Ten Reactions You Have While Watching ‘This Is Us’

The new season of NBC’s hit drama This Is Us premieres its second season on September 26th at 9pm. We had to round up all the feels we had watching the first season, most likely we will be crying a ton more in the second so get ready.

10. The Pilot Surprise

Getting that goody goody baby baby surprise shocker at the end of the pilot episode was one of the best twists. TIU_top10I’m sure everyone had the same feeling of “Noooo Waaay!”  because it was this baby surprise shocker that basically mic dropped to the rest of the season. It was a special twist, a beautiful one at that, and kudos to the writers because it was written perfectly.

9. Kate’s “I WANT TO LIVE NOW” Speech


Sounded like something Oprah would be screaming out, but coming from Kate we’ll take it any day! Girl you got this, and we stand by you every step of the way!


8. William Will Die


We were all up for Randall finding his real daddy, there was some excitement and we were so happy for him! . And then of course, the bomb drops right quick. His dad is not only apologetic for never being in Randall’s life, but he’s all like also I’m dying and then we’re left wondering for the rest of the season if this is the episode that William dies in.

7. Jack and Rebecca Marital Problems


Literally at the core of this show is Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia playing Rebecca and Jack. Seeing them on screen together fills your heart with joy, lifts your soul, and makes you believe in the power of love. But dang, when they started having relationship problems, you’re like hold up wait life doesn’t make sense anymore.

6. Grandma Mandy


Like I said before, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are the core of this show, they are the glue that keeps everyone together, and all that cheesy ish. But when they start trifling with Jack and Rebecca’s story timeline we were left scratching our heads. The first time it happens, Rebecca rolls up to Randall’s doorstep lookin’ like her future ass self and we’re just like O-M-G who dis bish be and where is Jack??

6.The Push Ups

TIU_pushups.gifPush ups never looked so good. But seriously, this is one of the most memorable moments written into the season. It really is a scene that embraces everything that makes This Is Us the successful show that it is. It’s such a small moment in their lives, but the feelings it leaves us with will carry on forever. That is what they call TV gold.



5.Finding out Jack is Dead


You start piecing things together through the season, wondering why Jack isn’t in the present with his grown up children, and then Kate coming through and telling Toby the urn she watches football with on Sundays contains the ashes of her late father. You’re like, no, no, you’re lying Kate. You are a liar!

3.Kate’s Pool Day

giphy (5)

I don’t care if you’re skinny, curvy, thick, long legged, heavy flow day, or burnt to a crisp day, every woman has experienced the dreaded pool day. Who doesn’t love fun in the sun? But sometimes, when you’re not feeling your inner Yonce, you’re just not down for a swim sesh. This moment was all of us reaching out to Kate and being like we feel you girl – ignore those bitchy bully’s and get wet!

2. Jack Doing Vogue


As if you couldn’t love Milo Ventimiglia playing Jack daddy any more, he comes through once again for his little girl. When nobody shows up for Kate’s Madonna themed birthday party, daddy Jack keeps her company and basically begs Kate to teach him how to Vogue. #Zaddy


1.Jack’s Funeral


The best part of Jack’s funeral is that I didn’t even let myself watch it. This was everyone’s dreaded episode the entire season, I could barely hear them talk about Jack being dead, let alone getting my soul through his funeral scene. Maybe one day, but not today.

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