The Katie Couric Kim K Battle!

Katie Couric made a remark about Kim Kardashian and why people are obsessed with the reality TV family…because really they’re famous for nothing…the media blew up calling the once conservative talk show host a sassy and spicy Katie!

Just a few moments ago Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a picture of a gift she received from Katie. Kim captioned the picture with “IHateFakeMediaFriends and #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit…Ouch!




Battle of the Seasons: Recap

Once this week’s episode of Battle of the Seasons it’s obvious that there’s no more room for the Vets…and that the Rookies have officially taken over. Usually what happens in these challenges is individuals/teams get categorized as a veteran or a rookie…if you’re a rookie and new to the game you’re most likely the first team to be eliminated because the veterans end up controlling the outcome.

This time around, there are way more Rookie teams than Veterans…most of the cast have never been on the challenges…and it’s surprising that there’s barely any vets on the show. It is a good thing, it makes for better TV, because frankly I think everyone was getting sick of Kenny Santucci,Johnny Bananas and Paula. Now that there’s new blood, they are out for the Vets…and unfortunately for Veteran Team Austin…they’re the first team to go. I thought Team Austin would end up being in the final challenge, they had Wes and he’s an idiot but great at these challenges. Since he was eliminated last week, it was only a matter of time before Danny and Melinda were sent back into elimination…where they ended up being sent home.

This week’s challenge was an oil wrestle between teams…Girl vs Girl/Guy vs Guy sort of thing. Each time a team won they would add a piece to this star thing that had to be completed. The power teams (Cancun/San Diego) decided they would throw their matches, and ultimately win the ones they chose…so that their stars would be completed first…and none of them would have a chance at being last. San Diego ended up taking first place, since Cancun had power team last week. It was basically down to St.Thomas and Austin (Melinda vs Laura). Whoever lost would be in the bottom and send them into the elimination round. Laura came out of the woodwork and won by pulling Melinda’s thumb over the red line- disqualifying Team Austin…and making Marie the happiest woman ever.

Now San Diego had a huge decision to make, send in the rookies (St.Thomas) because they hate Trey…or send in basically the only veteran team (Fresh Meat). Las Vegas is actually lucky because they would be considered veterans…if it wasn’t for their team being split into the old Las Vegas and the new Las Vegas seasons. Since Dustin and Nany make up half the team, they get away with being in the “rookie safezone”. Franky has literally become the Nazi Hunter against veterans….and has it out for Fresh Meat. They try talking to St.Thomas and try to get them on their side, for some reason Trey doesn’t trust Zach and Frank…and he refuses to kiss a**.

It wasn’t a surprise that in the end San Diego ended up choosing Fresh Meat to go into the eliminations with Team Austin. The only problem was, none of the Fresh Meat crew could decide on who was going into battle. Nobody felt like it was their turn to go in, Big Easy especially since he beat out Wes last week. San Diego had to choose the two team members, Camila and Big Easy were chosen…and they came back successful. The final elimination challenge was based on ‘endurance’…it seems like Big Easy’s size has actually benefited him these last two weeks.

Not much ‘drama’ ensued which is a real surprise since these shows tend to bring out the worst in people. Trey cried a little, Knight is still heart broken over cheating on Jemmye- he would marry her in a heart beat…and Zach (San Diego) and Jonna (Cancun) can’t keep their hands off each other. Also, I really love how my favourite team (NOLA) is staying under the radar…Jemmye is clearly on her best behaviour which is working out for them since they haven’t even been close to being sent into eliminations.


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Battle of the Seasons Premiere!

It’s pretty clear how amazing the new season of MTV’s Battle of the Seasons is going to play out when the top pick team gets sent into elimination- and then sent home!! Let’s start from the beginning.

Bodrum, Turkey…Battle of the Seasons….we have teams with veterans and teams with rookies…evidently that doesn’t mean anything in this game, because really anything can happen…and it did. My top pick was Team Austin (Danny,Melinda,Wes and Lacey) Obviously, they have the experience of playing in these challenges, and although Wes sounds like an idiot for the most part, he uses his brain occasionally. They also have strength, although it was pretty clear team member Lacey (whose never been in a challenge) was their weakest link.

(This cast picture is the worst! People in the back are blurry!)

Another huge surprise was the introduction of a brand new team…’The Fresh Meat Team’ which consisted of Defending Champ Camilla, Cara-Maria, Big Easy and Brandon. It was really random since the entire theme of the show was the battle between Real World seasons…I don’t get why they introduced a completely different concept as the new team. Anyways…

The challenge in this episode was pretty straight forward, climb up a ladder 30ft over the water, cross a tilting beam, reach the other end and climb down…all without falling off. So everyone knows Big Easy as the fattest guy that’s ever done the challenge. In The Gauntlet III Eric actually costs his Veteran Team a loss at the final prize money because he ran out of breath and needed medical attention. One of the rules was to have all team members at the finish line, since he wasn’t….they lost and the Rookies ended up winning! Ouch! He’s back now and having lost some weight has more confidence. Unfortunately, his streak doesn’t last too long because he can barely make it up the ladder and when he does…he falls off and can’t get back on. His team has to DQ which inevitably sends them into the elimination round.

I never paid much attention to Team Cancun, but they have such an awesome relationship with each other, and in these challenges that’s probably the most important factor to being successful. Right from the beginning you can see how they respect one another and work well as a team. It wasn’t surprising that they ended up winning the first challenge, putting them into first place, and giving them the privilege to choose the other team to go into the elimination round. Apparently, CJ doesn’t let go of grudges and he is determined to send Wes into elimination, since Wes did the same to him when CJ was still a rookie. Also, Wes is probably the biggest threat, he’s dumb but he knows how to win elimination rounds.

So it’s pretty obvious that Team Cancun wants to send Austin in…but they decide to have a private meeting with St.Thomas…just for fun. Trey is an idiot, he thinks he has an inkling of how to go about playing this game…he doesn’t…and when he interrupted Marie during their meeting…he made their team look like a bunch of idiots. He should just keep his mouth shut from now on and let Marie do the talking. Trey needs to understand that since he is a part of the newest team…they have the biggest target on their backs…and they’re probably going to have to do some a** kissing, that’s just part of the game. Also, I loved how Wes assumed St.Thomas would have his back since they all ‘watched’ him on previous seasons and were big ‘fans’ of his.

The decision is final, Cancun votes in Austin for the final elimination against Team Fresh Meat.

Now the partying begins. First off, love the new romance between Jonna (Cancun) and Zac (San Diego)…they look hot together…but umm isn’t it kind of awkward being in front of his ex Ashley? Girl code? No…we didn’t think so. Other predictions…CJ and Nany? Maybe?…Knight and Jemmye…never. Preston and JD…LOVES IT! So in true first night challenge fashion…the drinks come out and everyone is letting loose…especially Frank. Oh Frank…I really want to love Frank but he’s extremely hard to love when he gets drunk and acts like an idiot. Him and Zac apparently have a bromance…and walk on out wearing hot pink speedos. Unfortunately,the laughter doesn’t last too long because there always has to be someone there to mess it up. Frank freaks out on Robb…for no reason…and then gets into something with Wes. Zac has to literally hold him back…and ends up taking him into their bedroom and strattling him (ooh). Then Ashley and Sam come to the rescue, Sam yells out something to Frank…Frank calls her girlfriend a fat ****…and it’s officially gone crazy. They don’t look stable…and it’s just not a good look for their team.

My fave team NOLA…was completely missing from the festivities especially party girl Jemmye…and McKenzie is sure to be the most boring cast member ever on a challenge. They started out shaky….Preston ended up falling off the beam structure during the challenge, but he managed to pick himself up and finish it so that NOLA didn’t DQ. (Love him).

So in the final challenge…the one thing that Big Easy can win at…is exactly what he ended up with and it was extremely helpful for him. It’s basically this thin-long box and each team member stands at opposite ends…you basically run at each other and whoever makes it to the other end first, wins the round. How are you going to pass a 300-pound man…you can’t- sorry Wes.

Lacy ended up losing to Cara Maria. In the first round between Wes and Big Easy…Big Easy legit blows right through Wes he picks him up and runs with him until he knocks over the bell!!!!!! It was insanity, there’s no way Wes is going to get around Biggy. In their second round, Wes tries to go underneath him…it kind of works and they both end up making it out but they hit the bells at the exact time. Well almost, they have to go back and do an instant replay and they basically determine that Big Easy touched it first!! Big Easy sends Wes home!!!

It’s crazy, it’s shocking…and what’s even more crazy is that now Danny and Melinda are left alone on Team Austin…they fell in love…got married…and then got divorced…and now they’re supposed to win it all? Seems unlikely…I can’t believe my top pick goes out the window in the first episode! Team Cancun is lookin’ good.

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KUWTK Season Finale Part I

Last night was the first half of the season finale for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, summer is coming to an end and it seems like the Kardashians are to. It’s not to say they aren’t returning to reality TV, in fact they will be coming back with another addition to the fam! “Nelly” as they call her, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope Scotland Disick was born Sunday morning on July 8th in Los Angeles. On next week’s season finale part II, we’ll get to see Kourtney going into labour again! It seems like every time she’s pregnant or going into labour there’s cameras around!

It’s no surprise that this week’s episode was full of baby talk, Kourtney mentioning she could fit a few more kids in their home, and Kim looking into how to freeze her eggs. When Kourtney and Scott discuss the future of their family, Kourtney mentions she could fit a few more kids into the house, and that she’s definitely not done having kids. Really, what’s the point of life if you’re not going to make babies? Scott freaks out, especially when Kourtney admits she’s not going to take the pill- ever. Good thing, since it isn’t natural and I’m not a doctor but it definitely isn’t safe for your body. Scott has to find a way to get it in with his girlfriend once a month, without getting her pregnant. He comes up with the idea of getting a vasectomy…he goes to see the doctor without telling Kourtney. Which isn’t really a big deal becacuse Kourtney could care less. She seems more and more withdrawn from Scott, she barely pays attention to him, and rarely cares for what he’s doing (unless he’s with Mason). When Kourtney’s fam steps in and mentions Scott’s feelings are hurt because he only feels like a baby daddy, and he might not want to have more kids, she comes back by saying she will find another baby daddy willing to have babies with her. Obviously she was joking…but not really.

Kim decides to visit a doctor of her own to possibly freeze her eggs. She is trippin’ out that she might not be able to have kids, since she’s 31. Sister Khloe tags along since she has been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and nothing has happened. I actually love Khloe and Lamar, they’re my favourite and it breaks my heart that they don’t have a little baby of their own. After taking some tests, the doctor tells Khloe that she didn’t ovulate last month, and if you don’t ovulate you don’t produce eggs, and if you don’t produce eggs…well you get the picture. Khloe has a minor breakdown in front of the camera when she has to relive the moment. Kim doesn’t freeze her eggs just yet- she decides to think about it…probably with Kanye.

Tune in next week for the finale and baby Nelly!

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Haters ‘Gon Hate Honey Boo Boo Child!


If you have a deep hatred for TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo please read this post because it is for all you haters. I just want to say I was never a fan of the show Toddler’s and Tiara’s and had no idea who Honey Boo Boo child was until I stumbled upon her and her amazing family one evening. It’s summer so there’s really nothing else to watch, and I’m not trying to justify why I love Honey Boo Boo and the rest of the fam, it really is a great show.

What I mean by ‘great show’?…obviously Honey Boo Boo isn’t in the running with primtime’s finest shows like The Good Wife or The Walking Dead, however it does offer us 27 minutes of pure laughter. And since 30 Rock is on hiatus there’s really no other show that gets me laughing. Having said that, I don’t get why Honey B has all these haters? All she’s doing is trying to entertain you and keep you laughing- why do you find the need to bash her family and criticize how lousy the show is? TLC did not set out to make Here Comes Honey Boo Boo a show that would save lives or change the world. You can watch I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant or Long Island Medium if you need a life changing experience. And I get it, TLC is probably milking the fam (no country pun intended) and trying to make some more money with this Toddler’s and Tiara’s spinoff, but this show makes people laugh, obviously the fam doesn’t take themselves too seriously, so why are all these haters hatin’?

I keep hearing people say that the world is coming to an end, or there is something seriously wrong with America for creating a show like this. May I remind you dear Americans…there are many things wrong with your country…and I don’t think Honey Boo Boo is the root of those problems. The world was already in the s**** long before Honey Boo Boo came along and made you holla for a dolla! Honey Boo Boo lighten’s up the mood and she always has a cute little redneck way of saying things- even if we need subtitles to understand them. Really, if Sugar Bear can have a sense of humour after all these years living with those crazies and their redneck hormones, I’m sure all you haters can find it in your hater hearts to stop bashing Honey Boo Boo.

So next time you hear a pig squealin’ or hear a redneck jingle, you can be sure it’s Honey Boo Boo, because guess what she’s here to stay. FYI, for all the Americans who claim Honey Boo Boo is likely to ruin their country, the ratings for Honey Boo Boo beat out the Republican National Convention, and TIED with the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night! Where are all the haters now?

And as for me, you better redneckonize I’ll be tuning in for another half hour of non stop laughs. Honey Boo Boo I love you and I’m sending your haters all my love X and O.

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RHONJ: Caroline’s Fitty!!

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey the crew continue their vacation in Napa Valley. Caroline turns 50, they finally leave the RV park and drive to the Lancaster Estate which is this huge mansion on a beautiful vineyard. Chris and the BLK crew get closer to sealing the deal with the wine company, hopefully the two Joe’s can stay in check and not ruin the last few days of the trip

If you saw the preview’s for this week’s episode, you know that something crazy goes down between Teresa and her husband Joe. In the preview Joe takes a phone call while at dinner for Caroline’s birthday, when he sees Teresa walking over to him he whispers into the phone ‘Here’s my b**** wife coming over’. So after everyone visits the wine company, Albie,Chris and Lauren blindfold Caroline to take her somewhere special. They drive around the corner to where a table is set up for everybody, and it’s over looking the vineyard- it was the most beautiful place, it seemed like a really unique backdrop to celebrate a birthday- I mean who can say they dined overlooking a vineyard in California?

Halfway through dinner, Joe Giudice gets a phone call from ‘work’ so he gets up to answer it. He walks away from the table, and you can totally hear his conversation which seems to be with a girl. His voice is really low and he sounds really dirty talking to whoever is on the other line. Just then, Teresa comes over and that’s when he makes the comment about her- calling her a b**** and a c*** obviously Teresa doesn’t hear him saying those things! Doesn’t he know he has a mic on him? But he was talking really low, I think he thought he might be able to get away with his conversation. Nobody at the table really notices that they’ve both left, they’re busy taking pictures with Caroline. Teresa literally waits in front of Joe until he’s done with his phone call- he pretends to continue talking about some work stuff in Italian. She hangs over him like she knew who he was talking to, or she had a feeling he was being shady. I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s caught him doing something like this.

Anyways, in the end they walk off into the vineyard- Joe just wants to get back to the food, but all of a sudden Teresa wants to get it on in the vineyards! Out of nowhere she starts jumping on him, and he’s trying to pull her off, it’s just a really weird and awkward moment, obviously she had a feeling he wasn’t talking to his co-worker, and she’s just trying to make their marriage look legit on camera. Teresa might be a dumbass, but when it comes to putting on a happy face- she is the master of it all. Trying to make it look like her and Joe actually get it on, and that they’re love life is so hot and heavy that they got it on in the vineyard- it’s all BS. The best part was when Richie spots them getting it on from where he was sitting at the dinner table.

When Teresa and Joe return to the table some comments are made but nobody really talks about what they’ve just witnessed- they don’t want to give any attention to Teresa, which is exactly what she wanted. It’s just really sad, and I actually feel sorry for Teresa who is pulling at every string to save her marriage and keep her family together. Melissa has a conversation with her about the tabloid stories and explains that anything she talks about they will turn into negative comments, and it’s not worth the damage she causes to her family and friends. But Teresa doesn’t care what the tabloids write, because at the end of the day she needs to get paid.

While Kathy is doing Caroline’s hair, the ladies have a conversation with Jacqueline about Teresa. Kathy admits she kind of feels left out because Teresa is now focusing repairing her relationship with Melisa and Joe. Kathy expects this from Teresa, but it still hurts realizing Teresa just calls Kathy family whenever it suits her. Then, everyone meets for a fancy last night dinner. After Chris makes a beautiful toast, Teresa obviously has to step in and make a toast of her own. She thanks Chris and Jacqueline for inviting them to Napa, and thanks them for repairing the relationship with her and her brother, and then wishes Caroline a happy birthday. Meanwhile, Kathy is literally sitting beside her, and Teresa totally forgets to mention Richie and Kathy! Caroline is stunned and infuriated because they were just talking about that a few minutes before. People start whispering around the table, even Greg is angry with Teresa for not thanking Kathy. Kathy just puts on a happy face and goes along with it, seriously she is my favourite housewife, she is everything I want to be as a housewife, Richie on the other hand is angry at Teresa and hurts for his wife because he knows she will care for Teresa no matter what.

Tune in next week because Caroline and Joe have an argument out of nowhere, Jacqueline is drunk on the couch…and Caroline’s son Chris gets involved…it’s getting good!

KUWTK: Mason’s Fish and Kris’ Coffins

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returned last night with a brand new episode. Aunt Khloe and Kim decide to teach Mason a lesson about pets and bring home 2 goldfish and a fish bowl. Kourtney is worried about having pets in the house because pets usually end up dying, and it can be disturbing for little children. Kourtney admits her and Kim had a puppy growing up, but when the pup died early on she had a hard time dealing with her emotions. She doesn’t want the same for Mason, but really they’re only goldfish and sooner or later you’re going to have to teach the kid the concept of death.

On the topic of death, Kris Jenner has a crazy idea to organize her funeral for whenever she passes away, and introduces the idea of buying a mausoleum for Kourtney,Khloe,Kim and Robert. At first, everyone is just laughing at her insane idea, but it is understandable- Kris doesn’t want to put the burden of all the funeral arrangements and costs on the children…so she’s planning it now. But Kris takes it a little too far when she pays a visit to the custom coffin place (obviously Hollywood would have a place like this). Kris decides to take one of the coffin’s for a ‘test drive’ and hops into one of them. Rob starts taking pictures of his mother asleep in a coffin, and even I was freaked out. It literally looked like she was dead!

After Khloe and Kim put together Mason’s fish bowl, he immediately falls in love with the two fish who he names Fruity & Pebbles. What seems like a day later, one of the fish are already dead and Khloe has to discreetly let Kourtney know so that she can quietly remove the fish. They drive to the fish store and purchase the same exact fish so Mason wouldn’t realize it had died. Kourtney also comes back with a bigger fish tank, one with an actual filter…and now they’ve just gotten way over their heads.

Since the entire episode revolved around death…Kim raised the question of who gets Mason if anything happened to Kourtney or Scott. Kris and Kim decide to call Kourtney and ask her, but Kourtney had already made that decision…and it was Khloe. Kim immediately is offended by her decision, obviously it is a little hurtful that your sister chooses your other sister to look after your child. In the end, Kim talks it over with Kourtney who admits Kim’s life at this moment isn’t the best way to raise a child. Kim is always away, travelling, and it seems Khloe has more of a stable lifestyle, since she is married and Lamar plays out of Los Angeles.

Rob and Khloe are totally scarred from seeing their mother asleep in a coffin, they confront their mother about the situation and explain that they’ve already lost one parent, they don’t want to think about losing the other. In the end, Rob throws a beautiful lunch surprise for his dear mother at a rooftop mansion, the views were stunning I never knew Rob could be so thoughtful! He always showed his mother his new tattoo on his arm of a portrait of Kris on her wedding day. He now has both his parents on his arms…and I have to say they look amazing.

Real Housewives REAL Drama!

It isn’t surprising to hear Dr. Paul Nassif has filed for legal separation from Adrienne Maloof. Throughout the 2 seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you could see some tension between the zillionaire couple. Adrienne always defended her marriage, but you could tell even on camera they had some real issues! I always felt Paul was too nice for Adrienne, she’s always complaining and spazzing on him!




I can’t believe it took me this long to realize how addicting Mob Wives really was. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there on TV…but I decided to watch the season in order online- dang these women are cray!! There’s so much drama between these 4 women, that I’m surprised how the editors pack everything into 45 minutes.

The reality show is basically about 4 women who have a connection to the mob- whether it be their fathers or husbands or boyfriends…one way or another they’re connected (or so they think).

Rene Graziano who is the daughter of some old mob guy…is definitely the craziest mob wife. Her ex husband ‘Junior’ is also involved in the mob. Renee has one son with Junior…the poor kid is stuck between to crazy parents.

There’s Karen Gravano whose father was the Underboss of the Gambino crime family…he later cooperated with the federal government. She returns to Staten Island from Arizona…because she’s decided to write a book about her life and feels she needs to get back into the Staten Island ‘mindset’.

Drita D’Avanzo is another loose canon. She’s not even Italian- she’s Albanian. She hooks up with Lee D’Avanzo (Karen’s exboyfriend)…she’s legit crazy and thinks she’s Michelle Rodriguez in Girl Fight. She threatens to kill anyone who messes with her…etc

Finally, you have the most normal mob wife Carla Facciolo who is the only one that actually accepted her husband for what he was….and decided to leave his ass. Technically, they’re still married- since he’s locked up she’s decided to move on with her life and start dating. They have 2 children together.

I think Season 2 premiered last night…I’m still catching up on old episodes. Be sure to check back here for updates from the new season!