Kristin Cav: Just When You Thought The Drama Was Over!

Yay! Congrats to one of our favourite The Hills cast members Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler for getting re-engaged…is that even possible? Just when we thought Kristin would be having no more boy drama…she went and got herself mixed up in it! Oh well, we guess he’s worth all the drama,drama,drama…

Before Kristin joined the team on Dancing With The Stars her engagement to the Chicago football player was called off…and then he mysteriously showed up at the ABC studios the week she was eliminated. And today, she announced on her Twitter (why would she anywhere else?) “This time its official, Jay and I are engaged again :)”

Woohoo!! Hopefully third time isn’t the charm…and you get hitched. Oh, also Kristin lets not make your wedding into a reality series…we all know how those end!



DWTS: Surprise Elimination!

Last night on Dancing With The Stars was a very very sad elimination night. One of my favourites, Kristin Cavallari got sent home. I was actually surprised, considering Kristin was one of the better dancers.

My guess is…Kristin didn’t have the sympathy vote like the other dancers received for their “Most Memorable Year”. Kristin mentioned 2005 was her memorable year…because it was when she came to LA and started an acting career. Where as…Rob Kardashian chose the year his father died.

See where I’m getting at?

Sorry’ll be missed.

On the other hand, it looks like Kristin and her ex-fiancee Jay Cutler are back on! Yay!

Here’s a pic of them taken just yesterday morning!