Snooki & Jwoww: Lorenzo’s Coming!

MTV Snooki & Jwoww

Really, I tell myself I shouldn’t be watching another Jersey Shore spinoff, especially now that the entire world has given up on them. But I have to be honest, I can’t get enough of Snooki and Jionni! They are so cute together, Snooki looks even cuter pregnant, and Jionni is the most amazing man ever. Every meatball deserves their own Jionni. Yep, I said it.

Let’s just take in that only a few years ago Snooki was living with her parents, driving a ’95 beat up Honda civic,orange, and desperately in search of a man. I mean she almost hooked up with that guy that threw up over himself…come on! Now look at her, she’s driving a Range Rover, she lives in a nice big home with her amazing fiancee and more importantly…amazing future mother-in-law. Girl definitely hit the jackpot.

On last night’s episode, Snooki is very pregnant and hormonal. She breaks down a few times, frusturated over the fact that she’s big and uncomfortable. Jionni to the rescue, this man is amazing, he has that kind of cheesy but cute sense of humour that will put a smile on any girls face. Jionni and Snooki are shacked up at Jionni’s parents’ house- which is a beauty. They have the entire basement to themselves…and baby Lorenzo has another swanky room upstairs for when his parents want a night alone.

Let’s not forget the other half of the show- Jenni and Roger. Jenni got lucky to…but she’s not as fun to watch. Anyways, Jenni and Roger are doing their thang…trying to get engaged but Roger is skeptical. We know that they’re engaged, so it will be interesting to see how the proposal went down on camera.

Speaking of camera’s, I don’t know how Snooki was about to give birth while the cameras were in the room with her. Well I know how, if the pay cheque is big enough anything is possible. And if a Kardashian can do it, anyone can. Snooki started ‘leaking’ in her bed, Jionni to the rescue again. They called the doctor and he told her to wait the night out and see if she’s still leaking in the morning. The situation stayed the same all night, in the morning they went to see their doctor and he said it looked like she was going to give birth in the next 48 hours. A few hours later Snooki is heading to the hospital…and Lorenzo is on his way!


Jionni was recording the whole thing, it was so cute when Snooki turned the camera on him, he totally looked like he was going to cry! Love him. Jenni and Roger forgot about their workout and rushed to be by Snooki’s side.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when Lorenzo bring the party to the hospital room.


Snooki & JWOWW: Chocolate Nuts

After another brutal fight with Roger for apparently lying to him, Jenni decides to give their relationship another chance by letting/begging Roger to come by for the weekend so the cast can do the double date thing. It seems like most of the show is Snooki and Jwoww with their better halves- Jionni and Roger! Not that we’re complaining, the foursome make for an entertaining crew, especially when Snooki decides to take everyone to the drag show!

After all it is New York City, so why wouldn’t you want drag queens dancing around while you’re eating dinner? Snooki and Jenni take the boys to a night out on the town, but when ‘Chocolate’ asks Jionni if he likes…nuts with his chocolate…the boys realize how much trouble they’re in. Obviously, the dancers bring the boys onto the stage and end up giving them lap dances. Jionni was sweating up a storm, and Roger seemed like he was enjoying it!

Later that weekend, Jionni organizes an engagement dinner for him and Snooki, inviting her family as well as Roger and Jenni. Seriously, Jionni is the cutest thing ever, his family seems normal and amazing, Snooki is SO lucky to have found this diamond in the rough…and by rough I mean the Jersey Shore. Who knew they would end up pregnant, engaged…and meeting each other’s family for a normal dinner!

The gang head back to their crib, Jenni passes out from a food coma, Roger doesn’t get laid…and Snooki and Jionni end up cuddling! We went from watching a bunch of crazies down at the Shore, to literally watching a family sitcom. Merp! Loves it.


Couple Alert: Vinny G & Melanie Iglesias

If you aren’t Twitter creepin’ like some of us, you’ll be surprised to know that Vinny G from the Jersey Shore has a new gal pal. Unfortunately, for Jersey Shore romantic hopefuls, he didn’t find his new love down on the boardwalk.

Vinny appears to have found a romance with his Guy Code co-star Melanie Iglesias. Who is she? We don’t know either but they seem to make a cute couple! Vinny tweeted a few days ago…”You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”…she replied “Vinny Guadagnino stop subtweeting me!” Oh la la…

Jersey Shore: A Different Snooki

For the last three Jersey Shore seasons, we’ve seen one side of our favourite meatball- Snooki. She’s always been the little drunk…who always knows how to party. But, last night, we saw a different Snooki, one that I didn’t really enjoy watching…and I’m sure the Jersey Shore house would agree. In last night’s episode, Roger and Jionni were supposed to visit. Roger said he couldn’t get the time off work…JWOW was upset…but Jionni was still on his way. Snooki was going crazy all day waiting for his arrival, and when he got there, she didn’t even let him shower…she needed a smush session. So if you watch the Jersey Shore on a weekly basis, you’ll know that Jionni hates when Snooki gets too crazy/slutty. So what does Snooki do the second they walk into the club? She starts dancing on the stage and lifting up her dress. Smart.

Obviously, Jionni sees this and gets really really mad. He’s embarrassed for her, and for himself. He has every right to be, although Vinny defended Snooki and said that’s just who she is. Pauly D couldn’t care less. Once again, Ronnie was turning into Dr.Phil, chasing JWOW and Jionni through the streets of Florence, trying to find a resolution to the fiasco. Jionni (fast walker) ends up somewhere…on a bench…apparently his man shoes were to uncomfortable so he decided to take them off…and have a few minutes to himself. During this time, Snooki is going CRAZY. When I say crazy, I’ve never seen her this crazy…and if you’ve seen all 3 seasons…you’ve seen a lot. But last night, she was a whole other person, she wasn’t even funny, she was angry, she was angry at the girls, screaming at them and telling them to leave her alone…nothing would get in the way of her and Jionni. JWOW took so much sh*t from Snooki, after Snooki insulted her, JWOW just stood there (when she wasn’t looking for Jionni).

Finally they get Snooki to the house, she runs upstairs and goes to sleep (crying). Jenni is still looking for Jionni- after hours of searching she returns home…where the boys are still up bbqing hot dogs. They’re all waiting for Jionni to come back. He finally does, and all hell breaks loose when the doorbell rings. Snooki runs for the door…she starts running for the stairs- Jionni is running up at the same time- she almost misses him…he doesn’t even look at her…he just keeps running up. He starts packing his stuff (he’s been in Italy for 5 hours)…he wants to leave. JWOW is telling him to calm down….and Sammi realizes how the drama can effect the entire house. She has a moment of clarity…realizing it is almost like watching her and Ronnie fight…she apologizes to the roommates. This was the greatest moment.

However, Sammi’s moment of clarity isn’t enough to stop Jionni from leaving…he legit leaves except we don’t know if he boards the plane or not. Either way, he’s making our Snooks a very very sad and angry meatball. This we don’t like.

Crazy Jersey Shore Video!!

Woot!Woot! It’s Jerzzzday!! The best day of the week calls for an amazing video. Check out the funniest moments from the Joisy Shore.

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Jersey Shore: Lez Be Honest!

Last night was another episode of the Jersey Shore…and if you missed it…you missed out!! It was a jammed packed episode…the gang goes to the beach…and lez be honest…Deena is one crazy meatball! I’ve never laughed so hard in any Jersey Shore episode (well maybe the one where Snooki announces she’s a veterinarian assist) but really…I died of laughter last night.

So the gang goes to some beach town (forgot the name)…but it isn’t like any beach town in America that might be filled with white-trash junkies, or stoned surfer dudes. This is Italy…and everyone has CLASS. Clearly, the Jersey Shore crew did not know this…and made a complete mockery of themselves…I’ll correct myself. Deena and Snooki made a mockery of themselves…surprisingly the boys behaved…and Jenn & Sammi were too sober to cause any mischief. Leave it to the two meatballs to completely go ballistic on these Italian beach town people…get hammered out of their minds…and show their cuca to the entire club.

The girls arrive and decide to hit the bar. Jenni & Sam decide not to drink anymore…they head back to the hotel. The meatball’s are walking to the hotel…when they become distracted by loud techno music playing from a distance. They start walking in the direction of the music…and find ‘heaven’. Whilst in ‘heaven’ the meatballs start dancing around…on an empty dancefloor…and when Snooki decides to run at Deena…Deena moves out of the way and Snooki goes crashing into the bushes nearby. Funniest moment ever!!

Can I just say…when you’re under 5ft and drinking in the afternoon…and you know you’re going to a club later on…is the worst idea! Chances are, you won’t even make it to the club- their cab ride to the club…looked like the cab ride HOME. Deena and Snooki couldn’t even keep their eyes open.

Then, once the girls got to the club…they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!! These 2 are crazy…poor Jenni who had to act like the mom for the night and take care of the 2 drunks. The next morning, Pauly/Mike/Vinny make fun of Ronnie and how he keeps taking catch phrases from them…like ‘Oh Yeah!’…apparently Pauly has copyrighted that phrase…so beware. They return to the hotel to find the two meatballs still asleep…finally once everyone is awake- they had back to Florence.

At home, the two meatballs decide to ‘get back into their routine’ and hit the gym. (BTW the gym they go to is a good 40 minutes away from where they’re staying) So, on the way to the gym…we see a sound guy sitting in the back seat of the Fiat…and then Boom! Snooki crashes into a police car. Uh oh!

Poor Snooki, I actually felt so bad for her, they tested her alcohol level…an ambulance came to take away the injured police officer- which I don’t get why…the car was parked on the side of the street…and the meatballs weren’t even going fast.

Tune in next week to see what happens to Snooks.

Another Jersey Shore Video

Here’s a video I put together of Ron and Sam. Everytime you start believing in their love…just watch this video!

Jersey Shore: Ronnie the new Dr.Phil?

MERP!!   Was there even an episode of Jersey Shore on last night? I don’t remember much…because it was lamer then lame!! Seems like this Italy season is just a big disappointment…and it’s really upsetting that Snooki isn’t even the funniest anymore.

The episode starts off with Ronnie waking up, realizing what he had said to Sam the night before…regrets it (as usual)…and then tells Sam that he loves her. I swear that scene could’ve been picked out from any past seasons…that’s how repetitive Sam and Ron have become. The only thing that would look different…are the weird/torn up walls…which are clearly made out of concrete. Just ask Mike. Speaking of Mike…why is he acting like he just died! Dude, you’re in Italy, take off your damn sunglasses, and your neck brace, and your Abercrombie and Fitch sweatpants…and go get your GTL on!! Why is he sulking around the house…and more importantly why is he still crying!!!

It seemed like last night Ron…took on the role of Dr.Phil in the household, when he realized his problems with Sam granted him the knowledge to solve other roommate problems. Like Snooki and her man Jionni (who keeps wanting to control her)…and Mike who was being the ‘debbie-downer’ of the house. Ronnie basically told him he knows how it feels to be the household debbie, and since they’re in Italy he should put it all behind him…and just have fun. Mike was in tears, I’m assuming because nobody in the household was paying him any attention, his feelings were hurt, but Dr.Ronnie was there to make The Situation all better. Literally!

Ron and Sam work their relationship out with a civil conversation (no yelling)…and determine that because they’ve just had a mature/non violent conversation…they are fit to give their relationship one more chance. Sammie says if it doens’t work out…they’re DONE. Don’t trust them. Do not.

Later, when Snooki calls Jionni, Jionni gets mad at her about some stupid things…and Snooki feels like she has to change herself to be good enough for him. While Snooki is on talking to Jionni…Ron is listening to the conversation from the living room. When he hears how sad Snooki sounds on the phone…he can’t help but turn into Dr.Phil again! He turns to Sam…and they begin their analysis of the situation…and how to go about dealing with the Snooks. A few minutes later…Ron enters the phone area and grabs the phone from Snooki, and tells Jionni he’s making a big mistake…and that Snooki really loves him…in which Jionni replies, “F*ck you…give the phone back to Nicole”

Instead of turning into the hulk, Ronnie uses his Dr.Phil superpowers to stay calm…and walk away from the situation instead of lashing out at Jionni, and innocent Snooki.

In the club, a tiny altercation occurs when someone throws a drink at Snooki’s head. Vinny and Deena are quick to the scene to fight the girl…and then some confusion: Snooki and Deena start fighting!!

Until Snooki realizes she was fighting with Deena. Oops!

It’s sad to say..but the household can no longer function without the guidance of Dr.Ronnie. If it wasn’t for him…who knows what would have happened to Snooki and Jionni…Snooki might’ve entered a deeper depression then where she was in this episode (she slept all day), and without Ron…Mike would’ve left Italy, for good. Thanks Ron!

Dr.Ron…can you help us bring back our beloved Snooki??

Jersey Shore…The Fight

So last night was another episode of our beloved Jersey Shore in Italy. This episode was much anticipated for a lot of people because it was the episode where Ronnie and Mike get into a “fight”. If you can even call it a fight. The episode starts off with last week’s episode ending…and then leads us into Mike going crazy in their bedroom…all of a sudden he runs himself into the concrete wall and we see him sort of bash his head against it. He falls back…and there’s this weird look in his eyes like he’s just been knocked out by the wall. Probably because he has. Before the fight even started he knocked himself out!!

The cast immediately attends to Mike because he doesn’t look good- but the arguing doesn’t stop there. Because Ronnie was inside the bathroom at the time when Mike hurt himself, he didn’t know what was going on when he stepped back into the bedroom. He kept fighting with Mike…they tried swinging at each other, but the house security guys came rushing in and broke it up.

Let me say one thing. During this entire fight…all you can hear is screaming from the guys….and Sammi “Sweetheart’s” whining cry for Ron to stop fighting. At that point, I’m surprised nobody else knocked out Sammi.