RHOBH: Russell Is A Wifebeater…

Wow, I honestly don’t even know where to begin about this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know almost 98% of these shows are staged, but the things that happened in this episode- were definitely real. From the beginning of this season, you could tell the housewives became closer with one another- discussing personal issues like their marriages. Last season I think Taylor and Camille seemed to me like the ‘typical’ Beverly Hills housewife…living in a sort of dream world where they ignored their problems.

However, this season it seems like those two have changed the most…especially Camille, and Taylor isn’t far behind. Both women have been damaged by their husbands…Camille made it known earlier on..and now we can see what’s really going on with Taylor. Obviously, we all know she filed for divorce a few months back…right before her husband’s suicide- so we know how that story ends. But, to see her going through all the emotions prior to his death…it’s really real.

Taylor gets honoured at some LA Women’s thing…and she doesn’t invite Lisa because she feels Lisa has always been rude to her, and doesn’t care about her. By accident Kyle calls Lisa and wonders where she is…that’s when Lisa tells Kyle she was never invited…but wanted to invite the girls for a Tea Party tomorrow. Taylor doesn’t seem apologetic about not inviting Lisa, she makes it clear that there’s definitely animosity towards Lisa…and it’s going to come out soon enough.

So, here’s where everyone lets it out. At Lisa’s house all the housewives arrive, and Lisa doesn’t waste anytime asking Taylor why she wasn’t invited to her Women’s event thing. Taylor tells her the truth, that she’s tried so hard to be Lisa’s friend but Lisa never gives a s**t about her…bla bla bla. Lisa denies it all…and tells Taylor she’s always been there for her…she admits at first she didn’t like her…but when she realized Taylor needed help…she wanted to support her. Lisa doesn’t seem like a bad person..she’s actually a really strong women that honestly wanted to help Taylor. Clearly, Taylor has been feeling strongly about Lisa for a while because the waterworks start pouring out…and she gets all crazy!

Taylor leaves the room…and while she’s gone the housewives talk about her well being..and her pointless marriage. Camille finally enters into the conversation…and tells everyone that Taylor was over at her house complaining about her marriage and Russell..and then 3 hours later was excited to get on a Jet with him. Camille said she was confused at this, she didn’t know who to believe because Russell had been nice to her…but Taylor was telling a different story. Like I said Camille has had the biggest change in these 2 seasons…she’s really laid back and you can tell she’s gotten much stronger.

When Taylor decides to come back…they bring up the fact that her marriage is falling a part. Taylor gets defensive and asks the ladies why they’re even talking about her marriage…when they should be talking about Lisa. She gets angry at the fact that everyone apparently talks about Lisa behind her back…but when it comes face-to-face nobody wants to confront Lisa. This is where Camille literally stands up…and tells Taylor out of everyone she’s not telling the truth. She’s clearly holding things back from the group…and from herself. Camille says all the times Taylor came to them crying about Russell…him hitting her…him breaking her jaw!..they never told anyone because they wanted to protect her. But now they were letting it known…I guess for Taylor’s safety.

You can tell the ladies just want to help her…at this point it’s not about the cameras…it’s really about these housewives seeing a really damaged and broken woman…that could potentially be them…and all they want to do is help.

Seriously, this season’s getting better so stay tuned!