Jersey Shore: A Different Snooki

For the last three Jersey Shore seasons, we’ve seen one side of our favourite meatball- Snooki. She’s always been the little drunk…who always knows how to party. But, last night, we saw a different Snooki, one that I didn’t really enjoy watching…and I’m sure the Jersey Shore house would agree. In last night’s episode, Roger and Jionni were supposed to visit. Roger said he couldn’t get the time off work…JWOW was upset…but Jionni was still on his way. Snooki was going crazy all day waiting for his arrival, and when he got there, she didn’t even let him shower…she needed a smush session. So if you watch the Jersey Shore on a weekly basis, you’ll know that Jionni hates when Snooki gets too crazy/slutty. So what does Snooki do the second they walk into the club? She starts dancing on the stage and lifting up her dress. Smart.

Obviously, Jionni sees this and gets really really mad. He’s embarrassed for her, and for himself. He has every right to be, although Vinny defended Snooki and said that’s just who she is. Pauly D couldn’t care less. Once again, Ronnie was turning into Dr.Phil, chasing JWOW and Jionni through the streets of Florence, trying to find a resolution to the fiasco. Jionni (fast walker) ends up somewhere…on a bench…apparently his man shoes were to uncomfortable so he decided to take them off…and have a few minutes to himself. During this time, Snooki is going CRAZY. When I say crazy, I’ve never seen her this crazy…and if you’ve seen all 3 seasons…you’ve seen a lot. But last night, she was a whole other person, she wasn’t even funny, she was angry, she was angry at the girls, screaming at them and telling them to leave her alone…nothing would get in the way of her and Jionni. JWOW took so much sh*t from Snooki, after Snooki insulted her, JWOW just stood there (when she wasn’t looking for Jionni).

Finally they get Snooki to the house, she runs upstairs and goes to sleep (crying). Jenni is still looking for Jionni- after hours of searching she returns home…where the boys are still up bbqing hot dogs. They’re all waiting for Jionni to come back. He finally does, and all hell breaks loose when the doorbell rings. Snooki runs for the door…she starts running for the stairs- Jionni is running up at the same time- she almost misses him…he doesn’t even look at her…he just keeps running up. He starts packing his stuff (he’s been in Italy for 5 hours)…he wants to leave. JWOW is telling him to calm down….and Sammi realizes how the drama can effect the entire house. She has a moment of clarity…realizing it is almost like watching her and Ronnie fight…she apologizes to the roommates. This was the greatest moment.

However, Sammi’s moment of clarity isn’t enough to stop Jionni from leaving…he legit leaves except we don’t know if he boards the plane or not. Either way, he’s making our Snooks a very very sad and angry meatball. This we don’t like.

Crazy Jersey Shore Video!!

Woot!Woot! It’s Jerzzzday!! The best day of the week calls for an amazing video. Check out the funniest moments from the Joisy Shore.

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New Music: Diego Garcia

This week’s Song of the Week is brought to you by our favourite reality series- Jersey Shore. It’s called Roses and Wine by Diego Garcia. Check it out!!

I can’t stop playing it.

Another Jersey Shore Video

Here’s a video I put together of Ron and Sam. Everytime you start believing in their love…just watch this video!

Jersey Shore…The Fight

So last night was another episode of our beloved Jersey Shore in Italy. This episode was much anticipated for a lot of people because it was the episode where Ronnie and Mike get into a “fight”. If you can even call it a fight. The episode starts off with last week’s episode ending…and then leads us into Mike going crazy in their bedroom…all of a sudden he runs himself into the concrete wall and we see him sort of bash his head against it. He falls back…and there’s this weird look in his eyes like he’s just been knocked out by the wall. Probably because he has. Before the fight even started he knocked himself out!!

The cast immediately attends to Mike because he doesn’t look good- but the arguing doesn’t stop there. Because Ronnie was inside the bathroom at the time when Mike hurt himself, he didn’t know what was going on when he stepped back into the bedroom. He kept fighting with Mike…they tried swinging at each other, but the house security guys came rushing in and broke it up.

Let me say one thing. During this entire fight…all you can hear is screaming from the guys….and Sammi “Sweetheart’s” whining cry for Ron to stop fighting. At that point, I’m surprised nobody else knocked out Sammi.

Jersey Jersey Shore!











Last night was a crazy episode of Jersey Shore!!! Well, not really but I really hoped it would be since all the commercials showed Ronnie and Mike fighting. I made sure I saw last night’s episode in hopes of seeing the much anticipated fight of the season between short and stumpy Ronnie- and Popeye Mike “The Situation”.

TMZ reported months back that there had been a Jersey Shore house brawl…because of all the paparazzi pictures of Mike with a bruised up face.

Ofcourse, as always MTV prolonged the argument until the end of the episode…so make sure you stay tuned in to next week for the rest of the fight. Or, just check on here I’ll have the video up for you guys.

Moving on to more exciting Jersey Shore news…



Yeah…there’s really nothing else. It was a really boring episode (minus the fight at the end) Snooki and Deena finally go to work at the pizzeria, they get bored, buy some wine and secretly drink it in the bathroom. Really, that was the only funny moment of the entire episode. I really can’t remember anything else. Pauly and Vinny were acting stupid by throwing Deena’s bed outside their room…Ron and Sam are boring as usual (Sam got jealous at Ron once again- here we go) And for some reason Jenni JWOW or “Pow-Wow” as my mother calls her…is not only trying to keep her body in shape BUT she’s also the peacekeeper of the household! Yay!

Check out my video between Ron and Mike.

Jersey Shore!! Episode 2











Last night was the second episode of the Jersey Shore!! Lots of stuff went down yesterday…literally everyone kept falling.

Deena is really letting loose this season, she’s definitely a blast in a glass. Snooki needs to realize the Vatican is in Rome, not Florence. Mike needs to stop confessing his love for Snooki.Jenny needs to find a bathroom and stop urinating in public. Pauly should start carding girls to make sure they’re not underage. Sam needs to take a plane back to Jersey before anymore of her tears land on Italian soil. Ronnie needs to keep looking good and find someone else other than Vinny in that jacuzzi. And last but not least, Vinny needs to make sure he stays alive in Florence with his MAP or else the others wouldn’t be able to find there way around the city.

There you have it…the summary of last night’s episode.

Here’s another one of my videos to keep you entertained and up to date.



Jersey Shore ITALIA!!

It’s the morning after, and I’m not feeling to0 great about what happened last night. I think the entire world was watching the Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere.

Every single ‘trend topic’ on twitter was about the JS…but I have to admit something was definitely missing from last night’s season opener. I don’t even want to write anything about it. Instead, I’ll let you guys read a post that basically summed up all my thoughts about the episode.

Here’s the hilarious and quite insightful post by Scott Stinson…

Recaps, Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 1




For a good time follow @scott_stinson and keep looking out for his articles. Definitely a blast in a glass.




Countdown To Jersey Shore!

The most anticipated event of Summer 2011. Jersey Shore premieres on August 4th…this Thursday!! @10pm. Those of you who are ready to finally watch the crazy Italians in Italy are in for a good time. I’m hoping to see a lot more of sexy DJ Pauly D…and less, and by less I mean not even a glimpse of Sammie and Ronnie. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…