Jerseyyyyy!!! Season 5 Bitches!

You can count on us to bring all the new Season 5 trailers straight to ya! The season doesn’t look amazing, but obviously we’re gonna watch it because it’s the final season!

Vinny decides to go home for a few days, Deena is drunk as ever…and The Situation is back at it trying to stir things up with Snooki’s real relationship.

Check out one of the trailer’s.

Say Goodbye To The Joisy Shore!

Sad day for myself and many other Jersey Shore fans. Sources say MTV will say goodbye to the Jersey Shore current cast after Season 5 is finished. They’re filming Season 5 on Monday back in Seaside Heights, so we’ll get to see the Italy and Seaside seasons back-to-back.

Really sad, but I’m kind of excited to see another group of crazies at the Jersey Shore. But, all you Snooki/JWOW/Pauly-D lover’s…don’t worry MTV is giving them their own spin-offs. MTV just keeps banking on this Jersey Shore craze…I guess until we all get sick of it.

In the meantime, check out some of my Jersey Shore VIDEOS…