Mob Wives: A Molded Mind

The women of Staten Island have officially run out of ideas for their VH1 reality show Mob Wives. This week the women gathered at Renee’s house for Karen’s ‘spa’ night. Although the girls invited Carla last week, she didn’t show up because her plans with her children and their father were more important (obviously).

Karen is understanding…but Renee flips out when Carla doesn’t tell Karen the real reason as to why she chose not to show up. My opinion, I think the real reason was because of her kids…but the reason producers wanted Karen to believe… was that Carla was afraid to show up (more interesting) Carla had said to Renee that she didn’t want to show up in case she was ambushed by Ramona and Karen. There’s just so much unnecessary drama…Carla who is the one person that’s always avoided the drama…is now finding herself in the middle of it all…and she’s definitely not going to take it.

Literally, the rest of the 35 minutes was showing everyone else discuss why Carla didn’t show up to Karen’s party that was held at Renee’s house. WHO CARES!!

Don’t these people have anything else to talk about…they could’ve shown Renee’s son AJ…he would’ve had more things to talk about then these crazy ass housewives.

In the end, Ramona calls Carla and tells her she wants to go to lunch with her. Nobody knows why…not even Carla. Somehow…Carla agrees. They discuss their relationship (or lack there of) over dinner…and I guess they come to terms? Carla obviously doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama…but Ramona can’t help but believe that Carla is controlled by Drita. Drita and Ramona are enemies, clearly. Ramona claims Carla has a ‘molded mind’…and can’t think for herself.

I actually loved watching this show…but now it’s just gone to a whole new crazy level. I couldn’t even sit and watch the entire episode…it just got really boring…and really repetitive. They definitely need to come up with more topics..instead of just sticking to one situation and dragging it through the entire 45 minutes.

At least Big Ang is fun to watch.


MOB WIVES: I’m Bored.

I actually never thought I’d admit this, but dang Mob Wives was so boring this week! I could barely make it through the episode…which looked like it took place in 3 different restaurants.

They don’t talk about anything else other than Karen fighting with Carla…Carla fighting with Ramona…and everyone else hating on Drita. Drita is in the process of divorcing her cheating husband Lee (still in prison).

Karen decides to throw a spa day at Renee’s house…and invites Carla even though there is still some tension because Carla is best friend’s with Drita.

Nothing else happens, they should really create some other drama that doesn’t involve Karen and Drita hating each other. Also, why is Ramona still on the show??

Mob Wives: Next Level S*%$#

This week of Mob Wives was absolutely insane! These women just keep getting crazier and crazier. I have to say, the first season felt more legit…like most first seasons do. I feel like some of the things being said now, are just for the cameras. Karen is acting completely insane, she wants to fight anything in her way.

Random Ramona…who I guess is now a regular on the show is nuts…her boyfriend just got arrested in front of her, and she causes drama where drama doesn’t even exist. We have Big Ang…who literally is the only good thing that came out of Season 2 so far. I love her, but her son looks like a piece of trash that you would find in Jersey Shore. Seriously, how do these women raise these sons to behave like idiots.

Drita looks like she’s cooled down since her divorce with her husband Lee. Last season she was all gung-ho about defending his name, and stayed devoted to him…until she found out he was cheating on her throughout their marriage. Duh. Seems like her and Carla are closer than ever. Especially now that Karen has her back up in Random Ramona.

Renee is staying on the sidelines ever since her near death plastic surgery debacle. She’s also reconciled with her ex-husband who moves back into her home in this week’s episode. I actually feel bad for their son AJ, whose clearly back lashing at his mother for taking back his dead beat father.

Karen calls Carla out for a dinner…in what looks like a deserted Italian restaraunt. Seriously, it looked like a potential mob wives shootout. Karen was acting crazy, she had it out for Carla because Carla’s been taking Drita’s side. I don’t even know why Karen cares about Carla, she’s the most useless character in reality tv. In the end, Karen and Carla agree to never talk about their enemies (Drita/Random Ramona)…and have a few shots at the restaraunt bar.



MOB WIVES: Staten Island Crazies

This show is just too much, with all it’s crazy Italian Mob drama…it’s no surprise why Mob Wives is a smash reality hit! This week, it’s the aftermath of the Karen/Drita/Ramona fight out at Renee’s party. Everyone is apologetic to Renee for ruining her party…and Ramona admits in others states…people are actually normal and don’t cause scene’s at parties.

Ramona who is officially introduced in this episode- is Karen’s actual cousin. She is also connected, and has known Renee since they were guidette teenagers. So, Ramona was married once upon a time- to an Arab who she believed wasn’t connected to the mob. She said she never wanted to marry into the Italian lifestyle, since she grew up with it her entire life. She got divorced to the Arab once she found out he was involving himself with the mob. Nowadays, she cruises around with her boyfriend and in this episode we find out that he gets arrested! After Karen worries about Ramona all day, she finally gets a call from her saying she was in jail and has been released. Apparently, cops pulled her and her boyfriend over and took her man away- she has no idea why.

Renee and Carla have a sit down meeting with the other wives…and decide to let go of their beef since they’ve been friends for over 25 years. Drita is legitimately getting a divorce from her mob husband Lee. She decides to sell her jewelery…and goes to find out how much her engagement ring costs. Lucky for Dre…her ring is worth about $120,000. Cha-Ching! She’s going to need now that she’ll be a single mom.


MOB WIVES: Watch Yo’ Ass!

Sunday night was the second episode to the second season of Mob Wives, and my was it CRAZY! This isn’t Kardashian crazy…or Jersey Shore crazy…this is like full on Mobster/Housewife crazy- mixed it with a ton of alcohol…you’re bound to get some trouble.

Again, if you’re not familiar with the Mob Wives show on VH1…it’s basically a mix of Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives Series. It follows 4 women who are in someway linked to the Italian Mob. They’re from Staten Island…and they are crazy. Some of them are married to a mobster, some of them have father’s who were very high in the mob ranking…either way you don’t want to mess with these housewives.

This week took off from the ending of last week’s episode when Renee throws her ‘life’ party. Renee almost died in the summer due to complications in her butt surgery. They had cut her back open to put more fat into her butt…but she ripped her stitches open and lost a ton of blood. Thankfully, they saved her, and she decided to throw a party!

So, already tensions are high because Karen and Drita haven’t seen each other since last year’s rooftop disaster. They both lost it on each other, hair was pulled out, dresses were torn, and the men had to stop the fight. Drita shows up to Renee’s party-alone. Once Karen arrives…with her cousin Ramona who is apparently on the show now…they start talking about Drita! Don’t yall have anything else to do at the party!? Karen decides she’s going to talk to Drita and see if they can work it out. No. After a few minutes, Ramona decides to get involved- she comes out to the balcony where Karen and Drita are talking…and then I have no idea what happens but something is said and Drita throws the first punch. Karen and Ramona lose it…Drita isn’t one to back down…and it gets cray!!!

Right away hair is being pulled, everyone is screaming- the men run towards them and try to break up the fight but these women are unstoppable! In the middle of it, some man tries to pull Drita out of the mess and takes a swing at Karen and Ramona. It looks as if he hits Ramona in the face- she starts bleeding and is now freaking out that some man just hit her. They take Drita and stuff her in the car, Renee is freaking out because her party is officially ruined (it didn’t even look that full from the beginning)…Drita thinks Renee set her up- obviously she didn’t.

Anyways, now everyone is freaking out because they think a dude knocked Ramona in the face, it wasn’t true, it was actually Drita and her ‘cheap ass’ ring that cut Ramona’s mouth.The entire episode was this fight, I’m actually shocked at how long they were able to drag it on for. Drita leaves, Ramona has a wardrobe malfunction…and Karen goes back to drinking.

It seems all is back to normal in Staten Island. Except for the fact that Renee’s ex-husband ‘Junior’ wants to get back together with her. On a romantic walk in the park, he confesses to her that he wants to give her another try…bla bla bla. He was just sentenced to 12-16 months in prison. So have fun.


Song Of The Week

My song of the week comes from my reality series of the week- Mob Wives. The intro song by Rock Mafia “The Big Bang” is hella catchy! Check it out.