Now that Heroes is signed to come back for a mini series and Veronica Mars is being made into a movie, it’s only fair we enjoy a relaxing Sunday and remember all the shows we wish would come back.


Okay so I know it’s only been a few months since the series finale but it left on such a disappointing note, I wish the writers would come back with a ‘resurrection’ season. It doesn’t even have to be about Dexter, I’m really up for the show going on with Harrison. I mean realistically his is unique enough to be the title of a hit show. He’s a good looking kid so I don’t see why he won’t turn into a sexy serial killer adult. The show won’t take place in Miami anymore, it’ll probably be in some ‘shi-shi’ part of Europe, or wherever Hannah decided to raise him. It would totally work.

9. Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Yes, yes I am. This popular 90s hit TV show set the bar on tween horror shows, sorry Goosebumps you were never scary enough. First, I loved the characters on the show. They seemed like normal young teens who were lucky enough to have a fire pit just steps away from their backyard. They really should bring this back- maybe with a little more umph?

8. Dawson’s Creek

Loved the way this show ended, but I feel like every girl out there could use a little DC in their life. I feel like One Tree Hill had the same look and feel, definitely the closest show to a modern day Dawson’s Creek but it’s never as good as the real thing. Not that they were trying to copy it.

7. 7th Heaven


The fact that they got rid of this brilliant family drama and introduced us to Keeping Up With the Kardashians says everything about pop culture today. We used to love a show about a priest and his fam-  even his sermons were entertaining. Now, there’s Kim Kardashian. Also, if they brought it back (okay maybe Reverend Eric Camden would be retired or dead) but we could still watch the lives of the kids. Like yummy Simon Camden, or perfect little housewife Lucy. And the best part,  maybe Mary Camden marries a famous pop singer and he’s obligated to make an appearance on the show. JT, how cool would that be?

6. Entourage

I know, I know there’s a movie in the works- but it’s never the same. I feel like the ending was bittersweet and it set up the perfect platform for a film, but this show could’ve gone on for another 5 seasons. They could’ve fast forwarded in time to change it up a little, whatever the format I think it would’ve been a hit. I’d rather watch an episodic show than one big most likely mediocre movie.

5. Friends

I shouldn’t have to elaborate on this. It could’ve gone on forever. Literally.

4. MTV Cribs


Nobody EVER changes the channel when MTV Cribs is on. It was the most educational show on the network, and it was about nothing. The best part was it would always air as a marathon so you’d waste your entire Saturday watching Cribs- we all did it. They still show the old episodes, the other day I saw the one with Nelly back when he still wore dew rags and bragged about his jacked up GMC Yukon (circa 2002). Dear MTV, we want new episodes!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This was probably my favourite show of all time growing up. I don’t know how they would bring it back, SMG is old now but I feel like they need to at least attempt a remake. Everyone knows the high school era was the best, if they blended a little American Horror Story with Vampire Diaries, I think the show would be a smash reborn hit. All new cast, ooh who would be your Angel?

2. The O.C

Looking back on The O.C always makes me feel like I failed at life. I loved the show from the beginning, it made me angry/depressed my parents didn’t decide to raise me in some suburban Southern California town. It was so hard to watch the show fall a part- I do think the departure of Marissa (Mischa Barton) was a huge reason the show went down, but I still think the show could’ve gone on. The writing was witty and shocking, there was no other teen drama like it on TV. I loved One Tree Hill but it had way more cheese than The O.C. Hopefully in the future, when someone casts for The O.C sequel, they won’t choose a 5’4 leading man, and an awkward coked up princess as the leading lady.

1. Friday Night Lights


This is the most underrated show- ever. The movie was amazing, but forget that the show was absolutely brilliant. With the platform of football, Friday Night Lights was able to dive into a specific subculture of the American spirit so accurately. Yes the show was about sports, but it was much- much more than that. Friday Night Lights has been over for a few years but I still find myself watching old episodes and reliving the excitement as it was when the show aired. The best part is, out of all the shows we’ve discussed here, I think a FNL continuation is the most realistic. The characters might change, but the importance of football and the significance a town has on shaping all these different characters still makes sense. Football is so important to Americans, this show took that ran with it, scored a touchdown and made everyone in America feel like they were rooting for the same team.

TOP 10: TV Characters You Wish You Were Friends With

We all have our favourite characters in TV, whether we see a little of ourselves in them or we just plain out love what they stand for- we sometimes wish they could be real. We’re counting down the Top 10 TV Characters You Wish You Were Friends With – that’s if they existed in the real world of course.


10. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

It’s always good to have a friend that’s a genius. Like for instance when you’re at a restaurant and the bill comes, he can figure out how much everyone owes plus tips within seconds. And the best part, he doesn’t mind being the braniac friend!


9. Vincent Chase (Entourage)


It’s good to have friends in high places. Okay so maybe he’s not Oprah Winfrey high but he’s got a fun loving entourage and a sick party pad. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Vincent Chase? Dibs on Turtle.


8. Rayna James (Nashville)


Is like the country singer version of Celine Dion. She’s almost as famous as Vincent Chase- well she’s like Nashville famous not Hollywood famous. Regardless, it would be a good time being on road with her, okay so maybe she’s a little old- but she always knows how to have a good time. Since getting into an accident with drunk Deacon behind the wheel, Rayna takes extra precautions when going drinking with her girlfriends. She hires private cars to drive her drunk friends around awesome, right?


7 . Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)


Whether your friend is dead and sending you letters from the grave- or you just want to know who stole your new sunglasses…having a friend that’s uber smart and calculating is always a plus. Spencer Hastings gets her smarts from her parents (lawyers) and is obviously the only one that attempts putting the puzzle together. Her devotion to the cause, and her probability of being the designated driver (she always wants to have a clear head) makes her a perfect candidate for best friend status.


6. Queenie (American Horror Story: Coven)


This girl can enjoy a party size pizza while conjuring up spells for any ex boy or mean girl that’s been bad to you. Not only does she specialize in voodoo, she proves she is a top qualifier for supreme witch. She can bring things back to life, move things, levitate, start fires…you get the deal. She’s the perfect person to have by your side, and if you’ve had too much to drink and there’s no DD in sight…she can magically transport you back to your cozy warm bed.


5. Dexter or Michonne (Dexter/The Walking Dead)

Episode 809

This one was tough. You always want that one friend who can kick total ass. They usually have a famous weapon they resort to using, Michonne has her Katana and she absolutely kills with it. Dexter doesn’t have a specific weapon he’s just really clean when he murders people, which is a good thing. You don’t just want to kill your enemy, you wanna get away with it. Michonne is good to have around just in case you decide to get dreads- you wouldn’t be the only crazy looking one. And if Dexter was your homie, he’d most likely bring Deb around and she seems like a hell of a good time. She’s always drinking her face away.


4. Shoshana (Girls)


Coming off of last Sunday’s episode of Girls where Shoshana absolutely loses her s*** she would be the most honest friend you have. She had no shame in letting it all hang out, even if it meant hurting people’s feelings. Honesty is the best policy, and if you can wake up the next morning and move on as if things are better, then you’ve found the one. Also her super cute NYC condo is an extra plus.


3. Tina Fey (30 Rock)


I’m confused as to whether or not I would want Tina as my mother or my friend. As a friend I feel like she would just want to sit at home and write…but as a mom she would be totally cool! You would be the funniest kid ever- I mean your mom is Tina Fey, right? You could get weekly tickets to the taping of Saturday Night Live, Amy Poehler would be like your godmother…it would be the perfect life.  Plus everytime you watch Mean Girls with your girlfriends you could be like, “My mom wrote that!”


2. Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)


We’re getting down to the bottom two! This is so exciting, what would you do if Khaleesi was your homegirl? Well let’s get this clear, I definitely would only want to be her homegirl after the dragons were born. Before she was a slave to her brother. I hate seeings my friends in tough situations. Although I definitely would’ve liked to be a bridesmaid at her wedding to Khal Drogo- that wedding looked f%@#!$ crazy, in a good way. I’m not sure if Khaleesi gets her drink on, lately she’s been so focused on ruling the world and being a good mother to her dragons. But if she were to start slammin’ the bottle, we would have the times of our lives. You could either hitch a ride home with your dragon or one of the 10000 unsullied could carry you on their muscular tanned shoulders. The downside, it seems like Khaleesi’s close friends prefer not to wear any clothing…and they usually end up dead. So I’m a little hesitant, that’s why she’s in second.



1. Olivia Pope (Scandal)


Would be my best friend/sister for life. She’s so real and so smart, okay well she has this huge secret of having an affair with the President but I’m sure she would tell me if we were best friends. She has the best sense of style out of everyone on this list (yes even you Shoshana). She’s so popular she gets all the designer hook ups. I haven’t seen the party girl side of Olivia yet, she usually opts for the secret getaways with her President lover, but I mean- no yeah she never goes out. She does love her wine, girls night in is always fun so I guess we wouldn’t really need a DD for that. She has daddy issues- who doesn’t.

At the end of the day, if you had a problem she would come running in her Louboutins and she would fix the s*** out of them. You wouldn’t have to pay her and her lecture/rants would feel like second nature to you.

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think. If we missed anyone special on our list let us know, that’s what best friends are for.


It is Sunday September 29th 2013 which means in a few hours we will finally get to see the end of one of TV’s most talked about shows- Breaking Bad. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two characters that will surely live on in the TV galaxy as two of the greatest characters ever created. They will hopefully get the ending they each deserve. It’s something TV fans around the world hope for…we all want to see our favourite characters have an ending they truly deserve.

walter White

With the disappointment of Dexter’s finale last week, I’m assuming everyone is on edge praying for a brilliant and well deserved outcome for our two meth cooks. At least I am. I never in a million years expected to be let down like I was last Sunday…especially because the writers had done such a good job with Dexter’s story up until that point. Of course there were some seasons and plot twists that were a little questionable (Deb thinking she was in love with Dex?)…but for the last season they absolutely killed it every week.

Then there was the finale…and Dexter fans everywhere expressed their anger and disappointment after the finale aired. It just wasn’t the ending we wanted…and it wasn’t an ending that made sense. Everything in the final season was leading up to his new life, a new side of Dexter…and I get it…there point is that nobody really changes…but he did…and that should have been the outcome of the entire show!! A serial killer changes for the good!…hello! Isn’t that a better message for humanity?

Okay…enough Dexter. I finally had closure this morning when I deleted the show from my TV Show Tracker App. Yes…it’s one of the few apps that actually makes a difference in my life.

Back to Breaking Bad…I literally have no idea where the show is headed. All we know for sure is Saul Goodman will survive everything (because of his spin-off show)…but I mean that doesn’t really count for a juicy spoiler. I really thought Jesse would be dead by this point. I love him but I think his character has exhausted his time…either he needs to be shot or he needs to kill himself…or in a perfect world he needs to find Walter so they can ride off into the sunset together. Wouldn’t that be something?


As for Walter…Mr W.W….we saw him at the beginning of the season with a mega gun in the trunk of his car. He’s obviously prepared to wipe out some trailer trash. We’ll see  how that goes down…will his family even forgive him? Will Skylar make it out alive? I think two people are going to die tonight…aside from the trailer park crew…I feel like Walter has to lose someone and I think it might be Skylar.

My bets are on…

Jesse Pinkman: Suicide

Skylar White: Caught in the crossfires.

Let me know what you guys think…the possibilities are not endless as some characters are past the point of no return. There is no coming back for Jesse after he watched his woman get shot in the head.

And for Walter…he has completely discarded the Walter White chem teacher figure…he is utterly and eternally Heisenberg.



Dexter: Scar Tissue Recap

This season of Dexter has been all about Deb and Dexter working through their issues. Deb is recovering from what happened in the cargo container six months ago, but is having a hard time dealing with the ‘scar tissue’. It all went down in last night’s brand new episode, the ending was a complete jaw dropping shocker. It’s no wonder this new season has been blowing up, even if it isn’t the final season of Dexter, it sure feels like it. Dr. Vogul has agreed to help Deb work through her PTSD…and her mild zombie walk condition?

DebZombieWhile Deb is living it up at Vogul’s crib, using her treadmill and sippin’ on her Early Grey tea, she’s also receiving first class psychotherapy. Vogul is determined to fix things between Dexter and Deb, not just for the two siblings, but also for their father. She lets Deb watch the videos of her and Harry discussing Dexter’s ‘condition’.

Deb and Vogul take a trip to the cargo container where Deb shot LaGuerta. Vogul makes a few good points, she reminds Deb that she isn’t a bad person, unfortunately she was in a bad situation and only did what she thought was right. Vogul goes on to say, if Deb went through the same situation again, she would save Dexter again, because she loves him. Deb doesn’t argue that, and it’s already known that she would save Dexter, she will always choose Dexter. What happened in the cargo container was an impossible circumstance, and there was no right way to get out of it, Deb just needs to move on with her life. Honestly, Dr.Vogul is amazing, I love her character and she’s an amazing element of this new season. Moving on to the videos, Deb gets a hold of more DVD’s of Harry and Vogul. Harry is clearly distraught and confused about the ‘code’ theory, he’s sickened by the image of Dexter standing over a bloody mess with cut up limbs all around. At first, it seemed like Harry and Vogul knew they were doing the right thing with Dexter, and Harry believed he was helping his son…but when Harry stumbles in on Dexter in his plastic wrap days, Harry admits he can’t live with himself. Deb starts to see that her father couldn’t even live with it, so why should she?

Joey gets his promotion to Sergeant. But of course, Matthews has to get involved. He ‘advises’ Angel that new detective Angie Miller scored higher than Joey…and that Angel should consider his options. Joey punches a cop at Angel’s bar who was talking smack about Deb.

Masuka is excited about his new lab student. The girl shows up and is excited too, only she has something to tell him. She reminds him of his sperm donation back in his college days, Masuka is in complete shock as the girl admits…he’s her father. O-M-G! As she walks away, she stumbles into a table of glassware, Masuka rushes over to help her pick up the pieces, they look at each other and start giggling in their weird Masuka giggle! It was so funny.


Meanwhile, Dexter is busy trying to find the brain killer for Vogul. He gets a lead on one of Vogul’s ex-patients, while snooping around in his home, the killer actually has a secret hide out downstairs and knows of Dexter’s presence. He comes up to kill Dexter, but when Dexter makes a phone call to Vogul on speakerphone, the killer backs off. Later, Dexter returns to the home, and discovers the secret passage downstairs. He finds a girl locked up with a stab wound, one of the girls that was reported missing. He takes her to the hospital…and then brings Vogul over to go through his secret space. Dexter finds a report by Vogul about him, he flips out on her and demands she explain herself. She says she has to write everything down, Dexter doesn’t believe her and accuses her of using him so she can write her next novel. Dexter decides he’s done with Vogul after he finds her killer, he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

In the end, we see an awkwardly happy Deb as she visits the police station. She finds Joey outside and tells him she’s grateful for his friendship and Joey tells her how jealous his girlfriend is. Deb brushes it off, and tells Joey to be happy, that’s all she’s ever wanted for him. He looks at her like she’s crazy, he asks if she’s okay and she says she is. It was a sad scene, it’s almost like she knows it’s the last time she’s going to see him. Deb finds Dexter, she’s smiling, and of course he is happy to see his sister smile. She asks him if they can go for a drive and talk about things. And then this happens..

CarFlyingDeb was feeling all suicidal so she decides to kill herself and bring down Dexter with her! As they’re talking in the car…Deb gives the death stare to Dexter…and then tells him Harry only did half the job. She spins the wheel and the car goes swerving into the water next to them.

DeathStareWith that Joey conversation, it was obvious Deb was planning something. Deb asks Dexter point blank, did Harry kill himself?, Dexter confirms the suicide, and admits he only found out a few years ago. If Harry couldn’t deal with the reality of who Dexter really is…how can Deb?

But that wasn’t all. Even though it seemed like the episode would end off with the car submerged under water, something else happened. A fisherman saw the accident, jumped into the water and pulled Deb out. While Deb was on the shore catching her breath, she saw Dexter unconscious and sinking. She jumped back into the water, after a few heart-stopping seconds under water, she comes back up holding her brother in her arms.


Even when she tries to end his life, she still ends up saving him! The fact that she went back in to save him is more profound than her driving the car off the road. It was an amazing ending, better than some season finales this show has had. Cannot wait for next week’s episode.

As a side note, what’s going on with Deb and her boss Elway? Do you think something will happen between Joey and Deb again?


HOMELAND: New Season

So I didn’t hear about Homeland until Season 1 had ended, but I was eager to understand why everyone was talking about the new show. The show is sort of compared to 24, which I never was a fan of, but it doesn’t matter because I absolutely LOVE Homeland. The series premiere started off with a bang, and the rest of the season didn’t dissapoint. It’s not all the time where you get a show that consistently has the suspense meter turned up all the way. Season 1 ended off with a huge bang…and it obvious season 2 will be even better. There were a lot of questions to be answered that weren’t in season 1…and I can’t believe they’re answering them so early on in the second season.

If you don’t know what Homeland is about, basically it’s the story of Nicholas Brody a Marine Sergeant who returns home from being held captive in Afghanistan for 8 years. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA agent who gets word that there might be an American soldier whose been brainwashed. In the beginning of season 1 as the audience, we suspect that this American soldier turned terrorist is Agent Brody, but there are curve balls throughout the season that lead us to believe it might be someone else. We always know more than the characters do, and unfortunately for Carrie’s career, we couldn’t let her in on the secret. As the first season unfolds, we learn more about Brody, where he was in the 8 years, and the people he met. So he’s not a full out terrorist (although in season 2 he sure seems to act like one). I’m not going to get into details, because I actually want people to read this post and check out the show. There are actual reasons as to how Brody came to terms with converting to Islam. Yes, he is a Muslim now. There’s more behind the story than just strapping a bomb to his body and going down in history as an ex-marine turned terrorist. Although he does strap a bomb to his chest at the end of season 1…it doesn’t define him. He has to deal with real life problems, getting used to his normal life at home, being a dad, and being a husband. Carrie, on the other hand suffers from bi-polar disorder, and a little obsessive when it comes to Agent Brody. Deep down she knows he’s the man the CIA has been looking for, but at the end of the season her obsession gets her fired.

There’s so much more, and season 2 has just begun.

So if you decide to watch any show this season…it should be Homeland.

Plus it did win Best Drama, Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress at this years Emmys.


Dexter Season Premiere!

Last night was the season premiere of Showtime’s serial killer hit Dexter. Season 7 was a highly anticipated premiere as Dexter’s lifelong secret is finally revealed to his sister Deb. If you don’t remember what happened during last season’s finale, Dexter has Trevor wrapped in plastic in the abandoned church ready to kill him. Just then, Deb randomly shows up to the church (to check on things) and she witnesses Dexter, her brother, kill Trevor.

The way the episode played out was really interesting, it started off with Dexter rushing off in his car, he tries to get gas but all his credit cards are declined, then he rushes into the airport and books a flight to the Ukraine. It seems like he’s getting ready to runaway.

Then the episode goes back to the scene inside the church, it is the continuation from the season finale. Dexter tries explaining to Deb that Trevor attacked him and everything was in self defense. He suffered a moment of insanity when he wrapped Trevor in the plastic, put on his apron, and had all the knives set up. Deb tries to believe him in that moment, instead of calling it in, Dexter comes up with a plan to stage the murder as a suicide and burn the church to the ground. Deb obviously cares for her brother, she goes along with his plan- but obviously she is tripping out and doesn’t understand what is happening. It’s clear that Dexter has done this before, Deb is literally shaking, and Dexter seems in control and ready to take care of the situation. Clearly, Dexter doesn’t have everything under control because in the midst of his clean up job, he drops his blood slide down into this random hole in the church floor, and has no idea it’s missing- until he’s home the following day.

Deb and Dexter spend the night together (not in a weird way), and in the morning they both get the call from dispatch about the church fire and Trevor’s body. When the gang leaves the church, LaGuerta somehow spots the shiny piece of glass sitting in the hole in the ground that nobody else noticed. She picks it up with her handy hair clip and books it as evidence. Mike, one of the new detectives calls Deb that night and tells her it’s weird how Trevor’s car wasn’t at the church, Deb brushes it off but she is freaking out that she’s covering for Dexter. Mike randomly pulls over beside a car that has a flat tire on the highway. The man is in the middle of changing the tire, Mike offers to help by opening the guys trunk and finds a dead girl inside. The man pulls out his gun and shoots Mike a couple of times, wipes down his car, hops into Mike’s cruiser and rides off.

The rest of the episode, the crew is busy solving Mike’s murder…while Deb is trying to understand what the heck is wrong with Dexter. She starts putting pieces together between the ice truck killer and Dexter. If you don’t follow the show, the ice truck killer was also Dexter’s biological brother, he was a serial killer, and he imitated the way Dexter did his killings. When Deb sees the evidence from those killings, she finds it really odd that two brothers have been linked to the same type of killing (plastic wrap, table, gloves/apron).

In the end, Dexter figures out who the driver of the car was and doesn’t tell anyone else. Instead, he decides this is the best time to get his frustration out by killing the Ukranian guy! It all comes together as the scene where he’s driving to the gas station/airport are because he’s tracking the Ukranian dude, not because he’s running away. [Jamie, the nanny has a weird psychopath boyfriend who is obsessed with Dexter. For some reason he cancels Dexter’s credit cards, that’s why Dexter can’t use them at the gas station.] Anyways, he ends up killing the Ukranian guy…all the while Deb finds out that Dexter has been telling Jamie he’s working late nights, but he really hasn’t been at work.

LaGuerta tries to figure out who the blood slides belong to, and why they were at the scene…she discreetly steals the blood slides from the evidence pile without Vince catching her.

Dexter returns home, he thinks he’s in the clear. He opens the door to his apartment and finds Deb sitting on his couch in the middle of all his things being thrown around, she’s found his knife collection, his blood slides…and pretty much anything else that points to Dexter being a serial killer. She asks him if he’s killed all the people in the blood slides, he replies ‘Yes’…She asks him if he’s a serial killer…he replies ‘Yes’…and the episode ends like that.

It was so intense! This season is definitely going to be a huge hit…let’s hope it doesn’t lose its momentum.

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American Horror Story Season 2 Promo!

If you love American Horror Story then you probably can’t wait for it to return for a second season. The spine chilling second season airs October 17th at 10pm on FX.

Watch the trailer for the new season, it shouldn’t even be called a trailer, not sure exactly what it is. Apparently, the second season revolves around a whole new cast…and I’m assuming is based in an asylum? Check it out let me know what you think.


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If you haven’t seen the Dexter season 7 promo yet- here it is. This season is sure to be the biggest and craziest one yet. Obviously Debra doesn’t know how messed up her brother is, but she definitely has an idea now that she’s walked in on him about to kill Colin Hanks in the church.

It seems like Dexter’s entire secret starts to fall a part this season and it’s going to be the wildest journey as we see him try and cover it up.

Check out the trailer. The new season starts on September 30th at 9Pm on Showtime.