BROAD CITY: Episode 2 “Twaining Day”

The second episode of Broad City’s season four brought us some more laughs. Let’s break down the funniest moments from the episode.

Abbi’s New Job/Boss

BC-wanda sykes.png

If you thought Abbi working at Soulstice was funny, well get ready because Abbi’s got a new job at GRAPHIX. The best part though is her new boss played by the Queen of comedy Wanda Sykes. Did you know there was such a thing as organic cat litter? Neither did Abbi. Good luck on the new job girl!

Ilana’s New Job


Since the girls are back on their grind, Ilana is also down for the hustle and stumbles into Sex and the City famed hotspot SushiSamba. The manager is played by another Qwayn – RuPaul. The on screen dialogue between these two will have you on the floor – dead. When Ilana (accidentally) causes her coworker to trip, Ru takes it as Ilana being her rude ass self and loves her for it. He then titles her after Tonya Harding (the figureskater that was accused of attacking another figureskater). Thus Ilana was named ‘Other Tonya’

The Mysterious Tin Foil

BC-tin foil

Just when you thought Ilana couldn’t get any crazier, she finishes her lunch/dinner and goes to toss out the tin foil in a nearby garbage can. But as she walks away, she stops dead in her tracks and turns around to look at the pile of dump as if the tin foil was calling out to her. She retrieves the little piece of garbage and continues using it for the remainder of the episode. She sneaks away during her shift at SushiSamba to unravel the aluminum and gives herself a pep talk by talking to this piece of trash. She takes advice from this piece of tinfoil which apparently is reminding her that she isn’t really a mean person. This is obviously a big inside joke and I hope find out what’s really going on as the season unfolds. No pun intended.

The Mysterious Package


When a package Abby ordered online gets delivered to the Soulstice gym, she shows up trying to hide from her ex Trey, but a Twain sighting soon has her losing her marbles. Also this cutout killed me.

The Pretty Little Liar


Like all good friends should do, calling out your friend when she is acting like a complete loony tune is very necessary. When Abbi calls Ilana freaking out that she is literally looking at Shania Twain at the gym, (the person she claimed she had been ‘twaining’ since season one episode one), Ilana doesn’t believe a word she’s saying. But the funniest part is, this is coming from the craziest of them all. Ilana calls Abbi crazy!? What universe are we living in??

Twaining Twain

BC-twaining twain

Little did Ilana know, Abbi was telling the truth. Shania Twain was legitimately training with Trey! So what does Abbi do? She begs Trey to let her train Shania Twain with him, and we all know how bad Trey wants Abbi’s booty so he cannot deny her of this. Also, Shania is not down to even exercise for a second, she’s trying to get out of every single position, until Trey and Abbi offer to show her the movements. Then it gets pretty dirty between the two exes, and Shania’s just sitting there like enjoying the views. Can we just mention here that Shania was freakin’ hilarious!

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BROAD CITY: Top 10 Funny Moments from the Season Premiere!

THE GIRLS ARE BACK. No, not the HBO Girls, no not the girls from Pretty Little Liars either, the girls – the Broad City girls! It’s been too long, Game of Thrones is gone for basically forever, so thank the TV Gods because Abbi and Ilana are coming through at the perfect time.

Here we break down the Top 10 Funniest Moments from the season four premiere. Let us know and comment below if we missed anything!

10. The first time (and hopefully the last) Trump makes it into an episode

trump bus.png

We know the Broad City girls were rooting for HRC on and off the show. I’m sure some of their best jokes had to be rewritten following the surprising outcome of the presidential election. Here’s to hoping this is the only time we ever see or hear about Trump in this season.

9. The Oprah Tramp Stamp

oprah tramp stamp.png

You get a tat! You get a tat! Everyone gets a tramp stamp! Not everyone, but Abbi sure did. During this very informative flashback episode we also find out how and why Abbi got the Oprah tramp stamp. It was 2011 and Oprah was just about to finish her television show, I guess Abbi was feeling nostalgic about it. Do you booboo.

8. 2011 Bevers Edition


So one of the funniest moments of this flashback episode is seeing Bever’s who we’ve always known as the couch potato boyfriend of her roommate who eats all of Abbi’s food, and just basically overstays his welcome. But here we see that in 2011, he was actually freakin’ hot! And he was all down for boundaries and sharing space with Abbi, but she was the one who insisted he make himself feel right at home – all the damn time! She has nobody to blame but herself! This was hilarious.

7. 2011 Ilana Hair

ilana hair tho

2011 Ilana did not have curly hair. 2011 Ilana used to spend 2 hours in front of the mirror straightening her hair, until one day she met Abbi who told her she looked like Rosie Perez with her natural curls, and thus began the transition!


6. Ilana’s reaction to everything, but also her roommates PowerPoint presentation

powerpooint reaction

Ilana’s basic ass roommates are tired of her weird antics, and they’ve put together a very creative PowerPoint presentation, and her reaction to their distaste of her natural curly hair is hilarious. Her face just kills me.


5. The Thrupple


The Thrupple conversation just made us revaluate our entire life, because it was 2011 and Barack and Michelle Obama were the leaders of the free world.



4. La Queefa

It seems like Ilana is working a new job every episode, and that’s probably because she is. She is literally a lazy piece of cray cray. She gets fired from her job at the Grey Dog cafe, and when her manager calls her a thief, she fires back by protesting that he just called her a ‘queef’ and that he was basically sexually harassing her. Girl bye.

queef or thief

3. The Ponytail Bandit

As if the world wasn’t an already scary place to live in, now all of us rockin’ that high ponytail look need to be on the watch for the snipper! Seriously, one of the funniest moments ever, seeing that creepy bald man slowly lurk on Abbi and snip her pony right off her head! She’s then stuck with the funniest hairdo for the rest of the episode.


2.Ilana’s shoes and sock combo

Literally every time this girl was on screen I couldn’t help but just stare at those those hideous shoes. To make matters worse, she’s wearing them with socks, girl I cannot! All I hear in my head is “what are thooose?”


1.Best Friends Forever

At the end of the episode we finally see Abbi and Ilana cementing their friendship forever, literally in cement on the corner of a random street. Seriously, if these two were basic bitches they would be #friendshipgoals


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O-M-G the wait has been brutal! Mike, we missed you…Harvey…we love you. That promo looks absolutely insane, whatever it is, whatever is in store for Mike in the coming months is going to be totally awesome. Most of the main cast now knows about Mike’s secret, and the mid season finale ended off with Louis finding out- so s**** about to hit the fan. Also, it looks like things are getting serious between Harvey and Scottie- and Harvey’s real life dad (Stephen Macht the man behind the desk) makes an appearance on the show. Cannot wait for this one. If you haven’t seen Suits, you need to watch it. It’s the most underrated television show out there, not enough people know about it. It is amazing.

The continuation of season 3 of Suits premieres March 6th 2014.

Check out the promo below.

A few months ago we caught up with some of the cast on set while they were filming in downtown Toronto. Check out the pictures below, it definitely looks like this season is going to Mike/Louis heavy and maybe a little Harold action?

Louis and Harold
Louis and Harold

Angry looking Mike Ross
Angry looking Mike Ross

S U I TS: “Bad Faith”

Last night’s episode of Suits was uneventful compared to the episodes we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Mike and Rachel get into a big fight after Mike visits her father and gets him to agree on a deal by using Rachel as a weapon. When Rachel finds out she’s furious with Mike…and she no longer knows if moving in together is a good idea.


Harvey and Donna are enjoying the aftermath of the Ava Hessington case…but things are about to get worse before Donna gets another handbag. At the end of the episode, Jessica finds out that Scotty had no involvement in Harvey’s deal with Wholesome Foods…and Ava not only fired Harvey…but she’s suing the entire firm for malpractice. Ooh girl!

Next week’s promo for the summer season finale looks absolutely cray! Jessica finds out about Mike and Rachel and she isn’t happy. Donna visits her man in prison…I wonder if Steven will end up being her baby daddy.

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Also check out the song that was playing during Mike and Rachel’s scene. It’s by Jacobs Banks.

Breaking Amish

TLC’s new show Breaking Amish is likely to be the next big thing along with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The title of the show, obviously taking it’s name from AMC’s Breaking Bad, where the characters try to break their bad habits. In Breaking Amish, the main characters are trying to break free of their Amish culture, leave their families behind, and hit the big apple. I stumbled upon the premiere last night, and it was insane. I’ve never seen a show like this where people’s lives are literally at stake, they are risking everything to pack up and head to NYC. The one guy, his house is beside the bishop’s house, and while he was in an interview the bishop’s wife rides by and spots him talking to a bunch of cameras. Obviously, this looks crazy because they’re not big on technology, and a group of guys holding cameras and boom poles looks weird. He quickly gathers his things, packs his bag, and gets ready to leave. Once the people in the town hear what he’s doing they’ll shun him…and who knows what that could lead to.

The characters are really interesting, each with their own reason why they want to leave their homes and experience life. Some of them have siblings who don’t understand why they want to leave, it just shows you how different they can be and how strong willed they are, if they’re ready to leave everything behind them. The one girl literally gets kicked out of her house once her grandfather spots her talking to cameras. He won’t let her inside the house, and then finally does and tells her to pack her things and leave.

One of the girls (the one in orange) admits she was adopted into the Amish culture. She was born half Puerto Rican half Italian, and never had the chance to choose how she was going to live. She wants to go to NYC and experience life, be who she really is, let her hair down, wear nice things…just normal things. It’s really sad that people use religion to control people’s thoughts and actions. One of the father’s told his daughter she was behaving inappropriately because she wasn’t acting as a submissive, she should be punished because she was standing up to the men of the house and deciding her own future. Really? I can’t believe there’s people like this in this day and age, and most of the women have no choice but to sit down and listen to what their husbands or fathers tell them.

The big question now is, does this show create too many risks? Are the characters in jeopardy now that they’ve been seen all over the country, people know who they are, their families will probably never talk to them again. Are the stakes too high? It would be interesting to see how the show was put together, how they cast these individuals, how they even found them! Once that’s in the open, and if the cast had chosen this path willingly, I don’t see a problem in it. It’s their decision, it’s their life, and if they’re willing to leave everything behind and experience a different and probably better life, why not have it on camera? They’ll probably end up making some money and hopefully never go back to where they came from. Especially for the girls, I don’t see how they had anything to lose, they were being treated like s***, they would never get the chance to stand as an equal to their husband or father, and this trip to NYC is giving them a chance to make something of themselves. Hopefully they don’t lose themselves in the process. It’s definitely going to be a culture shock.

What do you think?

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KKTNY: This Is How The Fairytale Ends

All week we saw the Kourtney and Kim Take New York finale promo…and it drove me insane! Omg- the dramatic voice overs…with flashes of Kim crying because of Kris…Kourtney and Scott by her side- supporting whatever decision she makes. I couldn’t handle it…all I could do was laugh. But, when the final episode premiered last night, I have to say- I was totally fighting back the tears!

I’ll admit, this season did show a lot more of Kim’s failed marriage than I suspected. I just assumed they would breeze over the issue, and not show Kim on her bad days. But, they showed everything. However, there were some things that weren’t caught on camera- and I think we can all agree, that’s completely fair. Kim made a point of saying she’s allowed cameras to film her entire life, but her final decision about her marriage would happen behind doors, with Kris and no cameras. We get it, but after watching the episode last night, it was clear what her decision was going to be.

With their final week in New York City almost over, Kim decides to spend quality time with Kris doing things they would normally do. They head to the gym for a pilates class…but that turns out to be a disaster when Kris competes with Kim during the workout. He gets mad at her for not ‘showing her emotions’ during the exercises…which probably is a metaphor for their marriage but who are we to judge. Then, they decide to hit the town and have a romantic dinner at STK. That also fails miserably, as they realize they have nothing to talk about! Literally, sitting in silence. Until the food arrives…and that was all. Yikes!

As both couples starting packing for their return to LA…Kim freaks out that Kris wants to move ‘all’ his boxes back to her house. She says there’s no room in her huge mansion for his belongings…Kim did you forget that you were married to him? Clearly, Kim knew deep down she didn’t want to move in with Kris, she was completely fine with him heading back to Minnesota- dropping his things off there…and flying out to LA with half of his wardrobe…WTF?

Sister Kourtney was also confused at this…and overhearing their conversation…she decided to pipe in and call her sister a bitch. Granted Kim was being a princess, Kim was extremely distraught and had to leave the suite. She went into this other hotel room…which I’m assuming is for extra storage (camera equipment,clothes,makeup) and decided to call younger sister Khloe. She admitted everything to Khlo, she didn’t know what to do with him, she thought everyone would be mad at her for having this huge fairytale wedding, and only a few months later admit she was getting a divorce. Obviously, anyone in her Louboutin shoes would be embarrassed, but the bigger issue was Kim’s happiness. Kourtney finds her in the weird random room and apologizes to her for calling her a bitch. They have a sisterly chat…and Kim finally returns to the suite to talk to Kris.

Kris and Kim finish packing, and head to the airport. As they sit in silence, Kim evaluates her stay in New York City as being disastrous, and she never wants to come back. Although she loved NYC when she arrived, she definitely experienced some of her worst moments in that suite, and all she wants to do is get back to Los Angeles…and head to her lawyer’s office. Least you had a pre-nup Kimmy!


SUITS: Boy Has My Attention!

I truly regret not blogging about this subject before- Suits is at the top of my favourite shows to watch list. I’ve been addicted to Sons Of Anarchy for quite a while, but I must admit, as soon as I heard about Suits– it was all I could watch. Number one Harvey played by (Gabriel Macht) is way too distracting in his sexified suits. And his baby blue-eyed protege Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams who is from my hometown Toronto,Canada is the most charming fake Harvard Law graduate to ever be on tv! Anyways, the show is just amazing, the writing is extremely addicting, I literally watched the entire first season in maybe 2 weeks. The characters really grow throughout the season, each one bringing something different to the table. Some of the actors actually improv their scenes, and it really improves the feel of the show.

The show was created by Aaron Korsh and was premiered on the USA channel this past summer. I won’t bother giving you a synopsis about it, just go watch it! You can find all the episodes online…and Season 2 starts up again this summer which sucks because they’re making us wait a long…long time! Here is an interview with Aaron Korsh talking about some of the characters…and somethings to look forward to in Season 2.

Click here.

Season 1 cliffhanger was too much to handle…I’ll keep an eye out for Season 2 sneak peeks.


Miss Entourage? Watch How To Make It

If you’re suffering from Entourage withdrawal and are anxiously waiting for the movie…try watching another HBO hit by Mark Wahlberg called How To Make It In America. It’s in the second season (started 2 weeks ago) and it’s definitely picking up real fast.

I guess I should explain what the show is about. It’s kind of like Entourage…but instead of the movie industry it’s the fashion industry. Two best friends (One Jewish,One Dominican) born and raised in NYC start their own clothing line called ‘Crisp’. It started off with a pair of denim jeans…and now they’re into hoodies and shirts. At the end of last season the boys set off to Japan to learn more about different fabrics and gain more experience. They sort of live a rockstar lifestyle while they were there (as shown in the season opener)…but once they return to NYC they realize they have to work really hard to build their empire. There’s a lot of competition…and the boys learn quickly that it’s not about what you design or how much you know- but more about who you know.

Yes…that’s Kid Cudi in the picture.