Snooki & Jwoww: Lorenzo’s Coming!

MTV Snooki & Jwoww

Really, I tell myself I shouldn’t be watching another Jersey Shore spinoff, especially now that the entire world has given up on them. But I have to be honest, I can’t get enough of Snooki and Jionni! They are so cute together, Snooki looks even cuter pregnant, and Jionni is the most amazing man ever. Every meatball deserves their own Jionni. Yep, I said it.

Let’s just take in that only a few years ago Snooki was living with her parents, driving a ’95 beat up Honda civic,orange, and desperately in search of a man. I mean she almost hooked up with that guy that threw up over himself…come on! Now look at her, she’s driving a Range Rover, she lives in a nice big home with her amazing fiancee and more importantly…amazing future mother-in-law. Girl definitely hit the jackpot.

On last night’s episode, Snooki is very pregnant and hormonal. She breaks down a few times, frusturated over the fact that she’s big and uncomfortable. Jionni to the rescue, this man is amazing, he has that kind of cheesy but cute sense of humour that will put a smile on any girls face. Jionni and Snooki are shacked up at Jionni’s parents’ house- which is a beauty. They have the entire basement to themselves…and baby Lorenzo has another swanky room upstairs for when his parents want a night alone.

Let’s not forget the other half of the show- Jenni and Roger. Jenni got lucky to…but she’s not as fun to watch. Anyways, Jenni and Roger are doing their thang…trying to get engaged but Roger is skeptical. We know that they’re engaged, so it will be interesting to see how the proposal went down on camera.

Speaking of camera’s, I don’t know how Snooki was about to give birth while the cameras were in the room with her. Well I know how, if the pay cheque is big enough anything is possible. And if a Kardashian can do it, anyone can. Snooki started ‘leaking’ in her bed, Jionni to the rescue again. They called the doctor and he told her to wait the night out and see if she’s still leaking in the morning. The situation stayed the same all night, in the morning they went to see their doctor and he said it looked like she was going to give birth in the next 48 hours. A few hours later Snooki is heading to the hospital…and Lorenzo is on his way!


Jionni was recording the whole thing, it was so cute when Snooki turned the camera on him, he totally looked like he was going to cry! Love him. Jenni and Roger forgot about their workout and rushed to be by Snooki’s side.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when Lorenzo bring the party to the hospital room.


The Jersey Shore Finale

Seriously, Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really upset over the finale of Jersey Shore. This season was actually fun to watch, and it reminded me why we loved the crazies back in Season 1. I’ll admit, Season 4 in Italy was shameful, I think it just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and led people to believe Season 5 would suck. And some people still say Season 5 sucked, but merp not me!

The meatballs were in full effect this time around, Deena was as crazier as she’s ever been. Clearly, she wanted to lose it all at the Shore- and that she did. Although Snooki was handicapped by Jionni some nights, she still made sure to do her thang at Karma and Aztec. And although we might’ve thought we lost the V in MVP, Vinny made a quick recovery and returned to the Shore to ultimately have a threesome with 2 lesbians. Deena was right, one of them did look like Matthew Mcconaughey,

It seemed like Jenni was surrounded by ‘housewife problems’ she was always washing the dishes, or cleaning up after the roommates. It looked like she was always in the background, until she decided to take the front seat in Deena’s relationship with Joey.

Mike “The Situation” was legit crazier than ever. I actually don’t know how the roomies put up with him, especially after 5 seasons. He’s disgusting, he’s evil, and he clearly can’t take a joke. When Vinny and Pauly organize the biggest prank of all- turning the entire Shore house inside out…Mike has a hissy fit when his bed is on the upstairs deck. Finally, Pauly and Vinny agree to help him bring his things back into the house, he literally didn’t stop complaining. I mean, come on. The entire time Mike is freaking out that he doesn’t appreciate his belongings being tossed around, Pauly just stands there and looks at him in confusion. I don’t know how Pauly stays so calm.

Ronnie and Sam were pretty much a bore, but then again that’s no surprise. Even when they were fighting and throwing each other’s furniture out the window they managed to bore us all.

Discussing the end of the Jersey Shore is like discussing the end of time. You just don’t want it to ever happen. However, with Snooki’s pregnancy, I don’t see how the show will ever be the same. Deena and Vinny were on HLN the other night, and they were asked if they think MTV would do another season, considering Snooki has a meatball in the oven. Deena got a little defensive saying that the show doesn’t rely on one person, and that they could still shoot the Shore without the Snooks. I can’t see that happening, I love Deena, I was literally on the floor dying of laughter when she was running away from the Tornado. Somehow she thought driving away was a better idea than staying in the house.

But, I doubt the house will be the same without our tanned meatball. I mean, without Snooki, I would’ve never stolen the phrase “Parties heeeeeeeere!”. Vinny was confident that the show wouldn’t be the same either, in answering that same question, he said how the house sort of fell a part when he left, and he was only gone for a week. He said he didn’t think the house would function normally if one person was missing, it’s the dynamic they have as one that makes them so entertaining.

So, I guess we’ll see, hopefully MTV will think of something soon and develop another Jersey Shore season. Wah!

See you all at Karma! xo


Jersey Shore: “The Confrontation”

Yay! Vinny’s back! Everyone’s excited, everyone’s back to normal…well as normal as the Jersey Shore cast can be! Although Vinny was back this week, and definitely doing his thing in the club…he wasn’t the Vinny we’ve experienced in the past 4 seasons. He’s definitely more calm, quiet, and not as exciting! Meh, guess it will take more time for him to become himself.

Mike, who deemed himself “The Confrontation” this week was experiencing a really weird emotional drunk night. He had been drinking way too much, and I guess he had some things on his mind- mostly about everyone hating him in the house. After a chat with the Snooks, he decides to go downstairs and confront the boys about their issues. Mike says that they’ve been acting weird around him, he’s not sure what he’s done in the past to make them feel that way. Ronnie isn’t having any of it, Pauly D just doesn’t really care and blows Mike off. Snooki gets pissed off at the boys for not expressing their feelings towards Mike…and she calls them all losers. There definitely is a divide between Ronnie/Pauly/Vinny and Mike. Obviously, the shady things Mike’s done in the past…have affected their friendships. Nobody trusts Mike!

Snooki gets a UTI…and pees on herself and the dance floor in Karma (ew). The next day, the gang head to Jenkinson’s which I guess is a local beach bar, but it’s usually the only place packed with people near the water. Snooki can’t fight the pain of a bladder infection and downs a few tequila shots. Yay! Her and Deena are having a blast as usual. Seriously, thank the Jersey Shore God’s for finding Deena and making a perfect Meatball sandwich. Snooks and Deena are hilarious together…kind’ve like the bromance between Pauly and Vinny.



Jersey Shore: Meatball Problems!

The second to last episode of the Jersey Shore aired last night on MTV…and I think it’s safe to say everyone wants the cast back in Jersey…because clearly the Italians have had enough with them! Last night was the last Saturday they would spend in Florence, so they thought it would be nice to get dressed up and hit up a club. Unfortunately, the gang encountered two problems.

1. Mike “The Situation” who in dealing with his loneliness in the house lashes out to Italian civilians by trying to start a situation in the club.

2. Everyone in Italy hates the Jersey Shore cast and thinks they’re an embarrassment to the Italian culture.

The fans or “haters” got rowdy inside the club, security had to escort the JS gang out before anything major happened. The entire time Mike was talking s**t…because he knew he had 3 or 4 bodyguards around him. Anyways, the night ends early for most of them except our two meatballs who refuse to go home.

Dressed up and drunk off mimosas the meatballs head to another club…where again they get made fun of! I don’t know if the Italian people knew the Jersey Shore cast was about to leave Italy…or they were all pms that weekend…but everyone was hating on them- including the bartender!!! When Snooki and Deena were dancing beside the bar..minding their own meatball business…the bartender started throwing ice at them! Of course, Snooki couldn’t keep dancing she literally knocked off the entire row of bottles on the bar, you hear them all crashing…and then security comes right in swoops the meatballs up………….and they just got kicked out of the club.

Everyone is back home…the meatballs return but they don’t want to sleep. Seriously, I feel for Jenni because at this point all she wants to do is go home and see Roger…instead she has to play ‘mom’ to these two orange balls. Not even that, but at 3 or 4 am…when you just want your sleep…and the meatballs are causing so much noise because they’re drunk off their mind crazy…it’s probably really frusturating.

The meatballs stay up all night…and then decide to go to a restaurant and drink more in the morning. Sleep deprived Deena…gives up on their 24-hour partying and passes out right on the table! Snooki can’t resist and she to passes out. Right before the manager of the restaurant kicks them out and tells them to go rest!!

It was just too much, and apparently for Mike he’s had enough. When the gang sits down for family dinner, Vinny makes it clear…that in the Shore house he wants his old bed back. Sammy gets angry because she doesn’t want to room with Mike…and it wouldn’t be beneficial to hers and Ron’s relationship at this fragile state. Vinny could care less- he still says he’s sleeping in his old bed. Poor Mike feels left out because clearly nobody wants to room with him. He says he doesn’t even know if he’s going to be in the Shore house…if he’ll even be in the final season. (Well we know you showed up)

Ron and Sam were having a private talk on the balcony and Mike walks in…they just get up and leave! Poor Mike I kind of feel sorry for him- but he deserves it after all the drama he created. In the end of the episode, the gang hits another club…and Mike finds another fight to get involved in. This time Vinny,Pauly and Ron just gave up, they didn’t want to get involved in a fight that was pointless…and because Mike can only fight when he knows he has bodyguards protecting him. Anyways, he starts fighting and then he looks behind him where he assumed the boys would be…except they were all dancing with other girls. Well Ron was dancing with Sam…you get the point…it was a funny shot. He realizes he has no friends in the house..and he can’t trust anyone.

😦 That’s what happens when you get involved in other people’s business! Shady.


OH! And Sammi and Jenni totally bond while cooking Sunday dinner. Yay!