The Challenge: FREE AGENTS (Episode 1)

Ooh ooh! The new season of MTV’s The Challenge premiered last night and O-M-G it was absolutely spine tingling. If you’re not a fan of the popular MTV series (it’s currently in its 25th season) it’s basically a bunch of Real World people mixed with some randoms. Historically, The Challenge was a blend of two shows on MTV, The Real World and Road Rules. Now they usually take people from all seasons of The Real World, and sometimes throw in some randoms they find on the street. Anyways, it’s basically survivor but they live in a gigantic mansion, Jeff Probst isn’t the host, and they’re all 21-35 year old adults or children, depending on the episode.



So lets get right into this new season. It’s called ‘Free Agents’ because all the contestants are fighting for themselves. Unlike past seasons where contestants are either paired up with their ‘rivals’, ‘exes’ or just put into teams based on their real world season, this one forces the contestants to face each battle on their own. There’s a catch, since they are ‘free agents’ that technically means they can be thrown around anywhere (to any team), so before each challenge, TJ announces what type of challenge they’ll be doing and with whom. It could be a solo mission, an entire team, or just with another female/male.

This week, contestants were separated into two teams (Red vs. Black). It was sort of like a relay race, certain sections of the challenge were given to certain contestants, some players had to run up 42 flights of stairs being chained to one another. The others were waiting at the top of the highest building in Uruguay to get the key from their stair master teammates and solve a puzzle. Once the puzzle was solved, the left over teammates had to walk across a giant beam hanging in mid air. Sounds exhausting right?

I already noticed the editing in this first episode was different. I’ve seen a lot of these seasons and this first episode is definitely one that stands out in terms of production value. I loved that slow motion camera they had on the contestants walking across the beam. Amazing. Also, how cool was that lit up Challenge sign at the pit or whatever it’s called this season.TheChallenge

To say this first challenge was uneventful is completely underrated. Blood and sweat weren’t the only things flying around, Swift (Real World: St Thomas) had the great idea of literally flying through the air to save his teammates who were being trapped in the stairwell. He jumps over Johnny or someone and gets the key out from under the carnage. It was amazing. LaToya (Real World: St. Thomas) felt sick after her stair climb, apparently she hit her head and was rushed to the emergency room while everyone commented on how ‘weak’ she was. Oh boy, how quickly they should’ve regretted saying that one.

Meanwhile, the fate of her teams victory lied in Jess’ sturdy legs and when she ran over that log and rung that bell it was like a light went off inside of her and every single bad childhood memory she had playing sports was wiped away clean because she won for her team! She did it! Dreams really do come true!

After the black team wins the challenge, the team is forced to vote in two players from the red team. They choose to vote in Chet (Real World:Brooklyn) and LaToya. It wasn’t over yet, because everyone’s names who had at least 1 vote against them were still in the running to be sent into eliminations. At the pit, the contestants with votes against have to lift a card and if there’s a skull on it that means they have to go into eliminations. This week, the guy and girl who saw the skulls were: Jemmye (Real World: Back to New Orleans) and Frank (Real World: San Diego)


The elimination game was a simple five rounds of put the ball into the hole. You were either offense or defense…you get the point. Honestly, the guys match up was so anti climatic. After 3 rounds, Chet cut his chin wide open. It was bleeding pretty bad but the medics taped him up and TJ asked him if he wanted to continue and get stitched up later or just forfeit. I really didn’t see it coming, but apparently Chet makes money from his gorgina face and chose to forfeit, he admitted that his face and body were worth more than the idea of a large sum of untaxed money. Is it untaxed though?

The girls on the other hand, went HAM. H. A. M…LaToya definitely put up a fight. I think everyone was expecting her to get blown over by Jemmye, but that first round she literally did a circle around Jemmye and put the ball in the bin. The girls ended up fighting until the last round, but LaToya pulled through and she tossed Jemmye out of the ring ending the match. Jemmye’s a good player though and she gave Toya a huge hug and congratulated her on her well deserved victory. See, this is what all women should aspire to!

In the end, Nany reminds us that last season Jemmye was in the finals and this season she’s going home first. That can only mean this challenge is the biggest and baddest season yet! Stay tuned!

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Battle of the Seasons: Team NOLA BayBay!!

Last night was another crazy episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Things get crazier with this week’s ‘insane challenge’ which basically consisted of 3 mini challenges. The first race was a chariot race, one team member had to pull a chariot with the other team members across a finish line…with a plastic horse mask over their heads. Team Cancun ended up winning that one. Brooklyn came in last.

The next challenge was an egg toss, one team member throws an egg across a wooden fence, the other team member tries to catch it in a doggy collar. St. Thomas lost that round, which meant for the last place title it would be a final battle between Brooklyn and St.Thomas.

The third challenge was an ear battle…whoever ripped the string off the other persons ear first would win. Somehow, Team NOLA won this round, putting them in first place. There was no strategy…it was just timing and luck. The final round was for first place and power team. Team New Orleans ended up beating Trishelle and Dustin. Power team went to the only team with 2 members- NOLA. Love it!

The battle between the last two teams was a fish fight, team members stood on a small wooden plank, basically beating each other up with a 15-pound fish. St. Thomas’ Trey and Laura went in. Laura lost against Sarah. Trey beat out Chet, but the tiebreaker between the two girls pushed St.Thomas into last place…and a one way ticket to the elimination round.

For some reason, Alton was being a Debbie Downer the entire time. He talked about leaving the show, and using the challenge as a reason for a ‘vacation’. He didn’t really care about the money, and wanted to go into an elimination round. Frank has been getting on everyone’s nerves, he’s the biggest s*** disturber since Johnny Bananas. Him and Alton have a tiny battle while working out in the gym, later Alton tries to be the ‘man’ and says he isn’t afraid of an elimination. But he basically volunteers Team Vegas to go into the elimination round and doesn’t go in!! It wasn’t really up to him though, Nany convinces Dustin to go in it with her so Alton can’t sabotage their team.

The final challenge was a strategy round. The one with the big heavy rope…and you have to loop it around and make an impossible puzzle to solve. Most of the teams were rooting for St.Thomas, since Vegas went against the alliance. Dustin and Nany ended up pulling through, I don’t know how they did this one, it’s such a difficult challenge, both physical and mental. Just when your body is giving up…your mentally frustrated at the thought of untangling a giant rope. St.Thomas is down to two players, thankfully the more useful side of their team- Marie and Robb. It’s still a huge deal that St.Thomas is in the game, they’re the Rookie team and I don’t think anyone saw them staying around this long.



MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons premieres September 19th at 10pm. Here are some pictures of the cast.

This is by far the most thought out cast photo on The Challenge, but too bad we can barely see whose sitting in the back! Shout out to Zack the Gorilla in his lime green speedo, and Dustin looks like a freak in that pose.

My favourite team is NOLA (aka the lost season)…although they have the Baddest B*tch Jemmye (far right) I don’t think they’ll get too far. McKenzie looks like the most competitive from this season, but we’ll just have to wait and see if her ex-roomies hold her back.

My predictions, Team Austin for the win. I’ve been following The Challenge for years and veterans always end up winning in the end, they have more experience, and they just know how to lay low and end up in the final challenge.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you’re crazy, it is amazing, this season will definitely go down as one of the wildest seasons in Challenge history.

MTV’S The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons CONFIRMED

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack, and it’s official- the new season of MTV’s The Challenge will be the Battle of the Seasons. There’s 4 cast members from a bunch of different Real World seasons- and it’s going to be a CRAZY time!If you watch the Real World episodes, you know the strangers  bring a lot of their drama onto The Challenge, and it usually becomes crazier than The Real World seasons. I’m rooting for one of my favourite seasons- NOLA, Jemm and Knight have some unfinished drama and I’m sure it’s going to blow up on camera. Also Cancun was an amazing season and I hope they end up getting far. I think Danny and his season will definitely be in the top 3 teams- Danny and Melinda were married, they’ve been doing these shows for a long time and will probably have most of the experience.

I can’t wait- the promos literally made my heart skip, I can’t imagine what kind of drama the cast members get themselves into while in beautiful Bodrum, Turkey. UM, also Zach (RW:San Diego) and Jonna (RW:Cancun) making out?!? They make a hot couple though.

Battle of the Seasons premieres on MTV September 19th at 10Pm.

Check out the exclusive TRAILER.


So here’s the list for the upcoming MTV’s The Challenge. It is a spoiler, but I have a feeling it’s true since some of the cast members went MIA on my Twitter feed for a few weeks. I had a feeling they might be on the next challenge, and sure enough they are! Check it out.

Also, reading up on some other blogs- it looks like the format for this season might be Season vs Season, since there are 4 cast members from each season.


Ashli Robson, Real World: Sydney

KellyAnne Judd, Real World: Sydney

Ashley Kelsey, Real World: San Diego

Sam McGinn, Real World: San Diego

Jasmine Reynaud, Real World: Cancun

Jonna Mannion, Real World: Cancun

Jemmye Carroll, Real World: New Orleans

McKenzie Coburn, Real World: New Orleans

Lacey Buehler, Real World: Austin

Melinda Stolp, Real World: Austin

Laura Waller, Real World: St Thomas

Marie Roda, Real World: St Thomas

Nany Gonzalez, Real World: Las Vegas

Trishelle Cannatella, Real World: Las Vegas

Devyn Simone, Real World: Brooklyn

Sarah Rice, Real World: Brooklyn


Alton Williams, Real World: Las Vegas

Dustin Zito, Real World: Las Vegas

Chet Cannon, Real World: Brooklyn

JD Ordonez, Real World: Brooklyn

CJ Koegel, Real World: Cancun

Derek Chavez, Real World: Cancun

Danny Jamieson, Real World: Austin

Wes Bergmann, Real World: Austin

Dunbar Merrill, Real World: Sydney

Isaac Stout, Real World: Sydney

Preston Roberson-Charles, Real World: New Orleans

Ryan Knight, Real World: New Orleans

Robb Schreiber, Real World: St Thomas

Trey Weatherholtz, Real World: St Thomas

Frank Sweeney, Real World: San Diego

Zach Nichols, Real World: San Diego

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Real World: St.Thomas

The morning after the first night, the kids are ready to explore the islands and escape theirs. They head to a place called Paradise Point, spend the day there, and really not much happens except for Toya keeping her eye on Laura and Trey.

Trey confronts Brandon about reading his journal and finding some suicidal comments in it. Brandon admits he writes those things to get himself into a dark place to continue writing in his journal….

At night they go to a local club, it looks like everyone’s having a good time, Brandon’s dancing with a girl that looks completely out of his league, but good for him. Some dude tells Brandon to back off because she ‘belongs’ to someone else, he freaks out and starts saying how he’s going to fight someone. Like Brandon, you’re stuck on an island with roommates who will probably run at the sight of a punch, and it looks like the other guy has a ton of back up, just stop.

Trey and Laura move fast, they enjoy a romantic makeout session on the ferris wheel, and then Trey freaks out on her that they’re moving too fast. Apparently, Trey has a girl back home and he doesn’t want to rush into anything on the island. Laura doesn’t understand what he’s saying because she just wants to flirt.

Ginger and Marie both meet good looking people at the club, Marie takes Max home, and Ginger comes home solo. I love watching these two, you can tell they have such chemistry, but neither one is jumping into that ‘romantic’ territory yet. In the end they set up a double date, neither one wanting to see their partners, so they just cancel and go out with each other!

Real World: St.Thomas Cast

Here are some photos leaked from production on the new season of Real World:St.Thomas. Looks like some of the cast is playing with a local kid on the beach…my my does that water look tempting.

I almost feel bad for the camera guy- that camera is HUGE!!

The Real World: St Thomas!

It’s official! The 27th season of The Real World is going to be in sunny St.Thomas (U.S Virgin Islands). It should be an amazing season with amazing views, and we hope an amazing pimped out casa!

Production for the new season starts this month, and will probably air in Summer of 2012.

Originally, there were rumours spreading about the new season being in Pittsburgh, but I have to say that picture sells me on St. Thomas. Can’t wait for the new season!