Vampire Diaries:Stefan Never Coming Back

Last night was the second episode of Vampire Diaries. The episode was okay…it wasn’t as good as last week’s season opener. I missed the first 5 minutes…but I caught on when Alaric/Elena were in the forest fighting about something. Then Damon showed up…refused to take Elena further into the forest (the forest where they suspected Stefan to be + a pack of werewolves)

Obviously, Elena gets her way because Damon is in love with her…so all 3 of them start their trek into the forest where they come across David Gallagher AKA Simon from 7th Heaven AKA werewolf that Klaus wants to hybrid. So basically, the entire reason Klaus ‘killed’ Elena…and everyone else was so that he could make every werewolf into a hybrid…half vampire half werewolf. He tries it first with Simon- and then the rest of the werewolf clan…except something goes wrong…it doesn’t work (they all end up dying). In the end, Klaus goes over the steps he could’ve messed up on…one being kill Elena…which he obviously never did…so his ‘transformation’ or whatever never happened. Stefan knew the truth all along…but obviously he can’t say anything.

Stefan and Elena have another encounter…well not really. Stefan watches from a far as Elena and Damon leave the forest. So sad. Jeremy keeps seeing Vicky…and tells Matt. Once Matt believes Jeremy…Jeremy sees his other dead girlfriend…and she tells him don’t trust Vicky. So she could be a bad ghost or whatever.

Caroline is missing through the entire episode. We don’t know where or what happened to her once Tyler’s mom shot her. Tyler shows his mom what he is…it’s a full moon so he lets his mom watch him transform…and tells her he’s just like Caroline…they’re still good people. His mom tries telling some dude she made a mistake…to bring Caroline back…he says no…then we see Caroline tied up to a chair…the dude walks in and Caroline recognizes him..because he’s her dad.

The end.