Jersey Shore: “The Confrontation”

Yay! Vinny’s back! Everyone’s excited, everyone’s back to normal…well as normal as the Jersey Shore cast can be! Although Vinny was back this week, and definitely doing his thing in the club…he wasn’t the Vinny we’ve experienced in the past 4 seasons. He’s definitely more calm, quiet, and not as exciting! Meh, guess it will take more time for him to become himself.

Mike, who deemed himself “The Confrontation” this week was experiencing a really weird emotional drunk night. He had been drinking way too much, and I guess he had some things on his mind- mostly about everyone hating him in the house. After a chat with the Snooks, he decides to go downstairs and confront the boys about their issues. Mike says that they’ve been acting weird around him, he’s not sure what he’s done in the past to make them feel that way. Ronnie isn’t having any of it, Pauly D just doesn’t really care and blows Mike off. Snooki gets pissed off at the boys for not expressing their feelings towards Mike…and she calls them all losers. There definitely is a divide between Ronnie/Pauly/Vinny and Mike. Obviously, the shady things Mike’s done in the past…have affected their friendships. Nobody trusts Mike!

Snooki gets a UTI…and pees on herself and the dance floor in Karma (ew). The next day, the gang head to Jenkinson’s which I guess is a local beach bar, but it’s usually the only place packed with people near the water. Snooki can’t fight the pain of a bladder infection and downs a few tequila shots. Yay! Her and Deena are having a blast as usual. Seriously, thank the Jersey Shore God’s for finding Deena and making a perfect Meatball sandwich. Snooks and Deena are hilarious together…kind’ve like the bromance between Pauly and Vinny.




We’re a few hours away from watching the crazies on another episode of Jersey Shore. If you need a good laugh…watch this.

The Challenge: Rivals UPDATE!!

Here is your weekly update of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals. With the show almost coming to an end…the cast is surprised to hear that the next few challenges will take place 3000 miles away in Argentina. Finishing off last week’s episode was the elimination of a girls team Jonne and Jasmine. This week would have been the last elimination for the guys, however MTV decided to prolong that elimination round for next week’s episode.

The episode covered mostly the cast and how they were dealing with leaving Costa Rica for Argentina, and obviously all the drama that has followed them throughout the season. The actual challenge part of this episode literally lasted 5 minutes.

Crazy Cara Maria finds herself in another fight with the household (she can’t get along with anyone) and her teammate Laurel has no choice but to defend her. This sends the entire house into an angry rage…Wes dumps a bottle of Cola over CaraMaria…Paula keeps making fun of her….meanwhile Jenn and Adam are hooking up.

In my opinion, I think Cara Maria is a nut case, she thinks shes made for this game but really she’s not. Last season she had her boyfriend Abram basically carry her through the show, until literally the end where Abe fell sick and couldn’t finish the final race. The only reason she’s still around this season is because of Laurel. Having said that, nobody deserves to be picked on continously like she has throughout these Challenges.

I think last night was the last time Laurel would have anyone insult her teammate so she went to her defense. Paula, who wasn’t backing down from the fight, and kept throwing insults at Cara started to cry when Laurel verbally attacked her. How are you going to cry…when 15 minutes before you were hacking away at Cara Maria. Although Laurel was bringing up Paula’s personal problems (anorexia), when Paula started the fight with Cara Maria she should have been prepared for the backlash.

CT is still looking fine as usual,although him and Adam did DQ on this week’s challenge. (that’s a first for CT)

After Kenny/Wes and Johnny/Tyler DQ…it’s up to the girls to decided which of those 2 teams will face Superman CT and Adam. Luckily, for the rookies MikeMike/LeRoy they finish the challenge without DQing, which grants them a win…and a guaranteed spot in the final race for the money.

Johnny gets heated when the team decides to vote him and Tyler into the Jungle…everyone is literally terrified of CT.

We’ll see what happens next week. Here’s whose going into the Jungle next week.

Don’t forget to watch the Jersey Shore tonight on MTV!!