American Crime Story: People v. O.J

Last night FX premiered the highly anticipated The People V. O.J Simpson season executive produced by American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy. Overall, it was good, but let’s get into the bloody details. And also let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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The Backdrop

So obviously, the O.J Simpson trial is still considered the ‘trial of the century’ because it revolved around a Heisman trophy winner / football hero turned celebrity, it all went down in in Hollywood, and it involved a pretty epic car chase. I guess my question is, why this case? There’s been several books, films, and shows about all aspects of this story, why do we need another one? Other than the fact that it was highly publicized, why are we watching this? After watching last night’s premiere, I realized it’s not really about answering that question. The real clincher is, how and why did this happen the way it did? If he was guilty, how did he get away with it? And everything, it seems, or how everything unfolded in this case, was a clear reflection of the events that happened in Los Angeles in 1992.

That’s how they set up the show, and I’ve just finished Straight Outta Compton (yes I know I’m late to the game) but the movie takes place around the same time, so I’m really getting my fair share of the L.A riot media footage. Also, in light of all the murder mysteries this year. From Netflix’s Making a Murderer to HBO’s The Jinx, there’s clearly an intrigue with cases with a not so ‘black and white’ ending (no pun intended on the colours black and white).

The Characters

Cuba Gooding Jr as O.J  – Let’s start with the man of the hour, O.J is played by Cuba Gooding JR., and I don’t really know much about O.J but reading all the tweets from last night, a lot of people were saying he did a great job mastering O.J’s ‘walk’…whatever it looks like. He also mastered psychotic ex-husband really well, so there’s that. I was definitely over Cuba’s screaming tantrums by the end of it, but I get it, they’re staying true to all aspects of this story.

David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian – Is it just me or did it feel like David Schwimmer was playing Ross Gellar playing Robert Kardashian? He was wearing the same neurotic worry face he had on as Ross, and I don’t know if Robert was that person. I’ve only ever read about Robert Kardashian through Kris’ ‘mem-wah’ and it sounded like he was a really confident and in charge lawyer? But I could be wrong, or we just don’t see that side of Robert come through until the trial actually begins. So overall, no I didn’t like David Schwimmer. But I’ll give it some time.

Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark – Curls on curls on curls. I love Sarah Paulson, and I’m super excited to see her in the rest of this season because she’s definitely going to play a huge role throughout the trial. I feel bad for the choice in hair she has, but something tells me she’s going to be nominated for a whole slew of awards next season. So it might be worth it.

John Travolta as Robert Shapiro– What do you want me to say? His face literally looks like it’s melting off in the LA heat and his eyebrows look like furry caterpillars glued onto his face. But I guess he does a good job playing Robert Shapiro? I don’t know it’s John freakin’ Travolta.

Selma Blair and Connie Britton as Kris Jenner and Faye Resnick– Let me just group these two girls together because that’s how we see them for the first time at Nicole’s funeral. Selma is playing the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian aka Kris Jenner, and Connie is playing Nicole’s close friend Faye Resnick. I’d like to note here that the real Faye Resnick is now playing a larger role than normal on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. For…wait for it…her having written a book on being Nicole Brown’s best friend. Coincidence? Andy Cohen and Ryan Murphy timing this out perfectly? I wouldn’t put it past them.

Connie is back with Murphy, seriously I thought he shunned her from his shows after her crappy performance in American Horror Story season one. Connie looks like a bad ass b**** who excels in her very obvious, very expositional dialogue. Telling Kris when Robert walks into the funeral, ‘there’s your ex’. Um, yeah Faye, we know this since we just saw Kris yelling at her three adolescent daughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. I guess she’s pointing out that they are no longer a couple, I wonder if Bruce will play a role in this season? (this last part was a joke btw)

Let me just say here, I don’t want this entire season to be full of Kardashian sister references, I don’t want my Twitter feed from the night’s episode to be all about Kris and her ability to be a mother. We did it last night, let’s get it out of our systems and move on. They are not the centre of this story, no matter how much we’d like that to be the case. (pun intended)

I might’ve left out some other key characters, but we’ll get to them once we dive further into the season. Whether O.J was guilty or not, Ryan Murphy is guilty of being one of the best television directors out there and the style and feel has for this show is going to separate it from anything else out there. So yeah, make sure you make some time to watch the premiere. And comment below if you want to join the discussion.

American Crime Story: The People V. O.J Simpson airs on FX at 10pm.

Real Housewives REAL Drama!

It isn’t surprising to hear Dr. Paul Nassif has filed for legal separation from Adrienne Maloof. Throughout the 2 seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you could see some tension between the zillionaire couple. Adrienne always defended her marriage, but you could tell even on camera they had some real issues! I always felt Paul was too nice for Adrienne, she’s always complaining and spazzing on him!



RHONJ: Drama on the Field!

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline decides to have the entire crew over for some field game fun, Gia decides she is growing boobies, and Kathy continues to be the peacekeeper.

Jacqueline, who always seems to be one of the peacekeeper’s (Kathy Wakile is the other one), decides to have a fun day of field games at her mansion. In what seems to be another set up day for the show, Lauren (Caroline’s daughter) loses her cool, and admits she would rather have a day with her close family, then spend a few drama filled hours with random families (Wakile’s,Gorga’s,Giudice’s).

I would actually feel the exact same way, it seems anytime all these families are put together, something dramatic ensues, and the show tries to pass all of them off as ‘family’ or close family, but really they’re not related well they are…but just not to Teresa’s fam. Anyways, that field day looked amazing, the amount of bouncy toys in that yard would’ve made any kid happy. Unfortunately, not for Gia who literally freaks out after she catches her uncle Joe cheating in one of the races. Joe was just play cheating, nobody was taking it seriously, but of course 10-yr old Gia freaks out and starts crying that her team lost because her uncle Joe cheated. The other housewives try to calm her down, but really nothing can stop the violent outbursts of a 10-yr old, so Gia retreats to Jacqueline’s basement where she attempts to hide from everyone, and probably the camera crew.

Gia clearly sucks at hiding, she finds cover near the play area but Caroline and Jacqueline find her sitting there and try to talk her out of her mood. She demands for her mother, and insults Jacqueline by saying she didn’t even want to come to field day, she’d rather be down at the Shore with Snooki and her dad Joe. Offended, Jacqueline does what any confused parent would do, and she pulls out a book that will hopefully teach Gia a lesson, but really all it did was point out her flaws and make her feel like a sore loser even more.

In the end, Teresa shows up and gets annoyed with Jacqueline and Caroline for trying to teach her daughter a lesson. She admits she understands why her daughter is upset, she’d rather be at the Shore house with her husband and kids! Like really, why would you admit that to Jacqueline, she’s worked hard to put the field day together, and you’re just going to insult her like that? So rude.

While that’s happening, Kathy takes a chance on Gia, calming her down and nurturing her like any good mother would do. Seriously, Kathy’s amazing. Gia seems to be in a better mood, they go outside for some BBQ, poor Lauren she’s still on her diet and can’t really enjoy much of anything.




RHONJ: Pool Party!

I have to say, this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been more promising than season 5 of Mad Men! The drama is always ready to pop off in Jersey, and what’s the point of watching men in nice suits when you can watch Kathy Wakile host amazing parties!

Seriously, just watching her put together her get togethers, I feel like I’m learning how to become a better housewife, it’s like watching a show on the Food Channel or HGTV! She’s just amazing, her house always looks cute and done up, and that pool party! I don’t know how anyone passes up the chance where there is that much food and booze poolside.

Anyways, the episode starts off with Teresa and Melissa discussing the previous nights events to their loving husbands. Teresa obviously exaggerates everything and makes Melissa seem like godzilla- Joe her husband isn’t having any of it, he just sits there and throws insult after insult to each housewife. He kept calling Melissa ‘Horsey’ I guess that’s her nickname, since she resembles a horse- according to Joe. Also, he was doing some weird workout thing while he was talking to Teresa- he’s just an idiot.

Joe- Melissa’s husband takes it all in, and he already knows how much of a liar his sister his, he doesn’t really take what she said to heart- he’s already been in arguments with her, for Joe and Melissa they just want their families to be happy, and for their children to spend time with their cousins.

Caroline said it best, Teresa will always have this dislike for Melissa simply because she exists. She’s the younger and prettier version of herself and she’s always threatened by that.

Albie, Chris and Lauren pay a visit to the Jaguar dealership, it looks as if Chris is interested in buying a new car. When Caroline and her husband Al show up- Caroline is in panic mode because she doesn’t know how her son Chris is going to pay for the car. A few minutes later, they surprise her by telling her the car is actually for her and not Chris! It was the cutest surprise present ever!! Al is the sweetest man, they make me so happy.

Kathy (the greatest mother of all time, next to Caroline) decides to throw a pool party, she invites everyone, except Jacqueline can’t go, and Caroline is not up for it, which leaves the Wakile’s with the Gorga’s and Giudice’s. With the backyard decked out, Kathy’s kids invite their school friends, but apparently Kathy’s husband Rich tells everyone not to come because drama was definitely going to be in attendance. Not sure if he was joking or not, the party seemed a little empty until Rosie came out and made the party fantastic with her bartending skills.

Teresa arrives, and the music shifts to something really dramatic and suspenseful. Her brother Joe is confused about what he’s supposed to say to her. They’re not really agreeing on anything, Rich recommended therapy, but Joe was doubtful of that. Anyways, while the kids were swimming, Joe and Teresa have a sit down that almost lasted half the episode. So boring, same old talk with Joe trying to explain his side of the story, and Teresa not having any of it. She doesn’t remember the things she says, she doesn’t want to accept that she could be wrong or that her husband could actually be the root of some of their problems. Frustrated, Joe gets up calls his sister a ‘nut job’ and walks away, I actually don’t know how he stands to talk to her. He gives up, she freaks out and demands her babies because she’s ready to leave the party.

Next week, it seems things are going downhill for Teresa and her crew Caroline and Jacqueline. I still want to know what happened between J and T that had J in tears, and made her not want to come to the reunion.

Stay tuned yall!



RHONJ: Battle of the Sister-in-Laws

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is so crazy it’s probably going to go down in history as the best Housewives Season ever! There’s only been 3 episodes so far, and it’s crazy!

It’s summer in Jersey which means once again the crew decide to visit the Shore for a night. Somehow Joe Giudice get’s a fancy boat and decides to takes all the adults for a cruise…while Rosie and Kathy’s mom are stuck taking care of the children.

When they return, Jacqueline gets everyone together to attend some Summer Solstice party…obviously everyone’s down to go but nobody knows the drama that’s about to unfold. Seriously, we all know Teresa is crazy- she refuses to believe her husband did anything wrong and instead of admitting he was in jail for a week…continues to say he was ‘away’. So she’s trying to be a good mother-fine, but you can tell how jealous she is of her brother Joe and Melissa’s marriage. Everytime Joe tries to do or say something nice to Teresa she gets defensive and starts throwing punches at them (not literally).

When we first met Melissa at the beginning of last season, I didn’t like her. She seemed like those annoying housewives that don’t really do anything, but really I friggin’ love her. She’s so normal and so real, the fact that Teresa continuously starts arguments with her, it just proves how insanely jealous Teresa is. Teresa brings Melissa over at the party to ask her something, when Melissa is answering her question she mentions how Joe was in jail for a week, hearing this Teresa freaks out and starts leaving the party!

Melissa could care less, she’s been amazing so far with Teresa everytime she’s insulted by her sister-in-law she just turned her cheek, because really all she wants is a happy family. So the random woman that gets involved in their argument tells Jacqueline to bring Melissa out so her and Teresa can talk it out.

Really, nothing gets resolved because Teresa doesn’t apologize for calling Melissa a goldigger. Melissa basically destroys Teresa in the argument, everything she said was just so real and so true- why would Teresa even tell her brother that his wife only wants him for money? Does she want things to turn out bad for the couple? For the kids to see their parents go through a divorce?

Melissa was on key, and you could tell Teresa does all these hurtful things because she’s so miserable in her life, and she’s extremely jealous.

Keep watching because I can’t wait to see why Jacqueline decides to turn her back on Teresa.

Real Housewives of Vancouver!

So I don’t know if the episode I watched last night was the series premiere, regardless the housewives of Vancouver are really boring. Of course, Canada had to come up with their own version of The Housewives saga, and I guess Vancouver was the chosen city. It is a beautiful city, and I’m not even hating on the look of the show. These women are definitely well off, and the homes they live in are stunning.

But, they literally are bat s*** crazy. Each and every one of them. It’s not like  the American versions like RHONJ where Caroline is so normal she could be my mom, or Lisa and Kyle from RHOBH who are mentally stable. Each one of these housewives from Vancouver have serious mental and emotional issues, first of all I don’t even know how they all know each other.

The one mom- Mary, who looked completely normal in the beginning, invites her ‘best-friend’ Ronnie to this girls weekend in Whistler, except Ronnie completely embarrasses Mary in front of the other girls, she was SO rude to her, and Mary just sat there taking it all in. What’s wrong with you!

The other one, I don’t even know her name but we can call her ‘Golddigger’ since she clearly states her income is from her past 2 divorces. That actually makes me sick, this is why women are underestimated. We’ve worked hard to make a place for us within the work field, earning salaries that compete with our male counterparts. But women like her give us a bad rap. (That was my feminist rant for the day).

Anyways, there’s one housewife that’s half Asian I think, she seemed a little normal. She had a family, and a cute house and a dangerous obsession with fast cars. Meh.

Realistically, I probably won’t watch this show again. Nothing made me want to tune in for next week’s episode, aside from the fact that somebody needs to knock out Ronnie. Asap.

RHOBH: Housewives In Hawaii

After the holiday break, the housewives from Beverly Hills are back in business…and ready for a vaca in Hawaii. As if their lives were completely hectic..and as if Beverly Hills was such a terrible place to live in…the couples plus Camille and Brandi decided to head to Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday.

After the craziness of Kyle’s White Party…Taylor and Russell were no longer invited to Hawaii. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit for repeating things about his and Taylor’s marriage (that were only said to her by Taylor)…the rest of the gang didn’t find it legally responsible to be hanging out with the dude that might serve them up with papers if they were to say the wrong thing.

Kyle’s party looked like a ton of fun…if you didn’t count the part where Taylor was disinvited…or the part where Kim was making out with her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Everyone’s at the airport…and as always they’re waiting for Kim who is running late. It’s 45 minutes until departure and she’s still at home looking for her passport. Clearly, she’s going to miss the flight…and starts looking for the next available one. Paul (Adrienne’s husband) is on the later flight as well since he had a business meeting to stay back for. Everything seems to be going smoothly…until Brandi whose afraid of flying…takes too many Xanax…and she’s literally slurring her words. She can barely keep her head up in the airplane…she looks like she’s dying. Although it probably wasn’t as bad as when she used to roofie herself just to get through the plane ride. (Yes, she told that story)

Finally, they land in Hawaii…where they have to take a bus ride to their hotel. During the bus ride…Brandi can’t stop talking and is literally the funniest person ever. She’s intoxicated…she’s high…I don’t know what she is but she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed. I still don’t understand why she was on that trip. Who invited her?

The Four Seasons (Waikiki) is beautiful…when is the Four Seasons anything but beautiful. This episode actually made me want to go to Hawaii…it looked stunning. Too bad the ladies didn’t think the same…all they did was sit around, lay on the beach and admire the view! Girls, get in there! The water looked stunning, I don’t even know how the ladies managed to sit there looking pretty. The true Hollywood Housewife.

Everyone gets settled in…Brandi gets a little too cozy with Ken…and Lisa marks her territory! Ken is frigin’ adorable…he clearly knows Brandi’s trying to hit on him…but he starts playing innocent- he’s just so funny. I actually wish Lisa and Ken were my parents.

Camille and Brandi seem to bond over a tanning session…but mostly because they were once married to actors. Once on the beach, the drama heats up when Lisa receives a phone call from Taylor back home. She tells them that her and Russell are officially over, they’ve both decided to end their marriage and just focus on being parents to Kennedy. The season’s coming to an end, and we know it was around that time when Russell committed suicide. Even though Taylor thought she was beginning to turn her life around, it was about to get a whole lot worse. Lisa started tearing up…and I can’t imagine how supportive the rest of the women were for Taylor.

Never leave a housewife behind.


RHOBH: Even Malibu Couldn’t Save Us

O-M-G…I don’t want to say it but this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting more heated than the housewives in Jersey! I never thought this day would come…but then again I never expected Taylor to fall a part the way she has throughout this season. Seriously, every single episode she’s either crying…or she’s cussing someone out…or usually both. This episode was no different.

Brandi with the broken leg has been trying to ‘fit in’ with the housewives since Episode 1 of this season…and clearly her leg has been keeping her back. Whatever she does, it doesn’t work, she just makes things worse for herself. Like when she was invited to Dana’s game night…and she accused Kim of using ‘crystal meth’…umm okay. And this week, when she finally decides to throw a house party and give back to the women that gave her a name- instead of just being Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife. She throws a house party…except she just moved so her house isn’t ready…so she uses her friend’s house in Malibu. She doesn’t cook…she definitely doesn’t clean…seriously who uses someone else’s house to throw a house party!! What kind of housewife are you!

Okay, so tensions are high right now because of what Camille said to Taylor a few weeks ago at Lisa’s house. Camille basically told Taylor to be honest with herself, and admit to herself all the bad things Russell has done to her. Obviously, Taylor got crazy mad at Camille for saying that- but it doesn’t make sense because Taylor was the one who told Camille all those things in the first place. And it wasn’t like Camille was going to the tabloids with that information…they were having a private conversation.

Last week was Adrienne’s fashion show…Taylor ignored Camille the entire time…and basically left everything to be resolved this week. The women arrive at the Malibu digs…and oh my was it a view! Wine and seafood…and an oceanview? Seriously ladies how could you mess that up! Brandi is just weird, I don’t trust her, I haven’t trusted her since day 1…first of all wear a bra. The ladies were having fun with her all night because she wasn’t wearing one…and you could see everything through her white dress. (Dumbass) Then, Brandi brings up Kyle’s sexy husband Mauricio…except Kyle was really quiet about their marriage. You could tell Brandi was jealous that Kyle’s been married for so long and has such a stable relationship with the hottest man. Kyle just keeps things to herself…and gets feisty when women like Brandi talk about her husband. (We know what you were thinking Brandi-Broken-Leg)

So towards the end of the night…and clearly after a few glasses of wine…Taylor starts crying because Didi (Camille’s friend) sparked up a conversation about Taylor forgiving Camille. Taylor steps out onto the beautiful backyard deck facing the ocean…and then Brody Jenner’s mom(yes she was present) goes on to say once they’re done fighting…and no longer there…the ocean will always remain the same. LOL! What? Where did you even come from…and are you on crystal meth? Taylor starts balling…and it’s obvious at this point she’s not even crying about Camille…there are bigger things Taylor’s depressed about. Camille is not even involved in the argument…it’s more Didi then anyone else. She is yelling at Taylor because Taylor won’t realize how good of a friend Camille is to her. (Didi you’re extra, so leave) Then…as if it’s even her house…Brandi realizes the attention is no longer on her…and kicks Taylor out!! She said Taylor was ruining the party…and causing drama…and she was no longer allowed to stay in her friends’ home. Taylor leaves…along with everyone else…you just committed social suicide Brandi…seriously just give up.

Kyle and Taylor end up leaving together, Taylor breaks down in the limo and demands a cigg. Kyle tries to make Taylor feel better, but it obviously doesn’t work because Taylor is one ****** up housewife! Girl needs some serious help!

Brandi breaks down inside her friend’s Malibu home…and admits all she ever wanted was to be accepted and fit in…her friend gives some amazing advice…and tells Brandi to just be herself.

Sorry friend who owns the Malibu home…we never got your name.


RHOBH: Kennedy’s Party

As if Taylor didn’t realize from Kennedy’s birthday last year…that was taped for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and showed just how awkwardly fake, her and her husband Russell were trying to be for the sake of their daughters’ birthday party…she threw another one this year.

So this year she throws Kennedy whose turning 5…a country fair/carnival themed birthday party…with horses…pony rides…and those balloon playhouse things that I’ve really wanted to try out. How come we never had those at our birthday parties?…

Anyways, everyone shows up except for Lisa because she’s busy planning her daughter’s bachelorette party/wedding invitations. However, one good thing did come out of last week’s episode. Magically, Lisa and Taylor have worked through their conflicts and are now friends. Lisa agreed to support Taylor with whatever her decision might be in terms of her marriage…and Taylor was very forgiving. Except, Taylor turned her hatred onto Camille…who wasn’t invited to Kennedy’s 5th birthday party. (Shame)

Kyle was shocked at how fast this all got resolved.

So, the party ends up looking amazing…Kennedy has a wardrobe malfunction…I guess she was partying too hard on that playhouse…and she gets sung Happy Birthday by a drunk American Idol contestant. (Yay)

Everything seemed to be going perfectly…even awkward Russell seemed like he was having a swell time. But, when Russell wanted to take a family picture immediately…instead of after because he had a horse coming in for Kennedy- Dana accused him of just wanting attention. Dana said they should wait until 4pm…but Russell freaked out on her…and did it his way. Wow, I mean Dana had no say since Russell was paying for the birthday party after all…right???Hmmm…

Her present was obviously a horse…no one in their right mind would buy a 5-year old child a horse…except for Russell Armstrong. Dana agreed by pointing out they couldn’t even take care of a puppy…how are they going to look after a horse…much less pay for it! (She didn’t say that last part)

Anyways, it was just a weird ending to the episode…clearly Taylor and Russel couldn’t be more dysfunctional…but Taylor’s sticking it out because she thinks its better to be with someone than to be alone. We know how that story ends…



RHOBH: Swimmin’ With The Fishes

Really though nothing interesting happened on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As usual, one of the housewives’- Adrienne decides to throw a party/spa day at her mansion…and invites everyone…including Broken Foot Brandi. If you’ve been watching the season you’ll know everyone pretty much hates Brandi- especially after she accused Kim of using ‘crystal meth’.

Adrienne really wants to work it out between Brandi/Kyle and Kim. The episode was really annoying because all you see for 45 minutes is Kyle and Kim deciding whether or not they even want to speak to Brandi. They’re like a bunch of grade school girls. Finally, Kyle and Brandi talk it out but Brandi isn’t apologetic…she feels she was attacked by Kim and Kyle for saying they didn’t want to be in her group. (Ouch! that is hurtful)…Anyways…the most interesting thing is probably Lisa’s friend Mohammed’s mega mega mansion. This is beyond any mansion we’ve seen in the BH…ever. 60,000 square feet…and he lives with his girlfriend. Really?

I don’t get it.

Camille is really boring this season…but I actually like her better this way. She’s trying real hard to avoid the drama…and seems like she’s focused on her kids and getting them through her divorce with Frasier.

Also, Adrienne has her own spa!? Seriously, these people are unreal. Mauricio (Kyle’s husband is actually the hottest husband in Real Housewives history…and the girls don’t resolve anything with Brandi.

Next week everyone head’s over to Mohammed’s mansion for Lisa’s daughters engagement party. Yay!