We are fully aware that at any given moment when there’s a tsunami of Kardashian stories, it’s not the stormy sign of the end of the world, it’s just the dramatic premiere week of a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Whether you hate them, love to hate them, or even really love them, you still know who they are, what they’re doing, who they’re doing, which one is pregnant, and most importantly, you’ve probably used one of their iconic gifs at least once in your life. And if you’re not ‘gif-ing’ than you’re not really living. So in honour of the 10th anniversary of KUWTK premiere week we’ve gathered our favourite gifs:

11. Kim Should Do Playboy


Because why not start off the 10-year anniversary by honouring the woman that basically started it all. Kris Jenner circa Kate Gosselin type A hairdo – nothing would get in the way of Kris selling off her daughter(s) whichever way she knew how. Besides if there was a sex tape how bad could Playboy be?



10. The Kylie Jenner



The Kylie Jenner – sounds like something you can order online. LOL, I’m just going to let this one speak for itself.




9. The Unbreakable Kimmy Glare


So just to warn everyone, there will be a lot of Kim reactions on this list. Not much can be said for what comes out of Kim’s mouth, but she does offer up herself to some great gif’s. This mischievous grin is one of my favourite go-to-gifs to use. Also, it’s a throwback to the original seasons when the sisters had nowhere else to go but work and chat at their DASH store in Calabasas. I feel like Kim was cooler back then, and when I say cooler I mean more entertaining. And when I say entertaining I really mean obliviously stupid.

8. The Beginning of All Selfie’s


Like I said, Kim was so much cooler back then. She was taking selfies when selfies weren’t even a thing! Kim really did master the art of the selfie. Can you imagine how difficult it must’ve been trying to take a selfie in the back of the van while dropping your sister off for her jail sentence? Like the lighting probably sucked in there.

7. The Only Way to Deal


Kris Jenner realizing the only way she could get through her crazy life was to knock a few back. And remember, this was pre-Caitlin Jenner. So like, wtf did she do when that sh** hit the fan?


6. Khloe – “The Jealous One”


This is one of my favourite scenes of the entire series, so I had to have it on my list. It’s the episode when Kim finally gets to buy her Bentley and so she takes it to an auto shop to get it detailed. But when she’s on her way to pick up the car her and Khloe get into a major fight – I don’t even remember what it was about. But Kim get’s so upset at her, claiming Khloe is just jealous that Kim could afford a Bentley, it’s just one of those moments where you really see how the fame and money starts trifling with the sisterhood. Khloe’s all like “I don’t need a Bentley to feel cool you shallow biatch” And honestly, even to this day, I feel like this moment really is a testament to their sometimes not-so-friendly relationship.

4. “I Literally Can’t Even”


I don’t even remember where this scene was from, but it’s just so Kourtney. The one that literally starts every sentence with ‘I could literally…’

3. I Miss the Old Kanye


I don’t think this was even on the show, but this gif had me dying, it’s so Kanye, and it’s so Kim. There’s no wonder why they’re soul mates, they are literally in love with themselves. It’s funnier as it keeps looping.







2. 72 Day Marriage


We all know Kim has an ugly cry face, even Kourtney talks about it in one of the episodes, but seeing her cry live in action was one of the funniest moments of the series. I’m sorry, I know this was a horrific time for her, but for some reason this moment was more comedic than sad. I mean we know the reason why, it’s because everyone knew the marriage was a sham before Kim even knew. Not before Kris though, Kris knew that sh** was doomed from the start but all she saw was dolla dolla bills yall. By the time the episode aired, fans were over mourning the relationship/marriage and so all that was left to do was just laugh about it. I can guarantee you Kim’s laughing at it to because she made a ton of cash on that episode.

1. Eyeroll Queen


The greatest eye roll in the history of eye rolls. I honestly think people love using this not just because of the dramatic eye roll, but because of how ratchet Kim looks. I’m not even hating, it was like 2008 or something so the makeup is all very questionable, and forgivable because they didn’t have a glam squad back then.

But for real guys, we’re not about bashing females here, we’re fans of the Kardashian’s and recognize they’ve done a lot for different causes over the years. They are also super fun to laugh at, they’ve been on TV for 10 years, they should know there’s going to be a little shade here and there. Send us your favourite Kardashian meme/gifs. Also, don’t forget to watch the new season this Sunday on E!

Fall TV Preview: What to Watch

We’re back from summer hiatus along with some of our favourite shows. Here is our fall tv preview and what we think of some of these new additions. Basically this is our ‘if you’re not watching you should definitely be watching’ list.



Probably the most talked about show this fall, it premiered on HBO last Sunday, and everyone’s dubbing it ‘the new Game of Thrones’ Okay, it’s probably the farthest thing from the Game of Thrones world, but it’s an HBO production, and let me tell you they did not cheap out on this one. If you were a fan of the Matrix movies, you’ll most likely be a fan of Westworld. I, however, was not a Matrix fan nor am I remotely interested in anything sci-fi. BUT, I enjoyed every second of the premiere and I am officially obsessed. If you’re down for a show that requires attention but pays it forward with a boat load of Easter eggs, this is the show for you.





Okay we’re leaving HBO for cheaper television, but hey, there’s still some good stuff on here. Pitch is the story of the first female baseball player to enter the male professional baseball world. I know it sounds so cheesy and I was so not going to watch this show, but I was pleasantly surprised.


They put you right into the world of ‘her’ on her first professional game day experience, and it all seems so wild you’re intrigued by this new world. The writing is witty and empowering. It’s a feminist show without being a feminist show – does that make sense ? ‘Her’ name is Ginny Baker played by Kylie Bunbury and she slays (sorry I couldn’t find another word okaaay), she finds the perfect balance between cocky sports player and vulnerable rookie.There’s also a lineup of good actors, Ali Larter plays her agent and is basically the female version of Ari Gold. Mark Consuelos plays the manager of the baseball team and he’s meh.  Then you have bearded Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) playing the A-list sports star of the team. He looks really old compared to her. In typical fashion, she’ll probably have a romance with him but I’m really hoping she doesn’t because this is 2016, there’s a girl playing baseball with a bunch of guys and we’re doing something different! So no more predictable storylines – I’m looking at you deceased family members!

Scream Queens


scream queens, ryan murphy

I’m someone who considers Ryan Murphy and his crew Jesus and his disciples. Seriously, that crew just know how to make relevant and good TV. Scream Queens was one of my favourite shows last fall, and with a promise that each season will be a different ‘setting’ you naturally stick around to see what’s next. This season we find all our favourite peeps plus some new ones at C.U.R.E  – a medical institution that Dean Munsch opens because she’s basically filthy rich and wants to change the health care system. But also you know she’s got some secret plan. Oh and there’s a green monster this time around haunting the halls of the hospital. My favourite security enforcement solutions officer is back (Niecy Nash), newly graduated from Quantico (I died) she’s all about finding the killer, who she still thinks is Zayday (Keke Palmer). I was laughing through this entire write up, they kill me.

Rob and Blac Chyna


I feel like I’m just going down the TV totem pole here, but considering half of television is reality television and half the universe is Kardashian, it’s only fitting Rob’s new show is on here. Seriously, I loved Rob, and then he got all sad and disappeared and I missed him! But now he’s back, he definitely still has issues and I have no idea how he’s about to be a parent but hopefully Scott can give him a few pointers. (Sarcasm) Also, Chyna’s pretty cool. Here’s to hoping Kylie does in fact realize things this year and actually makes a mends with both her boyfriend and brothers’ baby mama. Guys don’t judge me, I want to see him win! (Oprah voice)


How to Get Away with Murder


Like I feel like at this point we pretty much know how to get away with murder, now in its third season the drama seems to be repeating itself just a tad but we’re giving V-Davis and crew  a chance. Frank is crazy – let’s just call it like it is. He’s friggin hot as hell but he crazy, and with his new haircut he looks even crazier. Honestly, sometimes the drama is just too next level on this show, but now I kinda wanna see Laurel and Wes have a thing. Also, more flashbacks from the season premiere, V’s house gets burned down and someone doesn’t make it. My money’s on Billy Brown. Stay tuned, because if you don’t you’re gong to get confused with all those time jumps.

Let us know of your favourite shows this Fall season and we will get on them!

The People V. O.J: I Literally Can’t Even

“I literally did not realize he was a lawyer” and “You can’t put the genie back in the bottle” were just some of the great lines from this week’s episode of American Crime Story: The People V. O.J Simpson. I honestly can’t tell if the show is getting better by the episodes or am I getting used to the amount of cheesy expositional writing that is happening right now.

Johnny Cochran

This episode was all about the dream team convincing Johnny Cochran to get on board with the O.J case. “Behind every good man is a great woman” (I’m surprised they didn’t use this line in the episode) But seriously, it only took 30 seconds for Johnny’s wife to basically convince him to take the O.J case. And then they called him up and O.J put on a great performance so obviously he couldn’t say no.


Robert Kardashian

Let’s not forget that it is Father’s Day in our American Crime Story world. And like any other Kardashian episode (let’s be real this is basically a Kardashian spin off at this point) the gang, including Robert Jr head to the most popular joint in Beverly Hills. Dressed up in their Sunday best, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob start turning up because they just cut the line at La Scala’s and their new dad is Bruce Jenner. While dad Robert is spewing ironic Gandi-esque lines to his children, baby Khloe wonders what she’s even doing there, and if her dad might be O.J (via Robert/Bruce + Caitlin). Also, monotone Kourtney points out that O.J is her godfather. Let’s all remember that people, because that little tid bit of information is sure to be monumental later on. If that last bit wasn’t sarcastic enough for you, La Scala’s is also serving up a big plate of irony in the words of the late Robert Kardashian. Here are some of the great pieces of advice he imparts onto his children. “We are Kardashians and being a loyal friend is more important than being famous” (Um Paris Hilton would have to disagree) “Fame is fleeting, it’s hollow, it means nothing without a virtuous heart” (Robert Jr could probably agree with his father on that)


But wait, things get better in a few minutes. Also, if you’re wondering why we aren’t talking about the actual O.J case, it’s because it’s hidden under 500 layers of Kardashian dialogue. Don’t think we forgot about Kris Jenner. Girl can’t have her kids all over the episode without showing her face. And I have to say, Selma Blair, you’ve been MIA for 10 years but you came back with the best role ever. I’m still serving sarcasm here. Robert shows up in a hot pink salmon golf shirt, and his ex-wife greets him at the door. I’m sorry, does everyone in Beverly Hills/Calabasas wear a power suit with dangling pearls around the house? What am  I saying, it’s Kris Jenner slash Selma Blair, duh. Kris Jenner delivers the most ironic line of the night, telling Robert that O.J probably killed Nicole, Robert reminding Kris he’s the uncle/Godfather of monotone Kourtney, and Kris replies “He’s a fake uncle, everything about him is pretend” Girl, bye.

Marcia Clark


Sarah Paulson has to be my favourite character right now. Her performance is the best, which isn’t saying much because everyone else sucks. She’s obviously the only one with a brain at the DA’s office, seems like everyone else is so sure they’re going to win the case, and Marcia’s over there in her office smoking on a cig reminding everyone she’s a woman and she has insight like nobody else! Duh! But seriously, she puts in work and is totally shell shocked when she realizes O.J’s lawyers are going to make the case all about race. Slowly her evidence, like Nicole’s 911 call gets released to the media, making it inadmissible in court. Are you all still following? Is this intriguing at all? Are you currently googling – kris jenner power suit where to find?. If you are, I don’t blame you. Sarah Paulson delivers the final line of the episode, when she reads the morning paper that headlines Johnny Cochran joining O.J’s legal team. “Motherfucker” she blurts out right before putting out her cigarette.

Bob Shapiro

The biggest slime ball of all. He basically initiates the entire ‘race case’ theme by writing an article in The New Yorker.

O.J Simpson

Cuba Gooding Jr appeared towards the end of the episode, and delivered a pretty crazy performance of admitting his innocence to Johnny.

What did you think of the episode? Join the discussion or Tweet us your comments!


This month’s TV Addictions


It’s been a while but we are back in action with this month’s TV addictions.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians

Okay so many of you might be rolling your eyes at this title but this season of KUWTK has been pretty decent. Our personal favourite Kardashian is Khloe, so it’s no surprise that we’re tuning in when homegirl is having issues at home. All the Lamar drama is coming out in the current season, and with the recent episode it’s 100% certain Lam cheated on Khloe.

She admits to having to lie about everything, she had to give up her Yonce tickets to pretend like her and Lamar were spending the night together for their anniversary. In reality, she was alone at home and he was probably out f***** some girl. I really thought Lamar was one of the good guys, it’s scary to see what he’s turned into. It’s easy for people to throw fire at the Kardashian clan, but Khloe has always been the realest, and there’s no denying what’s been going on with her and Lamar.


While Lamar is overseas playing for some basketball team, one of his buddies messages Khloe asking her if they’re still together because Lamar is wearing his wedding ring. Khloe screams at her phone ‘F**k your ring, you were wearing it when you were f**king someone else too’ Ouch.

Also, for the girls that are BJ crazy, Brody has been making a few appearances this season so tune in for that. Next week is the first part of the two-part episode for their Thailand family vacation. Sadly, I don’t think my man Robert tags along.

Masters of Sex

Okay so I’ve heard so many good things about this show but never actually sat down to watch it. I’m 3 episodes into the first season and it’s a really good show. It’s definitely not mind blowing, but if you’re suffering from summer TV withdrawals, then this show might do it for you. Literally, there is sex everywhere.

Ray Donovan

My night in a beautiful bespoke suit is back! Liev Schreiber returns as the dashingly violent Ray Donovan on Showtime (Sundays at 9pm). This show completely surprised me last year, I ended up watching the entire first season in under a week, and it’s back with an all new season. It’s starts off with a bang, he literally bangs the poop out of his wife, so does this mean he’s become emotionally available? Or he’s still the same Ray. Look, I have no problem with the current Ray, honestly he is the sexiest thing ever so keep doing what you’re doing RayRay. If you haven’t checked out this show, please do. It’s a cross between Entourage and Scandal. So good!

The Leftovers

O-M-G the show of the summer has finally arrived. There is something to be said about this spine chilling new series on HBO. Starring Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler (to name a few) takes place in the wake of a global “rapture” which causes the unexplainable disappearance of 2% of the world population. The show takes place in small town America, focusing on the people that were left behind. It’s such a beautiful show, it will definitely sweep you away after the first few minutes. Just beware, you have to be emotionally ready for the hour long episodes, it’s only 3 episodes in so you still have time to catch up.



Those are just some of the shows we have waiting for us on the PVR, summer might be halfway through but there is still a whole lot of entertainment out there. You just need the really expensive TV subscriptions.

Now just a caution, it is summer, we want everyone to enjoy the weather as much as possible because it won’t last forever. Save these shows for a rainy day, but once you start you won’t be able to stop. You’ve been warned.

We Care About ‘KhloMar’

The season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired this Sunday with a jam packed episode. There was the little baby to talk about (North), it was Kylie’s sweet 16 (cool)…and the ever looming question- WTF is going on with Lamar?

Khloe and Lamar have always been my favourite couple- not just in that family…but in the world. Every time anyone said anything bad about that family, I ignored them and proceeded to say great things about the couple that met and got married in 30 days. You could tell their love was real, they just got each other, unlike Kris and Kim who just looked like they were forcin their relationship. Khloe is my fave and I totally had her back when she chose Lam as the man of her dreams.

But WTF is going on right now?

The world is not in a good place when Khloe and Lamar aren’t happy. It doesn’t just affect fans- it affects people close to them like Rob. On Sunday night’s episode, he admits to Brody that he needs to move out of the home (he lives with Khlomar), he needs to find his own place and escape the negativity that is Lamar. For whatever reason, Lamar has been down and out, he’s uber depressed, and he’s doing drugs (allegedly). Until I see a crack pipe in his hand- I won’t believe what the tabloids say. Apparently, only Khloe and Rob really know what’s up with LamLam, Khloe has been tight lipped to her family- she doesn’t want everyone knowing what he’s going through. Whether she’s ashamed or whether she doesn’t want to talk about it…the problem still remains- why won’t Lamar wake the f*** up!


But now, it seems like Khloe has given up on him as well. Not that she hasn’t tried to bring Lammy back, she admits to Rob that she’s done everything she possibly could to make him happy, but he just can’t find his happy place. Khloe explains that Lamar has gone through things in his life that are now resurfacing, and it has  consumed him entirely. Kourtney and Scott complain that they never see Lamar anymore, Lamar has never even been to their house, it all just seems really sad.

The finale ended off with a serious conversation between brother and sister Rob and Khloe. Rob admits to Khloe that he needs to remove himself from the negativity, he wants to get his own place where he can focus on himself, his fitness, and his well being. (Call me) Totally understandable, Khloe has mixed feelings because she would rather go through this with her brother, but she understands that he needs to work on himself. Rob tells Khloe that maybe it’s time for her to re-evaluate her marriage, she’s obviously not happy, she’s tried everything, and she shouldn’t’ give up her life because Lamar’s given up on his. Heartbreaking. The tabloids keep reporting that Khloe’s ready for a divorce, she’s got the paperwork ready- I however will not accept that bu***** until I hear it from Khloe.

Yesterday, there were talks that Bruce has taken Lamar under his wing. They’re spending time together at Bruce’s Malibu mansion- hopefully that’s true because Lammy could use some Bruce Jenner wisdom.

What do you guys think? Will Lammy pull through? Should Khloe wait for him? Can their marriage be saved!?

Love you KhloMar!

TV’s Sunday Night Line Up!

Everyone knows Sunday night is the biggest night for TV, and if you don’t believe me just take a look at my PVR recordings. There was so much going on last night I had to make a list and decide which one was worth watching first.


Breaking Bad TourismI’ll admit, I’ve been on a Breaking Bad binge diet. I started the entire series last month, because I was determined to catch up with everyone else. Watching the premiere with the rest of the world was insane, people were going crazy because they waited so long to see how Hank was going to react to Walter. I on the other hand, had just finished the last episode a few days before, thankfully I didn’t have to wait as long as everyone else. Anyways, getting back to the episode…Jesse doesn’t end up saying anything to Hank…which is a relief for Walt, but Walt’s determined to get Jesse out of town…either that or he’s going to kill him. Jesse is ready to start his new life with his new money…but when he realizes that Walter was the one who poisoned Brock..all hell breaks loose. Personally, I would’ve liked to see Jesse find happiness somewhere else, start a new life with his money…but of course he had to find out the truth. I have absolutely no idea what  Jesse’s going to do now that he knows. Well we know he drives over to Walt’s and starts pouring gasoline in his house…but what’s going to happen!! Also, if anyone could confirm. How did Jesse know Walt poisoned Brock. Was it because Saul’s guy took the weed out of Jesse’s pocket? Was really confused at that.

MTV Video Music Awards

MileyThe MTV VMA’s has to be one of my favourite award shows, it always has the best performances and most often boasts a special ‘reveal’. Last night was no different, with rumours swirling around a possible NSYNC reunion…every girl’s teenage dream was about to come true- again. Okay so I didn’t watch the VMA’s during the live broadcast…but I still made time to catch up on the performances…which were totally overrated. Yes, it’s true, I was surprisingly disappointed with the Miley Cyrus performance…like really…I did not expect her to twerk the entire time. Yes, I’m exaggerating…that performance was AWFUL! What was even more heartbreaking was the fact that Robin Thicke had to share the stage with her! Let the man sing his summer hit without the bald white girl twerking in front of him! I wasn’t sure what the consensus was…like did people enjoy her performance? Did they think she was a good dancer? Was her costume(s) or lack there of necessary…? It was a total train wreck…my favourite shot was when Miley started twerking for the 5000000th time and Drake just looks down at the floor. Amazing.


Lady Gaga who opened the show had an amazing performance. She is a brilliant entertainer and last night was no different. She did look a little more normal…which is a good thing, people were commenting on her beautiful bod and how nobody ever gets to see it. Flaunt it girl!

Kanye “Yeezus” West took time off from baby daddy duty to perform his hit ‘Blood On The Leaves’. I was so excited for this performance, it’s one of my fave songs off his album…also Kim announced he was her favourite performer of the night, so I totally believed it. Eh, it was alright. He was in front of this old rustic looking photograph of trees…and all you could see was his silhouette…his crazy arms were flailing all over the place while he rapped…it was average.


Then there was the Justin Timberlake performance. Everyone was waiting for Justin to bring sexy back. I absolutely love JT, he is one of my favourite performers, everyone loves his music but damn JT  wouldn’t even let the song finish before he was moving on to the next! I think he performed 6 or 7 of his songs (old and new)…but he would breeze through it so quickly I couldn’t even savour the moment. I get it, he can’t sing an entire song…but still it’s all about quality not quantity. And then….there were 5. Okay so 2 of them couldn’t really move, but seeing all 5 of them on stage again definitely brought back memories. Literally Joey couldn’t move, he was behind on all the dance moves…which is totally fine. Nobody expects Joey to be JT, I would’ve liked to see them just sing…without all the fancy failed dance moves. JC tried stealing the spotlight…but thankfully his mic was on low…really low. Then it was all over, after a short performance, the other 4 guys were sucked back down into oblivion while the man of the night continued on his performance. JT went on to a sing a few more songs…and the he finally finished off with ‘Mirrors’…and then Jimmy Fallon met him on stage to award him with the Vanguard award. Yay!


Drake’s performance was sexy as hell. I mean could we expect any different? I’ve seen better performances from Driz, but I was happy to hear him sing his latest track ‘Just Hold On We’re Going Home’. After that he sang ‘Started From the Bottom’…we saw a quick glimpse of RiRi…she wasn’t even standing! She looked PISSED.


Those were the most memorable performances…I was absolutely shocked that Robin Thicke didn’t win song of the summer? That is some b@!$%!!


dexter-season-8-make-your-own-kind-of-musicI’ve been saying it all season and I’ll say it again. This season of Dexter has been the best one of all. Super impressed with what the writers have done with our favourite serial killer. With this being the final season, it all comes down to a few more episodes…and I can’t wait to see how this is going to finish. Hannah’s back in Dexter’s life which is a good thing, I like her character, and I think Dexter’s ending has to include someone he can share his life with. Last night we found out that Dr.Vogul had a son that was a psychopath, after she put him in a mental asylum at the age of 14…he ended up ‘dying’ in a hospital fire that would kill several more people.  Dexter finds traces of DNA that are related to Vogul…that’s why he questions her about her family. She assures him her son is dead, but Dexter doesn’t believe it, especially when Vogul tells him her son was a genius. Anyways, it turns out the guy that killed Cassie was the guy who she was dating..and that guy is actually Vogul’s real son. Dexter is determined to put him on his table…and then start the rest of his life with Hannah. That doesn’t happen because Daniel is just as smart as Dexter. Dexter rushes back to Vogul to warn her…but she just tells him to back off and leave her alone. Dexter leaves, and then we see Vogul with her long lost son Daniel.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I’ve been trying to follow along this season, but I have to say I’m getting a little bored with these fake story lines. Rob learning how to carve wood sculptures? Really…this guy can’t even figure his s*** out and he’s going to learn how to use a saw to sculpt? They couldn’t think of anything else? And then Kim and Kourtney decide to feed the entire family placenta…like a human placenta…as a joke. In the end we find out it really isn’t placenta…it’s actually just beef brisket. Also the family chef is totally hot…and Rob is totally not. What is up with my man? He’s looking grimier and sweatier with each episode…I really hope he gets out of this funk and becomes the hunk I fell in love with. Speaking of funks, there has been reports going on all day that Lamar Odom is addicted to crack? He’s apparently had a drug problem for the last two years, and it’s coming out now that Khloe has had enough. Lamar has apparently left the house he shares with Khlo-Money and is staying in a hotel. I don’t know what to think of this…I am totally Team Khloe and Lamar….anytime anyone says anything about these two I’m the first to defend them. I hope someone can get the real story….or Khloe comes out on Twitter and says something!

Here’s what Khloe Tweeted yesterday:


Okay, I think that’s all for my Sunday night recap. There are so many shows starting up in the fall…let’s all enjoy the time we have now because we haven’t even seen crazy yet!

Follow me peeps!

The Katie Couric Kim K Battle!

Katie Couric made a remark about Kim Kardashian and why people are obsessed with the reality TV family…because really they’re famous for nothing…the media blew up calling the once conservative talk show host a sassy and spicy Katie!

Just a few moments ago Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a picture of a gift she received from Katie. Kim captioned the picture with “IHateFakeMediaFriends and #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit…Ouch!




Kardashians In MIKONOS!

The three part Kardashian vacation in Greece is over but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful pictures one more time. The Kardashian vacations are always a staple feature in their seasons, something always good comes out of the getaways. Although my man Robert wasn’t present, we still got the chance to enjoy Brody and Brandon as they joined the Kardashian clan in Mikonos.

Enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8!

Last night was the season eight premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and from what we witnessed, we obviously ‘didn’t know the half of it’ like the promos promised. First off, there was way too much sex talk for a 60-minute reality show, I don’t need to know how many girls Rob has done the ‘back door Betty’ with…and I really don’t need to see Kourtney in a strap on.


The episode starts off with a little Kris/Bruce Jenner drama, Bruce invites a bunch of his helicopter buddies over…most of them Armenian (how ironic?). They spend the night laughing and chatting away while Kris is trying to sleep upstairs. She is furious with Bruce for bringing his friends over and making so much noise, Bruce decides on renting his own place…so he can get time and space for himself. It’s understandable…really who wouldn’t need extra space after living in a huge mansion like the one they have? Obviously you would drive down the coast to Malibu and rent out a more suitable living arrangement…obviously.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to these kind of stories…I take everything with a grain of salt…most of it is set up- like really why would Bruce bring someone into their bedroom when Kris is trying to sleep? It’s just weird.

Then we head over to Khloe’s house, everyone is over, Scott is talking about sex as usual and he brings up the whole idea of ‘back door Betty’. Rob explains he’s only done it with two different girls…thanks for that little fun fact Rob. Scott admits he wants to do it with Kourtney…he brings up Khloe and Lamar and how they probably do it in 200 different positions…and now this conversation has gotten too weird. I’m all for the Kardashian clan being open with their lives, but this scene was so awkward to watch it’s obvious they’ve run out of topics to talk about. Why is this an issue we all need to hear about? Just play with Mason he’s more fun to watch.

Kim is pregnant…she admits to Kris that she’s not that excited for the baby. She never imagined she would be pregnant…and be married to someone else. It is stressful, with all her court appearances, I’m sure she is running out of conservative things to wear. Kim and Kanye buy a beautiful home…it’s really a mega mansion. It looks absolutely over the top…none of the other sisters have a house that large. Kourtney’s house is super cute, traditional and cozy…Khloe’s house looks a bit bigger but it still has that homey feel. Kim’s mansion is on a next level…I guess Kanye really needs all that space. Kim brings Khloe along to check out the house, Kim explains she wants to gut everything and build her dream house. Kim shows Khloe the yard and explains how they want to move the pool to the other side….because right now an infinity pool and gorgeous yard aren’t ‘liveable’. Khloe reminds Kim that the renovations won’t be done until after Kim gives birth which stresses Kim out even more. Either way Kim will have a place to sleep…don’t worry Kim you’re not going be homeless and pregnant. I really just want to see the house remodeled, if it looks anything like Kris’ home…it’s going to look fab. HGTV should do a special on it!

Bruce moves into a Malibu home, now he’s closer to Brody and Brandon who are now officially cast members of the show. Khloe questions her mothers motives for this ‘separation’ she worries that things might be worse than she thought between Kris and Bruce. Kris explains that unless Khloe has been married for 23 years…she shouldn’t voice her opinion. Everyone in the family agrees it’s not healthy for the couple to be living separate lives. Kris enjoys a few nights alone…but while watching The Bachelor realizes she misses him. Her and Kylie drive to Malibu to get Bruce to come back home.

After Scott begs Kourtney to try other positions in bed…Kourtney has a brilliant idea to wear a strap on and use it on Scott…only then will she agree to the ‘back door Betty’. Scott freaks out when he hears this proposition, Kourtney busts out her strap on and it was actually the funniest scene ever. In the end, Scott admits he will never ask for the ‘back door Betty’ again, he’s absolutely traumatized.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris meet for Kim’s doctor appointment. It was a really special episode because the family let us in on a little secret…Kim is having a baby girl! Yay!

Glad to have the fam back!

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KUWTK: Malibu Saves Marriages!

This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians we see the finale to the 26 year saga that is Kris Jenner and Todd Whatever. As Todd tries to roofie Kris and take her to a hotel room, Kris admits the dinner was just for closure and she is happily married to Bruce Jenner. With that, Kris gets up and leaves the table that looked really uncomfortable to sit at.

Kris returns home and wakes up Bruce to tell her she’s finally over Todd. Bruce is pissed off and just wants to sleep, he doesn’t understand why Kris had to go meet him, he calls her an idiot and goes back to bed. When Kris tells the sisters what she’s done, they hate on her even more, not understanding why she even went to go meet Todd. She tries to defend herself, but Kim refuses to listen to her until she takes a lie detector test.

Lamar needs to visit the dentist when his rotting mouth grosses out Kim. Khloe admits Lamar is terrified of the dentist and refuses to go and get his teeth checked. I guess after a few years, Lamar can no longer withstand the tooth aches, he gathers up the courage. At the dentist’s office, they pump Lamar with a bunch of drugs, he was literally high and it was the funniest thing ever. After 7 hours of surgery, Lamar’s mouth is like brand new, he wakes up still high, it was the funniest thing to watch.

Robert thinks he’s going bald after Kim makes a rude comment. It’s true, over the last few episodes Rob’s hair does look like it’s thinning, but he’s definitely not balding. He tries a few organic hair remedies but none of them seem to work. After a talk with Lamajoon, Rob realizes he’s not really going bald, and he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Lamar admits he went bald when he was 19 but had to roll with the punches.

After answering the hard hitting questions, Kris Jenner passes the polygraph test, but it’s too late because Bruce already has a broken heart. The sisters once again try to save the day by renting a beautiful Malibu house for the weekend. After Kim’s family BBQ, they send their ‘rents off in a car, and hope they come back the same lovey dovey couple they were in the ’90s. Apparently, Malibu can save marriages, although I’m sure Malibu has also broken marriages since it is a beautiful secret getaway spot. Bruce and Kris are forced to spend more than 15 hours together with no assistants and no house cleaners. Kris has to make her own coffee, and admits she’s forgotten how Bruce like’s his. Anyways, they work it out in the end while looking through old photos.