Inside Khloe’s Delivery Room!

I remember exactly where I was when I found out the news about Khloe, I was in some terminal at the San Francisco airport and I swear I looked around trying to find a face, any stranger in the terminal with me who had just checked their phones and found the story just as surprising. I needed to talk about it, I needed to understand wtf was happening, I needed to know whether Tristan Thompson was still alive…because if he was…people were going to come for him. So in the aftermath of all that, we’re left with Season 15 of KUWTK, and the two episodes (you know which ones) that we’ve been waiting for. These episodes show all the drama that unfolds just as Khloe is about to have her baby. What happens next was only appropriate for me to put into GIF worthy moments.

While we’re probably watching this episode in sweats and our hair in buns, suffering from minor panic attacks for Khloe, you can see here that Kim Kardashian-West is in full hair/glam mode as she prepares herself for the extravaganza that is the Cleveland hospital delivery room.gif-kimhair.gif

The sisters (minus Kendall+Kylie) are hurrying to get over to Khloe’s delivery room, Tristan is all up in Khloe’s business tryna make up for ‘lost time’. We’ll just call it that for now. Let’s hope he glammed up like Kim did and used some hand sanitizer. I don’t know why this moment is just cringe – lies I know why but I won’t get into it…yet. (Pause on Khloe’s face as she mentally thinks of everywhere Tristan’s hands have been in the last seven days)


The sisters finally arrive! And I will just say it right here, bless up FAM! For everyone who is lucky enough to have family that will hop on a private jet and get to your delivery room in time for you to have your first child …you are just truly blessed! I do not have that luxury, but I’m sure my family would jump in a Toyota Corolla and drive for twelve plus hours to get to me. So either way…#blessed. Kourtney and Kim get to the hospital just in time, but Kim is having trouble making small talk with TT. Awwwwkward. You know it’s bad when your sister who is minutes away from popping a baby, is calling out her baby daddy and sister for being awkward in the delivery room! Kim is just so weird. Granted TT is disgusting and scum of the earth – but still Kim pull yourself together!


I’d like to say that the sisters work it out with Tristan, but that doesn’t happen here. I mean they sort of just eat their way through it all nibbling on whatever food is in the delivery room. However, the one person that is having a blast is none other than Kris Jenner who is legit glowing, and let’s be real, was probably fresh off the set of Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank u, Next”music video. (Note: Kim in the background probably furiously texting Kanye telling him how awkward everything is)


Then True is basically like “ya’ll are so effing crazy without me and I need to get out here quick and bring some good energy to this mf delivery room” So it’s time. Tristan makes his way over to Khloe…real talk mans didn’t stray 5cm away from Khloe that entire time he was probably too scared to roam anywhere near the Kardashian clan. Cute moment TT…but I still got my eyes on you. (Curious question: Have you washed the sin off your hands?)


And then there were two! Khloe + True. Oh riiiight and her dad. Tristan has a cute (I guess) moment with his daughter, but my girl Kourtney is quick to call the BS. You can just hear her monotone comeback through this GIF. Best.moment.of.the.season.


Literally all this is happening and Kim’s still out here throwing threats around the delivery room. I can’t with her.


And lest we forget the reason why we’re all here. Well the reason Khloe is here, but girl real talk we were all here for the tea. Khloe’s baby girl True. She is so beautiful, so cute, looks like her daddy, but praying she’s more like her mommy. And I have to say it here, the way Khloe handled this entire situation could only be done by the strongest of women. Putting all her feelings and ish aside so that her baby girl could have her dad in the delivery room was everything. What ever happens next with Khloe and TT is there business…and majority of the tabloids’, but what she did for her daughter here was much bigger than the two of them.


Welcome to the world True Thompson. With a mommy like Khloe we can only hope she does amazing things for this world! And for Kim Kardashian-West…I can’t even.

Comment below on your favorite moments from the episode!

KUWTK: Rob Needs To Get His S*** Together!

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s should have been my favourite episode of the season since it mostly followed my hubby Rob as he entered the realm of manhood…and moved back in with sister Khloe but instead left me thinking…lazy brother…lazy husband? It might come as a shocker, but yes, some of us do consider Robert Kardashian Jr as a potential husband candidate…and this week’s episode definitely did not do him good.

I’ve always been impressed by the youngest Kardashian especially since he graduated from University…and…that’s all I can really think of. Nevertheless, Rob has always been my main man, I’ve had a not-so-little crush on him since he first appeared on our television sets as Kim’s smaller and kind’ve shy brother. He sort of lost his way after he graduated, he didn’t know what to do with his life- especially since his sisters had stumbled upon all the fame. When Rob did Dancing With the Stars and literally almost won the competition (he came in 2nd place), he walked off that stage with a ton of confidence, and a dream that would later come together in Londontown…that dream was…..a sockline. As Rob arranges to get his life together and buy the house of our dreams…I mean his…he realizes he would rather save some of his money, live with sister Khloe for a while, and wait until a better house came onto the market. His sockline was postponed because he didn’t submit it into the National Sockline Assoscation (or whatever it’s called) in time for the next season, so he’s waiting around for that to go through.

Rob moves back in with Khlo, except his boxes are everywhere and he seems like a little b**** complaining about everything and not giving any love to Khloe! Khloe tries to complain to Lamajoon but he’s so in love with Rob that he can’t bring himself to be mad. In the end, Khloe and Rob talk it out, Rob agrees to show more respect since he’s living in her house, and Khloe tells him how proud she is of him, and she just doesn’t want him to lose his motivation.

In the meantime, Bruce does what he always does and that’s play golf. This time it’s with an ex-model redhead who Bruce has the hots for. They meet on the course and decide to make a tee time for the coming week. When Bruce gets home he tells Kris about his day and how he met a hot red head, she’s barely listening to him and walks away. When Kris finds out Bruce has been spending time with his new golf buddy, she and Kim begin stalking Bruce at the course to try and see if he’s flirting! Yes, Bruce Jenner can get his flirt on!! After all, he is Brody Jenner’s father. In the end, Kris needs to turn up the drama meter and decides to meet her ex-lover Todd or Tedd at a swanky new joint in Los Angeles. This guy is such a slimeball, he literally has slimeball written all over his $5000 suit that he probably can’t even afford because he doesn’t have a real job. He literally tells Kris he was waiting 25 years for her so they could ‘reunite’, like really?