You know when someone laughs so hard they say they’re dead? Yep, well I’m dead.

Ellen always has the funniest costumes and this year she dressed up as Nicki Minaj! I love it!

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American Horror Story: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’ RECAP

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story was a mix of Mean Girl antics infused with a little ‘dead’ from The Walking Dead. Just watch the episode if you don’t believe me! In the spirit of Halloween…the episode had a Halloween-ish theme, whatever that means. The show is legit based on Halloween stories- every week is Halloween in American Horror Story.

In the wake of Madison’s (Emma Roberts) death, Fiona demands for her servant Spalding to clean up the dead body. He rolls the body in the rug and whisks her away.



Meanwhile, Queenie is badly hurt, Delia and Fiona take her to the upstairs room to heal her. Kathy Bates is actually sad because she knows Queenie was just trying to save her. Queenie’s heart stops, Fiona sits over her and breathes into her mouth as if she’s breathing life into her. And that’s exactly what happens, Queenie wakes up gasping for air, she’s bloody bruised- but she’ll survive.

Right away Fiona knows who was behind the bull head man attacking Queenie. It’s an eye for an eye, seriously don’t f*** with bitch witches because they will out bitch you.

Across town, Marie is busy doing someone’s hair. There’s a delivery at the door, it’s actually a pretty big delivery. One of Marie’s workers opens it up and screams, Marie rushes over to the box and we see the head of the bull- chopped off its body…screaming! Ugh it was so freaky!


The games have begun.

Nan is freaking out because she can’t hear Madison in her head anymore. She’s got that mind reading witch power and the fact that she can’t hear Madison is worrying her. I love you Nan.

Nan alerts the council that something might be wrong with Madison…and obviously the head council lady (Frances Conroy) has her eyes set on Fiona. They know that Madison was the potential supreme, they know that Fiona was behind the murder of the last supreme…so they’re pretty much out to get her. The weird thing is, Delia shoots down the rumours that Madison was a supreme. In fact, Madison had a heart murmur she never told anyone. Does a heart murmur not make you eligible for the title of supreme witch? Also Delia notices that her living room rug is missing.

Either way, Delia knows more than she leads us to believe…but she doesn’t really know much about her husband. I knew this guy was shady from the beginning!! On a ‘business trip’, Delia’s husband invites an old flame back to his apartment. They hook up, and after the girl admits that she’s falling for him…he shoots her in the head. WTF!?!


Frankenstein and Zoe are still at the house. He’s all bloody, she wants to make him a tuna sandwich, but when she returns Frankenstein is gone!!

Nan gets a visit from her smoking hot neighbour. Love story in the making? I swear if any harm comes to Nan, I will be done with this show!

Marie is back to her weird snake ritual witch spell thing, we see a cemetery, and then we see a bunch of dead zombies rising from the ground. She’s bringing back the dead!!

Later, Fiona and Delia have a night out- mother and daughter style. They shoot back a few drinks, Delia asks for her mother’s honest opinion on her husband. Fiona admits that she never liked him, she never believed who he was, he’s a fake…and she’s always wondered why Delia has never seen who he really is. I can’t wait to find out what’s really wrong with Delia’s man.

Delia goes to the ladies room to break the seal. While she’s washing her hands, a person dressed in all black approaches her from behind, Delia turns around, and the person splashes a clear liquid on Delia’s face. Delia screams as the liquid burns her skin. Who the hell was that? Is that Marie’s way of getting back at Fiona?

Finally, back at the mansion. Spalding is in his room- playing dress up. Yes, Spalding likes to dress up as a doll, in fact, he’s got an entire room full of little plastic dolls. But there’s one that really stands out, as the camera pans across the room, we see Madison’s dead body, all dressed up, she doesn’t even look dead. Spalding approaches her holding what looks to be a really old looking dress as if he’s going to put her in it! What a weirdo!! (Side Note: In the flashbacks, we learn that Spalding admits his love for Fiona, and then cuts out his own tongue in front of her!)

And then, as if things weren’t bad enough. The doorbell starts ringing for the long awaited Halloween trick-or-treaters. Kathy Bates is all ready with her bowl of candy. She opens the door and hands some candy to some children. She closes the door, and when she opens it a few seconds later, there are three very real looking zombies who are starring right at her. Her face turns white, she drops the bowl of candy, and then closes the door. Then the camera takes us outside and we see hundreds of zombies walking right up to the front door of the mansion.

Honestly, what the hell is going on!! I just want to see Nan find her true love.

Thoughts people?

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American Horror Story

Ah!! I’ve had my fair share of scary movies…but scary TV shows? Seriously, I haven’t been this terrified by a TV show since the Icetruck Killer in Dexter. If you missed the title, I’m talking about the new FX series American Horror Story. The spine chilling show premiered in October (The show was picked up for a second season on October 31,2011)…but I finally got around to watching it last week. By last week, I mean Wednesday…and I’m already done the entire season…well except the final episode that’ll be airing December 21st.

The show basically revolves around a family…Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton)…and their daughter Violet. The family moves from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien catches her husband Ben having an affair. Their move is supposed to be a ‘new beginning’ for the family who work hard at keeping the family union together. They get to Sunny LA and move right into this house…

Seriously…you guys couldn’t find a less depressing haunted house to move into? The house is obviously filled with angry spirits and ghosts…the agent lets them know that…except they don’t really care because it’s mad cheap. The last couple who owned it was a gay couple…and they died in the house (murder/suicide kinda thing).

Ben is a psychiatrist which is extremely ironic…since each character goes through this weird crazy mental stage- including him…and he can’t do anything about it. Honestly, I can’t even write anymore without giving some surprises away so I’ll stop here and just say how amazing this show is. There are so many other characters that you’ll meet along the way…but I don’t want to get into it…because I don’t want to spoil it.

Cinematically it’s stunning….the lighting/shadows is obviously important in this kind of show and they definitely do a good job at bringing the feeling of the scene straight to the audience. Speaking of audiences, I don’t think this kind of show is for everyone, if you have a weak stomach/are not in the whole depresso scene, then no this show isn’t for you. There’s a lot of pain and suffering all the characters go through, and at times it was really heavy to watch but I’m I stuck through it. I’m not a huge horror fan myself, but once I watched the Pilot episode…I couldn’t resists…next thing I knew the entire season was done.

Stay tuned for the finale!