Oops we did it again! Can we still do that? Use a Britney quote from the 90s? Pretty sure we can, again we teamed up with The Sassy Gay to bring you a very brief ‘recap and review’ of last night’s “Scream Queens”. Read below:



SCREAM QUEEEEENS! Love this show it’s absolutely hilarious, what were your thoughts on last night’s episode titled “Pumpkin Patch”


Ummmm, loved it.


So we know that Scream Queens is going to have 3 Halloween episodes, which is totally Ryan Murphy that guy has like a black soul. But last night had us running through a pumpkin patch maze, and the girls trying to keep up with their Halloween traditions after the dean called all the events off right?


That’s right HH. It’s definitely my favorite time to watch his shows because Ryan Murphy always turns up for Halloween (cc: AHS) At this point in time, are we even following this story or are we just waiting for Neicy Nash to get on camera and spit some hilarious ish?


Neicy Nash definitely wins MVP of the season, I’ve been cracking up everytime she’s been on screen, and I find it even funnier that she legit hates Keke Palmer’s character Zayday Williams. Speaking of Zayday she’s missing…but we do see that she’s alive


This girl Beyonce’s right through those KKT front doors and is ready for the vote by the end of the episode while this piecemeal rescue team lags behind. Fishy?


Yeah fishy on whose part? You think Zayday has something to do with the red devil??


Who knows at this point. I feel like everyone who doesn’t have some on camera action (not including recollection) has something to hide.


Yeah and I think last night I fully realized I don’t even care who the red devil is, I’m just loving all the characters and craziness that’s going on. Chanel #1 goes to jail…I swear that just happens so Ryan could have his Orange is the New Black throw


How funny was that, there was even some likeness to some of the main characters. This man is full stop poking fun at just about everything and everyone


That’s what this show does so well, they poke fun at our entire world but in the best way. Side note: The new show “Scream” on Netflix tries to do this, but they fail miserably. End of side note. And I feel like it makes me appreciate the Scream Queen girls even more. OMG the candle girl was losing her shit!!! I can’t even, I could talk about all of them they’re all so jokes.


Lol I know. What do you think of Lea Michelle’s character (Chanel #6) turning into a cray double agent?


I was kind of annoyed that the first chance they got they ditched her ugly get up and dolled her up…because obviously she couldn’t stand to be ugly for another second. But she’s actually really funny and still a little desperate to get the attention


Yea she definitely plays her role well. They all really do. So do you think with this latest episode we get a little bit closer to finding out the who’s and the why’s?


Well we obviously know that Nasim Pedrad’s character Gigi is working with the Devil group, and she’s probably the mastermind of it all. But other than that, I feel like we don’t really know much. And I almost feel like they really don’t want us to spend too much time figuring it out. They’re like just enjoy this damn show because Niecy Nash is friggin hilarious!


I don’t care who the killer is, because SHE kills me. #cornyjokes


But where do you think that leaves Chanel #1 in all of this? And PS Chad Radwell is amazing


Something about his face annoys me


He’s supposed to.


Yea well he’s doing a great job at it then lol. I think Chanel #1 has a bit of something going on too but I highly doubt she has much to do with this Red Devil murder stuff


I still feel like ear muff girl is going to shock us with something…under those ear muffs


Lol, she turned up for a quick minute when she was “next in line” during their imaginary lunch (GENIUS). I was like damn girl, you’re not some doe eyed quiet girl you can take charge too, getit


Wait that was imaginary??


They were “fake eating” the food lol – hilarious


It looks like there are only 8 episodes in the first season..,if that’s the case I’m going to be really sad slash how are they going to end it all. Because we know this is going to be another anthology type show, not as drastic as AHS but still. Things will change next season


Yea I have no idea how this will all play out. And I hope theyre already shooting next season lol


…with Niecy Nash. And the music has been ON POINT…I love it…I love it all


K what was with the addition of the opening credit sequence all of a sudden?


Ya thats what I meant!!! I loved it but why did it just start now lol


We’re halfway through the season and they introduce it??? Do you think they’re trying to make it more visible so people who are flipping channels are like “Ooooh whats that?”


No i have no idea what it means, I just assumed they wanted a few more minutes in the other episodes but even then it doesn’t make sense to add it now


Yea who knows, but even the sequence shows you how much fun they’re having fun with this genre


Totally and I’m having fun watching it…until next week! Zayday’s nachos looked gooooooood tho


Oakland Nachos. Bye Felicia


What did you guys think of the episode? And the season so far??  Comment below or follow us on Twitter.


It’s Tuesdaaaaaaaay! Which for the next few weeks means Scream Queens which means a sh*t ton of screaming and laughing. If you haven’t already seen the first episode of AHS creators Scream Queens on FOX, you’re missing out on some great TV. It’s sort of like Glee meets American Horror Story, and although I was never a fan of Glee, I trusted that those two shows blended into one would be a firecracker. Not only has the Twitter world accepted their new Queens, (move over Pretty Little Liars), but reviews have been raving abuot the new show that premiered back to back episodes with a star studded cast. Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, along with many others are bringing it on Tuesday nights. Those of us who have work in the morning, this is the most turnt up your Tuesday is going to get.

Check out the recap podcast by Recap Rewind, it’s actually hilarious and a good time. Check them out.

AHS Freak Show: 7 Day Countdown

It’s the first day of October, and for some this month can be a horrible reminder of the ensuing winter climate. For others, including myself, October is all about the cool autumn air, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes and of course – AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!


I’ve been waiting for this one since the end of last season’s finale, every season is a new story, a new theme, and an even scarier world to jump into and that’s what makes AHS one of the best shows on TV. (The best in my opinion sorry GoT!) If you haven’t read up on this season yet, here is a quick overview:

Freak Show will be the 4th season of American Horror Story (each season is separate from the other, characters, stories, locations all change with the release of a new season-  so don’t worry about catching up) This season is set in 1952 Jupiter,Florida telling the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in America. Returning cast members from previous seasons include, Jessica Lange (she has announced this will be her last season), Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe,Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, and Frances Conroy. This fourth season will also include new additions Michael Chiklis and Patti Labelle (playing Gabourey’s mother)

Okay so if that cast isn’t reason enough, Ryan Murphy announced to a fan on Twitter that Jessica Lange will be singing a Lana Del Ray cover. No word on Lana actually being in an episode, but with last season’s Stevie Nick’s cameo chances are high, and our fingers are crossed.

Here is a compilation trailer that someone put together of all the Freak Show promos.

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres next week October 8th 2014 on FX.

The Dirty on AHS: Freak Show

Just to update my fellow American Horror Story fans, more news on the upcoming fourth season titled Freak Show was revealed at this years Paley Fest.

The entire cast  was on the panel sans the queen herself, Jessica Lange. The cast opened up about their experience shooting in New Orleans, clearly everyone got their freak on as Sarah Paulson explained…they were drunk for most of the time!


The shows co-creator Ryan Murphy went on to talk about the fourth installment. Freak Show will be another period season, taking place in Jupiter, Florida (but filming in New Orleans) in the 1950s. Freak Show will find Lange as a German ex-pat running one of the last standing freak shows in the U.S.

Murphy also confirmed everyone on the panel will be in upcoming season- yes that means more Bassett & Bates! There will also be first season actors making a return, as well as new addition Michael Chiklis who will be playing Lange’s ex-husband and Peters’ father.

All very interesting! Too bad it’ll be another 6 months!



If you didn’t know now you know- this week is a huge week for TV fans. The return of some of your fav shows are just around the corner so we’re going to celebrate!


First off, for all the American Horror Story fans, last night was the return of the witches after a painful three week hiatus. Okay so I was super excited for the new episode but I have to say it kind of let me down. What do you guys think? I forgot how the last episode ended off, forgot how much I hated Emma Roberts and completely forgot that Nan’s boyfriend was dead! Okay so I have bad memory but I thought I’d be more ‘in tune’. Ending off the way they did a few weeks back, the show was on fire! I definitely think the show lost some momentum when they went on break- I was just like ohhh right all this s*@! did happen.

Stevie Nicks made an appearance on last night’s episode. She played a few songs by the piano- really cool. I was excited for Misty, after all she is a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I never imagined witches could get starstruck and faint. We still don’t know for sure who the next supreme will be, seems like this is the biggest question still lingering. We do know that Marie and Fiona are on the same team now- they’re working together to bring all the witch hunters down. I mean really, in the end…it all comes down to Girls VS Guys. Am I right or am I right?



Speaking of Girls- the new season of HBO’s Girls airs this Sunday with two brand new episodes! Whose excited? I don’t know what to expect this season, from the promos it looks like the girls might get a taste of success, which is a good thing since I’m tired of seeing them miserable. Marnie is up in the air with Charlie since he got kicked off the show-I hope she gets the singing career she’s always wanted because her rendition of Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ was friggin’ amazing. As long as we don’t run into Booth Jonathan- we’ll be okay.

Check out the trailer below:

The new season of Girls premieres Sunday January 12th 2014 on HBO.



Then there’s the Season 4 premiere of Shameless. One of the best TV shows out there, it is absolutely brilliant/sad/funny all at the same time and it’s an addiction. If there’s a show you want to watch this season, it has to be Shameless.  You’ll fall in love with the family instantly.

Check out the trailer below:

Shameless Season four premieres Sunday January 12th 2014 on Showtime.

American Horror Story: Coven ‘RECAP’

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story:Coven was the CRAZIEST episode by far this season! SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t seen the episode, you need to go home right now and watch it because it was 60 minutes of brilliant television!


Just when you think the episode is over- it’s not…and it unleashed a handful of new secrets. A lot of questions were answered last night so let’s get right into it.

The Axeman

The episode opens up to New Orleans in 1919, the city has a dangerous serial killer/jazz fanatic lurking the streets, he’s out to get women with his axe, especially women who aren’t fans of the jazz. The Axeman reports to the local newspaper that he’s going to kill anyone that isn’t playing jazz music- so of course these sassy witches at Miss Robichaux’s (the cven used to be jam packed with practicing witches) decide to defy the Axeman and play opera instead. When he walks by the  gated entranceway, he finds the gate a little open and decides to walk in. The house is quiet, he walks up to one of the bedrooms, where one of the witches (Meryl Streep’s daughter) is using her tarot cards. She unfolds the last card that has a picture of death, just when Axeman swings his axe, the witch dissapears and reappears behind him, she stabs him and then the rest of her sassy sisters emerge from the darkness and continue to stab the Axeman…killing him. Or so we think.


Zoe’s Putting In Work

Zoe is determined to figure out what happened to Madison, and since the older women don’t seem to be protecting them- Zoe makes it clear to Nan and Queenie that they need to protect themselves. When Zoe’s searching through Madison’s things, one of the bottles goes flying into the closet and points to a secret hole in the wall. In there, Zoe finds an old spirit board. When she brings it to Nan and Queenie, they both refuse to play along because everyone knows nothing comes out of weejie boards. Zoe convinces them, reminding them they are one of the last witches and they need to protect each other. Even if that means finding out where their other witch sister has dissapeared to. The spirit board connects to a spirit in the house, he introduces himself as The Axeman. As if the name doesn’t scare them off, Zoe continues asking questions- like where is Madison? The spirit replies ‘attic’. Zoe goes up to the attic and finds Madison’s dead body in the room. After a brief struggle with Spalding (he can’t fight), Zoe brings up the other girls and they start asking him questions- like who killed Madison? Nan can read his mind, so it’s the only way to hear what he’s saying. He obviously covers up for Fiona and tells the girls that he killed her. Zoe doesn’t believe it, Spalding’s been around witches for a very long time, it wouldn’t surprise her that he’s learned some tricks along the way.

At Misty’s cottage, she’s enjoying her isolation with some more Stevie Nicks until Kyle (Frankenboy) shows up at the door. He’s all dirty so Misty decides to bathe him. During the bath Kyle has flashbacks of his mother abusing him and starts to freak out. He runs around her cottage naked- screaming (more like grunting), smashing things, he grabs Misty’s cassette player and destroys it. That’s it, Misty’s had enough- just then Zoe shows up. Misty is pissed off, which is surprising coming from her because she’s alwas in the weird hippy relaxed state. Anyways, Misty tells Zoe to get Kyle out of there…’He broke Stevie’. But Zoe has a plan, and it requires Misty!


Back at the house, Zoe shows Misty the dead body of Madison. It absolutely stinks, she has a missing arm, and Misty tells Zoe she can’t do anything ‘there’s too much death inside her’ because she’s been dead for too long. Zoe tells Misty to try anyways, Misty tries for a few seconds but nothing happens. Misty asks Zoe to push on her stomach…they’re both using their energy- and then Madison starts coughing- first blood comes out, a few maggots…and then finally a ginormous cockroach. Madison’s first words were ‘I need a cigarette’.

Later, the colour in Madison’s face hasn’t even come back when they start asking her if she remembers who killed her. She remembers seeing red…and then nothing else.

Marie’s secret informant

So who knew that Marie Laveau had a secret informant in Delia’s crazy husband. Turns out he’s not really crazy- he’s just a sworn witch hunter. Whhaaaaaaaaat?! I’m still recovering from this twist, but of course it’s AHS- this stuff is bound to happen. So basically Marie hired Delia’s husband years ago to infiltrate the Salem witch coven and kill them all. He’s a legit witch hunter…and guess who the red head was? Yep she was a witch to. A quick flashback scene shows the red head girl sitting with Delia whose trying to convinve Red she needs to learn how to control her powers. Red has the power of settings things on fire, but she admits she doesn’t want any of it, she just wants to be a housewife with 3 kids. Marie is pissed off at what’s his face for taking so long to kill everyone. She accuses him of falling in love with Delia, he denies it, but maybe it’s true? Marie tells him he better go over there now and bring all their heads to her or she’s going to kill him. Oh and Marie wasn’t the one who burned Delia’s eyes. Marie tells him if she wanted Delia blind, she could’ve done it from her chair. Which is exactly what I was thinking. She’s so above that!



Delia’s back from the hospital. Fiona and her husband are by her side, but when her man touches her again, Delia sees everything. She says, ‘it took me to go blind to see everything more clearly’- oh the irony. Delia tells him she can see everything, he tells her she’s probably just high from her medication. She tells him to leave the room. Fiona says she wanted to rip his arms out and kill him…but she refrained. Maybe she should’ve because he’s going to be back to kill them! Later, Delia escapes to her bedroom. As she’s getting into bed, the camera moves away from her and we see The Axeman sitting in her room. He tells her that the young witch promised him release- and if he doesn’t get it he’s going to kill her.

Zoe,Nan and Queenie hurry to find a spell to save Delia. Zoe (another reason why she’s supreme) scans the library of spell books without opening any of them. She instinctively knows which one’s going to help her and then proceeds to read the spell. Then,without a noise The Axeman is gone.

He walks out the front door with his briefcase in his hand, walks up to the gate…opens it and walks down the street. So he’s free now!

AHS: COVEN “Burn, Witch Burn!”

Wednesday’s are my new fave day because of American Horror Story. Tonight there is an all new episode called ‘Burn, Witch Burn!’…we’ll find out what happened to Delia in the bar bathroom, maybe more about her psychotic husband, it looked like he was really pissed off at whoever burned her face.

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesday nights on FX / FX Canada at 10pm/EST.

American Horror Story: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’ RECAP

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story was a mix of Mean Girl antics infused with a little ‘dead’ from The Walking Dead. Just watch the episode if you don’t believe me! In the spirit of Halloween…the episode had a Halloween-ish theme, whatever that means. The show is legit based on Halloween stories- every week is Halloween in American Horror Story.

In the wake of Madison’s (Emma Roberts) death, Fiona demands for her servant Spalding to clean up the dead body. He rolls the body in the rug and whisks her away.



Meanwhile, Queenie is badly hurt, Delia and Fiona take her to the upstairs room to heal her. Kathy Bates is actually sad because she knows Queenie was just trying to save her. Queenie’s heart stops, Fiona sits over her and breathes into her mouth as if she’s breathing life into her. And that’s exactly what happens, Queenie wakes up gasping for air, she’s bloody bruised- but she’ll survive.

Right away Fiona knows who was behind the bull head man attacking Queenie. It’s an eye for an eye, seriously don’t f*** with bitch witches because they will out bitch you.

Across town, Marie is busy doing someone’s hair. There’s a delivery at the door, it’s actually a pretty big delivery. One of Marie’s workers opens it up and screams, Marie rushes over to the box and we see the head of the bull- chopped off its body…screaming! Ugh it was so freaky!


The games have begun.

Nan is freaking out because she can’t hear Madison in her head anymore. She’s got that mind reading witch power and the fact that she can’t hear Madison is worrying her. I love you Nan.

Nan alerts the council that something might be wrong with Madison…and obviously the head council lady (Frances Conroy) has her eyes set on Fiona. They know that Madison was the potential supreme, they know that Fiona was behind the murder of the last supreme…so they’re pretty much out to get her. The weird thing is, Delia shoots down the rumours that Madison was a supreme. In fact, Madison had a heart murmur she never told anyone. Does a heart murmur not make you eligible for the title of supreme witch? Also Delia notices that her living room rug is missing.

Either way, Delia knows more than she leads us to believe…but she doesn’t really know much about her husband. I knew this guy was shady from the beginning!! On a ‘business trip’, Delia’s husband invites an old flame back to his apartment. They hook up, and after the girl admits that she’s falling for him…he shoots her in the head. WTF!?!


Frankenstein and Zoe are still at the house. He’s all bloody, she wants to make him a tuna sandwich, but when she returns Frankenstein is gone!!

Nan gets a visit from her smoking hot neighbour. Love story in the making? I swear if any harm comes to Nan, I will be done with this show!

Marie is back to her weird snake ritual witch spell thing, we see a cemetery, and then we see a bunch of dead zombies rising from the ground. She’s bringing back the dead!!

Later, Fiona and Delia have a night out- mother and daughter style. They shoot back a few drinks, Delia asks for her mother’s honest opinion on her husband. Fiona admits that she never liked him, she never believed who he was, he’s a fake…and she’s always wondered why Delia has never seen who he really is. I can’t wait to find out what’s really wrong with Delia’s man.

Delia goes to the ladies room to break the seal. While she’s washing her hands, a person dressed in all black approaches her from behind, Delia turns around, and the person splashes a clear liquid on Delia’s face. Delia screams as the liquid burns her skin. Who the hell was that? Is that Marie’s way of getting back at Fiona?

Finally, back at the mansion. Spalding is in his room- playing dress up. Yes, Spalding likes to dress up as a doll, in fact, he’s got an entire room full of little plastic dolls. But there’s one that really stands out, as the camera pans across the room, we see Madison’s dead body, all dressed up, she doesn’t even look dead. Spalding approaches her holding what looks to be a really old looking dress as if he’s going to put her in it! What a weirdo!! (Side Note: In the flashbacks, we learn that Spalding admits his love for Fiona, and then cuts out his own tongue in front of her!)

And then, as if things weren’t bad enough. The doorbell starts ringing for the long awaited Halloween trick-or-treaters. Kathy Bates is all ready with her bowl of candy. She opens the door and hands some candy to some children. She closes the door, and when she opens it a few seconds later, there are three very real looking zombies who are starring right at her. Her face turns white, she drops the bowl of candy, and then closes the door. Then the camera takes us outside and we see hundreds of zombies walking right up to the front door of the mansion.

Honestly, what the hell is going on!! I just want to see Nan find her true love.

Thoughts people?

Join the discussion on Twitter and Happy Halloween!



New Season of American Horror Story!

american-horror-storyWe got word yesterday surrounding the new season of American Horror Story. Every season has a new theme and apparently this season is titled, American Horror Story: Coven. It’s said to be filming all over the country but will take place in New Orleans.

New Orleans witch stories? OMG this is going to be good!

Along with the new theme, is a lineup of famous actors joining the cast. There’s Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe and Patti LuPone.

Season 3 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX sometime in October 2013.