Dexter: Scar Tissue Recap

This season of Dexter has been all about Deb and Dexter working through their issues. Deb is recovering from what happened in the cargo container six months ago, but is having a hard time dealing with the ‘scar tissue’. It all went down in last night’s brand new episode, the ending was a complete jaw dropping shocker. It’s no wonder this new season has been blowing up, even if it isn’t the final season of Dexter, it sure feels like it. Dr. Vogul has agreed to help Deb work through her PTSD…and her mild zombie walk condition?

DebZombieWhile Deb is living it up at Vogul’s crib, using her treadmill and sippin’ on her Early Grey tea, she’s also receiving first class psychotherapy. Vogul is determined to fix things between Dexter and Deb, not just for the two siblings, but also for their father. She lets Deb watch the videos of her and Harry discussing Dexter’s ‘condition’.

Deb and Vogul take a trip to the cargo container where Deb shot LaGuerta. Vogul makes a few good points, she reminds Deb that she isn’t a bad person, unfortunately she was in a bad situation and only did what she thought was right. Vogul goes on to say, if Deb went through the same situation again, she would save Dexter again, because she loves him. Deb doesn’t argue that, and it’s already known that she would save Dexter, she will always choose Dexter. What happened in the cargo container was an impossible circumstance, and there was no right way to get out of it, Deb just needs to move on with her life. Honestly, Dr.Vogul is amazing, I love her character and she’s an amazing element of this new season. Moving on to the videos, Deb gets a hold of more DVD’s of Harry and Vogul. Harry is clearly distraught and confused about the ‘code’ theory, he’s sickened by the image of Dexter standing over a bloody mess with cut up limbs all around. At first, it seemed like Harry and Vogul knew they were doing the right thing with Dexter, and Harry believed he was helping his son…but when Harry stumbles in on Dexter in his plastic wrap days, Harry admits he can’t live with himself. Deb starts to see that her father couldn’t even live with it, so why should she?

Joey gets his promotion to Sergeant. But of course, Matthews has to get involved. He ‘advises’ Angel that new detective Angie Miller scored higher than Joey…and that Angel should consider his options. Joey punches a cop at Angel’s bar who was talking smack about Deb.

Masuka is excited about his new lab student. The girl shows up and is excited too, only she has something to tell him. She reminds him of his sperm donation back in his college days, Masuka is in complete shock as the girl admits…he’s her father. O-M-G! As she walks away, she stumbles into a table of glassware, Masuka rushes over to help her pick up the pieces, they look at each other and start giggling in their weird Masuka giggle! It was so funny.


Meanwhile, Dexter is busy trying to find the brain killer for Vogul. He gets a lead on one of Vogul’s ex-patients, while snooping around in his home, the killer actually has a secret hide out downstairs and knows of Dexter’s presence. He comes up to kill Dexter, but when Dexter makes a phone call to Vogul on speakerphone, the killer backs off. Later, Dexter returns to the home, and discovers the secret passage downstairs. He finds a girl locked up with a stab wound, one of the girls that was reported missing. He takes her to the hospital…and then brings Vogul over to go through his secret space. Dexter finds a report by Vogul about him, he flips out on her and demands she explain herself. She says she has to write everything down, Dexter doesn’t believe her and accuses her of using him so she can write her next novel. Dexter decides he’s done with Vogul after he finds her killer, he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

In the end, we see an awkwardly happy Deb as she visits the police station. She finds Joey outside and tells him she’s grateful for his friendship and Joey tells her how jealous his girlfriend is. Deb brushes it off, and tells Joey to be happy, that’s all she’s ever wanted for him. He looks at her like she’s crazy, he asks if she’s okay and she says she is. It was a sad scene, it’s almost like she knows it’s the last time she’s going to see him. Deb finds Dexter, she’s smiling, and of course he is happy to see his sister smile. She asks him if they can go for a drive and talk about things. And then this happens..

CarFlyingDeb was feeling all suicidal so she decides to kill herself and bring down Dexter with her! As they’re talking in the car…Deb gives the death stare to Dexter…and then tells him Harry only did half the job. She spins the wheel and the car goes swerving into the water next to them.

DeathStareWith that Joey conversation, it was obvious Deb was planning something. Deb asks Dexter point blank, did Harry kill himself?, Dexter confirms the suicide, and admits he only found out a few years ago. If Harry couldn’t deal with the reality of who Dexter really is…how can Deb?

But that wasn’t all. Even though it seemed like the episode would end off with the car submerged under water, something else happened. A fisherman saw the accident, jumped into the water and pulled Deb out. While Deb was on the shore catching her breath, she saw Dexter unconscious and sinking. She jumped back into the water, after a few heart-stopping seconds under water, she comes back up holding her brother in her arms.


Even when she tries to end his life, she still ends up saving him! The fact that she went back in to save him is more profound than her driving the car off the road. It was an amazing ending, better than some season finales this show has had. Cannot wait for next week’s episode.

As a side note, what’s going on with Deb and her boss Elway? Do you think something will happen between Joey and Deb again?



If you haven’t seen the Dexter season 7 promo yet- here it is. This season is sure to be the biggest and craziest one yet. Obviously Debra doesn’t know how messed up her brother is, but she definitely has an idea now that she’s walked in on him about to kill Colin Hanks in the church.

It seems like Dexter’s entire secret starts to fall a part this season and it’s going to be the wildest journey as we see him try and cover it up.

Check out the trailer. The new season starts on September 30th at 9Pm on Showtime.