The Vampire Diares: RECAP

A lot of death went down in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries . Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of our main characters- but we finally got to see the end of Silas and his really annoying triangle of love. First off, I found it odd that a supernatural being like Silas could have a true love? He’s cold hearted and pure evil…he doesn’t get to have a soulmate! Second, I found it even more weird that his one true love was the original doppleganger of Elena (there’s 3 of her)…could they not create another character? It got really weird and boring.

Having said that, I was super happy with the ending of last night’s episode. Silas died,  his lover Amara (Elena doppleganger) died…and the evil witch bitch Tessa.


Stefan has his memory back, which is a good thing for us because an angry Stefan is a really sexy Stefan. He remembers everything, but mostly he remembers the pain Silas caused him by locking him up in the container. He can’t get Silas out of his head which makes Stefan more eager to track him down and kill him. But it’s not that easy to kill a super male witch…and Elena’s scared that Stefan’s going to do something and get himself killed. Elena’s all lovey dovey towards Stefan- she obviously feels guilty because she was the biggest bi****, she totally had the best summer of her life while her ‘one true love’ was dying at the bottom of a quarry. Not a river, not a lake…a quarry.

Stefan opens up to Elena and tells her he really wanted it to be her, the one that found him. He wanted her to be the one that was looking for him…he wanted both of them to find him (Elena and Damon). They’re the 2 most important people and they didn’t save him…because they were too busy getting it on. It’s time for Stefan to really express how he feels, he has such a great love for his brother and Elena but they did a really mean and f***** up thing to him. I want to see him get mad, I want to see Delena feel guilty because Stefan’s been miserable for too long. Also he needs to get with Caroline already!


Oh and they find a way to transfer the anchor spell that was on Amara to Bonnie. So basically Bonnie has a foot on each side of the universe, Jeremy and everyone else can see and feel Bonnie, but Bonnie can also see people on the other side. And the worst part- Bonnie gets to feel every supernatural being dying…because they have to go through her to get to the other side. And boy it isn’t pretty. I think it’s obvious now that no spell comes without consequences.

In Memorium:

Tessa (the crazy ex girlfriend witch)

Amara (the crazy original Elena doppleganger & one true love of Silas)

Silas (the craziest man witch that ever lived)

The Vampire Diaries: True Lies RECAP

Your best friends dead the entire summer and you have no idea…that makes you a bad friend. Elena Gilbert you’ve legit failed the best friend test…same goes for you Caroline. Caroline and Elena continue their college years until Elena finds out that everything else back home has fallen a part.


Matt, Jeremy and Katherine are trying to stay as far away as possible from Silas…and everyone else in Mystic Falls. Not really sure where this storyline is headed…and I don’t know why Matt and Jer think they can outsmart Silas…they just need to figure this s*** out.

Okay so it’s safe to say this season of The Vampire Diaries has been a slight disappointment…dude Bonnie’s been dead for 4 months and nobody can put the pieces together. Now Jeremy’s back…but he’s kind of boring…and Matt did get a little hotter but he’s still plain old Matt. Except we do find out that the weird magic thing the witch did to him last week was to protect him against Silas’ mind reading powers. So at least Matt has the upper hand…for once.

I just feel like there were so many interesting stories developing last season…and none of them are veering in that direction right now and it’s quite disappointing. Caroline and Klaus? Everyone wanted those two together…Matt belongs with Rebekah…they just complete each other…they are more entertaining together than alone.

Now Elena knows that Stefan is legitimately missing…Caroline spills the beans to Damon and tells him Elena has been worried all summer…like she’s had the feeling that something’s been wrong with her old beau. Clearly she’s still thinking about him. But really who cares about Stefan and Elena…she’s just as boring as everyone else.


Back to Matt and Jer…Silas does catch up to them…he ‘kills’ Matt after he realizes he can’t read his mind. Meanwhile, Jer and Katherine make a run for it. Matt finds himself on ‘the other side’ and Bonnie’s there waiting for him. She gets around. After Bonnie tells him he needs to find the way back to his body to return to life…he puts the pieces together and asks blankly..”If I’m on the other side, then how come you’re here with me?”…as if he’s totally confident Bonnie is really somewhere off in Europe getting belligerent. I really wanted to see Bonnie tell Jeremy she was dead…but we didn’t get to see that scene…even in tonight’s episode the scene cuts and we never get to hear the entire conversation.

Caroline is totally hitting it off with the new guy on campus. That is all.

Somehow Silas got into Elena’s head and she is determined to kill Damon. Damon gets Elena to focus on the pain she’s felt for Stefan…all the worrying she’s gone through this summer. She starts to feel all the pain and hunger Stefan’s felt…and then she’s back to normal….just like that. Cut to Elena packing up her car because she’s done with school!! Your friend has been dead longer than you’ve been in school! This girl is getting pathetic by the minute. Okay so Elena’s leaving, but Caroline promises her she will hold it down on campus…now that she’s got a new man she feels all sexy and strong! You go girl.

Cut to: Damon and Elena making out on the car. Damon confesses to Elena that he’s totally secure with her having dreams about Stefan. She tells him she loves him and they will find Stefan together..she will continue to love him (Damon that is). Cut to: Random forest…Damon, Elena and Caroline’s mom are standing around the vault Stefan was put in at the end of last season. They open the door and find a dead person with a bloody neck, Stefan somehow rescued himself and couldn’t resist the urge. He hasn’t had a bite to eat in 3 months! I’m surprised he’s not dead!

The previews for next episode look entertaining. Stefan’s back in Ripper form and we cannot wait. He’s so much sexier when he’s evil and bloody. Don’t judge.

Vampire Diaries: Memorial

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries…then you need to. No recap can sum up the amazingness of this episode, it was crammed with a bunch of drama, blood sucking, and mourning. To start off, it was one of the best TVD episodes I’ve ever seen. I was expecting a lot, last week’s season opener wasn’t that great, but they definitely made up for it in this episode.

The entire theme for this week’s Epi was the memorial for the town’s council that were killed last week. Elena is struggling with her new transformation as a vampire. Stefan is trying to get Elena on that animal blood…but of course Damon thinks it’s not a good idea, she’s a new vampire…she needs real human blood. Along with the blood cravings, everything is heightened (they used this word way too many times)…Elena feels grief, hunger, pain and most importantly her excitement is through the roof when Stefan lays a finger on her. This almost happened #VampireSex.

Elena can’t keep the animal blood down, so instead of telling Stefan, she goes to Damon and asks for his help. He offers his own blood to her, letting her suck from his arm…which in the Vampire world is a very special moment. Read more about this here. Damon knew how much it meant to Stefan, but he didn’t care. He offered his arm, and Elena took it. Later, Stefan obviously finds out and he’s hurt and upset. Elena doesn’t know the severity of the situation, Stefan tries to explain it to her, but you can tell from the look on Stefan’s face she’ll never understand.

There’s a new sheriff in town..not really more like the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the male version. What happened last week was that the town council actually blew themselves up…well the one guy did, exposing a gas line and then lighting the house with a match. So this new guy ‘Buffy’ is on a mission to find all the vampires in town and kill them. The memorial is a HUGE part of the episode, so much happens while they’re all at the church. Elena throws up blood in the bathroom, getting blood all over her pretty dress. She calls Damon to go and get another one for her. Meanwhile, Buffy is literally waiting outside the door while Elena is inside trying to clean up all the blood. Obviously, Buffy knows something’s up, but he’s not quite sure. He’s soaked his hands in vervaine, and when he goes to shake Damon’s hand…Damon refuses blaming it on his germaphobia. Smart.

So Connor aka Buffy, sets up an entire sniper rifle on the church balcony. He stabs the new girl, using her blood to basically draw out the vampires in the room. Damon knows right away that it’s a trap, Elena can’t hold herself, she’s hungry and losing her mind. Matt has the greatest idea in the history of the series, he tells Elena to drink from him, in church, making it look like she’s just crying into his neck!! It was friggin’ brilliant, I was in awe.

After Elena quenches her thirst, Tyler decides to go up on the altar and say a few words for the dearly departed. Connor recognizes Tyler right away, since he shot him in his own house a few hours before. He shoots Tyler in the chest, luckily Tyler is a hybrid, so he survives the attack, if he was a regular vampire he would’ve been dunzo. This time everyone runs out of the church screaming, Connor takes his stuff and is out before anyone else. Damon is quickly at his side, but Connor is definitely prepared and shoots Damon several times before jumping into his pickup and driving off. I loved how Tyler’s mom ran over to him and said she needed to call 9-1-1, Tyler was okay, but the entire town just saw him get shot, she needed to at least pretend like he needed help!

The thing is, not everyone knew what Connor looked like. Jeremy and Matt are back at the grill, Connor is sitting at the bar right next to them and they have no idea who he is. Connor asks Matt what happened to his neck (where Elena bit him)…he covers it up by saying his girlfriend went crazy on him. As they’re leaving, Jeremy turns around and compliments Connor on his tattoo…Matt goes up to him and asks Jeremy what tattoos? The camera pans over to Connor’s arm and the tattoos are gone! This must be another one of Jeremy’s secret talents, we don’t know much about what Jeremy can see, but obviously there’s something more to this Connor guy. Connor knew right away something was up, he quickly looked over to Jeremy in disbelief.

Since Elena is sad over everyone dying, Stefan has the cutest idea to get everyone together, light a few Japanese lanterns, and mourn the loved one’s they’ve lost. Damon isn’t having any of it, he thinks the entire idea is stupid, but this is typical Damon, trying to run away from his feelings. He ends up visiting Alaric’s grave with a bottle of whiskey. It was such an amazing scene, we actually get to see Alaric for a few seconds…one last time. I was tearing up while Damon was talking about losing Alaric…the entire time Alaric’s ghost was sitting right next to D.

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Preview

Seriously, whose excited for tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries? This show has never let us down, and frankly I don’t expect tonight’s finale to be anything short of ah-mazing! The only bad part…I’ll be missing it! Clearly someone who hates me decided to put me on tonight’s shift at work which means I won’t be able to watch the finale until tomorrow…maybe at work but it just won’t be the same!

I feel like last week’s episode wasn’t enough drama as a second last episode of the season should be- so be ready for a jam packed episode that hopefully doesn’t leave us with a huge cliffhanger. I hate waiting 5 months to find out what happens! And really, Elena has never been one with the cocaine addiction…so that bloody nose definitely means there’s something seriously wrong with her.

Check out the Trailer and a Sneak Peek below!

Sneak Peek:

Vampire Diaries: Klaus Is Baaaack!

Just when you thought Klaus was gone for good he returns to Mystic Falls to break the link spell, and apparently use his phone for live video streaming and sending messages in what looked like the Draw Something app.

So he’s back to find Bonnie and hold her hostage (like he usually does) until she agrees to unlink the originals. While that’s happening…Stefan and the gang use the old bridge’s sign to carve out the white oak stakes that can kill Klaus and his siblings. Their plan is to isolate Rebecca, since she’s the easiest target…and kill her…which would inevitably kill Klaus and the rest.

Rebecca, who is heartbroken at the fact that Damon used her in his master plan, kidnaps him and puts him in these spike bear trap things. While he’s held captive, Elena begs Stefan to postpone ‘the plan’ until they rescue Damon. Stefan doesn’t agree, he refuses to put ‘the plan’ on hold…so Damon will just have to wait.

Insert dream sequence here…while Damon’s held up in the bloody chains, he has this weird dream about Elena coming and rescuing him…then giving her blood to him to make him stronger. It’s clear it’s just a dream sequence…Damon returns to reality, and Rebecca is standing behind him. She’s somehow used Sage’s mind reading powers to read Damon’s dreams/thoughts. It’s hard to tell whether Rebecca has real feelings for Damon, in the end it’s more obvious that she actually might be in love with Damon- if so, that would be an amazing story line.

Anyways, Klaus forces his brother Finn to return to Mystic Falls, Finn is the one sibling who wants them all dead, he’s sided with their mother and doesn’t see a reason for their existence. Once Finn’s back in Mystic Falls, because really who can withstand Klaus’ demanding tone, Finn reunites with his old time lover- Sage. While they’re enjoying tequila shots at the Mystic Falls Pub…Stefan decides to implement ‘the plan’ and kill Finn instead.

They basically end up killing Finn, he burns to ashes, Sage lies over his body weeping. During that time, Klaus forces Bonnie to resume the magical link spell, unfortunately it’s right before they kill Finn, which basically means Klaus is still alive. Stefan and Elena not knowing where Bonnie is, think Klaus is dead. Bonnie calls Elena afterwards telling her Damon is in trouble, Elena thinks she’s crazy because they just killed Klaus, and then Bonnie tells her the link spell has been broken, and Stefan is royally pissed off.

It’s getting good right? This episode was awesome. Long story short, Sage returns to Stefan while he’s about to go off and ‘kill’ Klaus. She’s obviously angry that he killed her lover Finn. Once she enters the living room, she becomes weak and literally topples over and dies. Her accomplice, tries to help her but then he falls over and dies to.

**Side Note: I totally thought it was the fumes of the white oak dagger Damon had hidden in the fireplace that killed Sage and her boy toy. Unless he didn’t hide it in the fireplace and I was just seeing things**

What they realize is, if one of the originals die, or all of them, it basically kills every vampire they have created. Since they’re the originals, that would basically mean all vampires, which would mean Stefan and Damon as well. Basically, they’re screwed.

So, Stefan gives up some of the white oak daggers in exchange for his brother Damon. Only problem is Klaus doesn’t believe those are the only daggers left. Stefan’s lying, everyone knows, and Klaus forces him to bring the other 2 back to him, or everyone dies. Damon is free, Rebecca decides to let him go (she’s getting soft)…and in the end, she tells Klaus she might stay in Mystic Falls.

Elena and Stefan have another moment, he asks her to tell him if she’s in love with Damon, she can’t not admit that, so Stefan is left heartbroken, but then again this is all his fault anyways.

Finally, Damon pays a visit to Alaric’s where the last white oak dagger was hidden. When Alaric goes to grab it from behind the bookshelf it’s not there- obviously his murderous alter ego took it and who knows what’s going to happen.

New episodes returns April 19th.

Vampire Diaries: Alaric The Killer

Last night on Vampire Diaries a lot was explained with most of the cast trying to figure out what in God’s name is wrong with Alaric. Obviously, the ring that he wears, the same ring that has saved his life numerous times is causing him to act out in violence. Basically, the ring makes him do all these killer things including fulfilling a hit list that has all the Mystic Falls council members.

Bonnie’s mom is having a hard transition becoming a vampire, and at the end of the episode Caroline convinces her to stay in Mystic Falls, but unfortunately she decides to leave Bonnie and her fake brother anyways.

Damon uses his secret sexy powers to find out what Rebecca is really up to. His old friend from back in the day ‘Sage’ returns to Mystic Falls to find her soulmate Finn- Klaus’ original vampire brother. After Damon gets Rebecca into bed, Sage does some weird mind reading thing and finds out the real reason Rebecca wants to know more about the history of Mystic Falls. It’s because of the White Oak Tree which is the only thing that can kill an original vampire. After finding this out, Damon does some research of his own and sifts through old history books. He actually finds out that the entire white oak tree was used to create a main bridge in the town. Basically, Damon and Stefan have an unlimited amount of white oak tree to kill the originals.

Stefan and Elena have another moment, when Alaric accidentally (well not really an accident) attempts to kill his girlfriend, Elena comes to the rescue, Stefan can barely get close because he’s afraid he’s going to suck all her blood. Once he sees Elena’s face, he believes in himself and it’s such a beautiful moment for the two. Nonetheless, Stefan can only stand the smell of blood for a few seconds, and then he’s gone. Elena gets Bonnie to cast a weird spell on Alaric so he doesn’t try to kill anymore council members. It’ll be interesting to see how Alaric will end this season, a lot of people are debating whether or not he’s going to die, because really, we all know he’s landed a pilot for September on the CW.



Vampire Diaries: Klaus The Romantic!

Wow, is all I can really say about the Vampire Diaries episode last night. I actually ended up watching twice, back-to-back…it was that good!

Right away the episode gets into the drama…from the previews we knew there was so some sort of evening ball Klaus’ mother was throwing. Elena gets an invite from mama witch herself-Esther…explaining how she wants to have a chat with her that evening. Damon is afraid she might hurt Elena- he doesn’t want her to meet with Esther…and Stefan could care less.

Caroline…whose apparently waiting for Tyler to fix himself, also gets a letter. From Klaus!…Yep, and he totally asks her to save a dance for him…and leaves a wrapped gift at her doorstep. Obviously, he picked out a gorgeous dress for her, and she can’t help but to give into his devilish charm.

Everyone arrives at the Klaus Mansion (for the ball)…Elena makes her special entrance as she shows up wearing this stunning black dress…the two brothers in shock at her beauty. Once everyone is over how beautiful Elena looks…they break into the dance sequence. I  love how all the young people of Mystic Falls know how to dance like they’re in the 1600s. Really, it’s amazing. Damon dances with Elena…Stefan sees and gets jealous!! Just the type of drama we were waiting for!

They switch partners..and Stefan has a chat with Elena. She tells him she needs his help getting upstairs with Esther- since Damon won’t allow it. Stefan says he’ll help her any way he can…since he really wants to kill Klaus. Caroline and Klaus have a romantic moment…well actually they have a few. Klaus admits to Caroline that he truly likes her…obviously she doesn’t believe him since he has this huge evil master plan.

Elena finally gets upstairs to chat with Esther. Esther basically tells her she’s going to cast a spell that links all of her children together. Therefore, if one of them dies…they all die. So they could basically kill Rebecca and it would kill Klaus. Elena is shocked to hear a mother actually want to kill her children.

Esther blames herself for creating them (into vampires)…she says they don’t belong in the world…and it’s her job to fix things. Elena agrees to give a drop of her blood into this weird drink thing. When they toast with their champagne…it’s supposed to be the thing that links them together. Once they’re back downstairs, Esther proposes a toast…they all drink from their glasses…and Elena feels terrible for letting Elijah think his mother has no evil motives.

OMG, and Rebecca totally has the hots for Matt. She decides she wants to kill him…but after she realizes her feelings for him…calls it off. However, her weird brother doesn’t get the hint…and tries to kill Matt anyways.I feel bad for Matt, he’s always the one trying to be killed. They should give him some sort of superpower strength.

Damon is furious with Elena for seeing Esther behind his back. He tells her he loves her…although he didn’t mean for it to slip. She tells him ‘maybe that’s the problem’…Damon is hurt and totally pissed off at the world.

Caroline finds another gift on her bed. She knows it’s from Klaus..she opens it and it’s a drawing of her and a horse. (So cute!)…he writes at the bottom “Thank you for your honesty” because she basically told him off. Wow, I can’t wait for these two to become a couple. She’s definitely going to change him and make him less evil.

Damon saves Matt just in time because the brother was breaking Matt’s hand. And then Damon runs off. Stefan takes Elena home…makes sure she’s safe. They have their moment…she tells him to just give her something, let her know that he still cares. He says he can’t let himself feel anything…because when he does all he feels is pain (Cute!).

Rebecca finds Matt at the pub. His hand in a cast. He tells her to leave him alone, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Poor Rebecca.

Damon finds Rebecca sulking at the pub. They chat for a while, until we see them at Damon’s hooking up. Didn’t see that coming.

Crazy, right?

Can’t wait until next week!


Return Of Vampire Diaries!

Ugh! I hate when Vampire Diaries decide to take a few weeks break. This isn’t fair…they need to understand…as loyal fans we deserve to get a new episode every week!!

Anyways, a new episode airs tonight on the CW so make sure you tune in. Here’s the preview for this week’s episode.

Vampire Diaries:Stefan Never Coming Back

Last night was the second episode of Vampire Diaries. The episode was okay…it wasn’t as good as last week’s season opener. I missed the first 5 minutes…but I caught on when Alaric/Elena were in the forest fighting about something. Then Damon showed up…refused to take Elena further into the forest (the forest where they suspected Stefan to be + a pack of werewolves)

Obviously, Elena gets her way because Damon is in love with her…so all 3 of them start their trek into the forest where they come across David Gallagher AKA Simon from 7th Heaven AKA werewolf that Klaus wants to hybrid. So basically, the entire reason Klaus ‘killed’ Elena…and everyone else was so that he could make every werewolf into a hybrid…half vampire half werewolf. He tries it first with Simon- and then the rest of the werewolf clan…except something goes wrong…it doesn’t work (they all end up dying). In the end, Klaus goes over the steps he could’ve messed up on…one being kill Elena…which he obviously never did…so his ‘transformation’ or whatever never happened. Stefan knew the truth all along…but obviously he can’t say anything.

Stefan and Elena have another encounter…well not really. Stefan watches from a far as Elena and Damon leave the forest. So sad. Jeremy keeps seeing Vicky…and tells Matt. Once Matt believes Jeremy…Jeremy sees his other dead girlfriend…and she tells him don’t trust Vicky. So she could be a bad ghost or whatever.

Caroline is missing through the entire episode. We don’t know where or what happened to her once Tyler’s mom shot her. Tyler shows his mom what he is…it’s a full moon so he lets his mom watch him transform…and tells her he’s just like Caroline…they’re still good people. His mom tries telling some dude she made a mistake…to bring Caroline back…he says no…then we see Caroline tied up to a chair…the dude walks in and Caroline recognizes him..because he’s her dad.

The end.