KUWTK: Keeping Up With The Kardashians NEW SEASON!

I might be a few hours late, but the season premiere of KUWTK was on E last night. Sadly, it was only a 30-minute episode. I would really love to hear from producers at E why the original seasons sometimes had 1-hour long episodes.

Was it just me or did the entire episode feel really rushed? The editing was really choppy because they tried to fit in all these storylines, and camera angles into 25minutes (excluding commercials).

So the main theme of the episode was if the Kardashian clan can keep their family together in the midst of all this fame and fortune. And obviously, like any E series there’s a happy ending. Somehow in the end the family gets together for a sweet Sunday dinner. (Kris didn’t cook)

I have to say though, that the whole Kim/Kris romance is sort of cool to see on camera. We already know now they’re engaged, but last night’s episode shows Kim just starting to get serious with Kris.

Khloe/Rob still my favourite pair, they always make me laugh. Did anyone notice the changes in the Jenner house? That 3 second glimpse of the renovations was awesome, wish they had shown more.

The season looks pretty good, I mean we kind of know the things that happen. Especially if you’re like me and have an ear out for Kardashian gossip. Nevertheless, they’re always fun to watch…stay tuned on Sunday nights to E!