VIEWS sign in Toronto.

Cold, ice cold. Cold in a minus 20 in the 6 way. Cold in the way “VIEWS” formerly known as “VIEWS FROM THE 6” starts off. With the air howling, it sends shivers down every person’s spine who knows how cold winters get in our city.


Much of Drake’s highly anticipated spring album titled “VIEWS” leaves a lot of his haters out in the cold (sorry Marques Houston), but somewhere in the middle Drake takes us into summer and that’s really all we can hope for.

I’ll start off by saying my favourite album from Drake is hands down Take Care, it’s an album where I still play it through in full four years later. You get a sense of what type of Drake I’m down for, having said that I think “VIEWS” is a great album; I just don’t think it hit the target of what I was hoping for it to be. I think that’s what happens when something is so hyped like “Views from the 6” was, Drake hyped It up as an ode to Toronto, but then removed the 6 from the album name a few days before the drop.

And it’s not like the album is riddled with Toronto references any more than his other albums. Sure, Weston Road Flow is titled after a major road in Toronto, cool. He talks about the TTC, how original. Vince Carter, been gone.

Still, I’m down for this cold angry version of Drake. His beats are harder, right off the top on ‘Keep the Family Close’ the back end of the track has some harsh beats that hit you, then he talks about how he turned the 6 upside down, literally titling the track ‘9’. He even samples DMX at the beginning of ‘U With Me?’ aka the angriest person alive.

But this angry Drake also has a lot to say, and he says it straight up, with no holding back. On ‘U With Me?’ he talks about other artists putting a price on his songs, ‘A lotta n***as cut the cheque so they could take this flow’. He gets a little playful in ‘Weston Road Flows’ referencing a popular Vine saying, ‘I’m lookin’ at the first week numbers like what are those!’ At the end of the track, he quietly samples Jelleestone’s ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Happiness’ remember that song?

Then there’s Drake and all the girls. We don’t know who all these girls are, and maybe there isn’t a whole bunch of girls, maybe it’s like two girls, but he definitely makes it sound like there’s a whole lot going on there and it’s all juicy. He makes you want to listen, like listen real hard, drown out the background beat and just listen to his words. You’re waiting for the Ri drop, and then it happens on ‘Hype’, ‘You cannot be right next to me, Don’t you see Riri right next to me?’ I don’t know what his intention was with the girl at the beginning of ‘Faithful’ but it’s laughable. “Drake: You expensive you know that? Girl: I’m high maintenance but not in a negative way. I just like extremely expensive things” The part that made me laugh the hardest was the opening voice over of ‘Child’s Play’, “Breaking News my n***as, if your girlfriend has went to any season opener basketball game, best believe she’s f****** somebody on the basketball team”

So is it entertaining? Yes. Is it TTC commute and/or delayed due to an emergency alarm activated on another train worthy? For sure. Are there some tracks I advise you to stray from? Yes. ‘Summers Over Interlude’ is the shortest track on the album and it really is some mellow interlude-y track that doesn’t really go anywhere. Listen to it, hear the words, and then you’ll probably never go back there. Besides, who wants to sing about the summer being over when it hasn’t even begun? I’m not crazy about ‘Redemption’, it’s super slow, and barely has a beat to it, it reminds me of ‘Cece’s Interlude’ from Thank Me Later.

Drake, I still don’t forgive you for removing the 6 from the album name, but obvi I love you. Bye.

DRAKE Secret Album!

Happy Friday!! Oh my, yes it is. I’m telling you, the only thing that pulled me out of bed this morning to face the -25 weather was finding out about Drake’s secret mix take. It’s titled, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ and the release has fans everywhere losing their ish. Girl, Beyonce thought she’d be the only one to drop a secret album!

If-Youre-Reading-This-Its-Too-Late-DrakeIf you’re a fan of Drake then you know he’s been in the ‘6’ (Toronto to outsiders) since November, working on what was supposed to be his next album. Except the album we thought he was making was going to be titled ‘Views From the 6’.

But yesterday, Drake released a short film-ish music video titled “Jungle” that was very impressive, but also very confusing, because what was the point of the short film? It barely had any music to it. Well now, it’s obvious that it was a secret message or some sort of preview to this ‘So Far Gone’ mix tape sequel.

On my commute this morning I listened to a few of the songs, and like any Drake album it’s filled with introspective anecdotes of his life. It’s all Drake, but it also isn’t a Drake that I’ve heard before. He’s definitely angrier, he’s coming from a darker place, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not what I was expecting. But, it also connects nicely with the “Jungle” short video, there seems to be scenes in that video that tie in throughout the entire album. Also, songs like “Legend” and the title of the album weird me out because it seems like he’s saying, if I’m gone tomorrow, this is what I’m leaving you with. Creepy, right?


What do you guys think of the album so far?


Drake and Nicki Minaj

Starting off the week right! New Drake track dropped last night check it out.

Also, Drake sparked rumours on Saturday night with back to back Nicki Minaj pictures on his Instagram account. Um, what? Nicki opens up about Drake. in an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex last year.

“Drake’s so talented,” she said. “Sometimes, we’ve seen this. Sometimes when you’re really intelligent and you’re really talented, you also think a lot. Sometimes your mind is racing with thoughts. It is what it is. People go through their own motions and you’ve gotta respect it and keep it moving. We all love the team. We all love Wayne. That’s what’s gonna always hold us together. Drake is my baby because that’s how it was when we came in. So whenever I think of him, ‘That’s my baby.’

“Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy and you know, sh– happens,” she added. “It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world, working on different things. You just never know who people got in their ear or what they’re feeling or maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don’t know. I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything.”

She also said that ‘running off and marrying Drake’ would be her ultimate fantasy. But for now, they have their back and forth lyrical innuendos and on stage performances…all that mixed with a little RiRi (she’s close friends with the two)- this might get a little cray.

Check out Nicki’s performance this past weekend on the Summer Jam stage with Drake.


Drake Lashes Out on Twitter!

What’s my man up to now? Well, after Rolling Stone featured Philip Seymour Hoffman on this month’s cover instead of Drake, he took to the Twitterverse and let his fans know just how he felt.


Two things to say about this:

1) Drake, you are one of my favourite artists the other being a close tie between RiRi and Yonce. You’ve been in this game a while now so you should know how this all works. Even though we all want to hear what’s in your heart, you don’t need to get on Twitter and act like a 15-year old.

2) I get it, Hoffman was a genius/amazing actor/friend/father/whatever he can be praised for, but the man killed himself. Why do we idolize these celebrities when the reason they’re gone is literally because they wanted to be gone? Did they really have to change this month’s cover last minute to feature Hoffman instead of Drake? Probably not, but they’re Rolling Stone so they can do whatever the f*#@ they want.

Drizz, next time just call me -we’ll talk about it together.



Song of the Week: DRAKE

Check out our Song of the Week called ‘Trophies’ by none other than Drake. He performed a snippet of this song on this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.


By the way, his performance on SNL was absolutely brilliant. I’ve never seen an episode where I’ve laughed at every single sketch. With him, the entire night was hilarious, he’s such an entertainer, and he’s even funnier when he’s making fun of celebs. Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z were some of the impersonations he did on Saturday night.


Song and Video of the Week!

I’m on my Worst Behavior! Hold your horses, it’s going to be a quiet week in TV as most shows are still on hiatus. To keep you entertained, we thought this video by Drake could do the trick. It does for me anyways!



THE WEEKND: Kiss Land Concert

“Toronto, can I get on top of you tonight? Toronto, can I make you come tonight? How about three times? Four times?” He’s really got love for his Toronto fans.


Last night was The Weeknd’s final show from a 3-night series for his fall tour- Kiss Land. Super impressed by the album Kissland and I’m blown away by the show last night, I’ve been a fan of The Weeknd before the radio started playing his music and before most people knew who he was. I think most people heard about him through Drake, although their music is completely different, they’re both brilliant in what they do. And what they do sounds amazing. The Weeknd’s opening act was by BANKS, an artist I became familiar with through The Weeknd’s Twitter feed. It’s amazing how far word of mouth reaches, and I have to admit I was just as excited to hear BANKS as I was to hear The Weeknd. They have the same kind of music, both hypnotic and mellow, and I think her opening up for him was absolutely perfect. I just wish they performed on a song or two together.

Her name is BANKS and her name you better get used to because she’s a f****** Queen. I love her music, love her voice, and I love what she stands for. She got the crowd live last night and it was absolutely amazing. When an artist can entertain a crowd with a simple backdrop, no lighting fx,no dance moves…that’s when you got something special, and that goes for both acts last night.


By the time The Weeknd came on everybody was just cray. He played all the songs I wanted him to play, started off with a few new ones from Kissland…and then he had a section where he played a bunch of oldies, ‘High for This’.

Okay so the entire time I was praying to the Gods that my Drizzy Drake would grace the stage and have me on the floor crying. The Weeknd (I didn’t realize everyone calls him Abel) performed ‘Live For’ which features Drake. This had to be the time when Drake comes on, and with Drake having a free night from his tour Would You Like a Tour? we literally thought we were going to see Drake.

Drake didn’t show up but that didn’t stop The Weeknd from closing the show out properly. He performed ‘Waunderlust’ my favourite off the new album…it was the best song to go out to.

No Drake…no special guests and it didn’t really matter…The Weeknd was all we needed.


Song of the Week: The WEEKND

Just in time for The Weeknd…no pun intended. Here’s a song from his new album Kissland. We’ll be at his concert on October 20th so be sure to check back for the review on that show.

I’m loving the album…especially when I’m ready to fall asleep! Check out ‘Professional’ one of my fave songs from Kissland.


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

Song of the Week: Twin Shadow

I am AHB-sessed with this song by Twin Shadow. It’s my Song of the Week, please check it out and spread!! Also Drake’s album just dropped yesterday…but he’ll never be in my song of the week. He’s my songs of the year.