G I R L S: Season 3 Premiere!

If you missed Sunday’s double episode premiere of HBO’s Girls take a look at our slideshow and maybe- just maybe you’ll get what’s going on.

Hairy legs,book deals,road trips and rainbow bedsheets all played a role on Sunday’s episodes.It’s going to be a good season- but first we needed to bust Jessa out of rehab. Well sort of.

What did you guys think of the premiere?

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The holidays might be over but that only means one thing- the new season of Girls! Season 2 wasn’t all that great, and I think it left a lot of fans wondering about the future of the popular HBO show. Just had a Girls marathon over the weekend…and I found a new appreciation for the second season- which also gives me hope for the third. So now I’m just excited! Plus the promos look real funny, I want to see something different from everyone this season and I think Lena Dunham won’t disappoint.

Check it out!

Sunday Night Madness!

Too  much too handle. This week’s Sunday night line up was so next level I needed a few days to process all the drama. It was Emmy night, but it was also Dexter night, Breaking Bad night, and Ray Donovan night. Might I add that two of those shows were airing their finales…which made it even harder to decide which one to watch first.

Primetime Emmy’s had my early on in the evening with their live coverage of the red carpet. I mean who wants to miss that? There were some gorgeous ensembles…but like any other red carpet it’s more fun to spot the worst dressed. Right when I saw her, I knew she would be on Fashion Police…and girl did she deserve to be locked up! Zosia Mamet of HBO’s Girls had the worst dressed outfit of the night…she looked horrendous. The cops on FP didn’t disagree….the worst dressd of the night was Mamet with the awkward black plating over her breasts…and the fact that she claimed her dress was custom but Georgey proved she was wrong by showing us a runway picture! Oooh girl.


Overall, the show was the usual bore. Neil Patrick Harris was funny…at times…but I would’ve enjoyed a Tina Fey/Amy Phoeler combo instead. Speaking of the two crazies, they literally stole the openng monologue when they started heckling from the two front seats at NPH! Love those two! It would get awkward every 20 minutes when they had a memorial moment for some of the people that we lost this year (James Gandolfini,Cory Monteith). My fave shows didn’t even end up winning…I love Clair Danes but does she really need another award for playing a crazy b****?? Khaleesi!!! Khaleesi needs an Emmy!!

Anna Gunn who plays Skylar White on AMCs Breaking Bad deserved her Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Award. She absolutely killed this last season of BB…glad she got that one!

Speaking of Breaking Bad…there’s only one more episode left…last Sunday was absolutely cray cray. Things are starting to wrap up…but surprisingly we still have no idea what’s going to happen to Walter White or Jesse Pinkman. Walter is hiding out in a cabin in Nebraska. He’s freezing his meth balls off but needs to get his cash to his family. He finds out from the guy that’s bringing him supplies that Skylar had to pick up a job to pay for the bills. Walter decides to wrap the cash in an “Ensure” box and mail it to Walt Jr’s friend Louis. Walt Jr gets a call at school from what he thinks is his aunt. He gets to the phone and we find out Walter is on the other end in some dingy dark bar. Walter asks his son to accept the money and tells him how much he misses the family. He tells him where he’ll ship it to…but in the end Walt Jr freaks out and yells at his father for killing Hank. The teachers come to Walt Jr’s rescue…Walter then reaches for the phone and calls the DEA offices. He tells them he’s Walter White and he wants to speak to the office in charge of his case. Within minutes agents swarm the local bar…the camera pans over to Walter’s seat with his glass half full…but Walt is nowhere to be found.


Moving to Dexter….WTF Dexter!!! Dexter’s series finale was on Sunday and it was absolutely terrible. Some people were satisfied with the endng, some people were left wondering what the hell happened to Dexter and why would the story end this way? First off, I always had a feeling Deb was going to die. It’s totally understandable, someone needed to die, I mean it’s the series finale, something epic is supposed to go down. And it did, in the second last episode Deb gets shot down. Nothing life threatening, well it was serious, but once Deb got to the hospital, the doctors told her she was fine and it would only take some time before she was back to normal. Dexter visits her at the hospital and all is well, she begs him to return to Harrison and Hannah…and he promises her he will. Here’s the thing with Deb…everything happened so quickly in the last episode there wasn’t enough time to process what just happened. After doctors said she was stable…and after she told Joey she loved him…she ended up having a brain anneurism and was put on life support. The doctors said she would never recover. Like what!? Why wouldn’t they just kill her when she was shot…why take her through all that to put her on life support? It just didn’t flow and it didn’t hit me that she was actually gone. There’s a huge storm about to hit Miami…and Dexter decides to kidnap Deb from the hospital and take her to his boat. Which was a really weird thing for him to do because that’s how he killed all those people. He throws her off the side of the boat and then the storm hits and everyone assumes Dexter is dead to. Like it just sounds so incredibly stupid…it’s like a soap opera death. From the other side of the world, Hannah googles Dexter and reads that he’s missing and presumed dead. So now she just has to take care of her crazy ass and a 4 year old. I just expected so much more from the Dexter writers…and I really wanted a happy ending for Dexter. Not because I’m a softy…I get it, he’s a killer, but this entire season was about Dexter finding the other side of his life…and he found love…and he raised a cool kid…and then he just leaves it all again to work at a log factory in Alaska? It just didn’t work with me.


Personally I wanted a different ending.

What do you guys think? I love my TV finale debates!! Comment below or Tweet us!

GIRLS: Video Games

Okay, so for any of you that have seen the newest episode of HBO’s Girls, I hope we’re all thinking the same thing- WTF? I am completely lost, and have been since episode 2 of season 2. I don’t know where these characters are going, how the episodes relate to one another and why am I not loving this season like I did the first!? So last week ended with Ray brooding over his miserable life with the stray dog Adam stole. This week, we head to the boonies with Hannah and Jessa. Seriously, Jessa’s family makes Honey Boo Boo look normal. Ultimately, were stuck with Hannah, her UTI, and Jess for the next 30 minutes.


The girls arrive in Manitou (a train stop away from Poughkeepsie-Snooki’s hometown). Unfortunately for Hannah, Jessa’s dad is late as usual…Hannah needs to use the non existent restroom- but it’s okay because she has a whole lot of nature to use as her bathroom.

Hannah Peepee

At Jessa’s father’s house things get weirder when we meet Jessa’s step mom and her step brother- Frank. Hannah is a little put off by everything especially when her dad pulls up in an old car filled with old broken computers. She also doesn’t appreciate having to dry herself off with a dirty face towel. We meet Frank as Hannah and Jessa’s step mom are feeding the pet rabbit. He’s awkward as **** but Hannah has the ability to see through his awkwardness and compliments him on his folded turtle neck. Nice.


Later, the fam sit down for a nice home cooked meal- thanks rabbit! Hannah is completely grossed out which is unusual for her. We don’t really see Hannah in uncomfortable situations, she’s usually the one putting people in those awkward moments. Anyways, it’s obvious where Jessa gets her weird behavior from, her dad is a coocoo bird, he was absent her entire life, of course it’s normal for her to marry a man she’s only known for 2 weeks.

Rabbit Dinner

After dinner the girls go out for a drive with Frank and his buddy Tyler. What Hannah assumes to be a ‘sex capade’ is actually a casual drive in the boonies for Jessa. Things get a little wild in the car when Jessa covers Tyler’s eyes while he’s driving. The car almost veers off into the trees before coming to a stop. Hannah jumps out of the car, furious with the situation she’s in, she storms off into the forest. Frank follows her and they somehow hook up on the floor of the forest which turns out to be a cemetery. Ew. The sex doesn’t last for long and Hannah is left having to comfort Frank as he’s recovering from his moment. He’s really weird.

When they make their way out, Jessa is having a smoke while Tyler is throwing up in the trees. Frank goes to help him and Hannah confesses that she just had sex that lasted 8 seconds. Jessa is shocked and disgusted that she would even sleep with Frank. Hannah is completely confused at the situation, she assumed they were on a sex capade and was trying to keep the ‘continuity’. Ultimately, she was disgusted with herself.


The next morning Jessa has a heart to heart with her father, we get to see a side of Jessa we’ve never seen. She shows all of her vulnerabilities, her scars, the pain she’s had to go through without a normal father.

jessa dad

Hannah has a confrontation with Frank inside the house. She asks him if that was his first time having sex, he tries to cover it up and says it was his ‘second’. She asks him who was the first girl he slept with?


Later, the girls decide to go grocery shopping. Jessa’s dad says he can’t be seen in the parking lot because he’s fighting with the store owner. He promises to loop around and pick them up in 20 minutes. The girls finish their shopping but her dad doesn’t show up. Jessa isn’t surprised, saying he always does this. On their long walk home, holding their heavy grocery bags, it seems like Jessa has a quiet revelation. Back at the house Hannah is in the bathroom complaining about her UTI…she comes back into the bedroom to find a note from Jessa. So where did she go? Why did she leave? Is she behaving like her father because she ultimately knows she’s just like him?


Hannah finds herself back at the train station. She calls her parents and tells them how much she loves them. They are going through Hannah’s things because they’re going to visit her in a few days. They’re crazy- but she loves them.

Moral of the story love your parents? I mean at this point I have no idea what that episode was supposed to teach us. Don’t sleep with a guy in a cemetery who doesn’t use an iPod?

Thoughts, Comments?

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GIRLS! Season 2

HBO GirlsIt’s been almost a week since the premiere of season 2 of Girls, and I’m still recovering from what happened last Sunday night.

If you’ve seen season 1, you know that nothing is predictable, anything can happen, and it will most likely leave you saying ‘WTF?!’ Sometimes the show goes off course and it’s almost like where did this come from…but it’s Lena Dunham, nobody will ever understand how her genius mind works.

Last season ended off with the rebellious Jessa marrying the cute dude from Bridesmaids. After spending an evening with Marnie and Thomas (Chris O’Dowd) and absolutely hating his guts, Jessa decides to marry the guy in the season finale. That was random.

This episode was no different. It started with a scene of Hannah (Lena Dunham) in bed with her new gay roomie Elijah (Andrew Rannells). He was also her ex-boyfriend in college, before he came out of the closet. Awkward. Hannah and Elijah are having the time of their lives as roomies, Hannah even offers Elijah to use her room as his bedroom so they can convert his room into a home gym.

Hannah is busy with her new man- Sandy (Donald Glover)…even though she’s moved on from Adam, she still feels bad he got hit by a truck and visits him often to look after him and his broken leg. Adam is confused as to why Hannah wants to leave him, she fought all season to be with him, and now she doesn’t want him anymore.

Marnie is having a rough day, she gets fired from her job at the art gallery…goes to lunch with her mom (Rita Wilson) who is going through a mid life crisis and likes to hook up with  ‘cater waiters’. Marnie is definitely going through some rough waters, she’s confused with her life, especially after her break up with long time boyfriend Charlie.

Shoshanna is having trouble dealing with her hook up with Ray. She’s no longer a virgin and it’s a big deal for her, especially since Ray never called her after the hook up. She’s her typical neurotic and nervous self and totally angry at Ray even though he’s trying to be nice to her.

Hanjah Party

Hannah and Elijah decide to throw a house party, things get weird when Elijah’s older boyfriend makes a drunk fool of himself. Hannah has to kick him out and sneak away to Adam’s to make sure he’s okay. Ray sort of apologizes to Shoshanna, and kisses her, I guess making up for not calling her? Marnie has the weirdest encounter with Charlie as he’s waiting for his girlfriend outside the bathroom. Charlie tries to make his relationship sound cooler than it really is, it’s obvious his girlfriend is a complete biatch and takes advantage of him. He doesn’t say anything to stand up for himself because he’s Charlie and he’s too nice.

Hannah and Adam talk about their relationship, Hannah admits she doesn’t want to be with Adam anymore, Adam doesn’t understand that and tells her she’s acting crazy. He admits that she makes him happy, he’s never been happier…and he misses her. It doesn’t do much good because in the end of the episode Hannah shows up at Sandy’s apartment.

Once the parties over, Elijah and Marnie have a drunk karaoke session alone in the apartment. Out of nowhere, Elijah tries to kiss Marnie, she brushes him off…but after feeling his hard muscular chest she gives in to his advances. It’s a really awkward scene. They start hooking up on the couch but Elijah has problems…because after all he’s not into women. They recover from the awkwardness of the last 5 minutes…and Marnie tells Elijah he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone else.

In the end of the episode Jess and her man return from their honeymoon happy as ever. Marnie is in el depresso mood and shows up at Charlie’s place for a cuddle session. Weird.