Vampire Diaries: Bros Before Hos

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries wasn’t crazy like usual, however we did uncover some important information about the person that’s been killing the council members of Mystic Falls. Alaric is put in jail since he’s really the only suspect in the case, obviously he pleads innocent, he was the one stabbed a few weeks ago, why would he stab himself?

His new girlfriend, which is now probably his ex, looks to be the guilty one, after all we knew how shady she’s been since the beginning, and last episode does end with her pointing a gun at Alaric. Anyways, Damon and Stefan try to figure out the serial killer mystery as well, however they play Sherlock Holmes by delving into their deep past…which includes terrible hairstyles (circa 1912), an Elena Gilbert ancestor, and a female boxer.

They decide to put their heads together over a few drinks, and Damon’s one night fling Rebecca (also an original vampire- sister to Klaus)…hears that the Salvatore family had owned the land that the White Oak tree lived on. If you don’t know, the White Oak tree is really the only thing that can kill an original vampire. Although, they keep bringing in new objects and deeming them as ‘the only thing that can kill an original’ so I’m beginning to think there’s more than one way of killing that damn family. Anyways, Rebecca buds into their conversation because she wants to know more about their ancestors and the land that they owned back when in Mystic Falls. Except she doesn’t tell them the real reason as to why she’s hanging out with them. She just keep asking them random questions about their past.

While that’s happening Elena and her new boy toy Matt break into Alaric’s ex-girlfriends apartment, looking for some incriminating evidence. They obviously find a box hidden in some secret compartment in her closet. Long story short, she returns home and finds the two hiding. They get sent to Mystic Falls prison, which basically means Caroline’s mother the chief of police just gives them a slap on the wrist and they’re free to go. We also learn that crazy ex-girlfriend actually changes the time of medical examiner’s death to basically clear Alaric and let him free. So, she’s not as evil as we thought she was.

The episode gets a little confusing near the end, or maybe that was just me. Basically, the Gilbert family has 2 rings that make them immune from supernatural deaths. The one ring Jeremy has…and he’s god knows where. The other one belongs to Alaric, well it doesn’t really belong to him, he just wears it all the time because it was given to him by Elena’s real mother…that’s a whole other story.

So what the Salvatore brothers figured out, the ring that Alaric is wearing is basically forcing him to kill all these people. Trust me, it’s better if you watch the episode. He has no recollection of killing anyone, or even stabbing himself. But somehow the spirit of the original ring wearer (Elena’s ancestor) is making him do all these things. Hopefully, they’ll explain more next week.

Stay tuned to see more from our favourite original Klaus, because Ian Somerhalder was tweeting this week about working with the badass original on set.