The summer literally felt like it came and went, and that’s because it did, but it also brought some of our favourite shows back, so we ain’t mad at it. Let’s look at some of the summer hits that took up way too much space on the PVR.

Kimmy Schmidt (Premiered May 19 on Netflix)

Realistically the show should be called Kimmy & Titus becuase let’s be real, he’s the real star of the show, But, we still get excite when this show comes around, and obviously, we’re binge watching this all weekend. This season saw Titus break up with his boo and find his inner Beyonce – he didn’t have to look too far. It was amazing.giphy.gif

Kingdom (Premiered May 31 on DIRECTV)


Kingdom has been one of my favourite shows, not just of the summer but, of all time. I never thought a show about MMA fighting could resonate with so many people, but that’s because Kingdom was more than just a show about MMA fighting. This season was their final one, it’s sad to see a story that wasn’t quite finished come to an end. And I was so ready to watch more Jonathan Tucket because he was so beautiful and brilliant this season. I’m dealing with it, also he’s in American Gods so we should be seeing him in season 2 of that. We’re saying goodbye to our sweaty summer and our favorite sweaty men. #VeniceForever

Orange is the New Black (Premiered June 9 on Netflix)


This is one of the shows I wait all year for, and with the hype around the new season taking place over 3 days in the prison it was supposed to be the littest season yet! Aaaaand it wasn’t. I’m going to be honest here and admit I couldn’t even get through all the episodes. Imagine that, the potential to binge an entire season and I still couldn’t get through it? The episodes were jam packed with storylines jumping from all characters, and you would think this would be super entertaining, but i found it super annoying, with most of the dialogue sounding like filler content. It still makes it on my list because we’re already excited for next season!

Game of Thrones (Premiered July 16 on HBO)


Literally the show we wait over a year for. Season 7 only had 7 episodes, but we have to admit they were beyond lit. This season we found out that R+L definitely = J. But what we really cared about was D + J 4EVA!


Ozark (Premiered July 21 on Netflix)

Someone described Ozark to me by calling it the show on Netflix with Jason Bateman that’s basically Breaking Bad but with money laundering. And they were right. They were also right that it’s a really well done show. It’s only in its first season and things are starting to take off for Marty Byrde and his family. I wasn’t crazy about the season finale, but I’m excited to see where they can go with this. Breaking Bad really didn’t hit it’s peak until season 2/3. So give it a go.

Insecure (Premiered on July 23 on HBO)


One of my favourite shows of the year. 2017 also saw the end of HBO’s Girls, and trust me we were ready for that to end. But for HBO to come through with another comedy that felt so much like Girls, it was a big risk, but we’re glad they took it. The season 2 Insecure finale was one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen. From the music to the heartbreaking flashback, the writers were just so on point. So many feels for this show.

That’s it for the summer! We’ll miss some, some others we have to wait so freakin’ long so don’t even think about it (GoT). But stay tuned for our FALL TV PREVIEW because it is loaded with more shows we cannot wait to PVR and forget to delete. Welcome to fall. Enjoy your PSL.