90210 New Episode Update

Can’t believe this season of 90210 is almost coming to a close. Although I kind of expected more to be happening with only 2 episodes left in the season…its still really entertaining!!

With last night’s episode we find out Naomi and her nerdy but kinda cute boyfriend will be going to school together in Los Angeles next year…Silver gets admitted to the psyhc ward since Adrianna switched up her bipolar pills. Speaking of Adrianna this girl has some MAJOR issues I wouldn’t mind if they killed her off the show or did something with her other than having her plot people’s deaths, and being up to no good. I don’t think shes done one good thing the entire 3 seasons she’s been on.

Moving forward, Dickson is still my favourite I actually love him and wish I could marry him. And the scene where he drives Silver to the hospital is so cute, I love him and can’t wait for him and Silver to finally get back together! As for Navid…he just needs to…I don’t know but they should find another story line for him. And Annie! Why does she always look so sad? Even when she isn’t sad…she just looks sad. Anyways, I’ll admit I kinda teared up in the end when she finds Marla dead in her home. It was kind of obvious it would happen…since Marla was standing alone on the balcony of the Griffith Observatory by herself…and then gave her favourite necklace to Annie. Anyways, it was really sad, I felt bad for Annie…and really I wonder what sort of emotional state this will leave Annie in. (no sarcasm)

Maybe she’ll get to keep Marla’s Hollywood Hills pad and throw a huge prom after party in it. Then maybe Silver will escape from the hospital-along with some crazy prescription drugs that she brings to the party…kills Adrianna (maybe?) sees Dickson confesses her love for him..Navid sees this jumps in his yellow lamborghini and after a few too many drinks (as we see in this week’s episode) drives himself off a cliff. Annie will probably be stuck in a room somewhere crying over Marla which she usually ends up doing on prom night,and Teddy can just keep doing what he does because he always looks good doing it!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!!