Keeping Up With The Kardashians! More From Bora Bora

Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was again from beautiful Bora Bora. This week E! brings us 2 full-hour episodes of our favourite family reality show. Tonight is the season finale.

For once, the episode focused on my favourite Kardashian- Robert. Kim started an argument with him when she started talking smack about him to Kris. Robert over heard and he got offended…it seems like the family is dissapointed with Robert because he doesn’t have much going for himself. He graduated from school, but since then he hasn’t had a job. He’s kind of just living off his family. It seems like he really is trying hard to find his ‘thing’ in life, and although he doesn’t know it yet…he needs to make the big bucks for our wedding.

After the Rob situation…the drama turned to Kris because he jumped to Kim’s help. He’s still new to the family, so it’s kind of awkward that he started threatening Rob because of the way Rob was talking to Kim. Rob and Kim have been siblings much longer than Kris has known Kim, it’s really not his place to get involved in their family drama. Kris is just weird.

After that was settled, Scott was thrown under the bus when Mom Kris met his business partners. Turns out Scott is investing in a Vodka company…is that really the smartest choice for a recovering alcoholic? Probably not. At dinner, Kris confronts Scott, Scott gets offended- walks away…and then gets bitched at some more by his girlfriend and baby mama-Kourteney. Poor guy…he can never please The Family.

Then…the event of the season Bruce and Kris renew their vows. Wait, maybe that wasn’t the event of the season…(that’s probably the proposal)

So Mom Kris gets a huge diamond ring from Bruce (she probably picked it out)…and then Man Kris decides to say that he’s so honoured to experience a Jenner family event…and that he only wishes he could relive this experience with Kim…in the future. BARF! What guy says that?? Could he be any more fake?? I’m sorry, I thought I had issues with Scott, Scott is normal compared to Kris. At least Scott admits he’s a douche, and somewhat annoying. Kris just exudes this type of fakeness, that is so obvious, especially in this episode. So Kris and Kim go on a special boat ride…something that they always ‘wanted to do’. Always? Dude you’ve been together for what…2 months during the taping of this vacation…it’s just weird.

To top it all off, he ends the episode off by taking Bruce for a game of golf. Obviously…we know what he’s going to ask. I mean after only a few months of knowing someone why wouldn’t you get married to them??

The ending of the episode leads us into tonight’s finale…which will probably be a good one. What can I say…it’s a guilty pleasure.



Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Bora Bora!

Our fave family headed to Bora Bora for the greatest family vacation this summer. The last two episode’s of E!s Keeping Up With The Kardashians took place in French Polynesia at the Hilton Bora Bora Resort. Incase you don’t know what Bora Bora looks like…here’s a picture. I call it paradise.

The entire family including new addition Kris Humphries…and minus Khloe and Lamar headed on a 8-hour plane ride to paradise. The premise of the vacation episode was Bruce Jenner’s idea of having a special anniversary/family vacation…which then turned into the family meeting Kris for the first time.

Like any Kardashian episode, there were a few issues at the beginning of the episode…Here I’ll sum it up for you guys.

Issue #1- Realizing that Kris Jenner will be on a beach in Bora Bora with her much younger and skinnier daughters…she starts to panic and nervously makes an appointment for the plastic surgeon.

Solution: The plastic surgeon tells Kris her healing will take up to 3 months, hopeless Kris has no choice but to go on the vacation without a few nip and tucks.

Issue #2- Once arriving in Bora Bora Kim,Kris, and Kylie decide for a quick swim in the beautiful blue waters. Aggressive Kris throws Kim into the water from their deck…and once realizing her $75,000 earring is missing…freaks out.

Solution: Thankfully, little Kylie finds the missing earring (somehow) in the water and Kim can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Yet she fails to thank Kylie, and goes on to thank Kris.  Later confessing what an amazing guy he is. Meanwhile, Kris is still surprised at how materialistic Kim is.

Issue #3- Scott’s Drinking/Feud with Robert. After Scott has a conversation with Kourteney about his drinking issues, he confirms to her that he is indeed fine with a few beers…and just wants to ‘fit in’ with the boys. Everyone knows over the past season Rob and Scott haven’t been getting along. (Not sure why)

Solution- After a mature heart-to-heart between Scott and Rob, they decide to hug it out over a few beers. A few minutes later…and a few beers later, Rob decides to get on a bicycle drive it into the ocean with Scott sitting in the backseat the entire time…sounds like fun!

Issue #4- Kris finds out that Kim was married once.

Solution- After being hit ‘with a ton of bricks’ Kris doesn’t take the news of Kim’s marriage lightly. He discusses it with the boys, but is left contemplating the outcome of their relationship. (See Kim/Kris wedding for conclusion)

Issue #5- With her ongoing insecurity issues Kris manages to stay wrapped up in her clothes the entire time in Bora Bora. She doesn’t want to ‘lay out’ on the deck with the younger girls…and stays cooped up in her hotel room. When Bruce mentions to her about renewing their vows, she explains how painful it would be to her, if all the attention was on her. She refuses to do the renewing of the vows…and dissapoints the family.

Solution- Always understanding Bruce is sympathetic to Kris’ issues, and like any Hollywood husband offers to take Kris to the plastic surgeon/more workouts at the gym when they get back to LA.


All is fine in paradise. For now, stay tuned next week for the ‘marriage proposal’ episode.