KUWTK: Mason’s Fish and Kris’ Coffins

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returned last night with a brand new episode. Aunt Khloe and Kim decide to teach Mason a lesson about pets and bring home 2 goldfish and a fish bowl. Kourtney is worried about having pets in the house because pets usually end up dying, and it can be disturbing for little children. Kourtney admits her and Kim had a puppy growing up, but when the pup died early on she had a hard time dealing with her emotions. She doesn’t want the same for Mason, but really they’re only goldfish and sooner or later you’re going to have to teach the kid the concept of death.

On the topic of death, Kris Jenner has a crazy idea to organize her funeral for whenever she passes away, and introduces the idea of buying a mausoleum for Kourtney,Khloe,Kim and Robert. At first, everyone is just laughing at her insane idea, but it is understandable- Kris doesn’t want to put the burden of all the funeral arrangements and costs on the children…so she’s planning it now. But Kris takes it a little too far when she pays a visit to the custom coffin place (obviously Hollywood would have a place like this). Kris decides to take one of the coffin’s for a ‘test drive’ and hops into one of them. Rob starts taking pictures of his mother asleep in a coffin, and even I was freaked out. It literally looked like she was dead!

After Khloe and Kim put together Mason’s fish bowl, he immediately falls in love with the two fish who he names Fruity & Pebbles. What seems like a day later, one of the fish are already dead and Khloe has to discreetly let Kourtney know so that she can quietly remove the fish. They drive to the fish store and purchase the same exact fish so Mason wouldn’t realize it had died. Kourtney also comes back with a bigger fish tank, one with an actual filter…and now they’ve just gotten way over their heads.

Since the entire episode revolved around death…Kim raised the question of who gets Mason if anything happened to Kourtney or Scott. Kris and Kim decide to call Kourtney and ask her, but Kourtney had already made that decision…and it was Khloe. Kim immediately is offended by her decision, obviously it is a little hurtful that your sister chooses your other sister to look after your child. In the end, Kim talks it over with Kourtney who admits Kim’s life at this moment isn’t the best way to raise a child. Kim is always away, travelling, and it seems Khloe has more of a stable lifestyle, since she is married and Lamar plays out of Los Angeles.

Rob and Khloe are totally scarred from seeing their mother asleep in a coffin, they confront their mother about the situation and explain that they’ve already lost one parent, they don’t want to think about losing the other. In the end, Rob throws a beautiful lunch surprise for his dear mother at a rooftop mansion, the views were stunning I never knew Rob could be so thoughtful! He always showed his mother his new tattoo on his arm of a portrait of Kris on her wedding day. He now has both his parents on his arms…and I have to say they look amazing.

Khloe and Lamar: The Trade!

So watching this week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar was sadder than I expected. Obviously, it’s no surprise that Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks after the NBA lockout. However, I was surprised finding out that he actually was traded to New Orleans as well.

The lockout is over, but the drama definitely isn’t. Khloe has to fly to New York for a quick event, however she doesn’t want to leave Lamar because he’s going through all these trade rumours. While she’s on her 5 hour flight, Lamar gets traded to New Orleans, Khloe is freaking out because all this happened while she was up in the air. She calls Lamar but there’s no answer. She hears his voice on the radio, giving some radio interview and he sounds extremely sad.

And then, only a few minutes later, there’s breaking news, and New Orleans pulled out on the Odom trade. So he’s not leaving the Lakers, but now he no longer wants to be a Laker since they were so quick to trade him. It was surprising to hear Lamar was even up for a trade, he’s been playing well, and has been with the Laker’s for years.

Anyways, by the end of the episode Lamar gets traded to Dallas, Khloe stands by her man and is being extremely supportive. It’s crazy how fast a trade can change someone’s life, Lamar doesn’t even have time to pack his things, Khloe stays back to basically pack their entire lives into boxes.



KKTNY: The Beginning Of The End

Moving on from last week’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York…this one seems to have a whole lot more ‘real’ drama…compared to the Jonathan Cheban coming out of the closet question…and Scott’s desire to learn the piano dilemma. This week, the episode was split into two episodes (not sure why)…needless to say they seemed a little awkward right after one another.

For example…in the first half hour Kim and Kourtney decide they need time off from their busy lives (and husbands/boyfriends)…so they escape to the small town in Connecticut and stay at some beautiful Inn…all expenses paid for by the free advertisement. Yay! So I asked myself why they would need the weekend off…what is Kim really taking a break from? Maybe she’s not taking a break…more like running away from Frankenstein aka Kris Humphries aka her husband of 72 days.

Anyways, while the women plus Mason are gone for the weekend, Hump decides it’s a great idea to make some quick cash since he’s jobless…head to Toronto and host a club appearance gig. Only problem…Kim didn’t approve of his club hoppin’ ways…since he threw a house party in their NYC suite behind her back. But, of course Hump isn’t ‘whipped’ like the other men in the family…so he convinces Scott to tag along with him to a whole new country. Kim obviously finds out that Kris is in another country…relax it’s only 1-hour plane ride away…and freaks out. Meanwhile, sister Kourt doesn’t really care about Scott going, seems like she’s more relaxed at the Inn with her man Mason.

Kris and Scott are back in NYC the next day…Kim and Kourt get home and all hell breaks loose (not really, but sort of)…Kim confronts Kris about his extravagant (not so much) trip to another country. He calms her down and tells her he needs to get used to the whole ‘marriage’ thing…bla bla bla.

The next episode…Kim is ready to leave her hubby again…and this time to Dubai! Kim confesses it’s a great time to see the Middle East (she’s always wanted to)…and it’s convenient enough since she needed a break from Kris. A break from what!? She was just married!!…she should be with her man…besides she just took a trip to Connecticut for a break…how many breaks do you need girl!? Clearly, there was something changing between these two…because she would rather be sippin’ Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai…rather than sharing her milkshake with her man.

Kris doesn’t seem too bothered with her trip…he was a little let down when he found out Kourtney wasn’t going. Instead, Kourtney invites sister Khloe to visit…since Kim is out of town. They use the time while Kim is gone to annoy Hump…and basically learn more about him. But really, how much can you get out of a 25-yr old Frankenstein looking basketball player. On the way home from Dubai…Kim confesses to her mom Kris that she’s not really excited to get back to her husband…Kris tells her straight up that isn’t normal…especially since they’ve only been married a few weeks.

We’ll have to see what happens next week…but it’s looking to be the beginning of the end.

After the episode aired, Kris Humphries Tweeted this…

KKTNY: Season Premiere!

Finally! My favourite time of the year…no not Christmas…it’s that time again when E! brings us another season of our favourite family reality series Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I have to say, I was a little hesitant about watching the season opener, I felt like it was going to be way overrated (how it is usually)…just because I knew E! would want to milk the entire divorce thing…and they did. Well in the beginning. The rest…was pretty entertaining.

The episode started off with the recent headlines about Kim and Kris’ divorce…and then the typical ‘8 weeks earlier’ screen…and then were taken back to Hollywood circa the days following Kim and Kris’ honeymoon. Everything seems to be going smoothly…well mostly everything. Scott/Kourtney/Mason are already in NYC…inside their gorgeous suite…and Kim and Kris are getting ready to hit the east coast.

Ten minutes into the episode…and I remembered all the reasons I hated Kris…well I shouldn’t say hate…I really mean annoyed.

Anyways, I don’t want to get into the details. They all move in together, and at first it seems like a good idea…but then Scott realizes he’s mad at Kourtney for constantly getting mad at him so he decides to move out..except not really because he just leaves for the day and visits a friend.

Kourtney was acting weird towards Scott…(they don’t sleep in the same bed?)…but she’s clearly looking out for herself and her son…which is the most important.

Kris gets mad at Kim when he walks into the suite and finds a naked yoga instructor. They fight…they make up and he leaves for Milwaukee to continue his training…whatever he’s training for. (yes I realize he’s in the NBA- but is he really?) He says there’s too many distractions in NYC..and he really needs to focus on his ‘career’.

Unfortunately…KKTNY is missing my favourite two Kardashian’s- Rob and Khloe…but it definitely does look like a good season…so stay tuned. Besides why wouldn’t you? Jersey Shore doesn’t start until January!



Kim K:Divorce Update!

What would Heroine Entertainment be without updating you guys about fascinating Kim Kardashian divorce news?

TMZ reports, that our Armenian Princess sent a letter to her immediate family (her father’s side)…explaining she’s going to file for divorce…and the reason behind it. I think Kim had the shortest wedding in Armenian marriage history.

Anyways, here’s what she had to say:

In the letter, Kim explains, “I know this seems crazy … I’ve spent the last few months struggling with my marriage.”
“Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn’t what I thought when we 1st met.”
“I’m embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go. ”

She also posted a blog entry on her Twitter account a few nights ago, explaining to her fans what happened. It doesn’t go into detail, obviously I’m sure there is much more to this story then what we know. But, she did say that she didn’t listen to herself when flags were going up about Kris prior to the wedding. She was so wrapped up in the craziness and excitement, that she didn’t think to sit and think it out.

That’s what normal people do!! Seriously, what 25-year old male jumps on the boat that fast to get hitched? Something looks wrong with that picture already!

Sorry Kim! We still love you!

And by you, I really mean your brother Rob.


Dirty Soap Premiere!

Sunday night was the Series Premiere of E!’s Dirty Soap. It’s basically a reality show…about soap opera stars. Personally, I loved it. It’s similar to any other reality show on E!, same format, same dramas, you get the point.

Some of my favourite Soap Opera stars are on it…like Luiz from Passions…Belle and Mimi from Days of Our Lives…Sam from GH…Chloe from Days of Our Lives…and Chloe’s real life boyfriend who I think originally came on to play Sean on Days…not sure what show he’s on now.

There’s definitely a lot of drama surrounding this cast-especially since all these soaps are now being cancelled. Some of them are broadcasting online rather than on air…it is a sad year for soap opera fans.

Kelly Monaco (Sam,GH) seems like a real bitch! She definitely has the diva-esque attitude going on…like she knows everything…and won’t take anybody’s sh*t. We still love her. Kirsten (Belle,Days) is on General Hospital now with Kelly, so they’re kind of like friends now. However, Kirsten and Farrah (Mimi,Days) are frenemies (which means they used to be best friends-but now they hate each other). Apparently, back in the Days, days…they used to be like sisters…but now they don’t talk to one another. Probably because both are jealous of each other. Who knows. People say Kirsten is a real you-know-what…and from the last episode…I’d rather be friends with Farrah and her two gay boyfriends.

Galen (Passions,Days) is married (boo)…and his wife hates the fact that he’s a soap star. She hates seeing him on tv kissing other girls…and she hates rehearsing his lines when he’s telling another women he loves her. That scene was actually really funny. He’s really cute…he’s definitely the center of attention on set, you can tell everyone loves him. Obviously, who wouldn’t he was Luiz!

Chloe…member her from Days? She was the emo teenage girl that always wore black…until someone discovered her beautiful singing voice-Philip fell in love with her…and she became a prostitute? I haven’t watched the show in years….but Chloe was always one of my favourites. I guess they decided to bring her back…she became a prostitute…only before they decided to take her off the show (no she didn’t die). Anyways, she’s living with her boyfriend of 5 years. He played Sean in Days of Our Lives for a while. He’s cute, they’re cute together, they seem like a really down-to-earth couple in the midst of this crazy Soap drama world.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for these crazy b*tches!

Until then, check out Ellen’s new “As The Tide Turns” soap opera…in light of all these cheesy shows being cancelled. It’s hilarious.


New E! Reality Series

An amazing day just got better, with the news of the new addition to the E! Network family. Check out this new promo for the new show…about soap stars? Yes! Some of our favourite soap stars (no not Victor Newman) are in this new show called Dirty Soap. The promo looks crazy! Especially if you used to watch Days of Our Lives/General Hospital/Passions. Just look at the promo- and you’ll know who I’m talking about.

Or just take a look at the picture-I’m sure you’ll recognize some faces.

The premiere is September 25th.

Check it out!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians











I hope all of you have been watching the craziness on Season 6 of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s. This weeks (Episode 3) was all about Kim’s ASSets and Kris Jenner wanting to become Kris Kardashian.

First off, let me say if it wasn’t for Khloe being the most normal out of all the siblings, the family would be in ruins. Yes I know its a ‘reality’ show and it tends to be a little scripted, but the things Khloe was saying to Kris about changing her last name back to Kardashian was all true. Khloe says it like it is, and she’s usually right about most situations. (example: Rob and Malika…they would’ve never worked out!)

I mean really Kris? Changing your last name back to Kardashian…that’s just a complete insult to Bruce Jenner right? I loved when Khloe said…in their old home office they had Bruce’s Olympic medals and pictures…and in the new home office it’s a bunch of pictures of the sisters and Kris. Either she’s a complete biatch and forgot about how amazing Bruce is…or the people at E! just needed material.

Then…there was Kim’s butt.

I mean no it’s not normal…but she’s Armenian it’s in the genes! So her sisters teased Kim about getting an x-ray done to confirm that her butt is…real.

Surprisingly, she did it, and obviously the x-rays show that her butt is real real real! So there…that can end all rumours about Kim’s assets.

Moving on, just like I expected in the end all works out for Kris and Bruce Jenner…she realizes how stupid she was for even ‘thinking’ to change her last name back to Kardashian. She takes a picture of herself off the family wall…and finally puts a picture of Bruce up there, and happily ever after!


Until next week. xo

Khloe and Lamar Season Finale

Thank the heavens that Robert Kardashian didn’t get “Rosa” pregnant…because that would have been the end all for the Kardashian empire…or so his mother thinks!

Thankfully, their empire hasn’t been tarnished although I can’t guarantee anything (Scott Disick is a liability to the family), Khloe and Lamar are still going strong, and probably somewhere in Los Angeles trying to make babies as we speak. The final episode was alright, again I don’t understand what Rob was thinking, and I love how Malika just told him straight up.

I love that Kris totally flipped out on Rob at the Lakers game…I was thinking everything she was saying to Rob. I mean really, what girl wouldn’t want to get pregnant with his baby…she’d get all the money she needed for the rest of her life! Everything Kris worked so hard for would be in ruins…and she’d have to go back to her (somewhat) average life before her daughter Kim got them all famous.

Anyways, I love the cast in this season, they’re young and fun, and I can’t wait for the next season of Khloe and Lamar!

If we’re lucky we’ll get a season of Kris & Kim before then!


Khloe and Lamar

Who watched last night’s episode of Khlomar! I sure did. I can’t get enough of this show…mainly because my husband Rob Kardashian is in it, but really I love Khloe she’s hilarious…and I can’t wait for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which airs on June 12th. This week was a cray cray episode…Rob cheated on Malika…and Jamie has a falling out with Lamar…again.

I don’t get what guy would ever want to live off of his best friend’s money…personally it’s a big turn off…but Jamie has a history, he’s been through a lot and I love that Lamar supports him no matter what. Everyone needs a friend like Lamar.

Rob and Malika…fakefakefake!! And I’m not just saying that because he’s mine (maybe a little) but their storylines are a little shady. He goes from hooking up with another girl in San Diego…to magically realizing how wrong he was in the end of the episode. That doesn’t happen in real life kids! Anyways…that girl he hooked up with was brutal…she looked like she was 40!

Tonight’s the season finale of Khlomar on E! Stay tuned for the new season!!