucing up, and maybe a housewives touch is Rob’s house…and the house he keeps searching for. Look, if you need me to come and take care of our home, I’m totally okay with that, just let me know.

Kourtney is on baby #2…Khloe is back from Dallas…and Kris keeps bringing up Khloe’s paternity test. The season of Khloe and Lamar finished off with the rumours about Khloe’s identity. Is she a real Kardashian…probably not, but you know what- it’s not for us to really care about that! So let’s move on!

I just don’t get why Kris is frustrated at the rumours when this is all surfacing is because she’s written a memoir about her ‘life’…and she happens to mention in there that she had an affair around the time Khloe was conceived. Like I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if Khloe has a different dad, point is she was raised by Robert and Bruce and they’ll always be her real fathers. Obviously, there is a doubt somewhere in her, if she didn’t she would just get a paternity test and prove everyone wrong…she would def sleep better at nights.

Nothing else really happens, except for we learn Kylie is flunking science (seriously who passes that course anyways)…and Bruce moves a step forward in reclaiming his position as man of the house once again.

Boardwalk Empire: New Season!!

The much anticipated television series is back for a second season. HBO brought us this fantastic series last year, set in Atlantic City,New Jersey during the Prohibition era.

Words cannot explain how genius this show is, I love everything about it…especially the time warp that sends us back into an era of desperation,politics,and murder. The original series premiere had a ton of buzz around it, especially because it broke records for being the most expensive pilot episode produced in television history. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and cost $18 million dollars! Wow!! It’s no wonder that Boardwalk Empire was picked up for the second season…the day after the pilot aired!!

Tune in to HBO on September 25th 2011 for the Season Premiere.

Here’s a sneak peek…just one of the many trailers.