In honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Toughest Women on TV. (This post was originally created in October 2013 – some rankings have changed based on the ending of several series – sorry Gemma Teller and Deborah Morgan) Click here to see who made the original list.

10. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

So Arya Stark made our original list as well, coming in at the number ten spot, it’s not that we don’t think Arya is the ultimate heroine, she embodies everything that is a heroine, we just think she has so much more potential. She’s been on this crazy journey since the moment they chopped off Ned Stark’s head in the first season. She made it over to Braavos, she was selling oysters and cockles, she was blind and learned how to become a master fighter, and now she’s ready to kick some Lannister butt. Just like Khaleesi, Arya is on her journey home and I’m getting goosebumps just writing this up because I am so excited to see her reunite with everyone. Or at least, check off some of those names on her list. She is the Kill Bill of our heroine list. Do you guys see Arya making it to the end of the show? I’m so curious about her fate just because I don’t know if I need her alive at the end to feel satisfied, but I definitely need her to see her sister and brother at some point before the finale.


9. Lisa Prince (Kingdom)

Lisa Prince makes this list because the actress Kiele Sanchez absolutely swooped in and stole the second half of the season. It was one of the most powerful and heartbreaking performances I’ve ever seen,  because she decided to come back on the show and share the heartbreaking experience of losing her child in real life. Both the creator of the show and Kiele decided to write her ordeal into the show, her character Lisa was already pregnant. For a show that’s majority sweaty men fighting their faces off, I can’t tell you the amount of power Kiele brought as a female character to the experience of watching this season. As a woman, as a viewer, I felt every single moment she was portraying, in those quiet and silent moments they gave her, those were the scenes where you just knew she was no longer ‘acting’. I also want to give props to the creator of the show that believed in her story, he believed in it so much that he wasn’t afraid to share her story in a show that is mostly watched by men, and is about men. lisa_small-4e2029a3Over the remainder of the season she tries to heal, she tries to get back to #werklife, and her acting honestly was brilliant. She was always a side character before, but this season she showed how she could hold her own. Surrounded by a group of men with seemingly superhero strengths, she came out as her own heroine. We can dig it.

8. Maeve Millay (Westworld) 

The first season of Westworld didn’t just see the rise of the host population, it saw the rise of some badass bi**** to. The character of Maeve (played exquisitely by Thandie Newton) starts off as a sort of secondary character. Playing the hostess of the town’s brothel she’s used to getting used and abused by men from both sides. But when she’s taken backstage to fix up her robot wounds, she wakes up in the middle of a procedure and quite literally wakes up for the first time ever. I mean by the end of the season we learn more about her motivations and how much she can control, but even still, her character became one of the most interesting elements of the season, and almost answered the question fans were asking from the beginning. What would happen if a host enters the real world? We don’t know what’s in store for Maeve in season two, but we know that wherever she ends up, she’ll keep fighting to protect herself and her freedom.

7. Ginny Baker (PITCH)

ginnybaker,kylie bunbury,pitch on fox

Ginny Baker aka the first female professional baseball player. This show is full of amazing characters, especially some strong female leads, but at the center of it all is Ginny who is introduced to the MLB in the first season. And no, she’s not playing with other females, she’s playing alongside the big boys, so you can imagine the dynamic you’ll be seeing as she comes into the locker room, and how she plays on the field. Honestly, this was one of my favourite new shows this year, it still hasn’t been confirmed for a season two, so we are crossing our fingers.

6. Queen Elizabeth (The Crown)


God save the Queen! Or Claire Foy because she’s absolutely killing it playing Queen Elizabeth II. Claire Foy plays the Queen in a naive, playful, but really smart way. One of my favourite lines of the season, is when the Queen’s father has just passed away and she’s on the way to his funeral and she reads a letter from her grandmother and in the letter granny writes something like, today you are mourning two people, your father, and yourself because the person you were before is dead. Because she’s obviously the Queen now and she needs to step up, and stepping up may require her to be a different person, or a different version of herself. I think her biggest struggle to be Queen will always be the challenge of not forgetting who she really is. Staying true to herself while having to play the heroine for an entire kingdom.

5. The Girls of Riverdale (Betty, Veronica, Cheryl)

It’s not that I couldn’t decide which one of these characters is the strongest, or which one will have the biggest impact. It’s that I think these three characters are seamless, in that together they make the show better, they make their individual characters stronger, they affect each other in a way that impressionable teenage girls would have on one another. It’s been said, Riverdale is definitely a coming of age story. The show is full of characters, all learning about themselves in their own ways, but these three women have the potential to really control the direction and tone of the show. All three of them prove that there can be so many more layers to a character. Their comic book counterparts are very one dimensional, and very dependent on Archie’s story. We don’t see that as much in the show, I think the writers have something really amazing lined up for us.

4. Carrie Mathison (Homeland)

Honestly, Carrie is so good at being crazy, you just have to love her. People ask me if they should watch Homeland from the pilot episode, and I’m always like YAS! Duh!. But the show is really different from where it started. I’d like to say that Carrie has been the most consistent thing of the show, but I can’t because she’s legit crazy. There ain’t nothing consistent about a crazy person. But, the writers of do such an amazing job every season by throwing her crazy Carrie ass into different countries and situations, she shows how strong she is because she manages to save the world each time. I love that they slowed her life down this season. She’s back in NYC, she’s taking care of Frannie, and for what was basically 15 minutes of the first episode, everything looked to be pretty normal. And then there was Quinn, and crazy Carrie came out again, and every type of sh** hit the fan, but I believe in Carrie so much, that I know she’ll get out of it, she always does. Look, women are crazy, moms are crazy, but if you own it, and can still save the world from a massive terrorist attack, then you’re good in my books. Love you Carrie. Your baby daddy would be so proud.

3. Norma Bates (Bates Motel)

So I’m not a huge horror genre fan, although I’m obsessed with Ryan Murphy and everything AHS. I never got into Bates Motel. Well I tried a couple of times and then gave up. But everyone’s been talking so highly of it recently, I gave it another go, and now I’m hooked. Freddie Highmore does a psycho good job at playing Norman, but his mom – Norma is on another level. I think the most interesting characters are the ones that border on the line of villain/heroine. You get those beautiful moments in that middle area when you don’t know what the characters motivations are, you question their decisions, and you’re always on your toes. That’s Norma Bates. Played by Vera Farmiga, she honestly deserves all the awards. But so does everyone else on this list! She does such an amazing job at playing crazy so beautifully, Cersei is evil, and Carrie is crazy, but Norma is a mix of evil being beautiful. And I say beautiful because everything she does is rooted in her trying to be the best mother, she is so delusional, she believes she’s living in a beautiful innocent world with her son, but in trying to attain that she does some really fu**** up evil things. But in season four, you really see her for who she really is (because Norman’s away) she shows her true colours, and she is wonderful.

2. Fiona Gallagher, Shameless (Showtime)

Fiona_GallagherFiona Gallagher was on our original list, and it’s no surprise she still is. Her character has definitely grown over the past seasons, but this season saw a complete shift in her follow through. For a long time I think Fiona always knew what she had to do but could never actually do it. With most of the kids now older and able to fend for themselves, it gave Fifi a chance to focus on herself, her future investments, owning and managing her own business. It was amazing to see how far she’s come. Not all stories have a happy ending, especially in Shameless, the season had a super emotional ending with Monica, but it also saw Fiona make another brave and exciting decision. She’s in our number two spot because of all the things she achieved this season, there were a lot of different dynamics she had to deal with this season, in terms of her acting, and just her character, we loved it all.

1. Khaleesi, Game of Thrones (HBO)

I don’t think you have to be a Game of Thrones nerd to understand why Khaleesi will go down in TV history as the toughest character under 6 ft. She is the ultimate heroine, she is the mother of dragons, she will seek her revenge and it will be amazing. Also, she will stay on this list forever.

Seasons have come and gone. Winter is here. The end of season six saw Khaleesi set sail for King’s Landing, or wherever she’s about to dock her boat. Just as we suspected, the Greyjoys, you can really see how all these story lines are starting to intersect now. She’s got her dragons. She’s ready as she’ll ever be. Also, it’s perfect timing for her because King’s Landing had an explosive ending (I love saying that), with everyone literally blowing up – thanks Cersei.


————————————————————————–Honourable Mentions:

  • Cersei Lannister: That evil witch. Is she still considered to be a villian even after all her children are dead? Probably, yes, and even more so now.
  • Michonne/Carol: I love these women, but The Walking Dead has been so boring lately I couldn’t even bother putting them on this list.
  • Lena Dunham or Hannah Horvath: I had such high expectations for Girls, it is their final season, and I had wanted Hannah to be a more flushed out/successful character by now. Well I wanted that for all of them but Jessa’s still selfish, Shosh is still confused, Marnie is still crazy and Hannah is pregnant. So there’s that.
  • Big Little Lies: Literally every woman in this show is badass.

What do you guys think? Are there any badass female characters you want to see on our list? Let us know – comment below.

This Week in TV!

With a new year upon us comes an array of new seasons of our favourite television shows. Okay, maybe array was a reach because there’s not a whole lot that’s started just yet. (Waiting on Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder, and of course Game of Thrones)

Memorable shows of the week: Girls, Shameless, Vanderpump Rules


Lena Dunham and her crazy bishes are back for an all new season. Totally forgot how we left off last season, but still totally excited for the girls. Hannah is on her way out of the city for a graduating writing program in Idaho. Yeah, Idaho. Adam has no gained control of their apartment, she’s no longer paying rent so I guess this means she’s gone for good. Or at least until she realizes she’s making a huge mistake, which seeing how there’s only 10 episodes a season won’t take that long.


Adam’s all heartbroken that Hannah’s leaving but doesn’t show it at all at the beginning of the episode. He’s all ‘we have 10 different ways of contacting each other –we’ll be fine’ and then in the end he finally admits he sucks at using the phone. Hannah assures him they will be alright. Nothing like boring missionary sexy (very unlike Hannah/Adam) to guarantee how wrong she is about their fate.

Shoshanna had the best lines of the episode. This is what’s so amazing about the writing of this show. They have about 27 minutes to explain all of everything, and each line of dialogue has to be used carefully. While she’s picking up her diploma we realize how crazy her divorced parents are, she says “Both my parents are named Mel (Melvin & Melanie) it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. And it was like the first thing that ever happened to me”

Jessa visits Beadie, the woman she tried to kill last season. Let me make that clear, Beadie was on her death bed and begged Jessa to basically feed her a bunch of pills so she could overdose. Welp, it didn’t work and now Beadie’s angry daughter played by (Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne) is back in the city to take her mom back home with her.

Marnie and Desi perform a few songs at a brunch, we find out that Desi is still dating Clementine, but is also still sticking his face in places it doesn’t belong. (ie; Marnie’s ass) Clementine confronts Marnie and apologizes to her for thinking she was trying to steal her man. Oh Marnie, now you’re up against the nice girl! While Marnie sings a song dedicated to Hannah titled, ‘Inward and Outward’ she breaks down crying when some brats around the restaurant start running and screaming. Elijah gives her the pep talk of the decade.

In the end, Hannah is ready to leave. Adam isn’t ready to leave, so he avoids the morning of and Hannah leaves without a real goodbye. As her parents drive of her off, he watches them from the window of their apartment.

Side note: There was a conversation between Shoshanna and Ray, something about her apologizing for making him get into a relationship with her. I don’t even remember that, nor do I care about their storyline. Ugh, he annoys me.

Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO


Shameless is like, probably in my top 3 favourite shows. I love my medieval times, zombie apocalypse genred shows, but there’s something special about the raw/real moments of Shameless. I would definitely consider Shameless a ‘dramedy’ a blend of really heavy dramatic moments with surprisingly refreshing comedic bits. I think it’s a perfect combination of both genres that create really great television show. It’s summertime in Chi-town which is going to make this a little more interesting, majority of the show has taken place over the colder months so I’m excited to see our characters flourish in the atmosphere of bbq’s and pool parties.


Seriously, if you’re not watching Shameless you need to.

Shameless airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Vanderpump Rules

I don’t even know why I’m admitting to watching this show. It’s like the worst show on television, or at least the worst example of reality television. It’s so ridiculous, and I know it’s all set up drama, but ya can’t help but watching! Especially since everything else is on hiatus right now, desperate times.


I just want to say though, this season has been different, in a good way. Especially these past two weeks for Scheana and Shay’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. You can tell that this group is actually friends with one another and it sort of – almost, reminded me of the Jersey Shore cast. In my opinion, you don’t always have to have fake drama to catch people’s attention. Sometimes the funny moments with real friends is enough to start a cult following!

Which leads me to my next point – Stassi. Okay so why is she on the show though? She no longer works at Sur, she quit, and she loves to remind us on a weekly basis that she would rather die than put on a Sur uniform and work there again. Since the season started almost all her scenes have been when she ‘visits’ Sur, somehow has a heart to heart with Lisa Vanderpump, and bugs all the bartenders for a glass of white wine. Girl, bye! Like why are you even here? Last night’s episode had the most epic line of all time. Lisa Vanderpump having a sit down heart to heart with Stassi inside Sur. After telling Stassi she should just forgive Katie for basically nothing because Katie did nothing wrong, Stassi blows up and storms out of the restaurant. Lisa finally says what we’ve all known, Stassi doesn’t want friends, she wants followers. This is so true, and for the past 3 seasons I’ve watched all her ‘friends’ get into all this drama because of her. I just want to pop in and be like ‘ya’ll could have so much fun without mean girl molly’ and by the looks of the Miami trip, they sure did. VR should take a page from Jersey Shore’s rulebook that clearly stated, if you quit or got fired from working at the Shore Store you were kicked outta the house! It’s time for Stassi to pull an Angelina, take her trash bags and get out!

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo on Mondays (US) and Slice on Tuesday (Canada)

10 Things Girls and a Gay Guy Learned From Watching GIRLS!

Can you believe it’s already time for HBO’s Girls Season 4? The new season premieres this Sunday January 11th. We’ve been a fan of this show since it first aired and we’re super excited for the new season. But before we start predicting what we can expect in the upcoming 10 episodes, let’s go through some of the things we’ve learned from watching Girls.

These are the Top 10 Things Girls and a Gay Guy Learned From Watching Girls

10. Getting a gig at GQ magazine doesn’t mean you have all your sh** together

Let’s be honest. We all thought Hannah finally got her sh** together when she landed a writing gig at GQ magazine. I was quite excited for her, seeing how she was lost and always in between side jobs for 2 seasons. It was inspiring to see our main character finally get what she always dreamed of…but ya know she had to go and mess things up. No but for real, Hannah knew right from the get go the GQ gig wasn’t at all what she had hoped for. She felt that there was something bigger out there for her. Playing it ‘safe’ was never Hannah’s motto.


9.  Singing a Kanye West song to get revenge on your ex at his hipster corporate party. Bad idea.

This moment will probably go down in Girls history as the moment when Marnie [Allison Williams] finally made us laugh. When she finds out that her on/off again boyfriend has hit it big with his mobile app company, she wants back in. Why wouldn’t she? All of a sudden his life seems more interesting…and other girls want him? So she needs to get revenge or somehow catch his attention – so she sings her acoustic/crazy rendition of Kanye West’s “Stronger” in front of his entire work party.  In the end he did end up getting back with her so I guess it worked? Until they broke up again for the final time.


8. Don’t ever let co-workers play with your eyebrows

Hannah's Eyebrows

To this day, this image still puts me on the floor hysterically laughing. Just because a woman’s eyebrows are a treasured space on the face, why would she let anyone she just met touch her brows!! #girlbye When they’re done with her eyebrows…she flaunts them like they’re shaped to perfection. It’s absolutely hilarious! Lesson learned – there should only ever be one person that touches your eyebrows…a professional!!


7. Weekend retreat with your girlfriends might be the best thing for your friendship


Some might say this episode was their favourite of the entire series- and for sure it was a good one. It was unique in that we got a chance to see the girls ditch the city for a getaway weekend in the ghetto-er version of the Hamptons. It literally is the quintessential outing to let it all hang out with your girlfriends! Shout out to Shoshanna for laying down one of the best monologues of the series. This episode made it all feel like real life.


6. People can change. Exhibit Adam

I could never figure out where the writers were going with Adam’s character. I mean it’s easy to assume they weren’t going anywhere with his character because he was the guy with no goals and no aspirations, he didn’t need a ‘purpose’. Fine. But this last season, he truly showed that people and characters can change for the better! Somewhere, deep down in that smelly dark soul was a really cool guy that fit semi-perfectly with Hannah. It was the closest she’s come to the ‘real thing’. There’s hope for all of us!


5. Every girl needs access to a gay best friend.


Elijah was someone that I didn’t think would be a main character in the show…but duh! Why not!? These days who doesn’t have a gay best friend!? And some of Hannah’s best scenes were with Elijah, he’s with her through thick and thin, and even when things get awkward (Marnie + a couch) the besties still find their way back to one another. There’s just a next level type of bond that comes with having a gay best friend and Elijah and Hannah are the perfect example of that.


4. There will never be an okay age to lift your dads naked ass out of the bathtub

Oh god. This scene gives me the creeps, but it is so hilarious! Season one, when Hannah goes home for the weekend and her parents are getting it on in the shower, and then her dad topples over! And her mom calls in Hannah to help her lift him up! Ugh! There will never be an okay age to see what Hannah saw. I mean, lesson learned, it’s going to suck when our parents get old.


3. Girls, we’re confusing and do weird shit sometimes but you learn to love us anyway. Exhibit, Adam and Ray

No matter what guys say- they will always find a place in their hearts to love us. Just look at how cray Hannah,Shoshana,Marnie…okay basically we’re all f*@!&n  crazy. These characters are the extreme versions of craziness and the boys somehow accept their craziness and love them regardless. Boys, face it, Robin Thicke knew it, Adam and Ray know – ya’ll are lost without us.



2. First time experiences will always be awkward as hell

First time experiences can always be super awkward and it’s been a stand out quality of Girls to always show the most real and most awkward moments of life. They’ve never sugar coated anything, they never turn things into ‘Sex and the City’ chic, this is real life people! I think that’s what fans of our generation have loved most about this show. Lesson learned, nothing is as perfect as what you see on TV. Unless you’re only watching Girls, then yeah, you’ve nailed it. Pun intended.


1. Nobody (ages 19-28) knows what they’re doing in life and everyone’s lost. And that’s okay


I’ll never forget the first promo trailer for Girls, it had Hannah talking to her parents and telling them she was the ‘voice of a generation, or a voice, of a generation’ and it’s been the major theme of this show. It’s eye opening, it’s inspiring, and it’s sort of comforting knowing that everyone our age is going through the same thing. We’re lost, confused, and deciding on what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives….and all of that….is okay!

The fourth season of Girls premieres Sunday January 11th on HBO.


10 Things We Learned From Season 3 of GIRLS

This third season came and went and it’s easy to forget what exactly went down this year. Here are the TOP 10 things we learned from this season of HBO’s Girls.

10. Don’t look to Shoshana for any hair inspiration. She will only make you look cray


9. Don’t go to your bosses funeral and beg his wife for another job


8. Don’t just assume rehab is the solution to all your problems


7. Do partner up with a hunkie theatre whore if you’re planning to start a band

Marnie Desi

6. Don’t date anyone you meet in rehab. Especially if they’re over 55


5. Don’t take your grandparents for granted!


4. Do have a night with your besties where you all lay it out on the table


3. Don’t let your boyfriend’s bi polar sister crash at your crib. Relationships will be destroyed


2. Don’t change the narrative of your kinky role play mid sex


1. To be a good friend you need to find the right moment to tell your bestie you just slept with her ex. DON’T ever do as Marnie does.


And that’s it, hopefully we can take what we learned this season and actually use it…buuuut we’re not that cray so probably not.

Tweet or comment below if you think we missed anything!

GIRLS: ‘Incidentals’ RECAP

The girls are back in the city for a brand new episode of HBO’s Girls. Hannah has an interview with Patti Lupone (last seen in American Horror Story:Coven), Marnie makes two new friends, and Adam lands his gig on Broadway. Overall, it was a good episode, I mean nothing can top last week’s ‘Beach House’ episode when Shosh went ham and confessed she hated everyone.



While she waits for Patti at some fancy lunch spot in NYC she gets a phone call from Patti’s people telling her that Patti will not be able to make it. Hannah convinces the publicist to tell her where Patti is because she will hunt her down until she gets her interview. Hannah shows up at the recording session and pleads with Patti, the interview will only take 15minutes- she has to get it done or her boss will kill her. Patti agrees and Hannah starts off the interview by asking a few warm up questions. After a few second Hannah gets a call, assuming it’s someone extremely important like her boss, she answers it mid interview! It’s Adam- which okay he’s her boyfriend it’s important, but hello you’re in an interview with Patti Lupone! Another example of Hannah and her weird life choices. Adam tells her he got the part, and when Hannah admits to Patti that she’s so proud of her boyfriend, Patti tells her she shouldn’t get too excited because Adam’s likely to change now that he’s reached Broadway stardom.  Back at work, Hannah has another assignment. Her boss tells her she needs to do a review one a swanky hotel and she has to stay there tonight. She gets her first pay check from GQ and is ecstatic when she realizes how much spending money she has. She wants to make it rain and she does by buying a dress she sees in a store window.



During his audition he meets another actor Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) whose playing the part of another character. As soon as they realize they’re not competing for the same role, they start chatting and eventually leave the audition together on Desi’s motorcycle.  Both Adam and Desi land their parts in the Broadway production. It’s important to notice that Desi’s probably Adam’s first real friend- ever.



Jessa seemed to be doing alright, last week’s episode she didn’t have a drink of alcohol. This week, she’s super bored at her job which is a sales clerk at an upscale kids store. She doesn’t know what to do with her days- she begs the mailman to sit and talk to her about his life. Then, out of nowhere her friend from rehab shows up. The old guy with the British accent. He reminds Jessa that they had a ‘thing’ in rehab and she was attracted to him once, Jessa says she had ‘rehab goggles’ on and didn’t know what she was thinking. Later, at Hannah’s hotel room the two show up completely high, and even return to her shop to steal money and buy more coke. Oh Jessa.



While at the yogurt shop Marnie runs into Soojin (Booth Jonathan’s ex assistant). They start chatting and Soojin admits the smartest thing she ever did was leave Booth and start her own career. She’s starting up her own art gallery and is super excited. Marnie uses this as a chance to swoop in and offer her help, an art gallery can be a lot of work. Either Soojin doesn’t get the obvious suggestion or she just doesn’t like Marnie enough to give her a job, she finishes their conversation by inviting Marnie to her gallery opening. As she’s walking away, Marnie awkwardly sticks her arm out in an attempt to hug Soojin goodbye. She tells her how proud she is of her which is completely awkward because they’re not even friends! Before she heads over to Hannah’s hotel room, she stops by Ray’s place with a box of pizza. She sits down in front of him with a slice in her hand, Ray tells her they need to talk. He wants to be a real boyfriend to a real girlfriend, he wants a relationship and basically tells Marnie he’s breaking up with her. They’re not even really together. Marnie plays it off like she doesn’t even care, she tells him she would never be eating a slice of pizza in front of him if she liked him! She storms out of his apartment.



At the swanky hotel Hannah is super excited to surprise Adam by inviting all her friends over for pizza and booze. Adam decides to bring Desi along, Hannah is not so impressed with this ‘new friend’ of Adam’s. When Marnie shows up she’s acting all weird, like super weird, she runs into the closet…and then finally finds the bathroom. Hannah chases after her and asks her what’s wrong. They hug it out but Marnie tells her she can’t say. Nobody knows about Ray and Marnie’s sex capade. If you want to call it that. They return to the crowd just in time to hear Desi on the guitar serenading Shoshana and Adam. Marnie steps in and sings with Desi. You can tell he’s super impressed by her, when everyone else walks away Marnie and him have a deep conversation. She admits she’s not that good of a singer, he tells her she needs to be more confident, she writes her email on the side of his arm, and he promises to contact her. I kind of like him, and I like them together! Let’s see what happens with that.

Then, Jessa and her man show up to do more coke…Hannah reminds everyone that ‘we probably should’ve kept her in rehab’.


G I R L S: Hannah’s 25th!

1024px-Girls_logoSo what did you guys think of last night’s episode of Girls? I’m not really sure what to think, I sort of feel like it was a waste of 25 minutes. It was Hannah’s 25th birthday party, Adam’s crazy sister moves in, and Marnie is haunted by an old music video she did with Charlie that is still on YouTube.

First, are we ever going to find out what happened between Marnie and Charlie? She keeps crying at the thought of him and we don’t have any idea why. Second,  Adam’s sister is legit crazy. Adam looks normal compared to her. Jessa barely spoke this episode. We only saw Shosh when Ray approached her outside, he tells her he can’t just be friends with her and then awkwardly walks away. Later at the bar, Ray introduces himself to a dude who turns out to be Shosh’s date (of course).

Once again Marnie finds a way to get on stage and start singing. She invites (or forces) Hannah to join her so they can sing together- a tradition on Hannah’s birthday. In the other room Ray gets into a fight with Hannah’s editor- someone screams ‘fight!’ and everyone starts leaving the Marnie Hannah performance.

In the end, Hannah and Adam get home, the moment is interrupted when Hannah finds Adams sister in the bathroom with bloody hands.

Either these episodes are too short to form an actual story to develop or there’s just not enough happening.

Check out our slideshow from last night’s episode.

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G I R L S: Season 3 Premiere!

If you missed Sunday’s double episode premiere of HBO’s Girls take a look at our slideshow and maybe- just maybe you’ll get what’s going on.

Hairy legs,book deals,road trips and rainbow bedsheets all played a role on Sunday’s episodes.It’s going to be a good season- but first we needed to bust Jessa out of rehab. Well sort of.

What did you guys think of the premiere?

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Since the new season of HBO’s Girls is only two days away- we thought we would end off the week with our very own Girls video. The video was put together for last season’s finale episode and is a quick recap on where are crazy characters left off in season 2.

Check it out and let us know what you think will happen in the new season!



If you didn’t know now you know- this week is a huge week for TV fans. The return of some of your fav shows are just around the corner so we’re going to celebrate!


First off, for all the American Horror Story fans, last night was the return of the witches after a painful three week hiatus. Okay so I was super excited for the new episode but I have to say it kind of let me down. What do you guys think? I forgot how the last episode ended off, forgot how much I hated Emma Roberts and completely forgot that Nan’s boyfriend was dead! Okay so I have bad memory but I thought I’d be more ‘in tune’. Ending off the way they did a few weeks back, the show was on fire! I definitely think the show lost some momentum when they went on break- I was just like ohhh right all this s*@! did happen.

Stevie Nicks made an appearance on last night’s episode. She played a few songs by the piano- really cool. I was excited for Misty, after all she is a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I never imagined witches could get starstruck and faint. We still don’t know for sure who the next supreme will be, seems like this is the biggest question still lingering. We do know that Marie and Fiona are on the same team now- they’re working together to bring all the witch hunters down. I mean really, in the end…it all comes down to Girls VS Guys. Am I right or am I right?



Speaking of Girls- the new season of HBO’s Girls airs this Sunday with two brand new episodes! Whose excited? I don’t know what to expect this season, from the promos it looks like the girls might get a taste of success, which is a good thing since I’m tired of seeing them miserable. Marnie is up in the air with Charlie since he got kicked off the show-I hope she gets the singing career she’s always wanted because her rendition of Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ was friggin’ amazing. As long as we don’t run into Booth Jonathan- we’ll be okay.

Check out the trailer below:

The new season of Girls premieres Sunday January 12th 2014 on HBO.



Then there’s the Season 4 premiere of Shameless. One of the best TV shows out there, it is absolutely brilliant/sad/funny all at the same time and it’s an addiction. If there’s a show you want to watch this season, it has to be Shameless.  You’ll fall in love with the family instantly.

Check out the trailer below:

Shameless Season four premieres Sunday January 12th 2014 on Showtime.


The holidays might be over but that only means one thing- the new season of Girls! Season 2 wasn’t all that great, and I think it left a lot of fans wondering about the future of the popular HBO show. Just had a Girls marathon over the weekend…and I found a new appreciation for the second season- which also gives me hope for the third. So now I’m just excited! Plus the promos look real funny, I want to see something different from everyone this season and I think Lena Dunham won’t disappoint.

Check it out!