RHOBH: Kyle’s Seance

This week we were a little late on catching up with our weekly housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season’s only getting better, so make sure you tune in!

This week, Dr.Paul (Adrienne’s plastic surgeon husband) organized a ‘Girl’s night’ event at his offices, for anyone of the housewives who wanted to get work done on their face- without involving actual surgery. The housewives obviously showed up…including Lisa who as always joins in on the fun…without getting herself dirty. I’m not sure if Lisa’s had anything done, and she sure didn’t get anything done this time because she said she was going for dinner right after.

Anyways, Kyle, Taylor, and Kim who showed up late all got something done…except Camille couldn’t make it because she was hit with a custody battle between her and her ex-husband Kelsey Grammar. It was a pretty uneventful time at Paul’s office…except for the yummy looking cupcakes and when Lisa got an e-mail from Russell telling her all is well between him and Taylor, that nobody needs to worry about their marriage. Lisa found this odd as she quickly found out none of the other housewives’ received an e-mail like it. As we know, last week Russell told Kyle and Mauricio that he thought Lisa went blabbing to US Weekly about his (not so secret) marriage issues. Obviously, we know the truth, and they were in a bad situation…only they didn’t know how bad their lives would get. Russell committed suicide only a few months after that episode was filmed.

Moving on, Kyle decides to throw a Seance at her new crib…if you don’t know what that is…it’s basically a gathering, where you have a medium that can communicate with ghosts/spirits. Before everyone arrives, Kyle decides to invite Brandi, who she hated only a few episodes back. You can tell her invite was completely involuntary…the producers probably told her to invite Brandi in hopes of stirring up some more drama. Anyways, Kyle’s husband Mauricio is truly amazing, he is so fine, and I do wish he was mine! Seriously, he’s the hottest husband ever…except Ken wins the award for hottest housewife husband over 60.

So the ladies sit around the table…while Adrienne’s chef Bernie is hard at work preparing dinner. The medium- Rebecca begins her ‘thing’ that she does…and she starts mentioning Adrienne’s father who passed away when she was a young girl, Lisa’s grandmother, and Kyle’s mother. It was a night filled with emotion, as the medium Rebecca definitely hit it home with her messages from the spirits. It was funny because they showed clips from Camille’s dinner night where she invited her friend who was a medium. Except she was a complete biatch…and when Lisa begged her to see if she could hear her grandmother- she said she was taking a night off from ‘mediuming’ or whatever its called. So rude.

In the end, Kyle heads over to Kim’s house because she’s moving out…again. Finally, Kim gets the courage to tell Kyle she’s been dating this guy for a year. Before the episode ends, Kim invites Kyle inside to meet him, except we never see it- so make sure you watch next week!!