Inside Khloe’s Delivery Room!

I remember exactly where I was when I found out the news about Khloe, I was in some terminal at the San Francisco airport and I swear I looked around trying to find a face, any stranger in the terminal with me who had just checked their phones and found the story just as surprising. I needed to talk about it, I needed to understand wtf was happening, I needed to know whether Tristan Thompson was still alive…because if he was…people were going to come for him. So in the aftermath of all that, we’re left with Season 15 of KUWTK, and the two episodes (you know which ones) that we’ve been waiting for. These episodes show all the drama that unfolds just as Khloe is about to have her baby. What happens next was only appropriate for me to put into GIF worthy moments.

While we’re probably watching this episode in sweats and our hair in buns, suffering from minor panic attacks for Khloe, you can see here that Kim Kardashian-West is in full hair/glam mode as she prepares herself for the extravaganza that is the Cleveland hospital delivery room.gif-kimhair.gif

The sisters (minus Kendall+Kylie) are hurrying to get over to Khloe’s delivery room, Tristan is all up in Khloe’s business tryna make up for ‘lost time’. We’ll just call it that for now. Let’s hope he glammed up like Kim did and used some hand sanitizer. I don’t know why this moment is just cringe – lies I know why but I won’t get into it…yet. (Pause on Khloe’s face as she mentally thinks of everywhere Tristan’s hands have been in the last seven days)


The sisters finally arrive! And I will just say it right here, bless up FAM! For everyone who is lucky enough to have family that will hop on a private jet and get to your delivery room in time for you to have your first child …you are just truly blessed! I do not have that luxury, but I’m sure my family would jump in a Toyota Corolla and drive for twelve plus hours to get to me. So either way…#blessed. Kourtney and Kim get to the hospital just in time, but Kim is having trouble making small talk with TT. Awwwwkward. You know it’s bad when your sister who is minutes away from popping a baby, is calling out her baby daddy and sister for being awkward in the delivery room! Kim is just so weird. Granted TT is disgusting and scum of the earth – but still Kim pull yourself together!


I’d like to say that the sisters work it out with Tristan, but that doesn’t happen here. I mean they sort of just eat their way through it all nibbling on whatever food is in the delivery room. However, the one person that is having a blast is none other than Kris Jenner who is legit glowing, and let’s be real, was probably fresh off the set of Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank u, Next”music video. (Note: Kim in the background probably furiously texting Kanye telling him how awkward everything is)


Then True is basically like “ya’ll are so effing crazy without me and I need to get out here quick and bring some good energy to this mf delivery room” So it’s time. Tristan makes his way over to Khloe…real talk mans didn’t stray 5cm away from Khloe that entire time he was probably too scared to roam anywhere near the Kardashian clan. Cute moment TT…but I still got my eyes on you. (Curious question: Have you washed the sin off your hands?)


And then there were two! Khloe + True. Oh riiiight and her dad. Tristan has a cute (I guess) moment with his daughter, but my girl Kourtney is quick to call the BS. You can just hear her monotone comeback through this GIF. Best.moment.of.the.season.


Literally all this is happening and Kim’s still out here throwing threats around the delivery room. I can’t with her.


And lest we forget the reason why we’re all here. Well the reason Khloe is here, but girl real talk we were all here for the tea. Khloe’s baby girl True. She is so beautiful, so cute, looks like her daddy, but praying she’s more like her mommy. And I have to say it here, the way Khloe handled this entire situation could only be done by the strongest of women. Putting all her feelings and ish aside so that her baby girl could have her dad in the delivery room was everything. What ever happens next with Khloe and TT is there business…and majority of the tabloids’, but what she did for her daughter here was much bigger than the two of them.


Welcome to the world True Thompson. With a mommy like Khloe we can only hope she does amazing things for this world! And for Kim Kardashian-West…I can’t even.

Comment below on your favorite moments from the episode!


We are fully aware that at any given moment when there’s a tsunami of Kardashian stories, it’s not the stormy sign of the end of the world, it’s just the dramatic premiere week of a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Whether you hate them, love to hate them, or even really love them, you still know who they are, what they’re doing, who they’re doing, which one is pregnant, and most importantly, you’ve probably used one of their iconic gifs at least once in your life. And if you’re not ‘gif-ing’ than you’re not really living. So in honour of the 10th anniversary of KUWTK premiere week we’ve gathered our favourite gifs:

11. Kim Should Do Playboy


Because why not start off the 10-year anniversary by honouring the woman that basically started it all. Kris Jenner circa Kate Gosselin type A hairdo – nothing would get in the way of Kris selling off her daughter(s) whichever way she knew how. Besides if there was a sex tape how bad could Playboy be?



10. The Kylie Jenner



The Kylie Jenner – sounds like something you can order online. LOL, I’m just going to let this one speak for itself.




9. The Unbreakable Kimmy Glare


So just to warn everyone, there will be a lot of Kim reactions on this list. Not much can be said for what comes out of Kim’s mouth, but she does offer up herself to some great gif’s. This mischievous grin is one of my favourite go-to-gifs to use. Also, it’s a throwback to the original seasons when the sisters had nowhere else to go but work and chat at their DASH store in Calabasas. I feel like Kim was cooler back then, and when I say cooler I mean more entertaining. And when I say entertaining I really mean obliviously stupid.

8. The Beginning of All Selfie’s


Like I said, Kim was so much cooler back then. She was taking selfies when selfies weren’t even a thing! Kim really did master the art of the selfie. Can you imagine how difficult it must’ve been trying to take a selfie in the back of the van while dropping your sister off for her jail sentence? Like the lighting probably sucked in there.

7. The Only Way to Deal


Kris Jenner realizing the only way she could get through her crazy life was to knock a few back. And remember, this was pre-Caitlin Jenner. So like, wtf did she do when that sh** hit the fan?


6. Khloe – “The Jealous One”


This is one of my favourite scenes of the entire series, so I had to have it on my list. It’s the episode when Kim finally gets to buy her Bentley and so she takes it to an auto shop to get it detailed. But when she’s on her way to pick up the car her and Khloe get into a major fight – I don’t even remember what it was about. But Kim get’s so upset at her, claiming Khloe is just jealous that Kim could afford a Bentley, it’s just one of those moments where you really see how the fame and money starts trifling with the sisterhood. Khloe’s all like “I don’t need a Bentley to feel cool you shallow biatch” And honestly, even to this day, I feel like this moment really is a testament to their sometimes not-so-friendly relationship.

4. “I Literally Can’t Even”


I don’t even remember where this scene was from, but it’s just so Kourtney. The one that literally starts every sentence with ‘I could literally…’

3. I Miss the Old Kanye


I don’t think this was even on the show, but this gif had me dying, it’s so Kanye, and it’s so Kim. There’s no wonder why they’re soul mates, they are literally in love with themselves. It’s funnier as it keeps looping.







2. 72 Day Marriage


We all know Kim has an ugly cry face, even Kourtney talks about it in one of the episodes, but seeing her cry live in action was one of the funniest moments of the series. I’m sorry, I know this was a horrific time for her, but for some reason this moment was more comedic than sad. I mean we know the reason why, it’s because everyone knew the marriage was a sham before Kim even knew. Not before Kris though, Kris knew that sh** was doomed from the start but all she saw was dolla dolla bills yall. By the time the episode aired, fans were over mourning the relationship/marriage and so all that was left to do was just laugh about it. I can guarantee you Kim’s laughing at it to because she made a ton of cash on that episode.

1. Eyeroll Queen


The greatest eye roll in the history of eye rolls. I honestly think people love using this not just because of the dramatic eye roll, but because of how ratchet Kim looks. I’m not even hating, it was like 2008 or something so the makeup is all very questionable, and forgivable because they didn’t have a glam squad back then.

But for real guys, we’re not about bashing females here, we’re fans of the Kardashian’s and recognize they’ve done a lot for different causes over the years. They are also super fun to laugh at, they’ve been on TV for 10 years, they should know there’s going to be a little shade here and there. Send us your favourite Kardashian meme/gifs. Also, don’t forget to watch the new season this Sunday on E!

TV’s Sunday Night Line Up!

Everyone knows Sunday night is the biggest night for TV, and if you don’t believe me just take a look at my PVR recordings. There was so much going on last night I had to make a list and decide which one was worth watching first.


Breaking Bad TourismI’ll admit, I’ve been on a Breaking Bad binge diet. I started the entire series last month, because I was determined to catch up with everyone else. Watching the premiere with the rest of the world was insane, people were going crazy because they waited so long to see how Hank was going to react to Walter. I on the other hand, had just finished the last episode a few days before, thankfully I didn’t have to wait as long as everyone else. Anyways, getting back to the episode…Jesse doesn’t end up saying anything to Hank…which is a relief for Walt, but Walt’s determined to get Jesse out of town…either that or he’s going to kill him. Jesse is ready to start his new life with his new money…but when he realizes that Walter was the one who poisoned Brock..all hell breaks loose. Personally, I would’ve liked to see Jesse find happiness somewhere else, start a new life with his money…but of course he had to find out the truth. I have absolutely no idea what  Jesse’s going to do now that he knows. Well we know he drives over to Walt’s and starts pouring gasoline in his house…but what’s going to happen!! Also, if anyone could confirm. How did Jesse know Walt poisoned Brock. Was it because Saul’s guy took the weed out of Jesse’s pocket? Was really confused at that.

MTV Video Music Awards

MileyThe MTV VMA’s has to be one of my favourite award shows, it always has the best performances and most often boasts a special ‘reveal’. Last night was no different, with rumours swirling around a possible NSYNC reunion…every girl’s teenage dream was about to come true- again. Okay so I didn’t watch the VMA’s during the live broadcast…but I still made time to catch up on the performances…which were totally overrated. Yes, it’s true, I was surprisingly disappointed with the Miley Cyrus performance…like really…I did not expect her to twerk the entire time. Yes, I’m exaggerating…that performance was AWFUL! What was even more heartbreaking was the fact that Robin Thicke had to share the stage with her! Let the man sing his summer hit without the bald white girl twerking in front of him! I wasn’t sure what the consensus was…like did people enjoy her performance? Did they think she was a good dancer? Was her costume(s) or lack there of necessary…? It was a total train wreck…my favourite shot was when Miley started twerking for the 5000000th time and Drake just looks down at the floor. Amazing.


Lady Gaga who opened the show had an amazing performance. She is a brilliant entertainer and last night was no different. She did look a little more normal…which is a good thing, people were commenting on her beautiful bod and how nobody ever gets to see it. Flaunt it girl!

Kanye “Yeezus” West took time off from baby daddy duty to perform his hit ‘Blood On The Leaves’. I was so excited for this performance, it’s one of my fave songs off his album…also Kim announced he was her favourite performer of the night, so I totally believed it. Eh, it was alright. He was in front of this old rustic looking photograph of trees…and all you could see was his silhouette…his crazy arms were flailing all over the place while he rapped…it was average.


Then there was the Justin Timberlake performance. Everyone was waiting for Justin to bring sexy back. I absolutely love JT, he is one of my favourite performers, everyone loves his music but damn JT  wouldn’t even let the song finish before he was moving on to the next! I think he performed 6 or 7 of his songs (old and new)…but he would breeze through it so quickly I couldn’t even savour the moment. I get it, he can’t sing an entire song…but still it’s all about quality not quantity. And then….there were 5. Okay so 2 of them couldn’t really move, but seeing all 5 of them on stage again definitely brought back memories. Literally Joey couldn’t move, he was behind on all the dance moves…which is totally fine. Nobody expects Joey to be JT, I would’ve liked to see them just sing…without all the fancy failed dance moves. JC tried stealing the spotlight…but thankfully his mic was on low…really low. Then it was all over, after a short performance, the other 4 guys were sucked back down into oblivion while the man of the night continued on his performance. JT went on to a sing a few more songs…and the he finally finished off with ‘Mirrors’…and then Jimmy Fallon met him on stage to award him with the Vanguard award. Yay!


Drake’s performance was sexy as hell. I mean could we expect any different? I’ve seen better performances from Driz, but I was happy to hear him sing his latest track ‘Just Hold On We’re Going Home’. After that he sang ‘Started From the Bottom’…we saw a quick glimpse of RiRi…she wasn’t even standing! She looked PISSED.


Those were the most memorable performances…I was absolutely shocked that Robin Thicke didn’t win song of the summer? That is some b@!$%!!


dexter-season-8-make-your-own-kind-of-musicI’ve been saying it all season and I’ll say it again. This season of Dexter has been the best one of all. Super impressed with what the writers have done with our favourite serial killer. With this being the final season, it all comes down to a few more episodes…and I can’t wait to see how this is going to finish. Hannah’s back in Dexter’s life which is a good thing, I like her character, and I think Dexter’s ending has to include someone he can share his life with. Last night we found out that Dr.Vogul had a son that was a psychopath, after she put him in a mental asylum at the age of 14…he ended up ‘dying’ in a hospital fire that would kill several more people.  Dexter finds traces of DNA that are related to Vogul…that’s why he questions her about her family. She assures him her son is dead, but Dexter doesn’t believe it, especially when Vogul tells him her son was a genius. Anyways, it turns out the guy that killed Cassie was the guy who she was dating..and that guy is actually Vogul’s real son. Dexter is determined to put him on his table…and then start the rest of his life with Hannah. That doesn’t happen because Daniel is just as smart as Dexter. Dexter rushes back to Vogul to warn her…but she just tells him to back off and leave her alone. Dexter leaves, and then we see Vogul with her long lost son Daniel.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I’ve been trying to follow along this season, but I have to say I’m getting a little bored with these fake story lines. Rob learning how to carve wood sculptures? Really…this guy can’t even figure his s*** out and he’s going to learn how to use a saw to sculpt? They couldn’t think of anything else? And then Kim and Kourtney decide to feed the entire family placenta…like a human placenta…as a joke. In the end we find out it really isn’t placenta…it’s actually just beef brisket. Also the family chef is totally hot…and Rob is totally not. What is up with my man? He’s looking grimier and sweatier with each episode…I really hope he gets out of this funk and becomes the hunk I fell in love with. Speaking of funks, there has been reports going on all day that Lamar Odom is addicted to crack? He’s apparently had a drug problem for the last two years, and it’s coming out now that Khloe has had enough. Lamar has apparently left the house he shares with Khlo-Money and is staying in a hotel. I don’t know what to think of this…I am totally Team Khloe and Lamar….anytime anyone says anything about these two I’m the first to defend them. I hope someone can get the real story….or Khloe comes out on Twitter and says something!

Here’s what Khloe Tweeted yesterday:


Okay, I think that’s all for my Sunday night recap. There are so many shows starting up in the fall…let’s all enjoy the time we have now because we haven’t even seen crazy yet!

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KUWTK Season Finale!

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians we got to see Bruce Jenner finally reclaiming the spotlight, and Kourtney getting ready to give birth to baby Nelly.

Since it was the season finale episode, they combined Kourtney’s baby shower as well as her pregnancy into one jam packed episode…and things got very emotional! Khloe and Kim had a consultation with the baby doctor, Khloe found out that she wasn’t ovulating, and she had to start taking hormones immediately. Kim on the other hand wanted to know more about freezing her eggs, since she didn’t have a child with Kris…she’s keeping an eye out for her next possible baby daddy. In the meantime, she decides to freeze her eggs, which isn’t as easy as it seems. Kim has to inject herself with hormones for a week straight….but really she couldn’t even get to sticking the needle inside her! She obviously calls Momager Kris (who is now certified)…and is also apparently a doctor. She slams the needle into Kim but instead of going into her stomach…it goes into Kim’s finger! WTF!!?? After putting on her eye glasses…maybe she should’ve thought of that before…she finally gets the needle into Kim, and apparently it doesn’t hurt as bad as a bloody finger.

Kourtney’s baby shower seemed like a good time, everyone was there including Kanye and Kim. Khloe has a heart to heart (something she never experienced with Kris) and talks about his relationship with Kim. Obviously, their relationship has lasted longer than her marriage to Kris, and Kim admits it ‘feels right’…and that timing is everything. Khloe talks about how Kanye and Kim were always just friends…which will help things now that they’re in an actual relationship. It seems like Kanye is head over heels for Kim as well, he’s been through some rough waters, and I think the relationship with Kim is opening up another side of him.

In the end, Kourtney is ready for the baby, as they’re packing up Kourtney gets really emotional at the thought of the next few hours. Since it is the last night Mason will ever only be an only child, Kourtney bursts into tears and Mason has no idea why. At the hospital, family members slowly start trickling in as Kourtney is about to give birth. I love that every single family member is in the delivery room…well I didn’t see Bruce. But Rob? Really? It’s such an amazing moment for the entire fam, and I think Khloe was video taping with a hand held camera the entire time. She pops the baby out and right away grabs her and pulls her up! She did the same thing with Mason!

After a quick clean up baby Penelope is looking dolled up and ready to meet her older bro. When Mason arrives at the hospital, Kourtney has a gift waiting for him (she’s such a good mother). He doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but he obviously loves his present, and all he wants to do is sit with his mommy.

The next season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami begins in January…obviously we’ll be watching but I don’t know how good it’ll be because really without Khloe there’s nobody to make us laugh.


KUWTK Season Finale Part I

Last night was the first half of the season finale for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, summer is coming to an end and it seems like the Kardashians are to. It’s not to say they aren’t returning to reality TV, in fact they will be coming back with another addition to the fam! “Nelly” as they call her, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope Scotland Disick was born Sunday morning on July 8th in Los Angeles. On next week’s season finale part II, we’ll get to see Kourtney going into labour again! It seems like every time she’s pregnant or going into labour there’s cameras around!

It’s no surprise that this week’s episode was full of baby talk, Kourtney mentioning she could fit a few more kids in their home, and Kim looking into how to freeze her eggs. When Kourtney and Scott discuss the future of their family, Kourtney mentions she could fit a few more kids into the house, and that she’s definitely not done having kids. Really, what’s the point of life if you’re not going to make babies? Scott freaks out, especially when Kourtney admits she’s not going to take the pill- ever. Good thing, since it isn’t natural and I’m not a doctor but it definitely isn’t safe for your body. Scott has to find a way to get it in with his girlfriend once a month, without getting her pregnant. He comes up with the idea of getting a vasectomy…he goes to see the doctor without telling Kourtney. Which isn’t really a big deal becacuse Kourtney could care less. She seems more and more withdrawn from Scott, she barely pays attention to him, and rarely cares for what he’s doing (unless he’s with Mason). When Kourtney’s fam steps in and mentions Scott’s feelings are hurt because he only feels like a baby daddy, and he might not want to have more kids, she comes back by saying she will find another baby daddy willing to have babies with her. Obviously she was joking…but not really.

Kim decides to visit a doctor of her own to possibly freeze her eggs. She is trippin’ out that she might not be able to have kids, since she’s 31. Sister Khloe tags along since she has been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and nothing has happened. I actually love Khloe and Lamar, they’re my favourite and it breaks my heart that they don’t have a little baby of their own. After taking some tests, the doctor tells Khloe that she didn’t ovulate last month, and if you don’t ovulate you don’t produce eggs, and if you don’t produce eggs…well you get the picture. Khloe has a minor breakdown in front of the camera when she has to relive the moment. Kim doesn’t freeze her eggs just yet- she decides to think about it…probably with Kanye.

Tune in next week for the finale and baby Nelly!

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KUWTK: Kourtney Has Mama Drama!

I’m really loving these one-hour Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes! Don’t forget there’s an all new cray episode tonight on E!…Anyways last night’s episode was as real as it gets on reality television folks!

With news of Kris Jenner’s new ‘memoi’ coming out…everyone’s talking about the affair she had that basically forced her husband Robert to get a divorce. Also, I’m pretty sure the man she had the affair with was Bruce- so it all makes it better. But Kourtney, who is usually the quiet one, and is really only known for poppin’ out babies voices her opinion on the entire ‘memoi’ situation, and how she doesn’t understand how her mother could’ve had an affair.

Khloe and Rob were too young when their parents got divorced to really understand what was going on, but as the biggest sis- Kourtney witnessed everything, and it definitely stuck with her, for the next few years. She starts giving Kris attitude, and at first they just thought it was the hormones, but really Kourtney was truly hurt her mother would do that to her children. I guess now since Kourtney is having a girl, she doesn’t understand why her mother did it, because she would never do it. Anyways, after a quick therapy session Kourtney realizes she might be too hard on her mother, and it was so many years ago, it’s time to get over it.

Also, did anyone notice that Scott and Kourt are still sleeping in different rooms? How weird is that? I still think she’s going to pop out her babies, and in a few years probably leave his useless butt behind…there’s a reason she’s not marrying him!

Kendall and Kylie land a gig at Seventeen Magazine that was probably orchestrated by their mother, anyhow they go on an assignment in Malibu, Kendall is so shy she becomes the worst worker in 6-inch heels ever and decides to sit down for a burger. Kylie rocks it out and does a good job recruiting the ugliest people for a potential modelling position. In the end, Kim (whose been spending more time with the younger sistahs) helps Kendall overcome her shyness (yes I’m sure it only took a 1 hour session of finding models to overcome a lifelong fear)…and in the end Kendall admits she’s not afraid to step out of her comfort zone anymore…thanks Kim!

Rob is M.I.A the entire episode, like really, don’t they know the only reason I watch the show is because of him! And, Khloe makes everything better, so they need to bring her a** back to LA and stop filming her on that iChat!

That’s all folks.