RHOBH: Youz A Liar And A Wh**e!

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost coming to an end, but there’s still a ton of housewife drama to last an all inclusive paid for by producers vacation. The vacation in Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday (Kyle’s husband) continues…as Kyle’s sister Kim (recently admitted into rehab)…makes a mockery of herself…and straight up lies to everyone!

Originally, Kim had told Kyle she won’t be on their flight since she lost her passport and her drivers license had expired. Understanding younger sister Kyle, tells Kim to make sure to get on the next flight- and that she’ll see her in Hawaii. After 36 hours…and a few more excuses Kim alongside her weird boyfriend- Ken arrive in Hawaii…only to spend a few hours by themselves. Kyle, a little upset when she hears her sister moving into the room next to hers- and doesn’t even knock on their door to say hello.

It seems like everyone is having a good ole’ relaxing time- without crazy Kim…and the couple that enjoyed themselves the most was probably Adrienne and Paul. They had a lot of alone time…which apparently was much needed. They’re such a cute couple…and I truly hope Hollywood doesn’t get the best of them.

In the evening, everyone heads to dinner and Mauricio confronts Kim about her excuses for being late. When they get to the dinner table, Kim says that they were late because Ken had to work. Kyle finding this weird because Ken doesn’t work…and Mauricio did not believe one word out of Kim’s mouth. Anyways, they’re such a weird couple, Kim kept defending her lies by saying Ken had to run into work quickly…how would you still have to work when you know you’re supposed to be on a plane? Mauricio calls her out…but nothing really happens- I guess everyone knows that Kim is legit crazy and they can’t do anything about it.

The next morning, Kyle and Mauricio rent a catamaran for the day…and as usual Kim is late. Kyle and Lisa try getting into their room to wake them up…but they’re still asleep and apparently ‘missed the alarm clock’. Kyle gives up…and returns to the bus. They leave without Kim and Ken. At the docks, they’re again waiting for the arrival of Kim and Ken…who show up- but too late since the boat has already left the docks. Oh well, sucks for them…I think they were giving free drinks on the boat!

Everyone else spends the day on the catamaran, snorkeling and having a good time. Ken and Kim head back to the hotel and enjoy a romantic (if you can call it that) lunch by the pool area. Lame.

Again, that evening they have another dinner. Mauricio and Kyle both lose it on Kim this time. Kyle just wants an answer, and she doesn’t want to be lied to. Especially because Kim was acting like she did nothing wrong…Kyle just wanted her to own up to her mistakes. Since it was Mauricio’s birthday week, they both felt like Kim was disrespecting his birthday plans…and bla bla. Ken freaks out and says on behalf of Kim that they ‘don’t care’…and a few minutes later end up leaving the dinner table. Awkward.

In all of this, Brandi seems to be having a good time with her healed ankle. Also, they throw in a quick scene with Taylor and random housewife Dana. Taylor talks about her divorce with Russell…how she’s in the process of leaving him. Make sure you watch next week’s episode, the ladies are back in Beverly Hills and the talk about Taylor’s divorce is going to be huge!



RHOBH: Housewives In Hawaii

After the holiday break, the housewives from Beverly Hills are back in business…and ready for a vaca in Hawaii. As if their lives were completely hectic..and as if Beverly Hills was such a terrible place to live in…the couples plus Camille and Brandi decided to head to Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday.

After the craziness of Kyle’s White Party…Taylor and Russell were no longer invited to Hawaii. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit for repeating things about his and Taylor’s marriage (that were only said to her by Taylor)…the rest of the gang didn’t find it legally responsible to be hanging out with the dude that might serve them up with papers if they were to say the wrong thing.

Kyle’s party looked like a ton of fun…if you didn’t count the part where Taylor was disinvited…or the part where Kim was making out with her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Everyone’s at the airport…and as always they’re waiting for Kim who is running late. It’s 45 minutes until departure and she’s still at home looking for her passport. Clearly, she’s going to miss the flight…and starts looking for the next available one. Paul (Adrienne’s husband) is on the later flight as well since he had a business meeting to stay back for. Everything seems to be going smoothly…until Brandi whose afraid of flying…takes too many Xanax…and she’s literally slurring her words. She can barely keep her head up in the airplane…she looks like she’s dying. Although it probably wasn’t as bad as when she used to roofie herself just to get through the plane ride. (Yes, she told that story)

Finally, they land in Hawaii…where they have to take a bus ride to their hotel. During the bus ride…Brandi can’t stop talking and is literally the funniest person ever. She’s intoxicated…she’s high…I don’t know what she is but she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed. I still don’t understand why she was on that trip. Who invited her?

The Four Seasons (Waikiki) is beautiful…when is the Four Seasons anything but beautiful. This episode actually made me want to go to Hawaii…it looked stunning. Too bad the ladies didn’t think the same…all they did was sit around, lay on the beach and admire the view! Girls, get in there! The water looked stunning, I don’t even know how the ladies managed to sit there looking pretty. The true Hollywood Housewife.

Everyone gets settled in…Brandi gets a little too cozy with Ken…and Lisa marks her territory! Ken is frigin’ adorable…he clearly knows Brandi’s trying to hit on him…but he starts playing innocent- he’s just so funny. I actually wish Lisa and Ken were my parents.

Camille and Brandi seem to bond over a tanning session…but mostly because they were once married to actors. Once on the beach, the drama heats up when Lisa receives a phone call from Taylor back home. She tells them that her and Russell are officially over, they’ve both decided to end their marriage and just focus on being parents to Kennedy. The season’s coming to an end, and we know it was around that time when Russell committed suicide. Even though Taylor thought she was beginning to turn her life around, it was about to get a whole lot worse. Lisa started tearing up…and I can’t imagine how supportive the rest of the women were for Taylor.

Never leave a housewife behind.


RHOBH: Even Malibu Couldn’t Save Us

O-M-G…I don’t want to say it but this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting more heated than the housewives in Jersey! I never thought this day would come…but then again I never expected Taylor to fall a part the way she has throughout this season. Seriously, every single episode she’s either crying…or she’s cussing someone out…or usually both. This episode was no different.

Brandi with the broken leg has been trying to ‘fit in’ with the housewives since Episode 1 of this season…and clearly her leg has been keeping her back. Whatever she does, it doesn’t work, she just makes things worse for herself. Like when she was invited to Dana’s game night…and she accused Kim of using ‘crystal meth’…umm okay. And this week, when she finally decides to throw a house party and give back to the women that gave her a name- instead of just being Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife. She throws a house party…except she just moved so her house isn’t ready…so she uses her friend’s house in Malibu. She doesn’t cook…she definitely doesn’t clean…seriously who uses someone else’s house to throw a house party!! What kind of housewife are you!

Okay, so tensions are high right now because of what Camille said to Taylor a few weeks ago at Lisa’s house. Camille basically told Taylor to be honest with herself, and admit to herself all the bad things Russell has done to her. Obviously, Taylor got crazy mad at Camille for saying that- but it doesn’t make sense because Taylor was the one who told Camille all those things in the first place. And it wasn’t like Camille was going to the tabloids with that information…they were having a private conversation.

Last week was Adrienne’s fashion show…Taylor ignored Camille the entire time…and basically left everything to be resolved this week. The women arrive at the Malibu digs…and oh my was it a view! Wine and seafood…and an oceanview? Seriously ladies how could you mess that up! Brandi is just weird, I don’t trust her, I haven’t trusted her since day 1…first of all wear a bra. The ladies were having fun with her all night because she wasn’t wearing one…and you could see everything through her white dress. (Dumbass) Then, Brandi brings up Kyle’s sexy husband Mauricio…except Kyle was really quiet about their marriage. You could tell Brandi was jealous that Kyle’s been married for so long and has such a stable relationship with the hottest man. Kyle just keeps things to herself…and gets feisty when women like Brandi talk about her husband. (We know what you were thinking Brandi-Broken-Leg)

So towards the end of the night…and clearly after a few glasses of wine…Taylor starts crying because Didi (Camille’s friend) sparked up a conversation about Taylor forgiving Camille. Taylor steps out onto the beautiful backyard deck facing the ocean…and then Brody Jenner’s mom(yes she was present) goes on to say once they’re done fighting…and no longer there…the ocean will always remain the same. LOL! What? Where did you even come from…and are you on crystal meth? Taylor starts balling…and it’s obvious at this point she’s not even crying about Camille…there are bigger things Taylor’s depressed about. Camille is not even involved in the argument…it’s more Didi then anyone else. She is yelling at Taylor because Taylor won’t realize how good of a friend Camille is to her. (Didi you’re extra, so leave) Then…as if it’s even her house…Brandi realizes the attention is no longer on her…and kicks Taylor out!! She said Taylor was ruining the party…and causing drama…and she was no longer allowed to stay in her friends’ home. Taylor leaves…along with everyone else…you just committed social suicide Brandi…seriously just give up.

Kyle and Taylor end up leaving together, Taylor breaks down in the limo and demands a cigg. Kyle tries to make Taylor feel better, but it obviously doesn’t work because Taylor is one ****** up housewife! Girl needs some serious help!

Brandi breaks down inside her friend’s Malibu home…and admits all she ever wanted was to be accepted and fit in…her friend gives some amazing advice…and tells Brandi to just be herself.

Sorry friend who owns the Malibu home…we never got your name.


RHOBH: Russell Is A Wifebeater…

Wow, I honestly don’t even know where to begin about this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know almost 98% of these shows are staged, but the things that happened in this episode- were definitely real. From the beginning of this season, you could tell the housewives became closer with one another- discussing personal issues like their marriages. Last season I think Taylor and Camille seemed to me like the ‘typical’ Beverly Hills housewife…living in a sort of dream world where they ignored their problems.

However, this season it seems like those two have changed the most…especially Camille, and Taylor isn’t far behind. Both women have been damaged by their husbands…Camille made it known earlier on..and now we can see what’s really going on with Taylor. Obviously, we all know she filed for divorce a few months back…right before her husband’s suicide- so we know how that story ends. But, to see her going through all the emotions prior to his death…it’s really real.

Taylor gets honoured at some LA Women’s thing…and she doesn’t invite Lisa because she feels Lisa has always been rude to her, and doesn’t care about her. By accident Kyle calls Lisa and wonders where she is…that’s when Lisa tells Kyle she was never invited…but wanted to invite the girls for a Tea Party tomorrow. Taylor doesn’t seem apologetic about not inviting Lisa, she makes it clear that there’s definitely animosity towards Lisa…and it’s going to come out soon enough.

So, here’s where everyone lets it out. At Lisa’s house all the housewives arrive, and Lisa doesn’t waste anytime asking Taylor why she wasn’t invited to her Women’s event thing. Taylor tells her the truth, that she’s tried so hard to be Lisa’s friend but Lisa never gives a s**t about her…bla bla bla. Lisa denies it all…and tells Taylor she’s always been there for her…she admits at first she didn’t like her…but when she realized Taylor needed help…she wanted to support her. Lisa doesn’t seem like a bad person..she’s actually a really strong women that honestly wanted to help Taylor. Clearly, Taylor has been feeling strongly about Lisa for a while because the waterworks start pouring out…and she gets all crazy!

Taylor leaves the room…and while she’s gone the housewives talk about her well being..and her pointless marriage. Camille finally enters into the conversation…and tells everyone that Taylor was over at her house complaining about her marriage and Russell..and then 3 hours later was excited to get on a Jet with him. Camille said she was confused at this, she didn’t know who to believe because Russell had been nice to her…but Taylor was telling a different story. Like I said Camille has had the biggest change in these 2 seasons…she’s really laid back and you can tell she’s gotten much stronger.

When Taylor decides to come back…they bring up the fact that her marriage is falling a part. Taylor gets defensive and asks the ladies why they’re even talking about her marriage…when they should be talking about Lisa. She gets angry at the fact that everyone apparently talks about Lisa behind her back…but when it comes face-to-face nobody wants to confront Lisa. This is where Camille literally stands up…and tells Taylor out of everyone she’s not telling the truth. She’s clearly holding things back from the group…and from herself. Camille says all the times Taylor came to them crying about Russell…him hitting her…him breaking her jaw!..they never told anyone because they wanted to protect her. But now they were letting it known…I guess for Taylor’s safety.

You can tell the ladies just want to help her…at this point it’s not about the cameras…it’s really about these housewives seeing a really damaged and broken woman…that could potentially be them…and all they want to do is help.

Seriously, this season’s getting better so stay tuned!

RHOBH: Taylor’s Meltdown

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a really sad one. These episodes just keep getting better and better. Not to say that I didn’t feel bad for Taylor and the rest of the housewives, but there was a ton of drama. The episode continued off from last week’s when the ladies arrived in Colorado. Camille has a mega-mansion on the mountain so they all decided to hit it up one last time before Camille sells the joint.

Anyways, Taylor basically has a nervous breakdown after her and Kyle have a serious conversation in the jacuzzi. After a few glasses of wine…and the ‘altitude’ the housewives conclude that Taylor is having a breakdown…and she needs help. Obviously, there are no doctors on the mountain, so instead the ladies resume their evening with a nice catered dinner. The drama doesn’t stop there, at the table Taylor keeps going on and on about her marriage, how she’s unhappy but that she still loves Russell. She tells Kim, she’s afraid of being poor again, she never wants to go back to that life, and she’s afraid if she gets a divorce, she’s going to be broke. I was actually really surprised how all the housewives reacted. It’s very rare to see them in such a down-to-earth kind of way. It wasn’t about how much money each one had, or who had the nicest outfit on…it was about these women coming together to help another housewife in her worst moment. You can really see how sincere they were…for once I can say…it was truly reality television!

Back in LA things go back to normal…(sort of). Camille gets ready to sell her HUGE estate in Malibu,Kyle continues to clean dog poop from her yard,Taylor gets back to seeing her therapist and working things out with Russell (we still haven’t seen him on camera in the season), Adrienne always looks busy…as she heads to Sacramento to watch the Kings play what could be there final basketball game. Since her family owns the team, and since the team needs money to build a new arena, they might have to move to another city to get that funding. (boring) Anyways, Adrienne had to beef up her security because there was bound to be some crazy basketball fans who are angry at the Maloof family. Kim fails to show up at the airport with Adrienne and Paul…she sounded completely bombed on the phone (as usual)


RHBH: Rich B*tches in Colorado!

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was interesting as usual. The ladies head to Colorado to visit Camille and her mega-mansion she’s putting up for sale because of the divorce with Kelsey Grammar.

I really love that Bravo’s focusing on Adrienne and her husband’s disputes more now, as if they’re trying to stir up possible separation rumours. On the other side of the street…Lisa gets ready for the 3 day trip (well her maid does the packing for her)…is it just me or does Lisa seem annoyed at everything?

Once the housewives arrive in Colorado…they get in the limo only to find out the main roads have been closed…so the trip to Camille’s is actually 4 hours…instead of a shorter ride. After that long drive, they finally get to the huge house on the mountain and the ladies have to fight for the perfect guest room. In the beginning of the episode I noticed that Taylor looked like she had lost a lot of weight…her neck bones kept popping out…which is kind of weird because I’m sure she’s had some serious plastic surgery to fix that ish. It was hard to notice all that…especially because her lips seemed like they grew out more…maybe because of the weight loss…but she just seemed like a mess.

When the ladies return home after a day of skiing, some of them take a nap, while Taylor and Kyle opt for a hottub/serious chat- outdoors. Taylor starts opening up about her marriage with Russell, and that her therapist says it will take at least a year for the resentment to fade away. Kyle starts asking Taylor more questions as to why she’s unsatisfied in the marriage…and why doesn’t she just leave him…and at that moment I think we see the real Taylor that was there all along….she just never showed her true colours in the last season. Like any other woman, she’s just afraid of being alone.

On the previews for next week’s episode…we see a completely distraught Taylor…Adrienne tells her she’s having a nervous breakdown, obviously more information about Russell and their marriage came out while they were all in Colorado. Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week’s episode!


RHOBH: Suicide Episode

Last night was the season premiere of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There was a lot of buzz surrounding this premiere because of the recent passing of one of the cast members. Taylor Armstrong- one of the housewives was in a middle of a divorce with husband Russell, when he committed suicide.

The episode started off with weird/sad music which isn’t normal for the opening sequence. They open with the present date, which in this case was August 29th,2011. The entire cast (minus Tyler) meets at Adrienne Maloof’s mega-mansion for a brief discussion about Russell. Bravo had finished taping the entire second season of Beverly Hills, when Russell committed suicide, therefore majority of the season Russell is still alive. They meet in the beginning of the episode to discuss their feelings/thoughts/concerns for Taylor and the kids. Then, the episode begins with a short message from Bravo saying that all the taping was done prior to Russell’s death. It’s definitely weird to see Taylor in a happy mood, because it’s easy to forget at that time- he was still alive.

Moving on, whatever happened with Cedric and Lisa? Last season Cedric was like Lisa’s adopted son, and apparently now they’ve had a huge falling out and no longer speak to one another. Most of the episode focuses on Adrienne and her husband Paul?…They look like each other don’t they? Must be all the plastic. Anyways, she decides to throw a lunch for the ladies…Lisa’s husband Ken tags along…guess the other husband’s have actual day jobs.

So during the planning of this lunch…Adrienne and Paul seem to argue quite a bit…and this leads into their awkwardness at the dinner table once the ladies have arrived. I’m sure it’s no big deal, it seems like Adrienne and her man are always at each others necks. I still love them, I think they’re hilarious.

I’m starting to like Camille more and more. Ever since the divorce with Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) I’ve felt sorry for her. I think the fact that she’s been his wife for I think 14 years, has his 2 children, granted her more respect then what she received from Kelsey. He basically ditched her for a younger girl the entire time he was in NYC…Camille had no idea. And she admits in the episode that her and Kelsey have no contact with one another, all their discussions have to go through lawyers. Yikes! She is annoying, but in the season premiere we see her packing up all her stuff (clothes,furniture) and getting them ready to donate to charity. Nice gesture.

Kyle and her sexy husband are in the midst of moving houses. Meanwhile Kyle and Kim (both sisters to Kathy Hilton…Paris Hilton’s mom) are still not over their argument from last season. But both are looking forward to reconciling with one another. Kyle can’t stop crying.

I loved Taylor’s dress at Adrienne’s lunch.

That’s it for now. xo