GAME OF THRONES: Season Finale

This Sunday was the season finale of HBO’s biggest hit- Game of Thrones. GOT has been the biggest asset for the popular network, that hasn’t seen this amount of success since The Sopranos. Sunday’s season finale raked in a whopping 5.4 million viewers, but with GOT being the most illegally downloaded TV show…that number is most likely higher.

TheonBut let’s forget about the numbers and recount what happened in episode 10 and why it lacked the ‘holy ****’ factor like in episode 9.

What I’ve noticed with Game of Thrones season finales is that it’s usually an anti climactic ending in comparison to the jaw dropping events of episode 9. You’ll recall Tyrion’s Battle of the Blackwater…that all happened in episode 9 which didn’t leave any major battle scenes for the season finale. Not that GOT is big on battle scenes, there are usually 1 or 2 major fight scenes in a season, everything else revolves around the game of thrones, all the political bull poo.

Having said that, the writers still leave us with a whole lot to think about for the next year while we await season 4. Khaleesi is more than just the mother of dragons, she is a mother to her people…she has taken over cities and in doing so adopted all the slaves and has given them freedom. In return for their freedom they vow to honour and protect her..and why wouldn’t they…hello she has dragons!

I think most of us have wondered why we’re still watching Theon Greyjoy get tortured, because it’s clearly interrupting Khaleesi’s airtime. In the finale we finally figure out who Theon’s torturer is…but unfortunately never get to hear Theon sing ‘Dick in a Box’…how funny would that have been? Roose Bolton who is the man that killed Robb Stark and his mother at the Red Wedding has been appointed Warden of the North. He’s also the father of a bastard son- Ramsay Snow which is the guy torturing Theon. This story goes way back when Winterfell was captured by Theon…only to be recaptured by Ramsay. Theon’s scary sister learns about Theon’s kidnapping and sets sail with her men to bring back her brother. Cute!

Someone that won’t be bringing back her brother is Arya. I love her…especially now that she’s all Dexter with Lord Frey’s bannermen. Arya and the Hound make their way slowly through the forest until they stumble upon a group of soldiers eating by a fire. Arya jumps off the horse, sneaks up behind the one dude and legit slices him a part. By the time the other men realize, the Hound is already there and slices them all. The Hound isn’t happy, but you can tell he’s proud of Arya…especially now that they have free food and fire. We love you Arya. The saddest thing for A is that she’s been on this journey to find her mother, and now her mother’s dead and she has nowhere to go. It’ll be interesting to see where these two end up…either way she’s in good hands.

Jon Snow and Ygritte meet again…possibly for the last time? Jon takes a break with his horse, Ygritte rides up and is pointing her arrow at him. He tells her she must’ve known who he really was…he would always be a crow, but he admitted to loving her. Instead of letting him go, she shoots 3 arrows into Jon before he gets a chance to ride away on his horse. This is the one story I’m really mad about it…I was sad about Robb and Catelyn…but I’m mad about these 2. I thought it would be a happy ending for Y and J…I guess we’ll have to wait until next season.

YgritteProbably the best scene out of the finale was between Lord Tywin Lannister and his grandson King Joffrey. After hearing about the Red Wedding massacre, Joffrey decides he wants to bring Robb’s head to King’s Landing and serve it on a plate for Sansa at his wedding feast. Seriously, even Cersei thinks this kid has gone too far. ‘She is no longer yours to torment’ Tyrion says, and reminds Joffrey ‘Kings are dying like flies’. This is true, but obviously Joffrey doesn’t take threats very well.  Joffrey babbles on that he is the King and he will punish Tyrion…the camera pans over to Tywin who has that same disgusted look on his face. His words resonate with everyone in the room…’No true king needs to declare himself king’…SILENCE! Boom! Even though Tywin ordered the murder of King Robb and his mother, he still gets double points for this insult. Joffrey is speechless…he doesn’t dare defy his grandfather? Oh but he does.  He insults his grand daddy by saying his father Robert Baratheon is the real king for slaying the Targaryens and claiming the iron throne, all while Tywin was hiding at Casterly Rock.  Camera flashes to everyone’s faces as they take in the insult…Tyrion is ecstatic that Joffrey has begun to really annoy the small council. Even the Eunuch isn’t pleased.


Tywin orders everyone to leave the room except for Tyrion. They discuss the Red Wedding massacre, Tyrion reminds him the Northerners will never forget, but Tywin isn’t worried. It’s obvious that Tywin is more powerful than King Joffrey, he’s the man calling the shots…and at this point he’ll do anything to protect the Lannister family. He tells Tyrion he’s appointed Roose Bolton as Warden of the North until Tyrion and Sansa have a son…he will be the ultimate heir of the North. That forces Tyrion to admit he isn’t going to ‘rape’ Sansa to have a kid, if she’s not ready she’s not ready. Tyrion tries to turn the tables around on his father and accuses him of never sacrificing anything for his family. Tywin admits the day Tyrion was born he wanted to kill him because he was half a man…but instead let him live because after all…he was still a Lannister. Ouch.

But Tyrion shouldn’t worry too much about Sansa’s virginity because his main mistress Shae refuses the Eunuch’s plea for her to leave King’s Landing. The Eunuch bribes Shae with a bag of diamonds..and I have to say the Eunuch has been on the good side lately, he begs her to leave King’s Landing in search of a better life…a place she can be wealthy and beautiful and men will beg for her hand in marriage. He tells her there’s nothing left for her in King’s Landing…she will always be a whore…and worse she might even die! Shae isn’t just a whore…she’s smart and strong (just like the other women in the show-excluding Sansa) she refuses the bag of diamonds and tells the Eunuch if Tyrion wants her to leave…he should tell her himself. You go girl!

DiamondsJamie enters King’s Landing but nobody recognizes him. It’s been a long journey for the golden haired Lannister…but he finally makes it back to King’s Landing with his right hand woman Brienne. He looks all dirty and smelly..and obviously without his right hand. We see him enter Cersei’s quarters and she notices his hand right away. No words are exchanged but you can tell Cersei is dissapointed. At least he has his other man parts girl! The reunion in the book was way more dramatic…maybe they will save the rest for next season.


And finally, our beloved Khaleesi ends off the episode as always with a beautiful dragon scene. Momma’s dragons have been MIA the entire season but we do get to see the whiny beasts before the end. Khaleesi is a liberator, she believes in letting the slaves be free…and if they choose to stand behind her then that’s her decision. She offers the army of slaves to be a part of her clan…not so they can protect her but so they can have a better life and protect themselves. She tells them they are free from this point on to do whatever they wish. The crowd starts chanting ‘mother’ in their language…Khaleesi walks down into the mosh of slaves…Ser Jorah is worried keeping a steady eye on his Queen. A few seconds go by and Khaleesi emerges from the crowd sitting on people’s shoulders as they lift her higher and chant ‘mother’. Yay!


This girl needs to build herself a boat and get her ass to Westeros!


What did you guys think of the finale? Expectations of season 4 …I want to hear them!


Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Explains Red Wedding

With the season finale of Game of Thrones only a few days away, the author George R.R Martin talks about the ‘Red Wedding’ episode last night on Conan.

Let me just point out that this man is a perfect hybrid of a crazy person and genius. For someone to create a fantasy world like he has, with all the characters that he’s created…and killed…no normal person can put this thing together. He’s a genius…a crazy genius, and we should be lucky that he’s still alive to explain some of his unnatural choices.


Fans of the HBO series are still recovering from last week’s ‘Red Wedding’ episode where Martin created a beautiful wedding…then decided to kill our favourite cast members! Including a direwolf! Conan asks Martin why he would do such a thing?!

Martin, “I always like unexpected things. I always like the suspense to be real,” Martin explained. “I want my readers and I want my viewers to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page because the character may not survive it.”


Although it seems like Martin wanted us all to suffer minor strokes last Sunday, he still feels bad for the decisions he put down on paper many years ago.

Martin, “It’s one thing to kill these characters when they’re just people on paper, but when you actually meet the actors who portray them and you know you’re making people unemployed, it does bring up a certain amount of guilt feelings,” Martin told O’Brien.

…”At one point I had a drink in my hand and I’m talking to three of the cast members in a corner, and we’re laughing and having a good time,” Martin said. “Then I had this realization that all three of these perfectly nice people were going to be dead before it was over. It’s sort of awkward when you’re dealing with people who in essence you’ve already fired, but I of course fired them 10 years ago, before I knew them,” Martin continued. “So there’s some mitigation there.”

Game of Thrones: Season Finale!

hboNext Sunday is the season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I can’t believe it’s almost over…after last week’s ‘Red Wedding’ will the writers give us another surprise at the Royal Wedding? Don’t miss it this Sunday night and check back with us for more Game of Thrones recaps and reviews.

Check it out.

Game of Thrones: The Killing

With the second last episode of the season, tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones was probably the best yet. Right off the start there was action…Jon Snow finally gets his chance to escape the wildling clan, Khaleesi and her men do work…and Robb Stark…well let’s not get into that just yet.

Khaleesi and her army come up with a plan to take over another city…seems like that’s all she’s doing these days. Her new man with the piercing blue eyes knows how to sneak in through the city walls, Sir Jorah is totally jealous that he’s not the go-to-guy anymore. They breach the city walls, but come face to face with an entire army…we see them battle it out and then the scene cuts. In the end, Sir Jorah and her Unsullied return with good news…although they’re covered in blood. Khaleesi looks worried as she asks for Daario. Ser Jorah looks sad…but most likely because Daario is still alive…and very into Khaleesi.


Arya and The Hound make their way to the castle….closer to Arya’s mother and Robb.

Bran, Rickon and the rest of their crew find shelter in an abandoned windmill. As they’re waiting out the storm they hear a horse approaching…all of a sudden two major story lines in the show intersect and the episode just got a whole lot cooler.  Jon and his wildling crew have past the wall and are now taking over land. They come across a house and decide to kill the man inside before he can warn the crows. One of the wildlings hears screaming from the windmill…Hodor is inside freaking out because of the thunderstorm. They try to calm him down but he doesn’t stop screaming until Brnn does some weird thing and goes into Hodor’s mind…shutting him up. Bran is surprised at his warg ability…because he’s never done this in real life…especially not to another human. He’s done it in his dreams, but tonight…he does it for realz. Back on the ground, the wildlings catch up to the man on the horse and are about to cut his head off until one of the wildlings asks Jon Snow to kill the guy.


Bran forces himself and uses his warg powers to jump into Summer the direwolf who is on the ground near Jon Snow. He does his weird eye rolling thing and is immediately inside Summer. He can see everything that is happening downstairs…he can actually see Jon Snow. Jon Snow is about to kill the man, Ygritte is begging him to do it, but after a few minutes Jon stalls and immediately starts a fight with the wildlings. Ygritte defends him, the direwolf jumps into the fight ripping the wildlings a part. In the end, Jon Snow breaks free, he gets onto a horse and gallops away leaving Ygritte alone. I completely forgot what happened in the book…I couldn’t remember if Jon comes back for Ygritte…but seeing it happen and seeing the disappointment in her face as he gallops away…it was so emotional!ygritte

Back in the tower, Bran advises Rickon they should separate, if anything happens to them at least there will be one heir to Winterfell alive…little do they know now they are the only two left.

So the wedding is one of the biggest moments of this third season, when I read the book I was absolutely shocked when I read it, I literally refused to believe it. I went back and forth reading over the chapter making sure it wasn’t a bad dream…but actually happens. I was confused as to why they would kill more members of the Stark family…haven’t they been through enough? Haven’t WE been through enough? Why can’t they just have a happy ending?

Robb gets his uncle to marry one of Lord Walder Frey daughter’s after Robb failed on his promise to marry one of them. Apparently, Tully never got over this and after the wedding sets up Robb, his wife, and Lady Catelyn. It was the hardest twenty minutes to get through, I knew it was coming, I knew tears would be coming…and I wasn’t mistaken.

It was a really emotional few minutes. Arya and The Hound are so close…Arya is finally going to reunite with her family…and I can only imagine how surprising this must’ve been for fans who hadn’t read the book. After Robb’s uncle and new wife are escorted out of the hall…Robb’s wife tells him that she is pregnant…she has decided on a name for the child if it’s a boy…it will be Eddard Stark. Robb is so proud, he’s so happy…Catelyn looks over at them and she forms a smile for the couple.  Everything is going so well…obviously something is going to happen because nothing ever good happens to the Starks. After most of the crowd has left the hall…one of the guards shuts the door…hearing the lock sound…you just know something’s going to happen. Catelyn is totally sketched out…there’s a look on her face…she’s skeptical. Frey calls for everyone’s attention. Robb is beaming with joy…he’s totally ready to get out of there and celebrate his wife’s pregnancy with his people.

Frey reminds them of how they betray him…how they promised Robb would marry one of his daughter’s, Robb took an oath…and he broke it. Catelyn looks over at the guy beside her…she knows…she looks under his suit and he’s wearing his war chains. She stands up and warns Robb but it is too late…there’s a guard charging at his wife, they stab her stomach repeatedly, Robb tries to run for her but a swarm of soldiers shoot down arrows from above.

Arya is at the gates of the hall. She sees the soldiers from Winterfell, she hears them cheering. She’s about to remove herself from the shadows when Frey soldiers come by and kill the Winterfell soldiers. She hangs back until everyone is gone, she knows something horrible has happened. In the end, Catelyn tries pleading for her son’s life. Robb is looking over his dead wife’s body, he is completely dead inside…another guard comes up to him and stabs a final blow into him. Catelyn stands there, she tries to take Frey’s wife captive…but he doesn’t really care claiming ‘he can just find another one’. Catelyn slices the girls neck…and a guard comes from behind and cuts Catelyn’s throat.


She spots the direwolf in the cages, she tries to go and free it but another group of soldiers comes by and six of them shoot arrows into the cage…you hear a small whelp from the direwolf and we see it go down. For the Starks, the direwolf connection is so strong, when Robb is killed…the wolf dies with him. OMG so sad this scene killed me. Just as Arya is about to run towards the direwolf The Hound finds her and picks her up. He hits her over the head and carries her away from the carnage.

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