Couple Alert: Vinny G & Melanie Iglesias

If you aren’t Twitter creepin’ like some of us, you’ll be surprised to know that Vinny G from the Jersey Shore has a new gal pal. Unfortunately, for Jersey Shore romantic hopefuls, he didn’t find his new love down on the boardwalk.

Vinny appears to have found a romance with his Guy Code co-star Melanie Iglesias. Who is she? We don’t know either but they seem to make a cute couple! Vinny tweeted a few days ago…”You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”…she replied “Vinny Guadagnino stop subtweeting me!” Oh la la…

A Pregnant Snooki

Considering the Snooki Pregnancy rumours have been circling for the last few weeks, I’m legitimately surprised that those rumours were actually true. I refused to believe the tabloids talking about Snooki with a possible meatball in the oven, simply because I was worried about what would happen to our day drinking, spray tanning guidette from the Shore.

This morning, US Weekly reported that Snooki is in fact pregnant, the confession coming straight from her poof. Here’s the article.

There you have it, the end of the Jersey Shore. If the final Season wasn’t enough closure…then Snooki getting knocked up definitely is. It just won’t be the same if Snooki has adult responsibilities…or can’t have a cocktail before noon because she’s milking her baby. Merp. Oh, and she’s also newly engaged…wonder when the wedding will be.

On the other hand, there’s still 2 more episodes of the Jersey Shore…so live it up.


Jersey Shore: MeatBall Madness

As if we didn’t see enough Meatball Madness in Italy and Jersey Shore:Season 3, the meatballs’ Deena and Snooki brought the drunken madness to Season 5, and I think this time-Seaside was ready for the s*** show.

I always loved watching Snooki and JWOW beat the beat in Karma, but I have to admit, Snooki and Deena meatballing it on the boardwalk is even better!! These two crack me up, and if you know what it’s like to be that intoxicated with your partner in crime, you would enjoy it to! These girls are actually insane, I think if I saw them walking down the boardwalk, I would think 2 hookers were just released from the mental institution! They were dressed up, they walked down the boardwalk to the nearest bar, and did what every summer tourist at Seaside would do, dance on the bar ’till your a** was hangin’ out (which for these two isn’t that long).

They’re just really entertaining to watch, especially with all the Vinny drama, it was a breath of fresh air. So Vinny finally gets home to his momma, and Pauly D is having a hard time coping with his boyfriend being gone. When he gets to the club to tell everyone that Vinny left, JWOW breaks the news to Deena…and she loses it. Clearly, she’s had too much to drink, and she starts crying over Vinny! My favourite line was…”Vinny, he’s like my soul”.

It’s Pauly’s birthday weekend, and all he really wanted was his best friend by his side. Oh, and it was also Mike’s birthday. Vinny’s family visits him (a bunch of old people) but his mom brought him a special gift, his barber from back home. The crew head to Rivolli’s for a birthday dinner, and Mike feels a little jealous towards Pauly for getting all the birthday attention. Back home, everyone gets ready to go out. Pauly meets some grenade from Bolivia…who is clearly DTF. She hangs around Mike and Pauly all night, finally Pauly takes her mom- Mike already had his main squeeze Paula.

Once they get home, Bolivia isn’t down to hook up with Pauly, all she wants to do is go in the room and ‘talk’. Pauly has had enough, all he wanted was birthday sex, he’s not getting it, so he calls her a cab. She leaves, he’s ready for bed, Sammi and Paula have a heart to heart. It seems like Mike is really falling for Paula.

A few minutes later, Bolivia comes back to the house!! Pauly answers the door and tells her to leave, she says she doesn’t want to leave, she’d rather stay and talk to Mike. At this point, everyone knows she’s crazy…Mike has no idea who she is. He tells her he has Paula usptairs, and it’s not going to happen tonight. After being rejected twice…and embarrassing herself on national tv…she leaves the house. WTF! What kind of girls do these guys bring back!!

Not much else happens, Jionni and Snooki get it in, “The Unit” gets thrown out of the club, and Mike actually cries for being labelled the ‘bad’ guy.

Hopefully, Vinny comes back next week…and brings some sense of sanity back to the house.


Jersey Shore: Waah! Vinny Leaves!

It was the Jersey Shore episode we were all dreading. Vinny Guadagnino leaves the Shore…after battling his anxiety for a few days. Obviously, leaving Italy and going straight to the Shore had a huge impact on Vinny, he couldn’t deal with it…and decides he’s going to go home. We know Vinny returns after a few days, but it’s still sad how it happened!

Dj Pauly D was the cutest thing ever, trying to do everything for his Vinny- even taking him to get his nails did! But, shopping and manicures couldn’t save Vinny, in the end Pauly helps Vinny pack his things while the rest of the crew is partying.

Mike was being a complete loser as always…Jionni was being such a gentlemen…and Mike kept making these stupid idiotic faces like Jionni doesn’t know he hooked up with Snooki a million years ago!! Snooki hooked up with Vinny…months after her and Mike hooked up so I don’t get why he’s so fixated on telling Jionni- just let the kid be happy. Thank god ‘The Unit’ wasn’t in attendance this week, we coudn’t handle him topless for much longer (sarcasm).

The rest of the house does there usual partying, but there definitely is a funk going through the roomies. The fact that Vinny was sad and always in bed, was putting a damper on the entire episode. Even Ronnie took Vinny on a cute date on the boardwalk, they played some games and rode some rides, but that couldn’t convince Vinny to stay either.

Mike meets his usual girl ‘Paula’ at one of the clubs, you might remember her from Season 1 when they hooked up in the hot tub…and then she took a tumble down the stairs. Pauly meets some girl, whose definitely DTF, brings her home…and before she leaves she takes his diamond necklace!! While Pauly was downstairs calling a cab for her, she gets changed and decides to stuff his necklace down her shorts (the cameras don’t lie). She leaves, only to return a few hours later with Pauly’s necklace around her!! Pauly is freaking out, because he’s been looking for his favourite necklace for hours, he sees her and he’s so happy I don’t think he realized how crazy she was! Clearly, she took the necklace as an excuse to come back to the house and see him again. It didn’t work, Pauly D just wanted his necklace back, and wanted her to leave.

And, it seems as if all is normal for Ronnie and Sam. They’ve been on good terms since Italy, not even one fight!! I think both of them really grew up, after watching themselves on Season 3. (Yikes!) Even though they broke up in the Fall, Ronnie still has love for her, and doesn’t deny the fact that they might get back together in the future (According to some interview he did on the red carpet for the People’s Choice Awards).

Hopefully, Vinny’s back next week but we’ll have to wait and see! Wah!

Jerseyyyyy!!! Season 5 Bitches!

You can count on us to bring all the new Season 5 trailers straight to ya! The season doesn’t look amazing, but obviously we’re gonna watch it because it’s the final season!

Vinny decides to go home for a few days, Deena is drunk as ever…and The Situation is back at it trying to stir things up with Snooki’s real relationship.

Check out one of the trailer’s.

Proof Jersey Shore Is Fake!

Check out this video that proves just how fake reality television has become! As if I didn’t know that from The Hills…this youtube guy explains to us what really happened in ‘Central Park’.



Jersey Shore!! Episode 2











Last night was the second episode of the Jersey Shore!! Lots of stuff went down yesterday…literally everyone kept falling.

Deena is really letting loose this season, she’s definitely a blast in a glass. Snooki needs to realize the Vatican is in Rome, not Florence. Mike needs to stop confessing his love for Snooki.Jenny needs to find a bathroom and stop urinating in public. Pauly should start carding girls to make sure they’re not underage. Sam needs to take a plane back to Jersey before anymore of her tears land on Italian soil. Ronnie needs to keep looking good and find someone else other than Vinny in that jacuzzi. And last but not least, Vinny needs to make sure he stays alive in Florence with his MAP or else the others wouldn’t be able to find there way around the city.

There you have it…the summary of last night’s episode.

Here’s another one of my videos to keep you entertained and up to date.



Jersey Shore ITALIA!!

It’s the morning after, and I’m not feeling to0 great about what happened last night. I think the entire world was watching the Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere.

Every single ‘trend topic’ on twitter was about the JS…but I have to admit something was definitely missing from last night’s season opener. I don’t even want to write anything about it. Instead, I’ll let you guys read a post that basically summed up all my thoughts about the episode.

Here’s the hilarious and quite insightful post by Scott Stinson…

Recaps, Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 1




For a good time follow @scott_stinson and keep looking out for his articles. Definitely a blast in a glass.




Jersey Shore:Snooki Video

In light of the new Jersey Shore Season premiering this Thursday on MTV…I thought I would remind all fans what a day at the beach with Snooki is all about.