Real Housewives of Vancouver!

So I don’t know if the episode I watched last night was the series premiere, regardless the housewives of Vancouver are really boring. Of course, Canada had to come up with their own version of The Housewives saga, and I guess Vancouver was the chosen city. It is a beautiful city, and I’m not even hating on the look of the show. These women are definitely well off, and the homes they live in are stunning.

But, they literally are bat s*** crazy. Each and every one of them. It’s not like  the American versions like RHONJ where Caroline is so normal she could be my mom, or Lisa and Kyle from RHOBH who are mentally stable. Each one of these housewives from Vancouver have serious mental and emotional issues, first of all I don’t even know how they all know each other.

The one mom- Mary, who looked completely normal in the beginning, invites her ‘best-friend’ Ronnie to this girls weekend in Whistler, except Ronnie completely embarrasses Mary in front of the other girls, she was SO rude to her, and Mary just sat there taking it all in. What’s wrong with you!

The other one, I don’t even know her name but we can call her ‘Golddigger’ since she clearly states her income is from her past 2 divorces. That actually makes me sick, this is why women are underestimated. We’ve worked hard to make a place for us within the work field, earning salaries that compete with our male counterparts. But women like her give us a bad rap. (That was my feminist rant for the day).

Anyways, there’s one housewife that’s half Asian I think, she seemed a little normal. She had a family, and a cute house and a dangerous obsession with fast cars. Meh.

Realistically, I probably won’t watch this show again. Nothing made me want to tune in for next week’s episode, aside from the fact that somebody needs to knock out Ronnie. Asap.

The Jersey Shore Finale

Seriously, Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really upset over the finale of Jersey Shore. This season was actually fun to watch, and it reminded me why we loved the crazies back in Season 1. I’ll admit, Season 4 in Italy was shameful, I think it just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and led people to believe Season 5 would suck. And some people still say Season 5 sucked, but merp not me!

The meatballs were in full effect this time around, Deena was as crazier as she’s ever been. Clearly, she wanted to lose it all at the Shore- and that she did. Although Snooki was handicapped by Jionni some nights, she still made sure to do her thang at Karma and Aztec. And although we might’ve thought we lost the V in MVP, Vinny made a quick recovery and returned to the Shore to ultimately have a threesome with 2 lesbians. Deena was right, one of them did look like Matthew Mcconaughey,

It seemed like Jenni was surrounded by ‘housewife problems’ she was always washing the dishes, or cleaning up after the roommates. It looked like she was always in the background, until she decided to take the front seat in Deena’s relationship with Joey.

Mike “The Situation” was legit crazier than ever. I actually don’t know how the roomies put up with him, especially after 5 seasons. He’s disgusting, he’s evil, and he clearly can’t take a joke. When Vinny and Pauly organize the biggest prank of all- turning the entire Shore house inside out…Mike has a hissy fit when his bed is on the upstairs deck. Finally, Pauly and Vinny agree to help him bring his things back into the house, he literally didn’t stop complaining. I mean, come on. The entire time Mike is freaking out that he doesn’t appreciate his belongings being tossed around, Pauly just stands there and looks at him in confusion. I don’t know how Pauly stays so calm.

Ronnie and Sam were pretty much a bore, but then again that’s no surprise. Even when they were fighting and throwing each other’s furniture out the window they managed to bore us all.

Discussing the end of the Jersey Shore is like discussing the end of time. You just don’t want it to ever happen. However, with Snooki’s pregnancy, I don’t see how the show will ever be the same. Deena and Vinny were on HLN the other night, and they were asked if they think MTV would do another season, considering Snooki has a meatball in the oven. Deena got a little defensive saying that the show doesn’t rely on one person, and that they could still shoot the Shore without the Snooks. I can’t see that happening, I love Deena, I was literally on the floor dying of laughter when she was running away from the Tornado. Somehow she thought driving away was a better idea than staying in the house.

But, I doubt the house will be the same without our tanned meatball. I mean, without Snooki, I would’ve never stolen the phrase “Parties heeeeeeeere!”. Vinny was confident that the show wouldn’t be the same either, in answering that same question, he said how the house sort of fell a part when he left, and he was only gone for a week. He said he didn’t think the house would function normally if one person was missing, it’s the dynamic they have as one that makes them so entertaining.

So, I guess we’ll see, hopefully MTV will think of something soon and develop another Jersey Shore season. Wah!

See you all at Karma! xo


Mob Wives: A Molded Mind

The women of Staten Island have officially run out of ideas for their VH1 reality show Mob Wives. This week the women gathered at Renee’s house for Karen’s ‘spa’ night. Although the girls invited Carla last week, she didn’t show up because her plans with her children and their father were more important (obviously).

Karen is understanding…but Renee flips out when Carla doesn’t tell Karen the real reason as to why she chose not to show up. My opinion, I think the real reason was because of her kids…but the reason producers wanted Karen to believe… was that Carla was afraid to show up (more interesting) Carla had said to Renee that she didn’t want to show up in case she was ambushed by Ramona and Karen. There’s just so much unnecessary drama…Carla who is the one person that’s always avoided the drama…is now finding herself in the middle of it all…and she’s definitely not going to take it.

Literally, the rest of the 35 minutes was showing everyone else discuss why Carla didn’t show up to Karen’s party that was held at Renee’s house. WHO CARES!!

Don’t these people have anything else to talk about…they could’ve shown Renee’s son AJ…he would’ve had more things to talk about then these crazy ass housewives.

In the end, Ramona calls Carla and tells her she wants to go to lunch with her. Nobody knows why…not even Carla. Somehow…Carla agrees. They discuss their relationship (or lack there of) over dinner…and I guess they come to terms? Carla obviously doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama…but Ramona can’t help but believe that Carla is controlled by Drita. Drita and Ramona are enemies, clearly. Ramona claims Carla has a ‘molded mind’…and can’t think for herself.

I actually loved watching this show…but now it’s just gone to a whole new crazy level. I couldn’t even sit and watch the entire episode…it just got really boring…and really repetitive. They definitely need to come up with more topics..instead of just sticking to one situation and dragging it through the entire 45 minutes.

At least Big Ang is fun to watch.


Jersey Shore: “The Confrontation”

Yay! Vinny’s back! Everyone’s excited, everyone’s back to normal…well as normal as the Jersey Shore cast can be! Although Vinny was back this week, and definitely doing his thing in the club…he wasn’t the Vinny we’ve experienced in the past 4 seasons. He’s definitely more calm, quiet, and not as exciting! Meh, guess it will take more time for him to become himself.

Mike, who deemed himself “The Confrontation” this week was experiencing a really weird emotional drunk night. He had been drinking way too much, and I guess he had some things on his mind- mostly about everyone hating him in the house. After a chat with the Snooks, he decides to go downstairs and confront the boys about their issues. Mike says that they’ve been acting weird around him, he’s not sure what he’s done in the past to make them feel that way. Ronnie isn’t having any of it, Pauly D just doesn’t really care and blows Mike off. Snooki gets pissed off at the boys for not expressing their feelings towards Mike…and she calls them all losers. There definitely is a divide between Ronnie/Pauly/Vinny and Mike. Obviously, the shady things Mike’s done in the past…have affected their friendships. Nobody trusts Mike!

Snooki gets a UTI…and pees on herself and the dance floor in Karma (ew). The next day, the gang head to Jenkinson’s which I guess is a local beach bar, but it’s usually the only place packed with people near the water. Snooki can’t fight the pain of a bladder infection and downs a few tequila shots. Yay! Her and Deena are having a blast as usual. Seriously, thank the Jersey Shore God’s for finding Deena and making a perfect Meatball sandwich. Snooks and Deena are hilarious together…kind’ve like the bromance between Pauly and Vinny.



MOB WIVES: I’m Bored.

I actually never thought I’d admit this, but dang Mob Wives was so boring this week! I could barely make it through the episode…which looked like it took place in 3 different restaurants.

They don’t talk about anything else other than Karen fighting with Carla…Carla fighting with Ramona…and everyone else hating on Drita. Drita is in the process of divorcing her cheating husband Lee (still in prison).

Karen decides to throw a spa day at Renee’s house…and invites Carla even though there is still some tension because Carla is best friend’s with Drita.

Nothing else happens, they should really create some other drama that doesn’t involve Karen and Drita hating each other. Also, why is Ramona still on the show??

Jersey Shore: Waah! Vinny Leaves!

It was the Jersey Shore episode we were all dreading. Vinny Guadagnino leaves the Shore…after battling his anxiety for a few days. Obviously, leaving Italy and going straight to the Shore had a huge impact on Vinny, he couldn’t deal with it…and decides he’s going to go home. We know Vinny returns after a few days, but it’s still sad how it happened!

Dj Pauly D was the cutest thing ever, trying to do everything for his Vinny- even taking him to get his nails did! But, shopping and manicures couldn’t save Vinny, in the end Pauly helps Vinny pack his things while the rest of the crew is partying.

Mike was being a complete loser as always…Jionni was being such a gentlemen…and Mike kept making these stupid idiotic faces like Jionni doesn’t know he hooked up with Snooki a million years ago!! Snooki hooked up with Vinny…months after her and Mike hooked up so I don’t get why he’s so fixated on telling Jionni- just let the kid be happy. Thank god ‘The Unit’ wasn’t in attendance this week, we coudn’t handle him topless for much longer (sarcasm).

The rest of the house does there usual partying, but there definitely is a funk going through the roomies. The fact that Vinny was sad and always in bed, was putting a damper on the entire episode. Even Ronnie took Vinny on a cute date on the boardwalk, they played some games and rode some rides, but that couldn’t convince Vinny to stay either.

Mike meets his usual girl ‘Paula’ at one of the clubs, you might remember her from Season 1 when they hooked up in the hot tub…and then she took a tumble down the stairs. Pauly meets some girl, whose definitely DTF, brings her home…and before she leaves she takes his diamond necklace!! While Pauly was downstairs calling a cab for her, she gets changed and decides to stuff his necklace down her shorts (the cameras don’t lie). She leaves, only to return a few hours later with Pauly’s necklace around her!! Pauly is freaking out, because he’s been looking for his favourite necklace for hours, he sees her and he’s so happy I don’t think he realized how crazy she was! Clearly, she took the necklace as an excuse to come back to the house and see him again. It didn’t work, Pauly D just wanted his necklace back, and wanted her to leave.

And, it seems as if all is normal for Ronnie and Sam. They’ve been on good terms since Italy, not even one fight!! I think both of them really grew up, after watching themselves on Season 3. (Yikes!) Even though they broke up in the Fall, Ronnie still has love for her, and doesn’t deny the fact that they might get back together in the future (According to some interview he did on the red carpet for the People’s Choice Awards).

Hopefully, Vinny’s back next week but we’ll have to wait and see! Wah!


We’re a few hours away from watching the crazies on another episode of Jersey Shore. If you need a good laugh…watch this.

More Jersey Shore!

Here’s one of my Jersey Shore videos to keep you entertained until tomorrow night’s new episode!!

Can’t wait!!

RHONJ: Why Are Kids Crying?

With all the drama surrounding the start of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s easy to forget that another great season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming to an end! There are only a few more episodes left of this season…which means we don’t get to see anymore text message fights between the two Guido Joes.

Although Teresa might think the war between her brother and husband is over…her daughter Gia doesn’t think so. At Milania’s 5th birthday party…older sister Gia writes a song for uncle Joe and her mom…but before she can sing she begins to cry! All the adults are shocked to hear the song is obviously about the family feud that has enveloped this entire season…and Caroline can’t help but feel sorry for the children. Seriously, if it wasn’t for this little woman with the boy haircut, I don’t know what any of these people would do. She is the glue that keeps everything and everyone together…if the Godfather were about a woman…it would be about Caroline Manzo. If Santa Claus were alive, he would get a divorce and marry Caroline Manzo…because she would get his work done!! If I was reborn…and had the choice to choose my mother…I would choose Caroline Manzo. (Sorry Mom)

Moving on…Joe and Melissa are definitely the coolest couple in the show…they head down to Hoboken,NJ to visit Albie/Chris/Greg who have their own apartment. After Melissa gets to show-off her hit new song ‘On Display’ they had over to the neighbourhood club…start popping bottles…and then get introduced to Joe’s ‘pal’ down under called “Tarzan”. He’s so crazy!

The entire cast tries to complete a 5k run…but most of them don’t even make it past the start line…yes I said start line. It’s an epic fail…but no worries because Joe Giudice brought sausages and wine! (It was 7am)

Next week’s episode takes the cast to beautiful Punta Cana…where it looks like the drama unfolds on the beach…with a couple of drinks in hand! What else would we expect??

Jersey Shore!! Episode 2











Last night was the second episode of the Jersey Shore!! Lots of stuff went down yesterday…literally everyone kept falling.

Deena is really letting loose this season, she’s definitely a blast in a glass. Snooki needs to realize the Vatican is in Rome, not Florence. Mike needs to stop confessing his love for Snooki.Jenny needs to find a bathroom and stop urinating in public. Pauly should start carding girls to make sure they’re not underage. Sam needs to take a plane back to Jersey before anymore of her tears land on Italian soil. Ronnie needs to keep looking good and find someone else other than Vinny in that jacuzzi. And last but not least, Vinny needs to make sure he stays alive in Florence with his MAP or else the others wouldn’t be able to find there way around the city.

There you have it…the summary of last night’s episode.

Here’s another one of my videos to keep you entertained and up to date.