Snooki & JWOWW: Chocolate Nuts

After another brutal fight with Roger for apparently lying to him, Jenni decides to give their relationship another chance by letting/begging Roger to come by for the weekend so the cast can do the double date thing. It seems like most of the show is Snooki and Jwoww with their better halves- Jionni and Roger! Not that we’re complaining, the foursome make for an entertaining crew, especially when Snooki decides to take everyone to the drag show!

After all it is New York City, so why wouldn’t you want drag queens dancing around while you’re eating dinner? Snooki and Jenni take the boys to a night out on the town, but when ‘Chocolate’ asks Jionni if he likes…nuts with his chocolate…the boys realize how much trouble they’re in. Obviously, the dancers bring the boys onto the stage and end up giving them lap dances. Jionni was sweating up a storm, and Roger seemed like he was enjoying it!

Later that weekend, Jionni organizes an engagement dinner for him and Snooki, inviting her family as well as Roger and Jenni. Seriously, Jionni is the cutest thing ever, his family seems normal and amazing, Snooki is SO lucky to have found this diamond in the rough…and by rough I mean the Jersey Shore. Who knew they would end up pregnant, engaged…and meeting each other’s family for a normal dinner!

The gang head back to their crib, Jenni passes out from a food coma, Roger doesn’t get laid…and Snooki and Jionni end up cuddling! We went from watching a bunch of crazies down at the Shore, to literally watching a family sitcom. Merp! Loves it.


Snooki & JWOWW: Double Date!

Can I just say how much I friggin’ love Jionni? When I first saw him on the Jersey Shore I thought he was just another meatball juicehead guido with waxed eyebrows…but he’s really none of those things (except for the eyebrows).

It seems like he’s more excited for the little meatball inside Snooki then Snooki is! It’s Jenni’s birthday, they all decide to go on a double date, which is completely different from how they do things down at the Shore. I literally feel like I’m watching a completely different show- a lot has changed, the girls definitely cannot party the night away with Snooki’s bun in the oven- but they somehow manage to make us laugh.

Roger Roger Roger, who knew he was so friggin’ hilarious? He kept picking on Jionni, jokingly until Snooki got a little offended and started protecting her man. In the end, they all got into a cab to head home and Roger started singing the “oompa loompa” song! It was the funniest moment ever.

In the end, Snooki has a OBGYN appointment to see if her baby is okay- she’s extremely nervous, but she has her Jenni and Jionni by her side so she feels loved. Everything goes down great, there’s nothing wrong with the baby, we get to see the little baby shape- and I think Snooki realizes at that moment that she’s actually preggo.

Seriously, I don’t know what she would do without Jionni, he truly is amazing.


I’m actually embarrassed to say I was surprised when I read this headline. I think we all knew how insane Mike was, and I even wrote about it in the blog about the season finale. He’s always been weird and crazy, but at the end of Season 5, he takes insanity to a whole new level.

TMZ broke the story last night that ‘The Sitch’ checked himself into a rehab facility for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control. We don’t know exactly what substances Mike was on, I feel like he might’ve been doing some weird drugs, because clearly his boy ‘The Unit’ was on something special. It might’ve been from the excessive alcohol he’d been drinking…they’d just filmed two seasons back to back but it’s all up in the air right now.

The entire Jersey Shore cast has been extremely busy with all their side projects, and I guess ‘The Sitch’ hit rock bottom and couldn’t move forward. At the end of the day, we hope he recovers…and decides not to do Season 6. Merp.



Jersey Shore: Vinning!!

Yay! Vinny has been saved!! Well not that he really needed saving but the gang decides to pay Staten Island a visit and reclaim what was there’s from Season 1- Vinny Guadagnino.

A lot happened in this week’s episode of Jersey Shore– the girls threw Pauly and Mike a surprise birthday party, Danny almost hired another roommate, and Snooki passed up the chance to get drunk and wild inside Bamboo…for a night with Jionni. The girls held a surprise bash for the two upstairs at Karma in what looked like to be a private level. There was a lot of alcohol, booze and strippers. Thankfully, Mike finally got the birthday sex he wanted and hooked up with one of the strippers…although he wasn’t sure what her name was. Meh.

Sammy gets into a bar fight! Apparently as they were walking into the club, some random yanked at Sam’s weave and she lost it- throwing her drink in the girls face…and then they were both on the floor with security throwing them out. That was actually the most exciting thing Sam has been involved in…ever.

It seemed like no matter what the roomies were doing, they couldn’t get their minds off Vin! As the days grew longer…and the week went flying by…there was still no sign of Vinny returning to the Shore. Finally, one morning, Pauly has a great idea to just show up at Vin’s house and basically kidnap him. However, I highly doubt Vin didn’t know about their plan.

It looked like Vinny did a lot of growing up in the 1 week that he was away. A new tattoo, new haircut..and new abs? Maybe they should all take a break from the Shore! Anyways, Vinny’s back, all is back to normal at the Shore. Pauly can finally hit the clubs knowing his wing-man is no farther than a few feet away from him.


More Jersey Shore!

Here’s one of my Jersey Shore videos to keep you entertained until tomorrow night’s new episode!!

Can’t wait!!

Jerseyyyyy!!! Season 5 Bitches!

You can count on us to bring all the new Season 5 trailers straight to ya! The season doesn’t look amazing, but obviously we’re gonna watch it because it’s the final season!

Vinny decides to go home for a few days, Deena is drunk as ever…and The Situation is back at it trying to stir things up with Snooki’s real relationship.

Check out one of the trailer’s.