The RHONJ Reunion!

This season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion was actually insane- I literally felt like I was sitting in the crossfire as Teresa kept taking punches from the other housewives. If you remember last season’s reunion- you’ll remember that Jacqueline never made it, because the night before they were filming the fashion show episode, and something went down between Jacqueline and Teresa. That night, the s*** hit the fan when Melissa’s ex boss (when she was a dancer) shows up out of the blue, and Teresa devises a plan to get Melissa’s secret out.

Anyways, it’s been a year since Teresa has been in the same room with the other housewives- she admits seeing Melissa but that was because of her daughter’s birthday party…which she claims Melissa never formally RSVP-ed, Teresa found out Melissa was coming from a tabloid magazine. Melissa tried defending herself by saying she never RSVP’s…she’s family obviously she would show up…but it doesn’t get anyone anywhere because Teresa is crazy.

It’s obvious at this point how far gone Teresa is. Just a few seasons ago she was on the same side as Caroline and the rest, teaming up against another looney- Danielle. However, times have changed, and it seems like things have gotten so bad- Jacqueline and Teresa will likely never be friends again. It was a really nasty 45 minutes, the insults were both personal and physical…Teresa making fun of Caroline’s ‘blubber rolls’…and Kathy’s new lip job. Which by the way kind of looks ridiculous, I think Kathy is amazing and I’m a little disappointed she got work done.

The reunion is definitely something you have to see for yourself, poor Andy can hardly get a word in and barely steers the conversation into the direction he wants. Lauren Manzo makes an appearance, she demolishes Teresa’s insults about her using a lap band to lose weight, Lauren says at least she wasn’t 9 years old and accusing her father of cheating on her mother. That silenced Teresa. It was really funny how everyone kept throwing comments about Joe and his infidelity. Obviously he has cheated on Teresa, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how dysfunctional their family is, and how hard Teresa tries at covering it up. Teresa gets really nasty towards everyone- including her own family. Teresa says something about Kathy and Rich having issues, and that her mother told her that, Kathy freaks out and calls Teresa’s mom a liar. Teresa mentions Kathy’s late father and how he was absent in their lives, Rosie- Kathy’s sister was backstage and as soon as she hears that she loses it. The crew had to hold her back from running towards Teresa. It doesn’t make sense to me how Teresa doesn’t see how crazy she is- if 4 other people have issues with you…don’t you think that you’re the problem?

This was Part 1 out of a 3 part reunion, next week Rosie makes an appearance, things are bound to get even crazier, I just don’t get how the other housewives have the patience to sit and listen to the garbage that comes out of Teresa’s mouth. Half the time she doesn’t even make sense, and her arguments are completely irrelevant, her entire life is a facade.

RHONJ: Caroline’s Fitty!!

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey the crew continue their vacation in Napa Valley. Caroline turns 50, they finally leave the RV park and drive to the Lancaster Estate which is this huge mansion on a beautiful vineyard. Chris and the BLK crew get closer to sealing the deal with the wine company, hopefully the two Joe’s can stay in check and not ruin the last few days of the trip

If you saw the preview’s for this week’s episode, you know that something crazy goes down between Teresa and her husband Joe. In the preview Joe takes a phone call while at dinner for Caroline’s birthday, when he sees Teresa walking over to him he whispers into the phone ‘Here’s my b**** wife coming over’. So after everyone visits the wine company, Albie,Chris and Lauren blindfold Caroline to take her somewhere special. They drive around the corner to where a table is set up for everybody, and it’s over looking the vineyard- it was the most beautiful place, it seemed like a really unique backdrop to celebrate a birthday- I mean who can say they dined overlooking a vineyard in California?

Halfway through dinner, Joe Giudice gets a phone call from ‘work’ so he gets up to answer it. He walks away from the table, and you can totally hear his conversation which seems to be with a girl. His voice is really low and he sounds really dirty talking to whoever is on the other line. Just then, Teresa comes over and that’s when he makes the comment about her- calling her a b**** and a c*** obviously Teresa doesn’t hear him saying those things! Doesn’t he know he has a mic on him? But he was talking really low, I think he thought he might be able to get away with his conversation. Nobody at the table really notices that they’ve both left, they’re busy taking pictures with Caroline. Teresa literally waits in front of Joe until he’s done with his phone call- he pretends to continue talking about some work stuff in Italian. She hangs over him like she knew who he was talking to, or she had a feeling he was being shady. I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s caught him doing something like this.

Anyways, in the end they walk off into the vineyard- Joe just wants to get back to the food, but all of a sudden Teresa wants to get it on in the vineyards! Out of nowhere she starts jumping on him, and he’s trying to pull her off, it’s just a really weird and awkward moment, obviously she had a feeling he wasn’t talking to his co-worker, and she’s just trying to make their marriage look legit on camera. Teresa might be a dumbass, but when it comes to putting on a happy face- she is the master of it all. Trying to make it look like her and Joe actually get it on, and that they’re love life is so hot and heavy that they got it on in the vineyard- it’s all BS. The best part was when Richie spots them getting it on from where he was sitting at the dinner table.

When Teresa and Joe return to the table some comments are made but nobody really talks about what they’ve just witnessed- they don’t want to give any attention to Teresa, which is exactly what she wanted. It’s just really sad, and I actually feel sorry for Teresa who is pulling at every string to save her marriage and keep her family together. Melissa has a conversation with her about the tabloid stories and explains that anything she talks about they will turn into negative comments, and it’s not worth the damage she causes to her family and friends. But Teresa doesn’t care what the tabloids write, because at the end of the day she needs to get paid.

While Kathy is doing Caroline’s hair, the ladies have a conversation with Jacqueline about Teresa. Kathy admits she kind of feels left out because Teresa is now focusing repairing her relationship with Melisa and Joe. Kathy expects this from Teresa, but it still hurts realizing Teresa just calls Kathy family whenever it suits her. Then, everyone meets for a fancy last night dinner. After Chris makes a beautiful toast, Teresa obviously has to step in and make a toast of her own. She thanks Chris and Jacqueline for inviting them to Napa, and thanks them for repairing the relationship with her and her brother, and then wishes Caroline a happy birthday. Meanwhile, Kathy is literally sitting beside her, and Teresa totally forgets to mention Richie and Kathy! Caroline is stunned and infuriated because they were just talking about that a few minutes before. People start whispering around the table, even Greg is angry with Teresa for not thanking Kathy. Kathy just puts on a happy face and goes along with it, seriously she is my favourite housewife, she is everything I want to be as a housewife, Richie on the other hand is angry at Teresa and hurts for his wife because he knows she will care for Teresa no matter what.

Tune in next week because Caroline and Joe have an argument out of nowhere, Jacqueline is drunk on the couch…and Caroline’s son Chris gets involved…it’s getting good!

RHONJ: Beginning of the End

This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been non stop drama drama drama, it seems the housewives can’t go 42 minutes without yelling or cussing at each other. Fortunately, for us, that makes great TV, and trust me I have no problem with it.

So I think I missed last week’s episode where Teresa and Jacqueline have an argument, I guess Jacqueline accuses Teresa of lying to her, and Teresa accuses Jacqueline of being a bad friend. Anyways, it all makes sense now because during last season’s reunion, Jacqueline refused to attend and said something had happened between her and Teresa while they were filming this season. So now we know what it is, but I have to admit I was expecting a little bit more drama from Jacqueline, instead she gets emotional and tries talking it out with Teresa! Like, really Jacqueline, you’re dealing with a crazy woman, there is no talking to her, just get over it and move on with your amazing family.

Melissa seems to get caught in the middle of everything because her husband Joe is Teresa’s brother, and now all of a sudden Teresa wants to mend the relationship with her brother through therapy. In this episode, she actually reaches out to cousin Kathy who she’s been hating on forever, and says they should reconcile. Kathy is all for it, she’d rather have her family than be fighting over nonsense, but nevertheless Kathy is skeptical about Teresa’s intentions, and the reason for her sudden ‘change of heart’.

Caroline is no longer friends with Teresa, after the tabloid magazines came out with Teresa’s cover article discussing her relationships with Caroline and the rest, it showed how far Teresa will go just to sell a good story. She claims the magazine just took what she said and ran with it, which I’m sure they did, but she must’ve said something along the lines that Caroline wasn’t a good friend, and that Melissa was jealous of her life. Anyways, Caroline has had enough, understandable because who could live with that woman anyways- oh right her loving husband Joe. He’s actually the funniest man ever, I don’t know if he intentionally wants to sound like an a** but when Teresa is pouring her heart out to him about the drama in her life, he gives his two cents and tells her to stop talking because he’s heard enough of her problems.

Joe Gorga holds another release party for wife Melissa’s song ‘On Display’, the evening looks like it’s a good time, Rosie’s completely hammered, Kathy and Rich show up hand in hand as always, and Jacqueline can’t keep her eyes off Teresa. The entire time Jacqueline is afraid to confront Teresa, in the end she does, and Teresa isn’t having any of it. She refuses to admit she’d done anything wrong and just blames Jacqueline for being a bad friend. Melissa shows up to save the day, but that goes sour when Teresa basically tells Jacqueline to f*** off, and that’s the end of that.

Fortunately for Jacqueline, it looked like she had a better time without Teresa anyways, taking a few shots at the bar with some random housewife.

Until next week, seems like things are getting even wilder!

RHONJ: Drama on the Field!

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline decides to have the entire crew over for some field game fun, Gia decides she is growing boobies, and Kathy continues to be the peacekeeper.

Jacqueline, who always seems to be one of the peacekeeper’s (Kathy Wakile is the other one), decides to have a fun day of field games at her mansion. In what seems to be another set up day for the show, Lauren (Caroline’s daughter) loses her cool, and admits she would rather have a day with her close family, then spend a few drama filled hours with random families (Wakile’s,Gorga’s,Giudice’s).

I would actually feel the exact same way, it seems anytime all these families are put together, something dramatic ensues, and the show tries to pass all of them off as ‘family’ or close family, but really they’re not related well they are…but just not to Teresa’s fam. Anyways, that field day looked amazing, the amount of bouncy toys in that yard would’ve made any kid happy. Unfortunately, not for Gia who literally freaks out after she catches her uncle Joe cheating in one of the races. Joe was just play cheating, nobody was taking it seriously, but of course 10-yr old Gia freaks out and starts crying that her team lost because her uncle Joe cheated. The other housewives try to calm her down, but really nothing can stop the violent outbursts of a 10-yr old, so Gia retreats to Jacqueline’s basement where she attempts to hide from everyone, and probably the camera crew.

Gia clearly sucks at hiding, she finds cover near the play area but Caroline and Jacqueline find her sitting there and try to talk her out of her mood. She demands for her mother, and insults Jacqueline by saying she didn’t even want to come to field day, she’d rather be down at the Shore with Snooki and her dad Joe. Offended, Jacqueline does what any confused parent would do, and she pulls out a book that will hopefully teach Gia a lesson, but really all it did was point out her flaws and make her feel like a sore loser even more.

In the end, Teresa shows up and gets annoyed with Jacqueline and Caroline for trying to teach her daughter a lesson. She admits she understands why her daughter is upset, she’d rather be at the Shore house with her husband and kids! Like really, why would you admit that to Jacqueline, she’s worked hard to put the field day together, and you’re just going to insult her like that? So rude.

While that’s happening, Kathy takes a chance on Gia, calming her down and nurturing her like any good mother would do. Seriously, Kathy’s amazing. Gia seems to be in a better mood, they go outside for some BBQ, poor Lauren she’s still on her diet and can’t really enjoy much of anything.




RHONJ: Battle of the Sister-in-Laws

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is so crazy it’s probably going to go down in history as the best Housewives Season ever! There’s only been 3 episodes so far, and it’s crazy!

It’s summer in Jersey which means once again the crew decide to visit the Shore for a night. Somehow Joe Giudice get’s a fancy boat and decides to takes all the adults for a cruise…while Rosie and Kathy’s mom are stuck taking care of the children.

When they return, Jacqueline gets everyone together to attend some Summer Solstice party…obviously everyone’s down to go but nobody knows the drama that’s about to unfold. Seriously, we all know Teresa is crazy- she refuses to believe her husband did anything wrong and instead of admitting he was in jail for a week…continues to say he was ‘away’. So she’s trying to be a good mother-fine, but you can tell how jealous she is of her brother Joe and Melissa’s marriage. Everytime Joe tries to do or say something nice to Teresa she gets defensive and starts throwing punches at them (not literally).

When we first met Melissa at the beginning of last season, I didn’t like her. She seemed like those annoying housewives that don’t really do anything, but really I friggin’ love her. She’s so normal and so real, the fact that Teresa continuously starts arguments with her, it just proves how insanely jealous Teresa is. Teresa brings Melissa over at the party to ask her something, when Melissa is answering her question she mentions how Joe was in jail for a week, hearing this Teresa freaks out and starts leaving the party!

Melissa could care less, she’s been amazing so far with Teresa everytime she’s insulted by her sister-in-law she just turned her cheek, because really all she wants is a happy family. So the random woman that gets involved in their argument tells Jacqueline to bring Melissa out so her and Teresa can talk it out.

Really, nothing gets resolved because Teresa doesn’t apologize for calling Melissa a goldigger. Melissa basically destroys Teresa in the argument, everything she said was just so real and so true- why would Teresa even tell her brother that his wife only wants him for money? Does she want things to turn out bad for the couple? For the kids to see their parents go through a divorce?

Melissa was on key, and you could tell Teresa does all these hurtful things because she’s so miserable in her life, and she’s extremely jealous.

Keep watching because I can’t wait to see why Jacqueline decides to turn her back on Teresa.

RHONJ: Season 4

The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered a few weeks ago- and the DRAMA has already started! It’s only the first two episodes of what I hope to be a long season, and there’s literally drama everywhere. If you don’t remember, on the Season 3 Reunion- Jacqueline was missing, Caroline said she was so upset with Teresa she refused to be a part of the reunion. Somewhere between the Season 3 finale and the taping of the new season- something happened with everyone and Theresa that made everyone despise her.

Caroline could barely look at her, Melissa was just over the entire situation, and Kathy just continued disliking her like she always does. They didn’t really say what Teresa did, I guess it was something that she sad, or a few things that she said. We do know that in her cookbook she writes some nasty things about Caroline’s kids, and insults her brother and Melissa. She claims they were just jokes- and they were harmless but what’s the point of putting them into your cookbook? Obviously, she knows her book will sell more if she talks about the housewives- so she wrote those things to get attention…she just uses anyway to make money. Which I guess is understandable when your husband is a deadbeat dad and doesn’t have a job…and is possibly going to jail.

Anyways, the season starts out with a glimpse into the reunion and then it takes up back 4 months to the summer in New Jersey and everyone’s getting ready to go to the Jersey Shore. Apparently, the Shore isn’t just for drunken tanned meat heads…it’s also for families and their grandparents. Joe and Melissa have a cute place of their own down at the Shore but it isn’t quite ready because Joe was doing some construction…on their bedroom (Soundproofing?) not sure if he was joking…considering it’s Joe he was probably dead serious.

Kathy and Rich have the cutest place on earth, a small cottage that had to house literally everyone since Joe’s place wasn’t ready just yet. And finally, Joe and Teresa’s place that looked terrible- and it wasn’t even under construction. Joe brings this huge tarp thing, and when one of the girls goes to unwrap it there’s like 10 mice living inside of it and they’ve chewed their way through the tarp! It was disgusting- I was traumatized.

Jacqueline and Chris are still dealing with a troubled 20-yr old who doesn’t know where she’s going in life-so they decide to ship her off to Vegas to live with some relatives. Albie drives Ashley to the airport, when he’s on his way home she calls him to tell him she’s missed her flight and can’t leave until the next morning. Lost cause.

Melissa makes a song for Joe, and Teresa keeps doing her thang with the book tour to make some money for the kids and her husband.


Real Housewives of Vancouver!

So I don’t know if the episode I watched last night was the series premiere, regardless the housewives of Vancouver are really boring. Of course, Canada had to come up with their own version of The Housewives saga, and I guess Vancouver was the chosen city. It is a beautiful city, and I’m not even hating on the look of the show. These women are definitely well off, and the homes they live in are stunning.

But, they literally are bat s*** crazy. Each and every one of them. It’s not like  the American versions like RHONJ where Caroline is so normal she could be my mom, or Lisa and Kyle from RHOBH who are mentally stable. Each one of these housewives from Vancouver have serious mental and emotional issues, first of all I don’t even know how they all know each other.

The one mom- Mary, who looked completely normal in the beginning, invites her ‘best-friend’ Ronnie to this girls weekend in Whistler, except Ronnie completely embarrasses Mary in front of the other girls, she was SO rude to her, and Mary just sat there taking it all in. What’s wrong with you!

The other one, I don’t even know her name but we can call her ‘Golddigger’ since she clearly states her income is from her past 2 divorces. That actually makes me sick, this is why women are underestimated. We’ve worked hard to make a place for us within the work field, earning salaries that compete with our male counterparts. But women like her give us a bad rap. (That was my feminist rant for the day).

Anyways, there’s one housewife that’s half Asian I think, she seemed a little normal. She had a family, and a cute house and a dangerous obsession with fast cars. Meh.

Realistically, I probably won’t watch this show again. Nothing made me want to tune in for next week’s episode, aside from the fact that somebody needs to knock out Ronnie. Asap.

RHOBH: Kennedy’s Party

As if Taylor didn’t realize from Kennedy’s birthday last year…that was taped for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and showed just how awkwardly fake, her and her husband Russell were trying to be for the sake of their daughters’ birthday party…she threw another one this year.

So this year she throws Kennedy whose turning 5…a country fair/carnival themed birthday party…with horses…pony rides…and those balloon playhouse things that I’ve really wanted to try out. How come we never had those at our birthday parties?…

Anyways, everyone shows up except for Lisa because she’s busy planning her daughter’s bachelorette party/wedding invitations. However, one good thing did come out of last week’s episode. Magically, Lisa and Taylor have worked through their conflicts and are now friends. Lisa agreed to support Taylor with whatever her decision might be in terms of her marriage…and Taylor was very forgiving. Except, Taylor turned her hatred onto Camille…who wasn’t invited to Kennedy’s 5th birthday party. (Shame)

Kyle was shocked at how fast this all got resolved.

So, the party ends up looking amazing…Kennedy has a wardrobe malfunction…I guess she was partying too hard on that playhouse…and she gets sung Happy Birthday by a drunk American Idol contestant. (Yay)

Everything seemed to be going perfectly…even awkward Russell seemed like he was having a swell time. But, when Russell wanted to take a family picture immediately…instead of after because he had a horse coming in for Kennedy- Dana accused him of just wanting attention. Dana said they should wait until 4pm…but Russell freaked out on her…and did it his way. Wow, I mean Dana had no say since Russell was paying for the birthday party after all…right???Hmmm…

Her present was obviously a horse…no one in their right mind would buy a 5-year old child a horse…except for Russell Armstrong. Dana agreed by pointing out they couldn’t even take care of a puppy…how are they going to look after a horse…much less pay for it! (She didn’t say that last part)

Anyways, it was just a weird ending to the episode…clearly Taylor and Russel couldn’t be more dysfunctional…but Taylor’s sticking it out because she thinks its better to be with someone than to be alone. We know how that story ends…



RHOBH: Kyle’s Seance

This week we were a little late on catching up with our weekly housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season’s only getting better, so make sure you tune in!

This week, Dr.Paul (Adrienne’s plastic surgeon husband) organized a ‘Girl’s night’ event at his offices, for anyone of the housewives who wanted to get work done on their face- without involving actual surgery. The housewives obviously showed up…including Lisa who as always joins in on the fun…without getting herself dirty. I’m not sure if Lisa’s had anything done, and she sure didn’t get anything done this time because she said she was going for dinner right after.

Anyways, Kyle, Taylor, and Kim who showed up late all got something done…except Camille couldn’t make it because she was hit with a custody battle between her and her ex-husband Kelsey Grammar. It was a pretty uneventful time at Paul’s office…except for the yummy looking cupcakes and when Lisa got an e-mail from Russell telling her all is well between him and Taylor, that nobody needs to worry about their marriage. Lisa found this odd as she quickly found out none of the other housewives’ received an e-mail like it. As we know, last week Russell told Kyle and Mauricio that he thought Lisa went blabbing to US Weekly about his (not so secret) marriage issues. Obviously, we know the truth, and they were in a bad situation…only they didn’t know how bad their lives would get. Russell committed suicide only a few months after that episode was filmed.

Moving on, Kyle decides to throw a Seance at her new crib…if you don’t know what that is…it’s basically a gathering, where you have a medium that can communicate with ghosts/spirits. Before everyone arrives, Kyle decides to invite Brandi, who she hated only a few episodes back. You can tell her invite was completely involuntary…the producers probably told her to invite Brandi in hopes of stirring up some more drama. Anyways, Kyle’s husband Mauricio is truly amazing, he is so fine, and I do wish he was mine! Seriously, he’s the hottest husband ever…except Ken wins the award for hottest housewife husband over 60.

So the ladies sit around the table…while Adrienne’s chef Bernie is hard at work preparing dinner. The medium- Rebecca begins her ‘thing’ that she does…and she starts mentioning Adrienne’s father who passed away when she was a young girl, Lisa’s grandmother, and Kyle’s mother. It was a night filled with emotion, as the medium Rebecca definitely hit it home with her messages from the spirits. It was funny because they showed clips from Camille’s dinner night where she invited her friend who was a medium. Except she was a complete biatch…and when Lisa begged her to see if she could hear her grandmother- she said she was taking a night off from ‘mediuming’ or whatever its called. So rude.

In the end, Kyle heads over to Kim’s house because she’s moving out…again. Finally, Kim gets the courage to tell Kyle she’s been dating this guy for a year. Before the episode ends, Kim invites Kyle inside to meet him, except we never see it- so make sure you watch next week!!


RHONJ: Reunion Part I

What is this like the frigin’  Godfather Trilogy? Why is there Part 1 and Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion!! This is so crazy…and Bravo is hilarious for banking on these crazy women. Correction: Crazy Teresa. And when Crazy Teresa is faced with split screens- she can’t get away with her lies.

I don’t know if it’s just my screen…but why does everyone look orange? I know Melissa and Teresa always have that fake orange glow…but I’m actually shocked to see my two fave’s Caroline and Kathy beaming like two guidettes from the Shore.

So, right from the get go you can literally see the tension between two sides…well three if you count Kathy’s. There is obviously a divide between Teresa and Caroline. And, an even bigger divide from where Kathy is sitting on the couch to where Teresa is seated. Andy makes it clear that Jacqueline is missing from the reunion and asks the ladies what is the reason for this. After a full 40-second pause…Caroline decides to answer the question. She says that they were taping last night for Season 4 (the night prior to the taping of the reunion)…and something happened between Jacqueline and Teresa. Jacqueline was so emotionally drained she couldn’t gather herself to get to the reunion and look Teresa in the face.

I just want to say that last season was all about that crazy b*tch who was a stripper…and she helped her boyfriend with some kidnapping? I don’t even want to say her name…but anyways this season the bad person is obviously Teresa. This time around, most of the focus is surrounding Teresa’s cookbook…where she poked fun at Caroline, and everyone else. I get Teresa said some rude things…but really I think she was joking. I don’t get why everyone was getting worked up about it- especially Caroline. I don’t think it was as big of a deal as Caroline made it out to be…for this I am confused. There must be for to the story that we know about. Clearly we’ll know it all in Season 4. I think Teresa had good intentions…especially towards Caroline because who wouldn’t be afraid of mama godfather. But Teresa’s crazy…I mean who knows what she was thinking when she was writing her cookbook!

There are definitely a lot of awkward silent moments…especially when they roll the clip of the baptism when Teresa’s brother got into a fight with Teresa’s husband. The camera’s came back and everyone was in shock…Teresa was crying.

Caroline kept shaking her head the entire time…Andy brought up an interesting point that Teresa and Joe Giudice pulled out of bankruptcy. Apparently because they were facing ‘bankruptcy fraud’. I never heard this but Melissa says its public knowledge…and Teresa kept denying it. Clearly, Teresa is crazy and her lies over the seasons aren’t adding up anymore. Caroline admitted at first she hated Melissa and Kathy because of waht Teresa had said about them. But, once she got to know them better she realized they were completely normal…and it was Teresa who was the crazy one.

After everything…I love that Teresa still says her husband didn’t do anything wrong.

Now that’s love.